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  1. Meh, I had an O-360 and same exact deal. My lifters and cam were even more worn than what is seen in this picture. I think any Lycoming that sits is going to be vulnerable.
  2. @JoshManjust curious if you ever solved this and how? noticed some rudder play/slop in my G model as well recently and a recent nosewheel shimmy, wonder if they are related in some way.
  3. Just to answer some questions: 1) Yes the shop I went is an MSC, although I'll be honest. The two younger kids they put working on my plane to lube the gear exclaimed they have never seen a J-bar Mooney and couldn't believe a Johnson Bar Mooney existed. They went into the cockpit and played with Jbar for a while. I prob got billed for them playing with it too, ha. I found it a little surprising that an MSC has never seen a Jbar Mooney. I suppose they get more business from the Acclaims, newer models, etc and all the vintage owners prob do their own work in supervision with an A&P (which is a place I'd love to get to). 2) I believe it has been a while since the shock discs needed replacement. I asked my shop during annual if the discs were still good and they said they I deferred the item, but it's possible they never really measured them the way outlined in the service manual. That could indeed be the issue.
  4. Was in the shop yesterday to check preload and lube flight controls. What a PITA to do multiple times a year when you fly more than 100 hours a year. I mentioned to the shop that I had a slight nose gear shimmy very occasionally and they did some stuff to the nose gear, lubricated various parts of it...and now the shimmy is way worse. Any idea on what could have caused this? The shop seems to think a new tire or a balance of the nose gear tire could fix it. Do Mooney's have a shimmy dampener? Just looking to educate myself on the issue. Looking back in the logs, before I bought the plane back in 2008/09, about 1000 hours ago, I see this: ""Replaced nose gear truss with repaired supplied by Lake Aero Styling. Replaced nose gear pivot truss with repaired. Installed new nose gear steering horn. Installed M20-202-001 nose gear tracking kit." As an aside, I'm sure the 100hr lube AD has been discussed a lot, but I'm curious, what do you guys pay to have it done? How do you handle it? I just recently started using a new shop and it was our first time working together on this. I removed and reinstalled the three piece belly myself, but they still charged me 5 hours of labor to do the gear lube, preload check, etc which seemed a bit on the high side to me. Was not a great experience to be dinged for 5 hours of labor and then land with a dramatic worsening of the shimmy, especially when I did all the dirty work of r&r'ing the panels.
  5. So sorry to read. Keep us posted on how the dispute goes if you go through with it.
  6. Some banks will do it, for instance quoted me around 7% for a 7 year loan. You can also look into unsecured financing via SunTrust bank - you can get approved online for a 20-30k loan.
  7. Anyone know where a place in northern california might be to rent a Mooney? I was going to come up for a work trip in mid July and wanted to spend some extra time and see if I can rent a Mooney to fly around California a bit. I searched previous threads and saw San Carlos used to have one through the flying club, but looks like it's no longer a part of their fleet. Anyone have other ideas or know a place?
  8. Total fuel cost for the trip was about $1340 (including the few overnight fees charged). Not bad for round trip to California and back with many stops in between for two people.
  9. The route I followed was: TCS T310 SVC V202 SSO V94 TFD V105 PXR There is one part there with some high terrain and climbing out of TCS was a little disconcerting at one point I had no lift and a 500fpm decent pretty much pitched at VX. I just turned south toward lower terrain and it was a non-issue. I think it's always good to be concerned and have a plan B if you do catch a downdraft you can't escape. I didn't think I'd go up to 14,500 to cross the rockies and thought I'd cross the mountains toward Albuquerque on the way home, but I think as long as you are aware of the weather, it's doable even a non-turbo Mooney. If a G model can do it, so can yours!
  10. Very cool! Hope you'll check First Flight Airport. W95 in North Carolina is also a nice stop and a relaxing overnight if you can find lodging (it can be a little sparse). In Virginia, not sure if you'll fly past KMTV, but they are awesome with great fuel prices and a diner on site. As far as the crew cars, ForeFlight seemed pretty accurate if you have it. Click on the airport, then hit the FBOs tab and click on the FBO, look under amentities: Example: Read the comments on Foreflight and cross check with Airnav comments to see if people confirm the experience (and note the date). If it was within a few months, I typically trust it, otherwise I will try calling the FBO to cross check. Calling was always a good idea if you're able to reach them during open hours, especially if you arrive after hours, since not all airports have a lockbox with a crew car you can just take. I think the only FBO we flew in that didn't have a building/lounge area was KTCS, but most have one it seems.
