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  1. Yaw Gear with Gear down

    It seems to be with the gear down with >20" of MP. I'll do some more test flying this week. Seems to be the same yaw no matter what the flaps setting.
  2. Has anyone else with an F model noticed a tendency to yaw with gear down, full flaps and under a decent amount of power such as flying a long ILS?
  3. Charlotte North Carolina help

    I'm at Rock Hill- UZA and happy to help. PM me and we'll arrange a time
  4. Pre-buy in/near Charleston SC

    AGL Aviation without a doubt, worth the trip. Let me know if you need help with logistics.
  5. Please Add Myself to the list and Allen Osbourne ( who has a '67 E) Looking forward to it!!!
  6. PC cable for rudder

    If anyone ever needs this part or anything else in the assembly I found that Brittan makes it though not in stock. Usually they need some lead time, but as usual were great to deal with.
  7. Hi All, In changing out a servo in the tail today I noticed that the cable that connects it (the forward servo) to the rudder control rod was slightly frayed. It looks like part number # 1890-18.5. any idea where to get one? I sent Mooney an email, any ideas? Thanks, Jim
  8. All, I received the email below about the Trio Autopilot for Mooneys. I have signed up and here is a link to an AOPA article about them (Pre 172 approval) If you're interested please contact Paul. Looks like the kit will be less than $3500 including servos. Mooney drivers ! We had a great meeting last week with the FAA to kick off the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot STC approval project. The STC Group, is holding an engineering meeting next week to decide who gets the resources for the next couple of A/P install kit design projects. I’ve got three (3) of you on my Firm commit list. I need at least 25 to 30 of you on the Firm list in order to throw engineering team members at your Mooneys. It’s time to step up to the plate and get on the list everyone. I’ve got Joel K., Jason K, and Ray Slocum on the Firm list. Ping me before next Tuesday, get on your type group lists, and get them to belly up to the bar. Cheers, Paul C. Odum The STC Group, LLC Camarillo Airport, California (KCMA) Mobile +1 805 304 5246 “Fusing Tech with Tradition”
  9. AGL Aviation Pirep

    Just wanted to put in a PIREP from my annual at AGL Aviation. I have to say that they were great to work with,reasonably priced an I will take my bird to Lynn for service anytime. AGL is located @KMRN (Foothills, NC). If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.
  10. Engine Dehydrator?

    How about just putting a dehumidifier in your hanger? Presumably one could lower the RH considerably.
  11. Paint

    For the sake of argument, let's just say that someone may have done one before they thought about the grease
  12. Paint

    Any idea if grease (landing gear) will eat automotive lacquer? In other words, if you used automotive lacquer to touch up your gear would it degrade? Thanks! Jim
  13. Ron, Thanks for the offer...obviously if you ever need a ride, I am happy to help. Jim