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  1. Ah ok, that is quite a trek! Feel free to send me a private message and I can let you know what kind of deals I'd be offering, might just be worth the flight!
  2. How close are you to Reno? Im doing a start of year bulk order with Dynon certified so Im doing a one-off special savings deal for orders/deposits paid at the beginning of the year
  3. What model is it you have? I don't think there's too much to worry about. It just depends how many models they're able to piggy-back on the initial approval
  4. Incase anyone is interested, We've had a cancellation for February! So if anyone needs a slot for avionics upgrades just let me know
  5. At the moment I think the only thing the NGT9000 would be able to send the HDX is WAAS GPS position... The HDX doesn't have the same data format for traffic and weather that that transponder, or the GTX345 etc speak, so at the moment Dynons ADSB IN device is the only one capable of displaying traffic and weather on the HDX. I would need to check on if the HDX can remote operate that transponder but I doubt it
  6. The 10" HDX screen with AHRS, magnetometer, all the mounting trays and most of the harnesses, ADSB IN module plus backup batteries plus D10 backup with backup battery is just over $10k (+$499 for the A429 adaptor to connect an IFR navigator) +a new panel if required. Some can get away with keeping their current panel and just cutting the access into it but most of the time we just recommend having a new panel cut. Plus STC cost of $2000 The Autopilot cost is just a guess ballpark atm as the prices haven't been released as its not certified yet. Comparing it to the C172 which is a 2 axis (It's not fair to compare it to the bonanza kit as thats a 3 axis autopilot) The C172 autopilot package is $2910 Plus Installation So if you were perfectly happy with your current engine monitoring system (The JPI is a nice package in itself) and if you've already got a transponder sorted in your panel and you kept your radios etc etc. It would still be a good system as you could just dedicate all of the HDX screen area to PFD and mapping- plus with the autopilot and coupled with a Nav/Com/GPS navigator you'd still get full IFR approach capability with both ILS and LPV approaches. So for all described above its around $15,500 plus installation
  7. As an add on yes, but of course you still need the HDX efis system installed to control the autopilot. The Trutrak works independently. so you’d save money if you were already intending to modernize your instrument panel anyway
  8. Well their engine monitoring system is pretty awesome, highly configurable and you can track trends etc. I would personally install their autopilot rather than a Trutrak not just due to saving money but the Dynon autopilot FD panel is a must have- so nice and quick to choose your AP modes, engage VNav etc- connect the Dynon to a certified GPS navigator and it’ll do full LNAV approaches on the autopilot and from what I’ve seen so far it does it very well! I personally would do Trig audio panels and radio (or Trig Nav/com) Rather than using the Dynon radio and intercom system, plus add an Avidyne IFD and it’ll be a beast of a system
  9. The 2650 is just a guess for the Mooney right now as it hasn’t finished certification yet and their prices haven’t been released, that is the cost of the install kit for the 172. Install for the autopilot would be around 25 hours inc removal of old autopilot ($2750 labour)
  10. I do agree, it is a lot smarter to just go for the full system straight out the gate- it is what I advise people to do. There are some though that prefer to do it gradually- add to it when they can afford it etc
  11. I reckon it’ll be around the same as the 172 at $2650. It’ll go in quicker than the trutrak so figure 25 hours inc removal of old autopilot . oh plus I forgot the $2000 STC cost (non discountable) but that covers everything, if you got the screen now but waited on the engine monitoring and autopilot you wouldn’t have to pay the STC cost again
  12. List prices You’d probably be looking at $8400 for the screen and install accessories, $475 for the IFR connectivity, $1860 if you wanted to add the engine monitoring, $150 ish, maybe less in network cables. Their ADSB in box is $795 and is the only way you can get traffic and weather on the displays I believe- it doesn’t take traffic and weather via a transponder or gps navigator. I’ve got a couple installs booked for the beginning of the year so I’ll know a more accurate estimate of hours but dynon estimate minimum 50 hours and I presume that’s for a basic 1 screen setup (so $5500) without engine monitoring. But if you had a new instrument panel cut out and wiring done on the bench it could probably be done quicker. The system goes in pretty easily- it depends how much of a PITA it is to weed out all the connecting wiring and how good the existing pitot static system is- also depends if you need wires run for a remote magnetometer- you won’t always need one if the built in one in the AHRS works well. and yes we would be able to beat list prices
  13. It’s a bit further off than I’d thought- end of Q2 next year- if you don’t wanna wait that long the dynon HDX will interface nicely with the trutrak but it’d be quite a bit more expensive than waiting until the dynon one is certified
  14. Yes the impression I got from our Dynon guy was that their timetable was very similar. They’re getting a bunch of additional models added to the approval by piggybacking. I’ll be chatting to them again next week so I’ll try and get more specifics as to what stage they’re at and their timetable
  15. Yes we've done quite a lot of E5's this year, mostly as an Aspen/Avidyne/Trutrak bundle. They're great for people wanting just a little bit of glass and to remove their vacuum system. Pain in the ass to connect up to the likes of old century autopilots tho...