  11. List of airports: KIAG 4I3 KOSU KVLA KCPS KHOT KEDC 27R KPEQ KTCS KDVT KUDD KPGA KTAD KDDC KFFT KIWH KIAG Routing wasn't direct for all these places, due to mountains, grand canyon flyover, some IFR routing, etc, but that will give you an idea of how we went. Some of the shorter stops were due to getting some cheaper fuel before landing at a place with expensive fuel. I think total flight time was about 30 hours. I can also post total cost of fuel for the trip once all the pending charges are posted for anyone curious. As far as the high altitude short legs, I wouldn't say it felt like we were climbing most of the trip. It may sound like getting up to 13,000 takes a while, but when you start at 6,000 already it's not all that bad. There were only a few higher altitude legs toward the end (KPEQ>KTCS, KUDD>PGA>KTAD), otherwise I was cruising between 6-9k which is typically where I cruise with the G.
  12. Day 9: Back home: last update for this trip! KDTC > KFFT (Fulton, MO) 2.4hrs 6am IFR departure to get the hell out of Dodge City, KS. Quick fuel stop in Fulton, cheapest gas of the whole trip at $3.60/gallon. FBO had keypad access. No crew car, but no biggie. Not hungry yet. KFFT > KIWH (Wabash, IN): 1.9hrs Beautiful small town airport. Fueled up at $4.10/gallon and then went in. They had a huge truck as a crew car they let use to get into town and we went to a little restaurant called the "Broken Egg" and had a great tenderloin sandwich. Love those small town airports you discover on long trips. KIWH > KIAG (home base - Niagara Falls, NY): 2hrs Some thunderstorms formed off the front, but we were able to depart and pick up an IFR clearance find an opening to get through. Great groundspeeds on the way over and we were home by 4pm. Not bad for making it across the entire country from California starting from yesterday. What would have been a 20+ hour drive out of Dodge City, KS only too about 6.5 hours of Mooney time.
  13. Day 8: The start of an epic journey back First leg: KUDD (Palm Springs, CA) > KPGA (approx 2.55 hrs with Grand Canyon fly over) Transiting the grand canyon was fairly easy. The important thing is to have the sectional (zoom in on Foreflight and it appears). I plugged in a few waypoints that are in the GPS as well: VPGCF VPGCC to follow the dragon corridor north. Going northbound you need to be at 11,500 and southbound at 10,500 (or above, etc). There was one point where I had to descend lower to remain VFR, but ATC said going down to 10k was ok at that one particular point I was at. All in all, a fairly easy flight if you are vigilant to avoid the no fly-areas. ATC did ask me if I was familiar and quizzed me on what route I planned to take, but seemed satisfy when I told them I was taking the dragon route to transition. The airport in Page, AZ was wonderful. Beautiful views on the ground too. Inexpensive full service gas and courtesy vans to grab lunch. So much activity and 3 FBOs. I went to Classic Aviation. So many Mooney's parked on the ramp. I made friends with a gentleman with a Rocket who was heading back to Missouri at Page: He offered my wife and I a free room in his resort for the night in Missouri. The original plan for today was to fly there, but we ended up in Dodge City, Kansas due to the storms. I also saw another plane with sort of a similar color scheme parked on the ramp. Does this belong to anyone here? We went into town and got some crepes at a place called Crepe Canyon and then shot up to 13,500ft for our next leg. Initially, I didn't think I'd go a direct route over Colorado, but I spoke with a weather briefer this morning at 6am who seemed SOOO excited for the weather I had for this and gave me some suggestions for passes in Colorado. I kept evaluating as the day went on and it seemed doable, so I shot out for Wolf Creek Pass after Page, AZ. Second leg: KPGZ > KTAD (Trinidad, CO) (2.5 hours) At one point, I was up at 14,500. Highest I've taken the Mooney. Crossing the peaks was intense, but going eastbound it wasn't so bad. Had a killer tailwind, the bumps were manageable and I just felt very fortunate to find such a nice day to do this. Trinidad, CO was an amazing airport thanks to the man who works there who has been there since 1989. He was so hospitable. Came out to fuel the plane, even offered us some of his own snacks like a banana. Fuel price was 3.85 a gallon, the cheapest I've had so far on this entire trip. Unfortunately, there was no crew car and the town was 14 miles away, so no food here, but we really enjoyed a small rest break. Third leg: KTAD > KDDC (Dodge City, KS) (1.4hrs) Went up to 11,500 due to turbulence. I guess I was used to the high altitude flying by now. It was still very bumpy for the first 30 minutes of the leg. Almost moreso than it was for the entire flight over the big mountains. We landed Dodge City, KS to take the crew car for dinner and were going to continue east, but at this point a huge line of massive thunderstorms procured our path, so we called it a day. The airport was really nice. No overnight fees, they let us an old Buick overnight (their crew car) for free. The plan is to hopefully make it home tomorrow.
  14. Yes! I was wondering if that was someone from Mooneyspace, haha!
  15. Thanks for the suggestion! Will consider it. I'll see if weather lets me fly north tomorrow or if I'm going to be going way south again for the way back.