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  1. Problem could be sticking starter solenoid. Hitting the solenoid with mallet can unstick it or heat causes it stick. Usually if a starter dies it stays dead. Could also be push to start contacts in ignition switch. I have had both fail at different times on my E. Good luck Eddie
  2. Hi, Similar happened to me. I have a 1966 E with a push pull mixture. The problem was NOT the cable or injector body. It was a swivel connection attached to the end of the cable. The socket that the swivel ball seats in was worn. Tried to lubricate and it worked sometimes. I would not fly it. Also I happened to have the replacement swivel in my trove of spare parts. Most shops will stock the part or can get tomorrow. Check this it is easy to do. Good Luck Eddie
  3. Hi All, I would like hear the inventive ideas that owners use to make best use of space in our fitted airplanes. The collective genius of this forum must have solved some the space issues better than I have. Examples of space issues: How do you store your seat belts and harnesses so they are not tangled ? How do you store headsets and their cords? Fire extinguishers have been covered well in other forums. How do you store your TSO pvc fuel selector tool ? What do you use for a tool box? Do you have better ways to secure iPads and iPhones? Any ideas and pictures will be greatly appreciated. I secure my seat belts and harnesses with a clip on the upper window plastic but this will eventually crack the plastic. The control box, excess cable for my Zulu 3 and back up iPone power bank are in a pouch attached to the pilot side panel. My pvc fuel selector tool is attached below the pouch. My wife's in-ear headset dangles from the sun visor. I found at Lidl a zippered cloth fishing box that holds tools, first aid kit,spare fuel cap, spark plugs, spare batteries, chargers, fuel tester, operator manuals, led light, tie down and flight control securing devices, power bank for back up power and emergency starts, hatchet and iPad #2. This about 1 cubic foot cloth box sits on the back seat. I mounted an iPad on the copilot side and an iPhone 8 above the old DG and below the glare shield on the pilot side. I feed FF and WAAS to the iPad and iPhone from a Stratus which is wired to ship power eliminating cables. I will post pictures later. My airplane is 66 E with original panel lay out. I rather like the old panel lay out for it is simple like me. Thanks for any brilliant ideas. Eddie
  4. I win 45 years next November. March 2021 will be 100 years combined pilot time.
  5. My dad owned a 180 which I learned to fly in. Buy the Mooney. A 250 Comanche is a good airplane. 250 is the same speed as a E Mooney, same rate of climb and much more room and fuel consumption. The 180 is under powered and should be respected as so.
  6. Hi I would like a copy of your guide . Eddie Todd, edwin.l.todd@gmail.com, 919.819.3451, M20E, N3369X. Thanks Eddie
  7. Thanks for the information. Cams are probably the problem. I will check on them them this weekend. The interior work will be done during my November 2019 annual. So I have some time to repair my cams or have new cams made. November 2019 annual will hopefully be a biggie with the install of a TT autopilot. Thanks, Eddie
  8. Hi All, I am planning recovering the seats in 1966 E. The incline of the seats even after adjusting the knob on the cam is too much. I find leaning back to be uncomfortable after several hours. The use of foam and additional padding might correct the problem but I think a seat frame that is less inclined would be a better starting place. I currently wedge plastic on top of the cam but it slips sometimes. Has anyone had the problem of too much incline and devised a good work around? Thanks for any good suggestions. Eddie
  9. NO I had an engine failure which resulted in an off airport landing. No structural damage but the company hired to retrieve the airplane by the insurance company finished it off. I was with Avemco then and ask the effects on my insurance due to the total loss. Avemco told me that I would only lose my no claims discount of 5% for 1 year. That was all. Except for collecting for my loss. Collecting was a pain, insurance investigation, faa investigation and 4 months to collect. My only experience with any insurance claim except medical. Eddie
  10. Interesting topic! I just did an owner assisted annual with our new very very thorough inspector. He not only checked ADs but also SBs. His suggestion was to get the SB kit#20-217 and do a preemptive. The kit apparently had a 16 week wait from Mooney, so I dropped that plan this year. Question: Is doing this SB preemptively a good idea? Next November at annual I plan to do interior and hopefully Trutrack install. The airplane will be apart and down for easily a month. Also, I must admit that the 100 mph flap speed can get exceeded in my modified E easily. The kit was about $400 but is now up to $800. We have very good sheet metal people at MCAS Cherry Point. If anyone has an old kit in stock at the non-inflated price contact me Thanks for your input and suggestions. Eddie
  11. Tailwind avionics did did my ESG install in November 2017. ESI kit with stratus ADSB in $2,695.31 Labor 18 hours $1530.00 to remove Narco AT150, Install Transponder and Stratus receiver, Waas from my 430W. Hardware $12.13 Shipping $20.00 North Carolina rip off tax on labor and parts $182.75 $4,440.19
  12. Hi, I had the #2 cylinder on the right engine depart the airplane in flight on an Aztec. 3 bolts sheared and 3 backed off (narrow deck cylinders you have wide deck) The investigation found that the overhaul facility failed to remove the paint on the case where the cylinders mated. The paint cracked and the cylinder started working. 100 hours Something was not done right. Check the engine closely. You were lucky you were not inflight.
  13. Yes, aircraft engines do quit. In 4,000 hours over 47 years (1)I had a fuel selector jam in a M20C resulting in an off airport landing, (2) a jug depart the engine in an Aztec, (3) an oil line failed in an Apache, (4) failure of a duel mag in a Cardinal RG. All 4 could have been prevented. The M20C was not serviced properly. The jug left the Aztec due to the overhauler not cleaning the mating surface properly. The Apache was old and had original oil lines. The RG mag just had problems.
  14. Some confusion exists about the Stratus transponder models for certificated aircraft. There are 2 models. (1)The ESi model which uses the position input from a certified waas navigator thus needs no other gps antenna. (2)The ESGi model has a built in gps and comes with an antenna for external mounting. All must use an antenna mounted externally for gps.
  15. I have the same setup as Mike. Round plate, 1 inch Ram arm and Ram ball on iPad placed on right panel. I can see it Ok in most cases. I also use an aluminum bicycle mount to hold iPhone 6 plus on pilot yoke. I can see the iPhone better but it lack the functionality of the iPad. My mostly original panel and j bar limit placement of screens. IPad mini on pilot yoke covers instruments.