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  1. Actually, the $1040 was the highest I have paid to Global since 2010. My Aztec was usually about $1600.
  2. Age 67. I will try Parker and others. Low hours due to 3 month annual and lock down. Thanks
  3. Just got a quote from AOPA (used them for 12 years). Went from $1040.00 last year to $1581 this year. Same 1966E, hull still at $75,000, same hanger, same paved airport, no accidents or violations, IFR multi PP with 3400 hours, 3016 retract hours and 600 in type, ICC done in November. Only negative is low usage this year of 35 hours. I will be shopping. A 50% increase is outrageous. Is anyone getting these type of increases? Thanks Eddie
  4. Hi During annual found a crack requiring the doubler at the flap attachment and the hole for the flap retract spring on the right side of the flap jack shaft was elongated. We are reinstalling flap jack shaft but the springs seem impossible to stretch for reattachment. Has anyone reinstalled these springs and how did you do it if you are not Superman. thanks for any help as my AI has the goal of flying the plane today, Eddie
  5. Hi My inspector requested me to find him a contact for information on doing an access panel to install the sb20-217 kit. I see that Dave has done this. How can I contact Dave by phone or email? I can be contacted by 919.819.3451 or edwin.l.todd@gmail.com. Don Maxwell suggested taking rivets out off a belly panel to access. Has anyone done this? thanks for any help Eddie
  6. Hi Alan, Do you have a good hub cap that fits a 1966E. Part number is 158-01000. It has 3 screws that attach to the hub and a screw for attaching the round dust cover. Let me know and price Thanks Eddie
  7. The minimum safe maneuvering speed for a 1966 E is given in round about way in the owner's manual. The best rate of climb and best glide speeds are the same at 105 mph at gross weight. I find that 100 mph is a good target as this is also max flap speed. Hold 100 mph till until you need to slow for final approach speed. 100 mph handles well, has best rate if needed. best glide and max flap speed.
  8. Problem could be sticking starter solenoid. Hitting the solenoid with mallet can unstick it or heat causes it stick. Usually if a starter dies it stays dead. Could also be push to start contacts in ignition switch. I have had both fail at different times on my E. Good luck Eddie
  9. Hi, Similar happened to me. I have a 1966 E with a push pull mixture. The problem was NOT the cable or injector body. It was a swivel connection attached to the end of the cable. The socket that the swivel ball seats in was worn. Tried to lubricate and it worked sometimes. I would not fly it. Also I happened to have the replacement swivel in my trove of spare parts. Most shops will stock the part or can get tomorrow. Check this it is easy to do. Good Luck Eddie
  10. Hi All, I would like hear the inventive ideas that owners use to make best use of space in our fitted airplanes. The collective genius of this forum must have solved some the space issues better than I have. Examples of space issues: How do you store your seat belts and harnesses so they are not tangled ? How do you store headsets and their cords? Fire extinguishers have been covered well in other forums. How do you store your TSO pvc fuel selector tool ? What do you use for a tool box? Do you have better ways to secure iPads and iPhones? Any ideas and pictures will be greatly ap
  11. I win 45 years next November. March 2021 will be 100 years combined pilot time.
  12. My dad owned a 180 which I learned to fly in. Buy the Mooney. A 250 Comanche is a good airplane. 250 is the same speed as a E Mooney, same rate of climb and much more room and fuel consumption. The 180 is under powered and should be respected as so.
  13. Hi I would like a copy of your guide . Eddie Todd, edwin.l.todd@gmail.com, 919.819.3451, M20E, N3369X. Thanks Eddie
  14. Thanks for the information. Cams are probably the problem. I will check on them them this weekend. The interior work will be done during my November 2019 annual. So I have some time to repair my cams or have new cams made. November 2019 annual will hopefully be a biggie with the install of a TT autopilot. Thanks, Eddie
  15. Hi All, I am planning recovering the seats in 1966 E. The incline of the seats even after adjusting the knob on the cam is too much. I find leaning back to be uncomfortable after several hours. The use of foam and additional padding might correct the problem but I think a seat frame that is less inclined would be a better starting place. I currently wedge plastic on top of the cam but it slips sometimes. Has anyone had the problem of too much incline and devised a good work around? Thanks for any good suggestions. Eddie
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