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  1. I think it would sell quick for 25K. 30 might take longer. I’d prob price it at 27,500.
  2. Had a unique experience at a pretty popular chain of FBOs yesterday. Stopped in for a break on a 4-hour flight home, asked for a top off, grabbed their crew car...on the way back, the CSR casually mentions "the line guy said to check your left fuel cap." I go out to the plane and see this: I try moving it and the arm portion sticking up is pretty much stuck. I am concerned that I'll break something if I try to force it any further, so I go back to the CSR -- the two line men come out to the plane. One guy tries blaming it on the "older fuel caps." That pisses me off - are you kidding me, buddy? I tell them - it's an expensive part, if they break it, they fix it. Eventually and reluctantly, they called a mechanic out. I'm sitting and waiting. A few times, I notice the line guys coming up to try to fix it (remove the stuck cap that's probably cross threaded) on the plane. I immediately come out there to watch. The third time they do this, I ask the CSR to not have them work on the plane without me being present. As I walk over, he cheerfully exclaims that he got it off. I don't really share his joy at this point and go to examine the cap. It looks like it's fine. There was a slight bend in the metal piece underneath (not on the cap but the part it threads into), but it didn't look significant. I told them I'd have my mechanic take a look at the next service cycle if it was and left it at that. He apologized, said he learned a lot and I departed, a little over an hour delayed. So what are your story of line employees screwing up? Did they take responsibility? How did it get resolved?
  3. Seems like a great price for a J model if there are no red flags. Do keep in mind you'll likely have to overhaul the engine in the perhaps very-near future as that has been one has been in service for over 20 years. Even with an overhaul necessary in the next year or two, the price seems right to me.
  4. Bendix. I’m tempted to keep them or send them in for overhaul or IRAN to keep on the shelf, but we converted from terminal style to ring style connection so not sure if it makes complete sense. For those that have had mags replaced, how much labor does it usually take your mechanic? I have an older vintage Mooney without a ton of room, so I thought the 4-5 hrs per side or so was a reasonable amount of time.
  5. Thought I'd close the loop...ended up going with Aircraft Magneto Service to do two overhauled exchange units. The timing on the engine was already a bit off and each mag was just around the 500hr mark, so I decided to bite the bullet and just do both. Cost-wise: it was about $2,000 for the two mags with $300 going back after I send them the core (so 1700) Labor wise: 11-hours to R&R both mags, convert from a harness to ring-style connector, change oil, manufacture new oil breather hose (exhaust ate into mine), clean+gap spark plugs + boroscope+ compression test each cylinder. Downtime was only 1-day. My engine purrs now though and I'm really glad I did it.
  6. Looking to service my mags. Do you send them for a 500-hour IRAN? OR Swap them out for an overhauled exchange? Curious if anyone has recommendations for the overhaul exchange option as far as who they use?
  7. I've had my M20G for about 4 years. I like it. I get about 144-145kts at 6000, about 140-141kts at 8500 TAS.
  8. On a recent weekend trip to Montreal, had the plane sitting outside in 2F for 3 days while I was out there. I had the line crew plug in a Tannis heater for the entire duration, but the plane was still super difficult to start. On top of that, one of the fasteners for the oil panel was missing :-/. The flight back had it flapping half open, unfortunately. See picture below. Any idea where I can order a replacement and what this fastener is called? I do believe my plane has one of the cowl mods: Attached some pictures of fasteners:
  9. I have the same fuel pressure on climbout in my M20G, so you're not alone. I dealt with a mag failure a few years back and also made a precautionary landing not at my home field. Was down for a few weeks, but the field did have a shop that took decent care of it. About 5 hours for a mag R&R + the part, which for an exchange came in at about $1,000+.
  10. Great news: was a just a loose alternator belt, which proves that neither me nor my CFI knows what a loose alternator belt feels like! Edit: Mooney maintenance manual is on point as well - it calls for a retorquing of a new belt after 25 hours of flight operation. My belt was replaced exactly 25 hours ago and definitely needed to be tightened.
  11. Yup, definitely through the headset. I hear it more pronounced with the avionics switch on rather than off. and @Ragsf15e - yeah if you have the links handy to the threads from last year, that would be helpful. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, Dev. Helpful diagram. Hope you've been well!
  13. I had to replace my alternator belt only a few months I went up to practice maneuvers and see a slight discharge and a bit of a more-than-normal whirring noise in headset. With the landing light on, it seems like the ammeter shows a discharge, but ALT INOP doesn't light up. Bottom line, something doesn't seem to be working right. If I turn the load off, I can maybe get a positive charge in cruise, but not super consistently. Any experience to share? I have a plane-power generator to alternator conversion.
  14. Hope to be able to make it next year.
  15. Any considerations for using all these chemicals around the wing spar back there??