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  1. While there are nicer ADSB options out there, the GTX 335 is a nice step up when compared to spinning knobs on older transponders. The pre-cut right panel may be the least stressful option if you're planing to keep the Tach and MP in the same position. It might also be useful to plan a clever way to easily delete the TC and intercom holes (without having to cut another right panel) in the case that you later decide to update the audio panel and re-do the left panel.
  2. It doesn't seem likely that hours flown will be very high this year. Is it possible or likely that claims not attributed to natural disasters will also decrease?
  3. This appears to be the beginning of the "we don't really want your business" quotes. Many will simply write the check thinking that their carrier will continue to stick by them since they stayed loyal to the carrier throughout the years. Once the carrier that they've stayed with for many years exits the market they're in or simply declines to write them a policy, then what? Insurance carriers are in the business of assessing risks and projecting margins.
  4. Hopefully people will read this so they can understand that these are only proposed guidelines that are backed by no authority.
  5. This analogy is about as close as anyone could possibly get to describing this whole debacle.
  6. Since I'm flying out of the Midwest, I could reasonably travel to most places within the Eastern half of the US.
  7. If the government shared the actual lock-down plans, most people wouldn't accept them. Two weeks is probably the maximum amount of time that the government believes most of the public will willingly accept without creating a conflict. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Everyone that wants to hunker down due to health concerns should be allowed to do so. Likewise, those that think this is complete display of fascism should be allowed to return to normal life without the added burden of supporting those that want to stay hunkered down. We are talking about the United States. If people like the way China or other countries are dealing with this, then they should move there instead of trying to change the American culture to reflect other parts of the world.
  9. To be fair, I did state the following. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear though. War is such a strong, well-defined, and specific word. There is only one context for it and the results are never favorable for anyone involved. It's a very rigid word that has taken many lives in the past and I personally have a great deal of respect for the implications that the word war brings. It's my opinion that some words cannot be bent or modified to put a narrative into context. However, this is just one persons view. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  10. What does "like a war" mean? You may choose not to answer and that's fine. However, this is an honest question.
  11. I had to take a few moments to think about this one. Thanks for the conversation and giving me an opportunity to let the topic marinate. You raised some valid points. Let's say this should be viewed as a war as you propose. By definition, war requires a conflict between two or more entities (states, nations, opposing factions, etc...). That raises the question, who (or what) is the enemy or opposing faction? Perhaps more important, what would constitute victory? A conflict without a defined objective doesn't seem as if it can be considered war. There is a hierarchy to all matters. C
  12. It's not really apparent as to the reason why Ford needs an audience to judge every mistake he makes as a pilot. Tower gave him a number to call and competent professionals will likely follow up with him to make a determination on the proper actions to take. It must be very tiring being under a microscope while in the plane.
  13. The answer to this question would put most other questions on this issue to rest. This question has been asked over and over... in many different ways. Why is this fundamental question not the focus of conversation?
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