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  1. I believe they came out of a 201. (The front fully articulating seats that is) The rear seats I am not sure. I am looking at upgrading to a Baron sometime next year, when that happens these seats will be up for sale. (I have two interiors for the Mooney... selling this one)
  2. I have a set of fully articulating seats with built in arm rest and matching rear that I may be selling sometime next year. (Assuming I sell the Mooney - I have two complete interiors and will be selling one of them)
  3. My F model has a fixed step. Can the fixed step be replaced with this electric conversation one?
  4. Well, sine you said they are articulating I know what the problem may have been. You prob. needed to raise the seats vertical adjustment to max height then slide them back. Otherwise they will never slide back far enough to come off the rear rail. (They will hit the spar first)….
  5. That's 25 years since overhaul. The damage was probably done before you owned it. A small amount of corrosion on the cam, and it took your frequent flying for it to grind away enough to become evident in the filter. I had a similar experience, mine had been over 20 years since overhaul and starting making metal. I feel like after two decades plus it was time for it anyway. To me it is just not realistic to expect an engine to sit on airplane for two or three decades and remain airworthy.
  6. Looks like there is some rust forming on your metal tubing. That needs to be addressed.
  7. There are ways to be at home every night at an airline too. Bid day trips is one way. Or bid WB FO short call and only be gone maybe 4 nights a month... in my case at least.
  8. Not true. A given "trip" is going pay a certain minimum amount (normally min of 5 hours and 15 min per day or block time if more). The only concern of when the door closes is in an effort to make extra money on the trip above the minim trip pay.
  9. You will make a fair amount more then $250,000 a year in the left seat of a narrow body at most majors these days (at least the company I am with anyway). I am a widebody FO and I make that much in the right seat (sometimes even more depending if I pick up trips that pay time and a half or over guarantee, sell back vacation etc..) Plus they give you another 16% matching also. I can hold narrow body captain but I see no reason to bid it at this income level and lifestyle. The domestic system is too much of a circus act for me. It has been my observation that a college degree is not mandatory and I would even recommend to skip college get all the ratings ASAP and get on at a regional with a flowthru agreement. You can go from 0 to a regional job in less then 2 years, then flow thru to a major in around 5 to 8 years... no college needed and the regionals do NOT care if you have a degree or not. Plus with a flowthu you WONT have to apply or interview at said major. It is a sweet deal. The airline I work for has a "cadet" program set up to do just that. They will defer finance payments until you are working also. If your goal is a major airline you are better off to stay civilian. Sure the military is awesome, and part of me wishes I had gone that route for the life experiences. But the fact of the matter is the sooner you get hired and get a seniority number the better. Even paying for your own training you win out financially vs military once you do the math of career earnings.
  10. That was my first thought, (the electric circuit or the on off switch in the cockpit was perhaps the problem). My mechanic did some trouble shooting and determined the problem was a dead pump not the electric system as he was getting power at the pump wiring.
  11. I am reporting back after having my Weldon fuel pump overhauled by Aeromotors. Fuel pump was reinstalled and worked for one day then went tits up, I had to have my mechanic remove it again and sent it back. I just received it back, lets hope it works this time.
  12. Hello, I had the exact same thing happen to me (bent stop tab) about a year ago at a Signature FBO. Signature owned up to it and paid for it all 100% and had it repaired as well. I had even warned the tug driver and the two wing walkers (as they were hooking up to my plane) about not exceeding the marks on the nosewheel. Despite all that, they still damaged it. I went and spoke to the manager and he took care of the rest. New truss came from LASAR. To those that say they would never let anyone tug their Mooney, I did not have a choice in the matter due to ramp construction that would not allow for taxi. Only tugging since it passed too closely to the fuel farm for access to hangars.
  13. will be at airport tomorrow and check