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  1. One bad annual experience may make a week (or two) off of work seem like small potatoes. Being involved with the annual like the OP looks to have the advantage of minimizing a large financial exposure. Imagine how bad it could have been if he just dropped it off at a shop and said "call me when you're done."
  2. I imagine many of those gentleman's "give-a-darn" cards have expired recently. There's probably very little motivation to keep their name up when retirement is just around the corner. That said, there are always good exceptions to be found as well. It's a shame those guys weren't trying to train young AIs and A&Ps. Perhaps it kept the competition down.
  3. This sort of story is becoming very common. How do these shops stay in business?
  4. A brief update for any that might be interested: Livingston Aviation is currently scheduling into the month of October of this year. I'm unable to get away from work except during the Summer months so October is not a feasible option for me. I was told over the phone they have a waiting list for people (to fill-in for any cancellations) that currently has 9 people on it.
  5. The suggestions from everyone have been very helpful. I have a few emails out and some active conversations ongoing. In the meantime, I've printed out a copy of the latest ACS to get a better idea of what to expect on the check-ride. I never thought I would hear myself say the PTS looked better than anything.
  6. I hope you're able to get everything back on track quickly. It really is a let-down to have to go through this with a new plane. The good part is that Mooney will likely get you back in the air quickly. About the pre-flight inspection though: Checking the nose-gear on a Mooney after being handled by line-crew is pretty much a set-in-stone requirement by many Mooney savvy pilots. Everyone has their own preferred pre-flight inspection methods. I personally feel much better after getting down on the ground to look the nose-gear over. Even though I don't normally like to roll around on the ground, the peace-of-mind to ensure the nose-gear is damage free seems worth it to me.
  7. ^...... This statement seems rather confusing. Internal damage?
  8. That is certainly an option. There are a few programs out there but I don't know much about them. It seems like it's a bit of a hit-or-miss on what people think about them. My thoughts are that it may depend more on the CFII doing the course than anything else. It might be good to fly the Mooney somewhere, find a crash pad, and concentrate on the practical. For good or bad, people seem to view someone as available if they're physically around.
  9. It gets old scrubbing flights that would likely be 90% VFR. I frequently use the Mooney to travel for 2-3hr trips across multiple states so weather considerations becomes more important. Since I'm often heading either North or South, there's usually weather to be considered. I'm fairly conservative so I don't really participate in scud running while hunting for a sucker hole to get on top. I like to keep as many options as possible open so I don't have to demonstrate some great piloting abilities that I may... or may-not have. I have enough X-Country time and can check off most of the boxes in 61.65. I'll need to get the written passed prior to beginning... but don't see that as a major hurdle. Finding a CFII experienced with getting people through a grinding training schedule seems like the major hurdle. Finding a local CFII and safety pilot isn't a bad idea either. However, scheduling can become more involved.
  10. I'm looking into the possibility of getting my IFR ticket this summer sometime between the end of May and the end of July of this year. I've been needing to do this for some time. Perhaps I can bring this to the front of the line this year. I realize and agree that there are pros and cons to this type of training. My thoughts are to fly somewhere withing reasonable "Mooney Distance" to concentrate solely on preparing for the practical over a couple weeks time without distractions. I'm based out in the Midwest at 1I9. Can anyone share any good recommendations they might have for a CFII that might be good for this?
  11. David_H


    No Gatorade bottles needed there.
  12. It doesn't seem like a lynch mob is in the works. There was certainly some "over promise under deliver" that happened so I can see where the disappointment is coming from. The reasons why aren't really important. The STEC I've been flying behind still works fine so I'm somewhat unaffected by the news. The disappointment on my part was that I allowed myself to believe TT was closer than they actually were to getting things done. TT delivering a solid product in a timely fashion would have been good for the AP market as a whole.
  13. I agree completely with this statement. There's not a good sales guy that knowingly puts his reputation on the cutting block without a promised hope of likely reward. I generally agree with you Paul, but respectfully disagree on this comment. If TT did in-fact made an executive decision to knowingly deceive it's potential customers in hopes of a "Hail-Mary" product approval timeline that wasn't close to being "in-the-works" and directed it's senior sales guys to "get the word out" ... then this shows an extremely "under-developed" executive judgement. The company as a whole deserves the oncoming negatives that come as a result of it's decision to knowingly and intentionally deceived it's potential customers... if that was indeed the purpose of letting this go on for a full year.
  14. It wouldn't change things... but it would indeed be interesting to hear where the "Waiting on the FAA due to the government shutdown" story originated. We'll likely never really know though. When I read "Delay due to the government shutdown" I said to myself "yeah sure" and lost hope about having any idea on when TT would deliver at that point.
  15. Calling TT lairs may indeed be a little harsh. Anyone that's ever worked in sales knows the risks involved with over promising or trying to sell vapor-ware. It rarely ends well. That said, this thread has been going on for some time now. Some indirect deceit (best case) was likely allowed to continue on some level. TT being completely unaware of expectations being set in the field would be even more alarming. Who's at fault for them not delivering is anyone's guess. The avionics guys would have very little to gain so I doubt it was their doing. I would certainly hope not anyway. I personally would like to see TT succeed. However, I can't say I feel the same about TT now as I did a year ago. They seemed to have lost something during the past year and I don't think the FAA is to blame. It really looks a lot like TT has been working hard to position itself for a buyout by Honeywell. In my opinion, TT as a company would hold very little to no value if that happens.