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  1. Interesting aside from this is my current Moonship. It's a 1964 and I've been told there was no title for it back then. Should I have one?
  2. Mind expanding what my risks are? Guess I could be out the PPI costs if he backs out. Is there more?
  3. I offered full amount into escrow and he declined, doesn't even want a deposit on the plane. Seems like such a laid back, honorable fella. I have to pinch myself when I asess this situation. Seems too good to be true.
  4. Thanks for the lead. I emailed King and no response. Called AIC and have a proposal in my inbox. Appreciate the tip on the full amount in escrow. I've offered that to him.
  5. As much as I love the Mooney, the A36 I'm working towards with 1600 UL is calling my name in the most sexy of ways
  6. Any recommendations for a title search and escrow service to use for a person to person aircraft transaction? Guy claims to own it outright, I claim to have funds in bank. Seems like an easy transaction but wondering about any back end gotchas. Also, would you always put a plane thru a pre purchase inspection, no matter what?
  7. Let's invite @CAV Ice Protection@CAV Ice to the party to explain more.
  8. Did they state what basic ice protection would cost to add to the 36?
  9. Is give this a like but I'm plumb out of them today
  10. Yes, that and their 20 gals av gas and the CFI they threw at me.
  11. Another vent on the classlessness of the Cirrus broker. She replied to my rejection that I'd need to pay ferry costs to get that plane from Mi-Oh-Mi when clearly the add says it's at her airport. I don't understand how she claims 35 unit sales a month with customer service like this. Pee on them.
  12. I'm also digging on this one. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?make=BEECHCRAFT&model_group=BEECHCRAFT+36+BONANZA+SERIES&model=A36+BONANZA+36&listing_id=2387661&s-type=aircraft If it's not under contract, I'll fly from the first bo to this one on Saturday to check it out too. Having TKS already seems like the way to go. It's ready for a G3X and GFC500 when the king dies. Makes me worry though. 500 hrs on new engine but about 18 years since new. That's not much flight time on that engine. Best thing is the kid isn't due til Sept so we have some time to
  13. Business is good. Not sure if it's that good though. One can dream.
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