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  1. M20C_AV8R

    Alternator switch on or off?

    Great question, just had the plane power conversion done in August and trying to sort out what is best, my current procedure/checklist in respects to this topic that I walked through with the IA that did the install, master on, start plane, once started, make sure temp, pressures etc are where they should be on the JPI 900, I then flip on the alternator field switch, validate that the system is charging as depicted through the JPI, then on to avionics master that covers intercom, GTN etc and I do just the opposite on shutdown, but, I welcome different perspectives, always learning.
  2. Tom, if no one else has dibs I’ll take the starter
  3. M20C_AV8R

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    Living in this icebox called the PNW, I flew the plane down to the avionics shop yesterday, absolute perfect atmospheric conditions for carb icing, high humidity and cold. Really noticed it in cruise and descent. I have, never used my carb heat so much, albeit not my first rodeo, it was educational to have a flight where managing carb ice was key, and the reminder of how to best manage the plane with it as a constant, increased the workload but, not horribly. I also had my IA put the carb temp :-) sensor in with the JPI install, fantastic investment.
  4. M20C_AV8R

    NW formation flying

    Very nice Alan, that scenery is exactly why the PNW is an amazing place to fly
  5. M20C_AV8R

    For Sale: McCauley 3 Blade prop

    Welcome Dave, best wishes on the sale and a hello from another local
  6. M20C_AV8R

    For all us procrastinators ADS-B Rebate

    I was able to successfully register this morning, give it another try.
  7. M20C_AV8R

    For all us procrastinators ADS-B Rebate

    Classic, I tried to register today and welcomed to the following after clicking all the check boxes. We are experiencing technical difficulties with the website and are working on a resolution as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience; please continue to check back for when the website is available.
  8. M20C_AV8R

    64 or 65... That is the question

    Mine is s/n 2825 1965 M20c -, 52 gallons, square windows, I had the same questions when I bought mine, also, I used to live in Huntersville for many years, do you fly out of concord?
  9. M20C_AV8R

    How many Mooneys do you have on your field?

    I did not want to even entertain that possibility in my mind
  10. M20C_AV8R

    How many Mooneys do you have on your field?

    If possible, I would be more than happy to help him out by checking in on it once and a while, helping to keep the tires up and the grime off it, if I could get a hold of them, note, the FAA registration lapsed so I am not too optimistic that it was a promotion, normally military personnel are pretty good about their business and would have at least addressed that, however, life happens. I hope your right and that is the case, its such a nice plane to sit and waste away on that ramp.
  11. M20C_AV8R

    How many Mooneys do you have on your field?

    At my home airport, KCLM, there are four Mooney’s including mine, all are in hangars, but no clue on how much they are flown outside of my own, the one I brought up was from a previous post, probably should have started a new thread or found one of those existing rescue a ramp queen, just sucks to see such a nice plane sit and waste away, no matter the airport
  12. M20C_AV8R

    How many Mooneys do you have on your field?

    I was just at KPWT this morning for breakfast, great little restaurant on the field, pulled in and parked next to this nice looking Mooney, upon further inspection, the tires are flat, Moss, gunk growing under the wings and moldy foam stuffed into the cowl, it has a nice paint job, somebody loved this bird not too long ago and now it rots, horrid shame, unfortunately, I am not in need of another project, but....
  13. M20C_AV8R

    NW Training

    great pictures and videos, weather looked good over there, Saturday was nice here, but , Sunday, not sure I could have got back, getting closer to my IR ticket, best to you and Brenda.
  14. M20C_AV8R

    Mooney Yoke emblem

    Turtle, I like the one I got from you, appreciate you making these possible to get. I was wondering have you ever considered using the same triangle shape but using the modern logo?
  15. M20C_AV8R

    MooneySpace Member Map

    I would like to be added and sent a link as well, Thanks for putting this together.