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  1. It sure looked like he hit a powerline then went out of control and crashed.
  2. Nice job suppressing the price of Mooneys! Remind me to not advertise on here should I ever sell. Someone puts a nice example up for sale and you guys go on the attack!
  3. Here is my 75F w the Lopresti mod. I have been very pleased with it in every way. Engine cooling is the best, engine access, improved ram air, speed increase, new gear doors, better generator cooling....
  4. Wikipedia says you have 5 seconds with a rapid decompression Yikes!!!
  5. On an F, how much gas is left in the tank when the area under the filler area is dry but there is fuel at the wing root area?
  6. I believe they came out of a 201. (The front fully articulating seats that is) The rear seats I am not sure. I am looking at upgrading to a Baron sometime next year, when that happens these seats will be up for sale. (I have two interiors for the Mooney... selling this one)
  7. I have a set of fully articulating seats with built in arm rest and matching rear that I may be selling sometime next year. (Assuming I sell the Mooney - I have two complete interiors and will be selling one of them)
  8. My F model has a fixed step. Can the fixed step be replaced with this electric conversation one?
  9. Well, sine you said they are articulating I know what the problem may have been. You prob. needed to raise the seats vertical adjustment to max height then slide them back. Otherwise they will never slide back far enough to come off the rear rail. (They will hit the spar first)….
  10. That's 25 years since overhaul. The damage was probably done before you owned it. A small amount of corrosion on the cam, and it took your frequent flying for it to grind away enough to become evident in the filter. I had a similar experience, mine had been over 20 years since overhaul and starting making metal. I feel like after two decades plus it was time for it anyway. To me it is just not realistic to expect an engine to sit on airplane for two or three decades and remain airworthy.
  11. Looks like there is some rust forming on your metal tubing. That needs to be addressed.
  12. There are ways to be at home every night at an airline too. Bid day trips is one way. Or bid WB FO short call and only be gone maybe 4 nights a month... in my case at least.
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