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  1. Just emailed the Garmin rep I spoke with. Trying to decide if this would be an all at once install or I would have to break it up due to the GFC 500 not being ready yet, this was his response. This gives us some hope! "Thanks for checking in. We have an M20F in our hangar but are not finished testing yet. It’s hard to predict an exact date but I’m guessing the program will be wrapping up with STC in hand around the August / September timeframe."
  2. The F should be finished with testing. Back in Jan is when they reached out for my F, so I assume they did the install and testing shortly there after.
  3. I actually missed the boat on the certification testing. I had spoke with Garmin the day my plane went into annual as I was leaving for Hawaii. They wanted my logbooks, but since it was in annual and I was out of town, I had to wait two weeks. Unfortunately it was too late and they moved on. I do know there was an F tested though, so that gives me hope of certification sooner rather than later.
  4. Beautiful! Anything you would have done differently or added?
  5. Study hard and go in fully prepared for the oral. Get as many safety pilot hours as possible. Good luck!!
  6. Luckily flight training is considered "essential" here. It was just myself and a flight instructor for the 7 days I was there. I was able to find a DPE back home through a friend who was happy to do my check ride. Looking forward to getting more and more comfortable using the system anytime I fly, learning along the way!
  7. Currently just exploring options and pricing. The biggest question is, is it worth the price? Or at that cost, do you just spend the money on someone already upgraded? I'm ready to ditch the vacuum pump, ditch my engine gauges and fuel gauges for something reliable. I think this gives me a little more peace of mind as I enter into the IFR system. Garmin is my preference. I am not opposed to other systems though. I enjoy learning about the avionics and such, but actually getting deep into it most likely requires more time than I have. I've gotten tons of great advice from this forum, looking forward to other suggestions or advice! Thanks!
  8. That is right along the lines of what I am wanting! Did you already have the EDM? I was thinking the G3X with the EIS as I am tired of my outdated gauges. Where did you have it done? And if you didn't mind sharing the cost or estimates you got, that would also be great!
  9. Just for future reference, I completed my IR training at GATTs last weekend, checkride back home went just fine and passed without problems. I know there were several people hesitant of the accelerated path, but for me, it was the best route. I went into the program with a 97 on my written and a very solid knowledge base. Between training on the sim and flying my M20F, I feel very comfortable shooting approaches and being in the system. It saved me tons of time and allowed me to really focus on flying without distractions at home and work. If this fits your learning style, do it!!
  10. Thinking about making a huge leap and completely redoing my avionics with my dream panel. I'm very happy with my current airframe and plan on keeping it for quite a while. Thoughts on the following? 10.6" G3X Touch, Landscape with ESI GTN 750Xi or 650Xi G5 or 275 for backup GFC 500 (once certified)
  11. I don't currently have a second card, but could attempt to find one on ebay. I may just give Garmin a call. Thanks again for the help!
  12. I did attempt to reinstall the database, but the problem remained. I assume the database is correct as I went through Garmin's website and the app when the cards were docked with my computer.
  13. It is. I know it appears as though it isn't. I left the handle out as I had tried to re-seat it multiple times.