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  1. On a recent weekend trip to Montreal, had the plane sitting outside in 2F for 3 days while I was out there. I had the line crew plug in a Tannis heater for the entire duration, but the plane was still super difficult to start. On top of that, one of the fasteners for the oil panel was missing :-/. The flight back had it flapping half open, unfortunately. See picture below. Any idea where I can order a replacement and what this fastener is called? I do believe my plane has one of the cowl mods: Attached some pictures of fasteners:
  2. I have the same fuel pressure on climbout in my M20G, so you're not alone. I dealt with a mag failure a few years back and also made a precautionary landing not at my home field. Was down for a few weeks, but the field did have a shop that took decent care of it. About 5 hours for a mag R&R + the part, which for an exchange came in at about $1,000+.
  3. Great news: was a just a loose alternator belt, which proves that neither me nor my CFI knows what a loose alternator belt feels like! Edit: Mooney maintenance manual is on point as well - it calls for a retorquing of a new belt after 25 hours of flight operation. My belt was replaced exactly 25 hours ago and definitely needed to be tightened.
  4. Yup, definitely through the headset. I hear it more pronounced with the avionics switch on rather than off. and @Ragsf15e - yeah if you have the links handy to the threads from last year, that would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, Dev. Helpful diagram. Hope you've been well!
  6. I had to replace my alternator belt only a few months I went up to practice maneuvers and see a slight discharge and a bit of a more-than-normal whirring noise in headset. With the landing light on, it seems like the ammeter shows a discharge, but ALT INOP doesn't light up. Bottom line, something doesn't seem to be working right. If I turn the load off, I can maybe get a positive charge in cruise, but not super consistently. Any experience to share? I have a plane-power generator to alternator conversion.
  7. Hope to be able to make it next year.
  8. Any considerations for using all these chemicals around the wing spar back there??
  9. The carpet on the right side got unglued and the foam backing beneath deteriorated quite a bit. I am thinking of pulling both left & right carpets and replacing them with an SCS-interior carpet. Or should I just find a carpet store and have them custom cut something vs using SCS-Interior pre-cut? As long as the carpets have burn certificates, it's fine, right? Few q's: 1) For those that have done this, what are some good supplies to use to clean up all the crap once the carpets are out? The spar is out in the back so I want to make sure I'm extra careful and clean it without promoting any corrosion. 2) Should I go with the ensolate foam backing again or will it just cause more problems down the road? Does it add extra protection? 3) Any other tips + tricks appreciated.
  10. Anyone still at Oshkosh this weekend? I'm planning to fly in tomorrow evening (about 6:30pm arrival), be there all day Saturday and leave Sunday AM. First time flying in myself, although I did go a few years ago with a friend in his 210.
  11. Haha, no - thank YOU, you're the one doing the real work in building community here. All I did was some mental masturbation.
  12. I agree with you, but I also think the Mooney brand needs to have a strategy to empower the Mooney community and work with us to foster that goodwill and brand evangelism. We are their greatest asset, but their marketing strategy is probably outdated and not community-empowering focused. It's definitely a tough challenge for any Community Manager as Mooney-owners probably aren't the easiest group of people to engage in a way that is strategic and in service to their company goals. If I was Mooney, I would consider these initiatives to build community: 1) have a social strategy that encourages legacy Mooney owners to show off their aircraft, awards free parts to best voted aircraft, with the message and branding being that "Mooney's last forever." 2) have a strategy to empower Mooney owners to host Mooney-specific fly-ins and fly in new aircraft for display for those flyins. 3) reassure Mooney owners that they love supporting the fleet with parts, etc. 4) listen and be transparent. we want to see the return of something like an M20J at a competitive price point, but there are probably real reasons why Mooney can't do that and remain profitable. it would be nice to have someone from Mooney address these concerns in a customer-facing way that protects their interest (obviously they can't be completely transparent and give us #'s and data), but at least be listening to the community and thinking about real ways to address the needs of them. 5) find a way to empower the Mooney community to grow the GA market as a whole. tell the stories of those Mooney owners whose lifestyle has been transformed thanks to their time machine. more time with family, friends, etc. 6) although the pilot population is mostly male and it makes sense that their marketing appeals mostly to men, I think rethinking that strategy and broadening the horizon as the industry is becoming more diverse and being a proponent for that diversity. 7) inviting some Mooney owners to give feedback, some form of beta-program to help develop better feedback loops and help people in the community feel included as a result. 8) put a program in place where MSCs can host Mooney-specific events/fly-ins/etc to increase education among Mooney maintenance among owners. they should have some leverage in order allow these repair stations to use the Mooney logo and be a "licensed repair station." Just some ideas from someone whose job it is to build communities around brands (not aviation field).
  13. @Alfredosorry we didn't get a chance to meet - glad you had a great adventure out here with family and got your JPI fixed. Next time I hope you visit and stay with us Very cool that you decided to land at JFK too, what a thrill!!!
  14. Sweet tip! I'll definitely investigate next time, although the problem seems to have been fixed w/the shims so far.