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  1. AlexLev

    My second annual

    Do any shops pull the interior during the annual to take a look at the tubing? Even Don Maxwell doesn't..
  2. AlexLev

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    You can try Pray Aviation - the complex plane they have is a M20C, so I am sure the instructors are probably pretty decent Mooney pilots.
  3. AlexLev

    My second annual

    That seems really cheap if you had new gear biscuits put in. Did you supply the parts? My annual this past year was $2400 (first annual) and I didn't really have any significant squawks. They replaced instrument filters, inspected nose gear, tightened gear clamp on steering linkage, removed a birds nest, cleared manifold pressure line, sprayed corrosion x, charged me some labor for repacking the bearings, checking caliper, etc and changed a brake line. Pretty much it. They billed me 3.5 hours for checking ADs so that added to the cost.
  4. AlexLev

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Didn't aircraftspruce sell it at some point?
  5. AlexLev

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    It's a fair question. I just hate dragging it out. If I can take a week off work and get it done, that seems preferable to me than a lesson every week or so for six months, relearning, forgetting, relearning, forgetting, etc. When you fly for the airlines, you pretty much work on an "accelerated" schedule to get a type-rating and it can be a more efficient form of training.
  6. Wondering if anyone here has used their Mooney to do an accelerated CPL course. How practical is it to travel somewhere and get the CPL knocked off within 3-5 days as some places claim? Would love to hear your experiences/recommendations. Northeast/midwest coast. Looked at a few places so far all pretty much in Iowa/Kansas. A ways away, but still considering it to get the CPL checked off the certification list in a quick timeframe.
  7. AlexLev

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    About 80 hours and 3 months on my Jewell overhaul so far for an O-360. So far, so good. I did ask them about roller tappets, but couldn't spring 8K for a new crankcase. Hopefully I fly enough that the lifters won't be an issue this time. Maybe I'll start using CamGuard too. They did tell me that they overhauled an engine once with roller tappets and the gentleman was from Louisiana; pretty much everything on the inside of the engine was corroded except the roller tappets.
  8. This thread inspired me to plan a trip from Buffalo to Yellowstone in the M20G sometime in late August. The poor climb rate worries me a little bit and I'd definitely love some routing suggestions for the flight to Yellowstone. I am IFR capable.
  9. Haha, I just have a strange attachment to the reliability of the radio for a #2 and I'm definitely a CB when it comes to avionics. I will see if I can get my buddies MX170B working though in lieu and maybe just hold off on repairing the KX175b for now.
  10. Hehe, there is a one pound of extra useful load that I'll gain, which will have my useful load go from 899lbs to 900(!!). Do I need a shop to work up a W&B change?
  11. Thanks, turns out mine is a 175b, the TSO'd version. still seems to service them and talking to them on the phone was a good experience, they think it can be fixed ... since the numbers still turn normally they think the gears are fine. However, a twist to the story is my closest friend had an MX170B in his basement the whole time. He said it's been in his basement for about 5 years now, but is letting me use it indefinitely. I may try it out, since it seems to be a straight swap... However, I am not sure what paperwork may be required to swap the radios out? Anyone have any guidance here?
  12. If I could send it to him for repair, without being charged a $300 bill for "testing" if it's unrepairable, I would. I'm just not clear if the above quote on his web site means my radio is not able to be fixed.
  13. On that same web site, it says, one of the things he does repairs to is: "COM MISC. (lubricate freq selectors, fix knobs, etc.)" Is the Kilohertz frequency selector the outer knob that changes the number after the That's the one that's slipping. If so, then it does look like I am out of luck, unfortunately - according to the 40 page essay on that web site. As far as newer technology goes, it's pretty pricey. I only use radio #2 to get ATIS sometime or talk to FSS, but the 430W has a monitoring feature so I don't even really need to use it to get ATIS. It's great as a backup, but hard to justify even spending 1K for something I hardly use. Certainly if I had a second 430 in there, it could perhaps give some additional situational awareness, but $$$$$. Plus more knob turning and programming before departing. Haha.
  14. So yeah, it's a dinosaur of a radio, but it's my #2 backup and pretty trusty. Garmin 430W as #1. The problem started a few weeks ago when if I turned the knob to change radio frequency, it would not always "catch" if that makes sense to turn the dial. So I started to push in to help it catch. Seemed like that worked for a few flights, except now I have to push in so hard that I can barely turn it. Is this something that can be fixed? The nav works fine. I saw this site: - but honestly, I'm not a fan of sending in the equipment and paying $250 either way even if it can't be fixed. That seems a little strange to me. If anyone has any leads or a working spare after they upgraded their avionics, let me know. I want to keep it rather inexpensive, don't want to invest $1000+ in a TKM MX170C; the KX 170 works fine as a trusty backup and to grab ATIS every now and then.
  15. AlexLev

    Niagra Falls

    You can do the scenic falls either IFR or VFR. IFR usually is done at 4,000ft and Buffalo gives you vectors. In your flight plan, just let Buffalo know you want to fly over the scenic falls before heading to the destination. If VFR and departing to do the scenic falls from IAG, just tell Niagara Ground you're planning to fly scenic falls before heading to destination (or picking up IFR clearance). Min 3,500ft altitude. Report on 122.05. Right hand pattern. Reporting points are the "golf course" and "horseshoe falls" and you're supposed to turn before the rainbow bridge. There are some maps online of the pattern and if you overlay with satellite view that may help. Helicopters are pretty much always there but they always stay at 3,000 and below are no factor if you hold altitude. If there is another fixed wing in the pattern, I suggest definitely finding a different altitude if you can't keep in visual contact.