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  1. I have Cannon out of KAWO installing my gfc500 right now, I’ll let you know in a few weeks how they did
  2. The good news it is still on their roadmap https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/604257#additional and so far they have kept to it, personally I’d wait considering you have already invested in all the required avionics G5/GMU11 etc
  3. I registered, should be an adventure, any preference on Hotel?
  4. I am trying to see if I can make that work, now that I finally have my IFR rating, I have some time back in my life, I’ll look at the email again, and hopefully able to make the call in the next week or two, I’ll need to be in the newbie class, beginner class i registered, see ya there
  5. 64 M20c, dual G5’s, GTN650, 345r, GAD29b, GmU11, FS210, just trying to hold out for the GFC500. I already submitted a request into Garmin via their website. It may be a good idea for everyone here to do the same,. I would expect Garmin to STC most if not all of the short bodies at the same time, tbd. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/forms/autopilotinterest/
  6. I’m still working on my ifr, by far the majority of all of my landings are without flaps, no issue at all doing so, normally we have a long runway to work with
  7. I have taken longer than I should to get through this rating and close to being done, but, looking back in no way would I have wanted to rush this, there is just so much to learn and not having the chance to really fly in the soup is a disservice to the process and a risk, the foggles or hood does not even compare to real IMC. Just my opinion, but, everyone takes a different path and nothing wrong with an accelerated program with longer term continued training post the rating.
  8. I have a 64 mooney M20c and my personal minimums are 3.5 hours, then I land somewhere fuel up, plane, body, and rest for a short bit, gives me a chance to also look at the next leg with a different perspective, 3.5 will get you far, as for going straight from the US to Ketchikan, I have met a few Mooney drivers coming through my airport for last fuel up before crossing Canada. Personally for me, I would stop on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, before flying over the remainder of that busy wild between there and Ketchikan, not too many outs from that point on. Just my opinion, I would like
  9. It’s not you, I had to scrub our planned flight from Seattle to Logan, UT last weekend and just ended up driving. The entire NW was lit up like a Christmas tree with airmets, low turbulence, icing levels were low, mountain obscuration and convective cells. When we drove down I-90 and I-84, the weather was as predicted over the passes, along the interstate, severe wind at ground level etc, heavy down bursts of rain, lightning thunder and you could see fresh snow well below the tops of the mountains, it was the safer call, Also, I considered diverting north or south in my flight plans as alterna
  10. Great flying with you all today, here is a short bit of video https://youtu.be/-8fBWeaqyKg
  11. Hey Dan that stinks, no clue on a mechanic at Kawo, just cannon for avionics, be sure to ask on FATPNW, I have an extra starter (skytec) do you know the model of yours, send me a message or email me,.
  12. Only thing I can think of that you did not mention was your sd card, those can be a problem, I use lexars and they have never given me an issue. Also what resolution are you recording at? https://www.amazon.com/high-Definition-Camera-high-Speed-tachograph-Memory/dp/B07Q74H6ZW/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=lexar+sd+card+reader+high+definition&qid=1555880663&s=electronics&sr=1-4
  13. Here is mine, might give you a few ideas, I took more of a let’s work with what I have approach, new 650, dual G5’s, gad29b/gpss steering into existing century iib auto pilot, GTN 345r adsb in/out and flight stream 210. Overall, very happy with the tech and future upgrades include audio panel and new auto-pilot tbd will help drive rearranging a few items in the panel.
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