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  1. @terbang have you used Troyes service? I hear different comments about them
  2. reviving an old thread any suggestion for Mooney maintenance (FAA) in Italy or south of france ?
  3. I am wondering, how does Garmin Eis compute %power ?
  4. my wing fuel gauges have some condensation in them which makes it difficult to read them from the cockpit. Is there a way to remove this water ? Is it possible to buy new gauges ?
  5. So, what is the proper procedure for restarting the turbo engine at, say 15000, in case it stops from starvation? Both throttle and mixture off before switching to the other thank or just throttle or mixture? (Not that I want to do that, but it is good to know)
  6. Thank you very much @Warren and @PT20J. Both my questions have been answered! Where do you get all the documentation that you seem to have? I think @enciclopedia is a better alias than PT20J
  7. My Hobbs meter has stopped working since I upgraded to a glass panel. I suppose the signal which drove the meter is no longer available after the upgrade. The installer told me that my meter is of an unusual type with 3 wires instead of the 2 wires meters he has always seen in Mooneys. Any idea on how to get it back to a working condition? I now use the g3x flight log to record times. However it starts counting as soon as the engine starts. I cannot find any setting to make it start counting when the engine passes a certain threshold (for example 2400 RPM ). Is this possible?
  8. Vacation is going to last a few days or weeks but the plane can be enjoyed everyday. And who says that he prefers vacation rather than flying his plane?
  9. I think I found the answer in the POH (I should have read it all before posting. Apologies). In downwind, I was running the engine at low power and the low boost pump might have induced an overrich condition as mentioned in the emergency procedures section of the POH. I think this caution notice should have been included in the normal operations procedures as well since it says to use the boost pump in that section. Not switching tanks during downwind is new to me. It has been part of my training for PPL and I have done that for many years: we have an equivalent of the american GUMPS which includes switching tank. I guess I will do like many have suggested: switch at top of descent.
  10. That is excellent news. Thank you! Is this document available publicly or only to installers? I am curious to see what the modification involves
  11. You can display round gauges on the g3x if you prefer
  12. My POH recommends switching boost pump On before changing fuel tank. I did that for the initial flights after I acquired the plane. However, on a downwind leg, I switched the boost pump to select the fullest tank, but before I had time to change, the engine stumbled. I immediately stopped the pump which restored normal operation after a few seconds. Since then, I do not switch ON the boost pump anymore and just change tanks watching closely any variation of FF. What is the correct procedure ?
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