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  1. M20C_AV8R

    Landing a Mooney - Safety Culture

    I never look at it from the word landing, maybe I was fortunate but my CFI and transition training emphasized flying it onto the runway and how well I did/do that would either provide me the opportunity to safely stop or deal with what happens in that phase of flight. I still have a lot to learn as I am a relatively low time pilot, but, I definitely do appreciate threads and conversations like this and the varying opinions.
  2. M20C_AV8R

    I flew with FlightChops in Vegas.

    Cool experience and great job flying, would like to fly the Vegas airspace some day, what a great view. Thanks for sharing.
  3. M20C_AV8R

    iPad for ForeFlight

    For me, I use an iPad mini 4, placed in a Ram yoke mount, works great on either side and stays out of sight of my instrument scan.
  4. M20C_AV8R

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    I am so sorry to hear this, thoughts and prayers to their families and friends
  5. M20C_AV8R

    Plane down on Lopez Island ??

    Close to where I live and fly into often , did not know these folks but it is sad to hear this happened, and flying into Lopez can be a little tricky and lots of shifting wind, but will leave the reasoning as to why with the NTSB. God speed Mooney brothers http://sanjuanislander.com/obituary/27752/david-king-of-san-juan-island-dies-in-lopez-island-plane-crash
  6. M20C_AV8R

    Should I buy in?

    I experienced a very similar situation and fully understand. Partnerships are an additional risk, some pros, some cons and there are many that work out wonderfully and many that go ugly, time spent upfront to understand the plane, the partner, the legalities of buying in and getting out are important.
  7. M20C_AV8R

    Should I buy in?

    Partnerships in quarters are a bigger risk than the plane, IMO, agreeing on repairs, upgrades etc will drive you nuts when it’s by committee with a group of varying ideas and personal finances to consider. Have a lawyer or someone you trust to look over the llc documents, including all existing agreements and any that may be missing, and any other docs that bind you. This helps you to understand what every partner is equally responsible for despite varying opinions that may exist that you are unaware of, also, make sure there is clear understanding on all non and monthly recurring costs, as well hourly, fuel, non capital and capital bank accounts and how the money is managed and who does it. Expectations that you have of this are also an important consideration, make sure it’s something you are comfortable with and absolutely make sure everyone is on the same page as to how the planes time gets scheduled and used amongst you so there is no conflicts. Looks like a nice plane, the costs are real to get the tanks done, adsb, annuals, repairs etc, a little forethought now will go a long way later.
  8. M20C_AV8R

    NW Training

    Wish I could have seen you all fly over as a group on your way into KCLM, hopefully I get my plane back this weekend from annual, would definitely like to meet
  9. M20C_AV8R

    NW Training

    Very Nice, I am based out of Port Angeles and had no clue that the Olympic Peninsula was representing like this, I hopefully will get a chance to see you around sometime, I often land at Sequim, great place to practice simulated engine out landings.
  10. M20C_AV8R

    Thought I'd check in

    Having gone through something similar recently I fully understand your excitement and can not wait to get back to flying my plane again hopefully this weekend, I wish you the best in getting things sorted with yours and quickly.
  11. M20C_AV8R

    We know it’s never over...:)

    Looks great, and you are right, it never seems to end, the upgrades that is
  12. Some really good advice given already and I would do that trip, you will never forget it, flying out in the PNW is amazing and August is common for being a great time of year to be a VFR pilot. The only suggestion I would make is consider your destination, if it is KTIW, there is a lot of class bravo airspace to get through, under or over if you decide to track direct over the mountains. Often when I am heading west, I will come through the Columbia River Gorge (great potential option if the weather/visibility gets difficult over the cascade passes (Snoqualmie or Stevens) , like I’m heading into Portland and then break to the northwest, go right next to Mt. St Helens and then Northwest toward Olympia, I will vector then to the north west side of the bravo and descend into KTIW, you should be well under the bravo shelve by then and the KTIW airport and controllers often provide a pleasant arrival to GA aircraft, wonderful scenery to be had.
  13. Disclosure, I am not a chemist, just a private pilot and a new plane owner I did a search and came up with a variety of different answers. Would welcome others thoughts. I came out of boat ownership and into a plane. Basically went from one aluminum hull to another, but, a lot of the same characteristics and concerns that I have remain in various ways. I am based basically at sea level, about a quarter mile from the beach. Owning a boat, I was religious about proactively preventing galvanic corrosion, obviously a really good set of sacrificial anodes etc, but, even at a level above that and ensuring that all of the screws in the boat were coated with teff gel to put a barrier between metals (stainless and aluminum) as that is where you can get in trouble real fast. I find it interesting that I read these threads about screw replacements using stainless on our planes, but, all you technically need to do is add a corrosive electolyte i.e. water, fresh(salt) does not matter and you have the risk of corrosion between those screws and the aluminum (http://www.anzor.com.au/blog/galvanic-corrosion-keep-those-metals-apart/) Maybe I am missing something here, but, does it not make sense if you are based in a salt water atmospheric environment to take the same considerations for proactive protection on your plane? I am fairly new to plane ownership so just trying to learn it all and ensure as I go forward I take the proper steps to protect my investment, I mean money pit. I also understand about protecting the plane overall, mine is for the most part in a hangar and when out an about if I stay somewhere overnight the windows get covered etc on the outside.
  14. M20C_AV8R

    Lost a Friend

    Well said, my sincere condolences and thoughts for friends and family of this fine pilot and gentlemen.
  15. M20C_AV8R

    Richard Bristow Crash

    I am sorry to hear this and my sincere condolences to all of you who knew him, I too have lost friends in aviation related accidents and it sucks,, they just made a mistake or a series of them, and it went the wrong way. I always felt if they could talk to us again that they would want us to learn from them. I surely need to do a better job of briefing engine out on take off, and only hope that if I am faced with such a situation that I can use what I learned in training and from others success and failure to hopefully face a different outcome.