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  1. '66 E... trim for 500 fpm descent and go to pattern altitude at speed (in the yellow arc). The above POH quote defining "rough air" is dead on. The only time I pull back MP (until at pattern altitude) is if I'm going to bust Vne... barring some other circumstances, of course (terrain, an odd approach, traffic).
  2. NSNG all the way. Look up Vinnie Tortorich and his newly-released movie FAT: A Documentary... it's worth watching.
  3. Welcome to the club! We've also got a '66 E, which we bought early this year. It's a beautiful flying machine and we are really enjoying the travel in it. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions, because it looks like we have very similar mods. The big difference is that ours has electric gear and you've got the Johnson bar. I actually would have preferred the Johnson bar, but have no issues with the electric. The presence of the Johnson bar manually-actuated great makes it all the more important to get some training from someone with experience with that system. You'll read a lot about everybody's method for verifying the gear is down and actually locked in place. But that's no substitute for experiencing it firsthand. We're happy for you! Ross
  4. I'm only 5'10", but I've got to be pretty far forward to be comfortable with the pedals in our E. And, with that positioning, there's plenty of room in back for adults who aren't claustrophobic. I know you're taller, but I think you'd still be okay.
  5. I'm only 5'10", but I've got to be pretty far forward to be comfortable with the pedals in our E. And, with that positioning, there's plenty of room in back for adults who aren't claustrophobic. I know you're taller, but I think you'd still be okay.
  6. As a wearer of reading glasses, constantly taking them off or putting them on or simply moving them up and down my nose, I found that the regular headsets I've tried just don't work well for me. So, I just bought a pair of the Halos and tried them out for the first time this past week (flying from Flagstaff to San Diego's KMYF and back). I'm super impressed with the noise reduction, the comfort, and the ease of use with glasses. My wife doesn't like the in-the-ear headphones or earbuds, so she's going to stick with her LIghtspeed ANRs... but I think I'm moving my over-the-ear headset to the back seat. Just my PIREP, based on two 2-hour flights so far. But color me impressed so far.
  7. So, we just returned from our trip to Truckee-Tahoe yesterday evening. While on this trip, I wasn't keeping up with the thread and am just now seeing a question about our high altitude leaning. I lean to max RPM during run-up, then dial in (richer) two turns.... but that's just me, for starters. I watch my JPI and richen as needed from there, but have found that seems about right for us. Maybe 2 turns is more than needed, but I'd rather run a bit rich (here) than be too lean during take off. I do aggressively lean during taxi and in cruise. As far as this trip goes, we took off from Truckee-Tahoe at about 1pm yesterday and the DA was a bit over 7000' - which is the actual physical elevation of our home field. We requested a southeast departure and, after take off, tower asked if we wanted to climb over the airport to clear the ridges. I appreciate that they offered, but with the two of us and full fuel and about 85 pounds in baggage it wasn't needed.
  8. We've got a '66 E and I'm super impressed with the performance out of high-density-altitude fields. We're in Flagstaff, which is 7000' actual and routinely has density altitudes of 9500-10000 in the summer. Our actual base is KCMR, with 6000 feet of runway and we're off well before the halfway point even with full tanks and luggage.... granted I weigh 165 and my wife's 110. If anything, our "issue" is aft CG because of our lighter weight up front. Anyway, we're flying to Truckee-Tahoe tomorrow and don't even have to think about it. Don't get me wrong... I'm not lax about DA and we calculate/check it, but it's nice to know the E does so well.
  9. Thanks for all this good info! We need to fly to Austin next week for a conference and were thinking of KAUS and Atlantic (yeah, I know... but I like them). But I looked into KEDC and just got off the phone with Henriksen Jet Center... they were very nice, so it looks like that's where we'll be headed.
  10. Haha! Indeed. I've used both a length of orange vinyl-coated chain from Home Depot, with a padlock, and (more recently) a nice Kryptonite chain lock. In retrospect, I don't really know what I gained by spending the extra money on the Kryptonite lock... except, maybe, a nice padded cover. Ross
  11. I did a very similar thing not too many months ago, when I picked up our '66 E in Lynchburg VA and flew it to Flagstaff AZ. I really enjoyed the opportunity to cruise and get to know the plane very well. It was a great trip. Bottles or Travel Johns are a must! As a couple people have mentioned, be cautious about getting fatigued or distracted. I had a bonus landing opportunity... extra practice... when I took off without having latched the baggage door and it popped open, forcing me to do a slow lap in the pattern. No harm done, but it added a learning moment in a new plane. Ross
  12. And while I'm no expert... I had a white Diamond DA-40 on which we had some vinyl graphics applied, and it turned out great and held up well in the Arizona sun.
  13. After reading that, now I want to use my newly-learned word in random conversation. Snarge...
  14. You can order a CD-ROM disc with all of their 337 records. We got ours after buying a '66 E, so I could compare the 337s I have to what the FAA has. In this particular case, the recommendation is to order that disc pre-purchase... a good idea that I didn't even know about until recently. Edit to add a note: I had to hunt our PCs at work to find one with a working CD drive, so I could move the files to a flash drive. If you really want to be nostalgic, you can fax them your request. Considering what went into making and mailing the disc, $10 is a bargain.
  15. Just keep in mind that it takes a while. I just got my disc, ordered 4 weeks prior.