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  1. Current panel is attached. Will become a new single panel. Want the circuit breakers to the right of the audio colum. Attached what I'm thinking for my ending result. The PAR200B only has 4 place intercom. The 450b has 6 place. Now I'm wondering if I should do a Garmin audio panel so I can get the telligence. I don't get why everyone loves the G3x. @PT20J what's got you so excited about it?
  2. You all are talking me into the 275s. I'll dig deeper into them. I had originally had a Garmin com only but wanted a backup nav if the other 2 gps options quit. Not sure if that's ever a real scenario to concern myself with or not. I'll take a look at the PAR200b.
  3. I believe the ceis are required for Garmin engine monitoring. Personally, if I loose a display,I don't want to loose engine data too which is why I'm doing the 930. Check my thread. I'm at 57amu I stalled for my setup.
  4. I forgot to update. It's in a beech 36.
  5. I'm about to commit to this panel upgrade, but wanted the group to share their thoughts before I did. I chose not to go for the G3x touch mainly because I don't like reading just tapes, want to retain the steam gauges as a worst case backup, and didn't want to wait for the screen that's backordered. Currently has a GNX375 Adding: GTN 750xi GNC 255a PMA 450b GFC 500 with yaw EDM 930 Dual G5s
  6. I just sold my manual gear/flaps E model yesterday. Was a wonderful plane. They call it an empty nesters plane. My wife called it our extended honeymoon plane. Ownership was cheap. Like pinch me cheap. I quoted this because these echo my thoughts exactly. The left seat is mine and mine only to fart on. I knew that since I trim for a hands off approach, 2 rolls of the trim and I was configured for takeoff. Things like this were unquantifiable when defining the value of owning.
  7. NJMac


    I'm hoping thats how this Bonanza turns out for me. It started otherwise but I'm trying to find a way to make lemonade from lemons. The ABS endorsed mechanic doing the annual now combed thru the logs and said somewhere they counted different numbers but he worked off the airframe and caught the math. I'm sure (want to believe) it wasn't malicious intentions. The fact is it still have 300 hrs on a top. I doubt the seller would have done a top 300 hrs ago if he knew the engine was at TBO. Ive decided to do the D'Shannon 550 conversion, new prop, and tip tanks to get an extra 450 useful. Beechtalk is saying 2022 for new 550s. My hope is the 520 I have now makes it until the new engine is available. Guess I find myself in the midst of another project plane. Don't let my wife see the receipts
  8. NJMac


    Higher unfortunately, by about 3-400 hrs.
  9. NJMac


    Little dude was clapping for the new owner but confused why he didn't get to get in.
  10. NJMac


    I told the buyer this evening, I'll be back in a Mooney on the other side of child rearing and my flying SUV days are over. It's a special airframe.
  11. NJMac


    Spent a few hours this evening helping him get comfortable landing. As he and his CFI are about to take off at dusk, they hit a bird just as they are pulling nose wheel off the ground. I end up taking them to waffle house with my wife and 15 month kid at 23:00 and dropping them off at hotel for the night. Oh the joys of GA flying.
  12. NJMac


    As long as I'm welcome, I'll be here. It's in annual now and A&P is saying the engine times were misrepresented on the beech I bought. I looked at the logs but didn't read the cursive, guess it's my fault ultimately. The beech fun begins. :-/
  13. I've heard it said the 2 greatest days in owning a plane are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Today I'm closing the chapter on my Mooney ownership and it's more bitter than sweet, and really not a happy day for me. It will be for the buyer but I'll be sad to see him fly my(his) plane away. We all need to take a moment and appreciate the remarkable planes we fly. Crazy fast, efficient, and economical (relatively speaking). Mooney's are uniquely special and having one that is fully sorted out and ready to fly when you are is simply a joy. I'm sad for that joy to end for me and happy for the next individual to enjoy this pleasure.
  14. My tolder is having a bad day. Do you two want to cry together? What's this drama about? Have a swig of milk and move on with your day.
  15. My new Bonanza came with a Garmin 375. I probably wouldn't have picked that myself but dang is it a nice unit and loaded with utility, and reasonably economical. I'd probably volunteer that for this project.
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