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  1. AlexLev

    Backseat of an M20J - Not so bad

    My wife prefers the backseat and finds it more comfortable than the front. Backseats of the Mooney are not as bad as they seem.
  2. Happy to be a part of the Mooney family and wanted to share a story! I flew into Potsdam (PTD) on Friday evening with the plan to meet up with some friends in Ogdensburg and go hiking the next day in the Adirondacks. I didn't fly into OGS since they are some price gouging bastards and really need to be the target of an AOPA campaign of sorts.. (they charge you $100 if you fly in after 4pm on weekdays to open the door for you for a single engine piston and apparently it's another $100 to fly out on the weekends). I'd rather pay for a $100 cab ride than support that sort of pricing structure for single engine pistons (although slightly off topic, but our Lyft driver back told us that if you call the local police station in OGS they will let you in and out of the airport for free). Before flying into PTD, I looked at Lyft/Uber and saw there were drivers in the area, but when we flew in, I go to request and there were no cars available. I called the local taxi company and they said they couldn't send anyone out that way since they only had one car on the road (it's about a 45 minute drive). My wife and I are a bit stranded when I see a beautiful Mooney land. It's a gorgeous 305 Rocket with a fresh paint job and it turns out to be @aviatoreb! He didn't even hesitate after talking for a bit and let us borrow his car for a night! I was so grateful to see such kindness displayed among us and hope to be able to pay it forward in the future! If any of you ever need anything around my homebase in KIAG, please reach out!
  3. AlexLev

    Mooney statesman as a first plane?

    G is my first plane. I love the bird. Although, an F is tempting but I don't think I would have not bought the G had I gone around again. More about the planes condition. An F will probably do 5-10 knots faster than my G. I get 136kts (138 if I'm light) at altitude or 141-144 at higher power down low (i.e. if I run 25 squared or 24 squared). If an F was on the market in same condition for about the same price, I'd take it over the G were I to do it all over again. Fuel injection and the more precise mixture control would be nice to have, but hey at least I can overhaul my engine a bit cheaper.
  4. I do like CYTZ, but the fees there are ridiculous. More to park there than at Teterboro. Seems like the norm for a lot of Canadian larger airports (Quebec City was also crazy, but luckily I discovered CNV9). There is another FBO outside of Porter (Stolport) which has slightly less fees, I usually park there if I'm coming and departing same day.
  5. AlexLev

    Engine overhaul questions

    @RobertGary1not quite, Penn Yann offers a 3 year or 2000 hour warranty on their overhauled engines IIRC. I had my overhaul done at Jewell in March (their warranty is not as good over there). They stayed on schedule and I have about 110 hours on the overhauled engine so far.
  6. AlexLev

    Don't be like this guy

    I completely agree. Needless to say, it was interesting to hear how it went down and educational for those of who have never flown VFR into OSH.
  7. AlexLev

    Don't be like this guy

    I actually loved 53A, the balls to admit he didn't have the NOTAM, ask for directions. He did so pretty respectfully and kindly and the controllers were pretty helpful. It was educational to listen to for someone who has never arrived VFR into OSH (I was a pax for someone flying in IFR once but that seemed pretty straightforward as if just doing an IFR approach).
  8. AlexLev

    FS - 1979 M20K 231 (KDXR) Danbury CT

    Shot you a message. Good luck!
  9. Heh yeah - got it fixed today. I think what happened was after tightening the alternator belt, the higher current from alternator to catch up to charging the battery tripped and maybe short circuited the breaker, so we had to replace the breaker ($160 for the part) and we also charged the battery externally before firing up so as not to have a similar problem and now all works swimmingly.
  10. Update: seemed to be a simple loose alternator belt at first. After tightening, seemed like the battery was charging again (in fact the ampere was showing a full deflection to the right). So I was flying home and then all of a sudden, noticed a discharge again so I turned around to troubleshoot. The field wire was showing a voltage, but the battery wire was not. Turns out that it seemed to short circuit the main circuit breaker, perhaps on the high amp charge on the flight home to the battery. Ordered this ancient beauty for $160 + $80 overnight shipping (ugh): - Hopefully replacing the breaker will be the end of this! For reference I have the PlanePower alternator (generator to alt conversion on this Mooney).
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I'll call the shop and see if I can get in and test some things out before my next scheduled night flight. If the cigarette lighter is charging iPads, etc. with no issues - does this indicate there may not be a problem? I'm not really sure how that plug works and whether it's driven off the alternator, how much voltage, etc.
  12. Was flying home in the middle of the night yesterday - had all the lights on for night flight and noticed about a 20-30 amp discharge on the factory gauge. I turned off some stuff and got it down to a 5-10amp discharge. However, my ALT INOP indicator never came on (I've had the alternator inop once and that light did come on and I noticed the needle completely deflected for the discharge in those cases) so I don't think it was an alternator failure. If I turn off everything except the anti-collision lights (during day flight), it's just slighly below the 0, which I may not have noticed in the past during the scan. Any suggestions? Could it be a bad probe? Is there a way to test if my battery is truly discharging in these circumstances? I have one other night flight planned later this week and wanted to see what I could do to figure this out beforehand. It's one of those factory gauges, nothing fancy.
  13. Great! I’ll look for your Mooney if I end up there!
  14. Last minute, but if anyone has no plans tomorrow and looking for a mission: check this out: Good cause and every pilot and their pax gets a free breakfast. I plan to get in around 10:30am if anyone plans to show up let me know and I’ll PM you my number so we can meet up.