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  1. Sounds oddly familiar, I had the GfC 500 installed this spring, when I picked up the plane and did my first use test, no issue with altitude climb, hold etc, however as soon as I reached any Nav point that was annunciated, the GFC 500 would go automatically into TOGA mode. I talked with Garmin support and told them I either need their assistance or to call a Priest. It made no sense and had a mind of its own. Garmin had nothing for me other than to escalate internally and wait, however, I called my installer and explained what was going on, they talked with Garmin and quickly figured out that the instructions for one of the pin outs and a configuration in the GTN 650 was causing this, took the plane back a few days later, took an hour or two to fix it, and all is well now. The point is, work with your installer/dealer, they get to work with Garmin in a way we do not, and if your installer is pushing you off onto Garmin, then that is a different discussion. Hope you get it sorted soon, this AP is amazing.
  2. I opted out of the YD and trim when I had my GFC-500 installed, it was not actually about the money, it was my choice I want to keep my feet on the pedals and I actually enjoy it, personal preference, and I want to stay in tune with the trim of the plane at all times, just was never comfortable with handing that off to a computer on a missed approach etc. I do agree the YD would be pretty sweet in cruise, but most of my trips are less than an hour. I find trimming manually in partnership with the GFC 500 is super easy, it lets you know if it needs trim up/down via the G5 and after a while you just sort of adapt and get it done through muscle memory. The GFC 500 on crosswinds is awesome, as stated, it is on the rails, and instrument approaches along with VNAV from the GTN is just the icing on the cake, I feel like I am cheating when doing holds and approaches.
  3. Completely agree, myself and my A&P flew it and he used both an optical device that read the rpm of the prop as well an app that uses sound to calculate RPM, both were very close to the rpm sensor of my JPI EDM 900
  4. No clue Clarence, but, I was a bit taken back as well, going have to dig through the log books
  5. Googled for this, searched these forums, went through all the documents I have for my 65 M20c. A few years back, at annual an A&P decided the Prop RPM was too high, I was. New owner and just went with their recommend, they adjusted it lower and since then all I make on take off is about 2600rpm, sometimes a bit more or less and I get the same in flight. My plane has a Hamilton Standard Governor, model number 4KII-GOJ. If you have knowledge or access to a manual or the exacts on what you get per counter clockwise turn for rpm increase on the stop screw, it would be appreciated.
  6. I have Cannon out of KAWO installing my gfc500 right now, I’ll let you know in a few weeks how they did
  7. The good news it is still on their roadmap https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/604257#additional and so far they have kept to it, personally I’d wait considering you have already invested in all the required avionics G5/GMU11 etc
  8. I registered, should be an adventure, any preference on Hotel?
  9. I am trying to see if I can make that work, now that I finally have my IFR rating, I have some time back in my life, I’ll look at the email again, and hopefully able to make the call in the next week or two, I’ll need to be in the newbie class, beginner class i registered, see ya there
  10. 64 M20c, dual G5’s, GTN650, 345r, GAD29b, GmU11, FS210, just trying to hold out for the GFC500. I already submitted a request into Garmin via their website. It may be a good idea for everyone here to do the same,. I would expect Garmin to STC most if not all of the short bodies at the same time, tbd. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/forms/autopilotinterest/
  11. I’m still working on my ifr, by far the majority of all of my landings are without flaps, no issue at all doing so, normally we have a long runway to work with
  12. I have taken longer than I should to get through this rating and close to being done, but, looking back in no way would I have wanted to rush this, there is just so much to learn and not having the chance to really fly in the soup is a disservice to the process and a risk, the foggles or hood does not even compare to real IMC. Just my opinion, but, everyone takes a different path and nothing wrong with an accelerated program with longer term continued training post the rating.
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