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  1. Oh wait, I didn't realize the KNS80 was a huge center stack deal. I probably won't go with that. We'll see though. I'll come up with some way to get classic DME but that'll be further down the line if need be. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  2. The 530W looks like a good deal mostly because I can get a used one for 5k. I haven't seen the 430W for any less than that so I figured I might as well have a bigger screen. I'm sure it has other features that the 430 doesn't have too. But like I said, I'm leaning towards the 175 because it's a new product and I could still keep both of my old KX-170s. I guess we'll see though. I'll probably fish around for a VOR/GS/DME rig to replace the ADF dealio. Then I'll put the AV-30 in place of that busted GPS. Then I'll mount the 175 in the center stack, possibly below the audio switch panel just to m
  3. Yeah I understand the lack of any "real need" for DME. However, I would like to have IFR capability without the GPS working at all. In other words, I want two completely independent IFR packages. I also really like the features of the G5, but I hate the looks. I need the setup to maintain the original round dial look. I'm not looking to go full digital newest and best. I'm a big fan of the old school stuff. In fact I wouldn't even want to get rid of the ADF if it actually worked...which it doesn't. I wouldn't mind replacing it with the KNS80 that you speak of. Then I could keep my current comm
  4. Hello Everyone, I want to add LPV capability to my setup as well as an old-school DME rig and a digital ADI. I don't know exactly what DME module I want but I'm planning on adding an AV-30C as soon as they come out. As far as the GPS it's between an old Garmin 530W or a new GPS 175. I've attached some mockup photos for your review. Any other details or perils or options that you think I should consider? What would you do and why? Thanks in advance.
  5. I ended up going with EGA. The 3 shops at North Las Vegas are Apex, EGA, and Lone Mountain. Lone Mountain is the only one of the three that's "Mooney certified". However, I was less than impressed with the work they did for me previously and they were, in fact, the ones that quoted me at almost $3.8k for an annual. Apex was about $2.2k and EGA is $2.1k. I think I'll be going to Apex or EGA for all of my future needs, assuming this annual goes well. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. The annual just expired at the end of February. Prior to that it was flown regularly so it's in pretty good shape. I'll ask that guy if he knows anybody. Thanks.
  7. Yeah that's the one. Gotta be one floating around looking to make some extra cash.
  8. I'm trying to find a dude who's actively looking for work...like a part-time freelance dude. If I search, I could find some names but then I'd just end up soliciting guys who may or may not even be looking for something to do. Also most of the posts on the subject are from years ago.
  9. Hey fellas, I'm looking for a good mechanic in Las Vegas (or willing to come to Las Vegas) to do the annual inspection for my '77 M20J. There's nothing wrong with the plane that I'm aware of but the local shop wants to charge me an excess of $3.5k just to look it over and change the oil. Having dealt with the shop before, I'm also quite sure they're going to "find" lots of things that needs to be "replaced" that they can charge me for. Post or DM me if anybody is interested or knows somebody. I'm looking to get it signed off in early May. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yeah they said it indicated a clog in the pitot system but it works fine when I'm flying it. It picks up right about 20 knots and indicates spot on the whole time I'm flying. I wasn't there to see it but the shop manager says he double-checked the setup and everything was rigged correctly. I have no idea what the issue could be.
  11. I'm having a problem getting the IFR cert updated on my 77 M20J. The shop rigged up their pitot static dealio and they got the altitude and VSI and whatnot to work but they can't get the airspeed indicator to move at all. They thought it was broken but I took the thing flying and it works like a champ. I don't know enough about the systems yet to figure this out on my own. Does anyone have any idea why the airspeed works fine in the air but won't work with their test setup? '
  12. I tracked down a guy named Mark Webb out of Salisbury. Hopefully it goes alright.
  13. I actually tried to get in touch with Tom about a month back but he never responded. I found a guy in Salisbury but he has a pretty full schedule so we'll see how it goes.
  14. Hey fellas, I've got a bead on another Mooney I'm interested in. Looking for an A&P that's nearby or otherwise willing to go to Ocean City, MD for a pre-buy. Let me know if anybody is interested or knows somebody. Thanks. -Seth
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