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  1. Isn't liability generally cited as a driving reason for charging exorbitant fees in Aviation? If the shop isn't willing to shoulder the liability then what exactly did the OP get for the ridiculous OH cost? Either incorrect parts were used or another failure mode is present. Either way, this looks as if the responsibility should be the burden of the overhaul shop. The fact that we're discussing this says this is likely not a very good shop. It's too bad that people sometimes seem to get skewered for calling shops out for this kind of poor work and even poorer customer service. If they are indeed a MSC... this is a Mooney group and they should be rightly called out. Lastly, the OP should make sure to purchase an extremely nice bottle of spirits to give to his mechanic for finding this mess. This mechanic could have saved his and other lives. I don't even know the mechanic... but am thankful that he did his job and found this.
  2. Just another random opinion: The owner would likely shoulder any liabilities until another party takes possession of the engine in some form. If a ferry pilot acted as the owner's agent to deliver the plane, then it may still be considered as still being in the owner's possession. This seems like a terrible grey area to be in as an owner. The shop should be required to fully shoulder this liability burden. Whenever someone hands the controls over to another pilot... it's always good practice to say: "Your Airplane" and unmistakably hear back from the other pilot: "My Airplane" so that PIC responsibilities are completely clear. In this case it might be appropriate to say: "Your Engine... in writing please."
  3. I'm sure there are some that have imported avionics from Europe. However, that might be more trouble than the indicator is worth. I do appreciate the offer though.
  4. Does anyone know of an A&P anywhere around Indiana that would be willing to supervise the installation of a KN75 GS receiver? I've spoke with a few AI's and the best I've been able to get was either they don't want to mess with Avionics... or they simply want to slow down so they can retire. The Avionics shops I've spoke with only want to discuss new installations. However, they can't get to any installations now anyway... so there's that as well. Would a new radio be nice... absolutely. Is it necessary... No. AC43.13-2B seems to imply that an installation could be viewed as a minor alteration. A KN-75 shows to be a hefty 1.5lbs. Perhaps there's also the possibility to install an external GS receiver under FAR 43.3 Appendix A(31)? I'm uncertain of this though. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm running out of ideas and the summer is burning away quickly.
  5. Weather activity in the Midwest has also been highly unpredictable lately. It doesn't look as if they've had much luck predicting more than an hour ahead over the last few weeks. The weather forecast was completely missed the for the Indy 500 race last weekend. I'd imagine the forecasters did their very best since so many people were paying attention to that one.
  6. I doesn't like as if he works on KI-214's any longer. The wording from his website is below:
  7. I'm currently in Indiana. It may be a better solution to move on to another radio. Finding a shop to do a radio install will likely be a chore as well. All anyone wants to talk about is a new $15-25K avionics panel upgrade. I'd just like to get an operational GS so I can get through an IFR checkride.
  8. The 30hrs of labor seemed to be part of one of those "we don't really have time to do these kinds of jobs" conversation since there is a glut ADSB work at the moment. The Avionics world seems to be in a unique place at the moment. It's almost like a Payday-Loan type of environment.
  9. No one hears about the low-dollar avionics horror stories because there aren't many to be told lately. Avionics shops don't even want to speak with you unless you're ready to go on (at least) a 6-month waiting list to spend a minimum of $10K.
  10. This is how business is earned. When the time comes to slide a new audio panel in place of the old King unit, I will go out of my way to make it a PS Engineering unit. The aviation industry would be much better off if more avionics companies behaved this way. Sadly, most do not.
  11. 30hrs was solely for the labor time to install the KN-75. It would need to be located in the tail. I'm just trying to get a working GS indicator solution to replace the KN-214 that is in the panel.
  12. I just received a verbal quote of 30hrs for a KN-75 install.
  13. The IPad built-in timer app also includes a stopwatch with a sweep hand. Cycling between the timer app and the EFB is fairly easy with the IPad mounted on the yoke.
  14. Thanks for sharing this. Maintenance induced failure is very real. Could this have been caught during the post maintenance run-up by the shop? Did they do one?
  15. It seems like the easiest course of action would have been to buy the 100pcs from McMaster for $11 + shipping since they are the exact screw. I think the McMaster image posted shows the identical part number as well. A fellow has to ask themselves how much their time is worth.