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  1. I did the same thing. Even if I move to an R, someone is going to want an AP for my E
  2. Having an IFD (the superior gps) already, this really needs to happen!
  3. She just lost all her leverage, told me we've got our 2nd in the oven. Don't need these balls anymore! I'm calling the factory right now! Bwhahahaha
  4. My annual in 2020 was supposed to be owner assist until my wife decided to come and make it a family vacation. They were ok with me helping. Ended up turning a few wrenches after all and enjoyed it a ton.
  5. I told her that she's getting a brand new house this year costing way more than this, why can't I have a new plane. Fair is fair.
  6. My wife said she would chop off my balls if I bought the current, pre-completed Ovation. I'm still weighing the options.
  7. Then why are you acting indignant with what data alan chooses to share and when?
  8. We made our AGL annual into a family vacation. Found an Airbnb, blocked time off work, and enjoyed the heck out of it. Planning on doing it each year. 3 hr flight for the certainty of a well done annual is priceless IMO.
  9. Now that the GFC 500 is certified for nearly all the Moonship fleet, if you're torn between the E5 and G5s, it's a no brainier for the dual G5s. But, if you want an E5 that badly, you can have mine and I'll get the G5s.
  10. Anyone think Ovation's will be able to buy a UL increase from the factory this year? I heard it was possibly in the works
  11. I'm glad I asked this question since apparently this topic is mis understood by many. @carusoam my assumption was that if I picked up 25 hours that I could show in make/model (from being a safety pilot), that the insurance would like me just a little bit more and lower their rates. Maybe that was a poor assumption, I dunno. These safety pilot hours were not to replace the insurance transition training but to pad my experience resume that they use for underwriting.
  12. Negative. Unless you're Kristen at BWI? She just found a 2nd option for $4500 annually. That's pretty much what I had expected. I'm happy to connect with you though.
  13. I got a quote for a $240k hull value Ovation and the price was a fair amount more than I expected. I've got about 250 hrs M20E time but no HP. The insurance said many brokers wouldn't quote me but the one that did offered it at $8500 for the year. Since I'm a man of many thoughts, always finding a better way, I figured I would whore myself out to anyone who needs a safety pilot in an M20R so that I can build my time in Make/Model such that they'll love me more when I finally buy mine. @Parker_Woodruff is there a better way that my sleepy brain has not come up with yet?
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