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  1. ACF 50 and a fogging gun. Did this to the C185's and C206's we were flying on floats in salt water. They got treated pre and post float season, and fared well. Land based mooney, probably get away with a treatment every 2 years or so.
  2. tangogawd

    What Jacks do you Reccommend?

    I read in one post about the main tire going flat and the aircraft sinking down to it....... my question, do these HF jacks fit underneath the jack pad with a tire flat? I ran into this this winter using an aviation jack, fits when the tire is inflated, but not when flat.
  3. tangogawd

    S-Tec 20/30 Installation Manual

    I may not be home for another week or more, but if no one else does I'd be happy to help out.
  4. tangogawd

    M20F left fuel tank weep

    Mooney was not the first, nor the last to utilize a wet wing. Any reputable mechanic should be able to accomplish this.
  5. tangogawd

    Need M20C Belly Skins

    now, if we could come up with something that uses only 1/10 the amount of screws!!
  6. tangogawd

    M20E transition training

    That's a bummer, I was just in Leesburg for 2 weeks...... Try looking in themooneyflyer.com they have a list of instructors at the back of their online magazine.
  7. I am a CFII and do instruction in, and send to checkride with my E, it too has about every speed mod you can glue to it. The gear handle IS the mechanical indicator for where the gear is, just like that little red indicator in the elec. gear systems. I teach and have my students say 3 gear calls (downwind, base, final). I have them say "Green light, Handle up and locked, Gear is down", seems like a bit much to some, but it hasn't failed me yet. Your alternator will have a data tag on it that will say what its amp rating will be, easier yet, there is likely paperwork somewhere in the logs that will have info on that. As far as V speeds and the such, stick to the POH (or associated supplements) numbers, those are the published numbers and that is what the examiner will expect you to teach and fly. Coming from the flying piano (Arrow) you will love the Mooney for power-off 180s, it will still fly with the power out, and the hydraulic flaps give incremental and instant feedback for speed control. I was always worried with the arrow if we would even make it to the runway, and with the mooney I wonder if the student can get it down before they run out of runway. Good luck, don't over think it, and have fun!
  8. tangogawd

    Mooney rental

    Just a day. I own an E back home and wanted to blast do LA to visit a friend. Sent from my SM-G900M using Tapatalk
  9. tangogawd

    Mooney rental

    Anyone know of mooney rentals in the Dallas area? Thanks Sent from my SM-G900M using Tapatalk
  10. tangogawd

    Wingtip Mods To Early Mooneys

    There are a string of piper cub family planes here in AK that had their round wing tips chopped off and a large flat plat installed. Some say it helped..... but we are talking about a "go slow" plane....
  11. Its possible the reg is out, but I have yet see one failed. I would start with checking the condition of every inch of hose, may be dry rotted, or rubbed thru somewhere. Another common issue I see is the plastic fittings that go into the gyros get tightened too much or get bent, both causing cracks. I know nothing about the brit servo system, but I imagine there is plenty of line to look at. Do you have other indications that the vacuum is actually fluctuating? factory vac gauge needle bouncing, gyro flags, brit system acting weird (again, i know nothing of the Brit system)? I have yet to install the vac sensor for a JPI/ EI system. where is its location to the pump, could it have been damaged or clogged when the old vac pump exploded? Those are my ideas, good luck.
  12. tangogawd

    Where to get copilot brake kit

    Well, Its at Pearland, but hope not. A tank was sealed about 1.5 years ago. The shop that did the annual said it was in great shape...... Ya, I was quoted 3 k! What are the list of parts? I know there will be two pedals, and two masters. I read somewhere something not clear on, about a valve(s)? I was thinking I would just find a salvage mooney and take the pilot side parts. Are they the same? welding tabs wont be too much trouble I hope.
  13. tangogawd

    Where to get copilot brake kit

    I'm in Anchorage. I know, seems wrong, but already have the bushy planes. There is a serious lack of complex planes here for training. A friend and I are going to use it to finish up those commercial and CFI students that don't have any other options. We get a lot of calls for that as independent instructors. Of course that's the rational excuse we are using for buying a "go-fast"!!
  14. tangogawd

    Where to get copilot brake kit

    Float kit? just rtv the belly pans shut and land with the gear tucked! the fuel in the wings will help it stay afloat!
  15. tangogawd

    Where to get copilot brake kit

    I will. My sister lives outside of Dallas, so hes only a short detour.