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  1. I'm booked at Gatts for April, currently studying for my written. I plan on getting a few more flights in with a friend who is a military/commerical pilot between now and then to help and try and drill in the basics.
  2. It's something I've thought about for the last 4 years since I finished my PPL. I'm ready to finally commit and follow through with as minimal distractions as possible. Setting aside a block of time to fully focus on this training works best for me. It's obvious that its a polarizing topic for people, but I feel as though people who have gone through the accelerated programs are happy with their decisions.
  3. In a way, it is apples to apples based on my career choice. Completing the course would give me the chance to further my knowledge and hone those skills through practice. I'm not claiming to be an expert just by checking a box, but checking the box is part of the journey of becoming a safer and better pilot. That's the end goal.
  4. That's exactly what I am planning on doing.
  5. Thanks guys! I definitely understand it isn't something to rush through. I have a friend thats a CFI, airline + military pilot that would be prepping/flying with me prior to the course so I could at least go in with some sort of practical knowledge other than having the written done. For me its simply a time issue, an accelerated program allows me to take off work the least amount of days possible. My college education was through an accelerated program, so that style of learning suits me best.
  6. Any recommendations on who to go through for accelerated instrument training. I'm looking for a 2 week or less program and ideally would like to do it in my M20F. I've found old threads on this, but they are 6 years old. Thanks guys!
  7. Downtown Minneapolis. Sorry I just saw this again. I called Thunderbird and they are currently full. I'm on the wait list, but it doesn't sound promising. I guess I'll look for alternative airports around the area. I would prefer to hangar the plane and not have to tie down.
  8. Thanks guys, I'll look into both of those!
  9. Hey guys, I'll be moving to Minneapolis at the beginning of August. I purchased a 1968 M20F in October and have about 30 hours in it. I'm looking for a good airfield and hangar setup to store it in. I'm also interested in finding a specific Mooney instructor to work towards IFR certification. Any ideas or leads? Thanks!
  10. Thanks 1963-M20E! I talked to her on the phone, seems like a great person to have do this.
  11. Does anyone know of a good pre-buy Mooney mechanic near Louisville? Thanks!
  12. Supposedly he is missing 4 years of airframe logs. I have decided to stop pursuing it any further as there are way too many red flags at this point. Thanks for the help guys, you've essentially confirmed what I was skeptical about.
  13. Thanks guys,all helpful comments. He did have all his repairs done at LASAR, so that gives me some peace.
  14. Essentially a new prop and a fresh overhaul. I believe it did have a gear up landing in the 80's,but has had another gear up recently that was fully repaired and documented. I'm definitely doing a prebuy. The only issue I have is that the owner does not want to fly to another airfield for an inspection, so not sure how much of an expert a few of the local mechanics are there. I'm avoiding anyone who has worked on the plane in the past or knows the owner.