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  1. tangogawd

    SureFly Certified

    Thats pretty slick. I'd be one of the guinea pigs for that.
  2. tangogawd

    UPDATE Great M20E now for sale

    AND finally, after a long summer, the plane is planned to be in south Houston tomorrow. KLVJ. It will be in the hands of Randy and is guys at Air Professionals. Feel free to contact them to see it. I'm still available for further questions.
  3. tangogawd

    Student pilot training tips?

    Here in Alaska its very common for pilots to learn and checkride in such planes like Taylorcrafts, and pipers that have only ever had one set of brakes. And these where primary trainers back starting in the 30s on. Teaching in these types of planes, as well as the mooney, I tell the student that brakes are only for holding the plane for run up and turning (needed in these old TW planes). Teaching proper airspeed control on final and landing on your intended point, from the get-go, and you really don't need brakes. Start the student off that way, and they will never know any other way.
  4. tangogawd

    Anyone owned a Van's RV6 or RV7 before?

    remember this one saying "90% done; 90% to go", and you should be doing good! The wife wants us to build a RV8 from scratch. I'd prefer a 7 because I know she'll stuff me in the back otherwise! Either way, looks like we will be joining the RV world in a few years. So I've been told- "Happy wife, happy life"
  5. tangogawd

    Is this corrosion or a gasket?

    I was not placing any determination on the airworthiness of this aircraft. All I can do, after viewing the one picture provided, is advise the owner/pilot to have it inspected before further flight. But as you, I can guess with good odds what the determination will be. I was simply trying to convey, to those who are quick to scrap an entire airplane over one picture, is that someone who is properly skilled and experienced, needs to evaluate the extent of the damage. I wouldn't call this a hobby for most. People are quite passionate, and want to learn and be apart of every aspect of all things that fly. There are lots of owners out there, who have bought projects (sometimes unknowingly) and brought them back from the brink. I by no means was implying that the OP go out and buy this plane, then spent the next year rebuilding the wing, but he is free to do so if he so choices.
  6. Nicely done Dan. This is the reason why I recommend engine analyzers to clients, even if they think they cant use it because they have carbs. You where able to see on the analyzer that you had an issue BEFORE it started coming out of the sky. BTW, second run cyls should provide you with good life. I hope you make a lamp stand out of that popped cyl. Good conversation starter for your BBQ guests.
  7. tangogawd

    Mooney Purchase Request

    I'd say that's clever. I've heard of people reaching out to owners of planes doing the same.... and finding such a plane. Many people are on the fence of selling, so on. There are tons of planes for "sale" without ever being on the market. And, honestly, my best buys, (I've owned 7 planes) have been from people who have haven't advertised. You thinking of selling? Look into it, throw him a price. If not, toss it out.
  8. tangogawd

    Is this corrosion or a gasket?

    The corrosion does seem extensive. I'm betting on the L angle to be attacked as well as the rivets. As an IA, I recommend that it be inspected by a mechanic that SPECIALIZES in such damage repair. I've worked on many helicopters and transport category aircraft, and you'd be surprised at how much spar material and other structural material gets grinded on, and cut on, and patched up. I get really sad, followed by mad, when I hear about planes being destroyed for something that could have been (economically) repairable. Not saying it will be cheap, but I believe that anything is repairable with enough time and money. I'm now in the world of cubs, champs, taylorcrafts, beavers, C170/180/185's, the list goes on. Non of these planes are made new, and most haven't been manufactured in over half a century. We go to great lengths to keep such a fleet going, many spending far more then the plane is worth on the market, because they are just not being made anymore. They Mooney Flyer is quite fortunate to have such a high number produced fleet that, in airplane years, is still quite young. (one of the main reasons I bought one, shall I say) But it will not be forever. My point is, to those that are quick to judge, and hang to death a flying airplane, further inspection is warranted, by someone that is knowledgeable, and skilled in such disciplines. Now, let us be clear, I have not personally inspected this plane (I know not of this plane), I'm not stating this plane is safe for flight, I'm not saying that it isn't safe. I'm not saying that the cabin tubes are or are not rotted out. I'm not saying that the engine is or is not falling off........ all I'm saying is that further inspection should be done before we condemn this plane to the gallows. You would not take your parent, SO, or child out back and put them down for having cancer. You would seek a specialist for a cure. And then a second opinion, and a third, until you found the right one. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone, I truly mean not to. All I'm trying to do is keep a flying plane flying if its prudent.
  9. I wont be home for at least another month. I have two sitting in a box to burn. No idea if they work. If your still in need in a month you can have them!
  10. tangogawd

    UPDATE Great M20E now for sale

    My apologies to those interested in the plane. I have been flying non stop, and have had very little time to take care of other matters. I am an aerial fire fighter and the Northwest, where I'm working, is getting hammered. Just look at TFRs on foreflight. Many fires I work don't even get TFRs. The plane will be based in Deer Park for the time being until we get a break in the season. Thank you for your patience.
  11. http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/cspages/scratchoff_1.php?gclid=Cj0KCQjwnZXbBRC8ARIsABEYg6BnnYoFpRCzl4V7KOHQym5-EkRzkOAoHVYuDN6TZTddx8v15v8gRZgaAiUyEALw_wcB No doubt use this. Micromesh is a total PIA. I would rather replace the windshield before I ever micromesh again. My scout windshield was terribly scratched. I was going to replace it, so I decided to experiment. I wet sanded with 800, 1200, 1400 grit papers. then finished it with scratchoff. came out great, still had some imperfections, but was 90% a new windshield and it only took me a little more then half a day. I used to be a custom car body guy, so I am really comfortable sanding on stuff. I wouldnt recommend if you dont know what your doing. but the kit was really easy to use.
  12. tangogawd

    UPDATE Great M20E now for sale

    Update. The plane is in the air inroute to KDEW. It'll be there a week or two until we can make the rest of the trip.
  13. tangogawd

    UPDATE Great M20E now for sale

    Hey guys. Sorry if I don't respond in a timely manner. Had a couple pilots at work quit so it's been busy. Plane is still available, but was not able to move it yet. Hopefully it'll get to Spokane by Tuesday. But it may sit there for a while until we have time to finish the trip. Again, I apologise, but I'll be pretty busy and out of the loop for a couple days until work settles. Thanks
  14. tangogawd

    UPDATE Great M20E now for sale

    Think touch screen computer circa 2008. It's windows based, and can have several different GPS software installed on it. I was not happy with the software thats on it, so i didn't use it much, but it does do geo referenced charts. I've been using Foreflight on an Ipad for years. It has XM capabilities as well. I do not know if it could be talk to the GX60 or other IFR GPS, but it might, never looked into it. I was thinking of downloading movies onto it for long XC's...... for the passengers entertainment of course.
  15. tangogawd

    UPDATE Great M20E now for sale

    Very well could be. I'm not too familiar with the different years. There are plenty of mods done to this plane. I remember reading when I was searching for a mooney how a PITA the cowl was, I bought this on and thought how easy it was! "First of all, keep him out of the light, he hates bright light, especially sunlight, it'll kill him. Second, don't give him any water, not even to drink. But the most important rule, the rule you can never forget, no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight." This plane is solid. there's more stuff. Laser nose truss, aileron links (no ADs on those anymore).... Just put a new exhaust on it. I can go on. My partner and I are extremely busy, and we figure price it right for a easy quick sale. We could ask more, but it would take more time, which we have little. We love this plane, and can afford to keep it, but we just aren't using is enough, and we just don't like letting things sit.