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  1. Similar issue with my prop which was last overhauled in 2007. I think it is about time for an overhaul or IRAN on it. What is the turn around time for this at your shop? Thanks!
  2. I ordered it and have it in my possession. It appears to be of very high quality, but I have not had a chance to put it to work yet.
  3. https://www.triconsprayers.com/products/o-1800-1-4-aviation-portable-1-liter-atomized-sprayer-system A cheaper option that states it is designed for Corrosion X applications.
  4. +1 To having customer service issues with Spruce.
  5. Where is the vent line plumbed to? On my F model there is just a plug in the vent port on the back of the gauge.
  6. 2037 | Aircraft Components INC (flyingsafer.com) This is the system I have. Works really well. I can not imagine anyone landing gear up with this system installed and working. It is really loud and unmistakable as the female voice states a repetitive " check landing gear" until the gear is down or you climb above 50 feet. Mine is also hooked to the MP swatch in the throttle so you will get the alert at near idle power settings as well. Any retract I ever own will have one of these installed, as I stated above there is no way you will forget the rubber rollers if this system is installed and working. It also loudly states a repetitive "stall" instead of the beeping stall horn
  7. 3" EXTENSION PEDALS - 720115-504 — LASAR
  8. Yep, fly your airplane into Virginia 90 times in one year or have it present in the state for 90 days, and you owe them 2% the value of your airplane, and not paying is a crime on top of that! Which is only 7 or 8 times a month, easy to do if you have family in the state as I do.... It also appears operating less than the 90 day trigger will still generate a letter. I say this because I fly into VA typically3 times a month (all day trips, never an overnight) and it has triggered a letter anyway. I guess they are using the shotgun approach,
  9. This seems to indicate you can show you paid tax already in your home state to offset the Virginia tax. § 58.1-1504. Credit against tax. A credit shall be granted against the tax imposed by this chapter with respect to a person's use in this Commonwealth of an aircraft purchased by him in another state, or assembled by him from component parts on which Virginia retail sales or use tax was paid. The amount of the credit shall be equal to the tax paid by him to another state by reason of the imposition of a similar tax on his purchase or use of the property or the amount of Virginia retail sales and use tax paid on the component parts of such assembled aircraft. The amount of the credit shall not exceed the tax imposed by this chapter. Code of Virginia Code - Chapter 15. Virginia Aircraft Sales and Use Tax
  10. They (VA DOA) appear to using flight aware to see who is coming and going to generate revenue. Maybe try flying VFR into and out of OFP? I have a little experience with VA and this issue. I had been flying VFR without flight following into and out of the state for years with no letter, then once I started filing IFR and I got a similar letter. I had paid the 2% use tax many years ago on my Mooney (as I used to be a resident) so this particular letter I got just wanted me to purchase a VA Department of Aviation permit to be operating into and out of the state at a cost of $5.00 a year. It is a misdemeanor to operate an unregistered aircraft in Virginia according to the VA DOA. That means they want you to pay them a 2% tax (they will tell you the book value of the airplane if it was not purchased recently) and then you will need to purchase a permit annually to operate into VA. I have never heard of any enforcement action ever happening to anyone, I believe worst case scenario they would ask you to become current on what you owe should something come to a head with this. Another point would be if you are not overnighting there in VA. What is defined as a day? 24 hour period? If you only were there a few hours at a time, it could be argued you are not there a day, so you would not be subject to 90 days.
  11. I don't believe that is correct. I am running the stock prop on my F with the Lopresti Cowling. Only change was the spinner and bulkhead which I found used off Mooney Space for a very reasonable price.
  12. No prop change required. Just the spinner. ( I should know I have the Lopresti Cowling on my F.)
  13. That looks like it would work. Is the fuel pressure needle working? I was just wondering why it shows 30 PSI with no pressure on it? Thanks for taking some pics of it.
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