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  1. @kerry - finally talked to an avionics guy about adjusting the A/P from the controller. He says it would be tough to do without an extension of sorts for the voltmeter to plug into the controller. Any thoughts/how to get one or who could help answer these questions? Have you ever had your controller inputs adjusted? Michael Ritterbush hasn't gotten back to me, but I'll try emailing him one more time.
  2. Staniel Cay is great, my wife and I stayed at an Airbnb at Black Point (5 min flight from staniel cay) and then made day trips to Staniel Cay and even Cat Island to explore a bit further.
  3. Love the replies so far. @Marauder - to answer your questions as to why I am asking; just some self reflection and wanting to start a discussion. I am experiencing a serious conflict with a shop and I am reflecting if a lack of patience on my part is partly the cause. It leads me to think about other instances of patience & impatience and its overall role in aviation and in life. Is being patient a choice, as @carusoam eludes to? Are younger people inherently more inpatient than older people due to their lack of experience? Can being impatient be an advantage, as @bonal asks. That's an interesting thought. Depends on the definition of patience, I suppose. One source defines it as: "the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset." In which case, it's more talking about how a person handles a delay or suffering. I don't think being impatient can be an advantage under these circumstances, unless the very act of impatience teaches one patience and it's probably never something that's ultimately learned, but moreso practiced. Where it becomes interesting to me is the difference between persistence and impatience. If one is characteristically persistent, can they be perceived as impatient? Is there a fine line between tenacity and impatience? to apply to aviation: When does persistence to get to a destination and find a way through the weather turn into get there-itis? One could be patient and wait out storms, only to be riddled with fatigue and have their judgment impaired. When does persistence in calling often to get an update and stay in good communication with a shop turn into impatience? Who is impatient? The customer calling or the shop in not being patient or with good communication? All just food for thought in the hopes of a deeper discussion, no right answers.
  4. Really disheartening to hear. KERI was one of the first XCs I did with an instructor. I've landed there a few times since getting my license to go ride the wooden roller coaster. Definitely will avoid for the future if I can.
  5. Just wanted to start a discussion as I'm curious if you find yourself a patient aviator. Is being patient necessary for being a good aviator? How does patience relate to aviation maintenance? How does patience relate to cross country flight? If you are mostly characteristically patient, but were characteristically inpatient before, how did you cultivate the quality of patience?
  6. Yup, on second glance in person yesterday - looks like everyone is right. Hopefully very simple to fix. It's definitely fuel too (I smelled it). Thanks for the assistance! Very much love this community.
  7. Luckily, I didn't touch the other ones w/a torque wrench and they are not at all close. Thanks for the advice so far.
  8. Embarrassing update: wanted to re-torque the bolts after the A&P bolted on the exhaust (after flying it) and instead of using 150 in lbs, used 150 ft lbs and broke off on the left rear exhaust stack/riser. Hope someone learns from my mistake. @Shadrach or @M20Doc: curious if you have any ideas for how to work that out without damaging the cylinder? I'll be working with an A&P as well, but wondering if any of you have any experience on working that remaining stud out. I feel really dumb See pics:
  9. Thanks -- does that look similar? I only ask because it seems like the stain is not around a screw but a bit to the left of it. Definitely hoping it's a simple screw leak vs something more major.
  10. Uh oh. I considered that too. Is it possible that it might be from the fuel sender or would it not stain like that? I’ve noticed a light smell of fuel in cockpit when I first get in but haven’t found any evidence until now, I figured the smell may have come from fuel sender underneath passenger door but haven’t yet had a chance to look and potentially seal (does the seat need to generally come out to access?)
  11. Any suggestions on touching up wing walk? Have some wax remnants, dirt...and: Also, noticed this yesterday and it scared me a little: is that rust underneath or dirt? I'll try washing it off next time I'm in my hangar to see, but if it's rust-is that potentially a serious issue?
  12. Checked it yesterday. 0ppm in cruise again.
  13. I am jealous of your useful load. I would be in Mooney heaven if my G had 1067lbs, alas I am stuck with 900lbs.
  14. I have to complete 73-21-01 about 2-3x per year each year due to flying 2-300hrs/year. It generally takes me about 3-4 hours. I open the plane up (1 hour), mechanic lubes it (0.5 hours), and I put it back together 1-2hours. I wouldn't necessarily call it an annual.