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  1. Only thing I can think of that you did not mention was your sd card, those can be a problem, I use lexars and they have never given me an issue. Also what resolution are you recording at? https://www.amazon.com/high-Definition-Camera-high-Speed-tachograph-Memory/dp/B07Q74H6ZW/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=lexar+sd+card+reader+high+definition&qid=1555880663&s=electronics&sr=1-4
  2. Here is mine, might give you a few ideas, I took more of a let’s work with what I have approach, new 650, dual G5’s, gad29b/gpss steering into existing century iib auto pilot, GTN 345r adsb in/out and flight stream 210. Overall, very happy with the tech and future upgrades include audio panel and new auto-pilot tbd will help drive rearranging a few items in the panel.
  3. Played Instrument Safety Pilot for @amillet this morning, it was a wonderful flight; continued learning experience for me and Alan did a great job, Sequim>Friday Harbor(RNAV 34)>Oak Harbor(RNAV 07)>Port Angeles(RNAV 26)>Sequim with roughly Ten minutes in IMC.
  4. Thanks for sharing Don, helpful perspective and info as I am currently working on my IR
  5. Nice way to go about it, wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of that in your panel, others might benefit as well. So little space we have to work with.
  6. I had already purchased the 210, great points for having gone with the 510 though and I believe they have already wired up the 210 in the plane.
  7. @Marauder great points and I seriously considered the L3, but, on the initial plan, its footprint size definitely did not coincide with fitment into the limited panel space. As stated before, great looking panel.
  8. Despite my avionics shops efforts, there is no place on the right side to fully get the xpdr in there, so remote it is. Basically in the panel will be the KMA24 on top, the 650 below, and then the 430 on the bottom. Talked with the Avionics shop and the Flight Stream 210 will still meet the mission just fine, but I can see why the strong recommend for the 510. Also, thank you Paul @gsxrpilot for the feedback on the xpdr being remote, it bugs me a bit not having a per se separate control interface, but, also believe the risk is lower than what I first thought in regards to the 650 going blank and how an in flight issue with this tech could be managed. Maybe in 2020 I will replace the 430 with another 650 or 635 so I have two interfaces into the xpdr, as well hoping to potentially do a comm upgrade at the same time. After this upgrade the next things in 2019 are a fuel tank reseal on the left side and hoping TruTrak will finally get their AP approved for install so I can ditch the Century IIB.
  9. Appreciate the feedback I’ll talk with my avionics shop to make sure I’m getting the expected integration, I primarily care most about transferring flight plans, the remainder is a nice to have, but, welcome a different perspective.
  10. I plan on doing the pma450 in 2020, I’d rather spend the dollars first on a new autopilot. I spoke to the avionics shop they are going to reassess if they can get it in the right side of the panel, I want the xpdr up in the cockpit, but, if not, looks like I’m going the 345 remote route and still leaves me wanting to know what happens if the 650 resets or fails in flight and how that impacts the xpdr
  11. Question for the collective mind. Despite my numerous google searches, I could not find a reasonable answer to the following, I welcome your feedback. My plane is undergoing an avionics upgrade. In my panel/radio stack, I have a KMA-24 (keeping that for now), underneath that will be a new GTN650 replacing my GNS430 non WAAS, below that is a KX-165 and underneath that a standard BK mode C xpdr is being replaced with a GTX 345. While the shop installed the GTN 650 just fine, the GTX 345 would not fit in the panel, there is no room to cut metal on top or bottom to adjust, and the only room I have on the right is not an ideal place to put the transponder, (top right), the shop has proposed to me using the GTX 345r as an alternate and installing it in the back of the plane. I am already putting in the FlightStream 210 so I can get AHRS, ADSB to Foreflight on the iPad, but, I do now doubt connext will work. My main concern now that the 345r will directly connect and be managed through the GTN650 interface, I ponder what would happen if the GTN650 fails on me in flight? 1. Will the 345r still transmit the current code? 2. Will it revert to 7600, (FYI, I ended up keeping the non-WAAS 430 in the stack for Second Comms/GPS and am having the KX-165 yellow tagged and will sell so I can still talk to ATC) 3. Will it just go off the air
  12. Not sure what you have for engine, fuel gauges etc, but, going digital is well worth it, ie a JPI 900, unfortunately/fortunately along with the panel upgrades will possibly push you close to or over the 50% mark, however, I would say that this upgrade is more important than the rest, just my .02. I am with you on the trutrak and not holding my breath that Garmin will stc the gfc500 for the c model
  13. Alan, good to see you today and meet the new buyer, let him know if he needs anything I’m just a few doors down or a phone call away. Happy Holidays to you and Brenda.
  14. Great question, just had the plane power conversion done in August and trying to sort out what is best, my current procedure/checklist in respects to this topic that I walked through with the IA that did the install, master on, start plane, once started, make sure temp, pressures etc are where they should be on the JPI 900, I then flip on the alternator field switch, validate that the system is charging as depicted through the JPI, then on to avionics master that covers intercom, GTN etc and I do just the opposite on shutdown, but, I welcome different perspectives, always learning.
  15. Tom, if no one else has dibs I’ll take the starter