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  1. Some confusion exists about the Stratus transponder models for certificated aircraft. There are 2 models. (1)The ESi model which uses the position input from a certified waas navigator thus needs no other gps antenna. (2)The ESGi model has a built in gps and comes with an antenna for external mounting. All must use an antenna mounted externally for gps.
  2. Ipad holder

    I have the same setup as Mike. Round plate, 1 inch Ram arm and Ram ball on iPad placed on right panel. I can see it Ok in most cases. I also use an aluminum bicycle mount to hold iPhone 6 plus on pilot yoke. I can see the iPhone better but it lack the functionality of the iPad. My mostly original panel and j bar limit placement of screens. IPad mini on pilot yoke covers instruments.
  3. Prop Strike

    hi rpcc, Aviation insurance will pay the insured value not purchase price or valuation. As pointed out over insuring can get you an aircraft with long repair time and under insuring can get the airplane totaled. If you request an extremely high insured value the insurance company may not accept it.
  4. Off field landing at KSGH

    I have read most of this post and have not commented till now. I too had an off airport landing in a Mooney due to fuel selector failure (jammed in the off position). No structural damage in the landing. However, the person hired by my insurance company to retrieve the airplane opted to increase his profit by lifting a wing over the airport fence. That did not work well. It would amaze you what dropping a Mooney wing on fence posts will do to the wing. Totaled the airplane. Your planning is a great deal better but be careful. Don't cheap out. Take down the fence unless you are absolutely sure you can get it over.
  5. I installed a Stratus ES transponder for compliance with the Mandate. I added the hard wired Stratus 2 for weather and traffic in. All well under 4K installed. The in"" added about 1K. The ES transponder used the WAAS signal from my G430W. No external antennae to install.
  6. From retro to basic

    He is installing a Stratus ES not ESG (no internal gps,). I just got an ESI ( ES transponder and a wired Stratus 2i receiver). Easier install than the ESG . Labor ran about $1700 with other work done. After rebate under 4amu for out and in.
  7. Update: Discovered the software version in my 430W (430W was 2012 manufacture) needed an update. Install was delayed 1 week, then we left or 2 weeks of scheduled vacation at National Parks in Utah. Just returned and hope to do validation flight tomorrow. Costs: ESi Kit $2695.31, 18 hours labor= $1,530, NC sales tax on parts and labor $182.75, BNC 12.13, shipping $20.00. Total $4,440.19 Problems: 430W needed update. Labor seemed a little high but Install instructions were incorrect about the 430 software version Comments: Stratus receiver is mounted on pilot side of nose wheel cover where indicator lights are visible. Stratus TXP was mounted at bottom of radio stack in same location as the AT150 it replaced. Ground check good. Eddie
  8. My Stratus ESI (out and in to the iPad) should be finished this afternoon. The work is being done by Tailwind Avionics here in Beaufort. I will post details after validation flight and getting the bill. Hardware was under $3K. Labor should be a normal install. They used the existing antenna, cable and encoder, mounted the transponder and Stratus and ran a cable for WAAS to the G430. Eddie
  9. Am I Crazy

    Clipperpro, What nav indicator is your GPS driving? Can the G5 HSI be used as glide slope for the Garmin GPS? Thanks for the information Eddie
  10. Avionics shop South Carolina

    Tail Wind Avionics part of Tail Wind Aviation is a new shop in Beaufort. Stephen has experience in a major shop before opening Tail Wind. I have used them for ifr recerts and other work. They have done major upgrades on other's airplane and they seem happy. I used Spark Chasers for years and like Mark and Billy but I try to support local. Give Kevin a call at 252.515.4081. Stephen is off this week. Eddie
  11. Parts someone may need.

    Hi Peter, If Mccdeuce does not need let me know how much for the cable door assembly. I will probably see my mechanic this weekend and he might know if the E and J cables are the same. My ram air door regularly needs adjusting or it is not tightly closed. Thanks, Eddie
  12. Parts someone may need.

    We should let MCCDEUCE have it as my parts manual only covers the short bodies. I do not know if it will work on the short body but it will work on his J. Thanks, Eddie
  13. Parts someone may need.

    If the cable for a J will fit an E I would be interested. How much? Thanks, Eddie
  14. Shell Aviation Fuel

    Complain at FBOs as I do. Next time I see the Shell Man, I will ask him (Buddy S.) why the change. To get the local $0.50 discount I have to write a check as I will today or give the FBO a sum of money to hold. No credit cards accepted for discounts.
  15. Overhaul shop favorite?

    Aero Engines of Winchester did my OH when we found a case crack. They were fast (2 weeks), drove to Beaufort to pick up and deliver the engine, gave a much more reasonable price than an NC shop used by my mechanic, helped and advised my mechanic on fine tuning the engine and 5 years later no leaks and runs great.