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  1. Hi All, Anyone have issues with the over voltage light coming on more and more frequently? It resets if I pull and reset the field breaker. Thanks! Jim
  2. merrja

    Attitude Indicator

    Thanks Mlm!
  3. merrja

    Attitude Indicator

    I also purchased the Garmin Wass Antenna, so I guess the garmin transponder will be my next purchase for the ADSB compliance
  4. merrja

    Attitude Indicator

    Thanks very much for all the input! New G5 is on the way!
  5. Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade my Attitude indicaotr to an electric AI, any suggestions? (I don't have a certified gps on my plane). Thanks!
  6. merrja

    Any Attorney based in FL?

    Did the company simply close it's doors or did they file bankruptcy? Are there any creditors that are owed? If so there can be a claim made for any assets which has value the company owns (the STC's).
  7. merrja

    Car Rentals

    I use them about 30-40 times per year and have problems with the cars actually being at the airport about 5% of the time.
  8. My F is at KUZA if you're interested
  9. Yes, and it flashes every second. My best understanding of the poor instructions is that it flashes every four seconds after it connects to a network. Is that right? thanks very much!
  10. I purchased this and a prepaid sim card from ATT, but it still blinks every second. Does this mean it's not hooked in tthe GSM network? Thanks for the help!!
  11. merrja

    Yaw Gear with Gear down

    It seems to be with the gear down with >20" of MP. I'll do some more test flying this week. Seems to be the same yaw no matter what the flaps setting.
  12. Has anyone else with an F model noticed a tendency to yaw with gear down, full flaps and under a decent amount of power such as flying a long ILS?
  13. merrja

    Charlotte North Carolina help

    I'm at Rock Hill- UZA and happy to help. PM me and we'll arrange a time
  14. merrja

    Pre-buy in/near Charleston SC

    AGL Aviation without a doubt, worth the trip. Let me know if you need help with logistics.
  15. Please Add Myself to the list and Allen Osbourne ( who has a '67 E) Looking forward to it!!!