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  1. If anyone is considering the cowl upgrade, I just posted a polished 201 style spinner for sale on eBay for a 2 blade Hartzell. Thanks, Brent
  2. 63-C-

    Mooney M20F Spinner

    I just listed a 201 style spinner on ebay. I also am going to list the original polished spinner from my C model with Hartzell prop. Just got the new top prop with spinner so I have two good condition polished spinners for sale with yellow tags. Let me know if you still need one before I list it tonight. Thanks, Brent
  3. 63-C-

    glare shield lighting

    It is located behind the circuit breakers, halfway to the firewall, and buried in the wiring. It is bolted down and soldered in. Requires the whole circuit breaker panel assembly removed...
  4. 63-C-

    Autopilot porpoising-KFC225

    The King KFC225 is an attitude based autopilot. I would recommend taking another look at the attitude indicator as this is the main signal the autopilot computer is looking at during pitch mode operation. The computer and adi in that system does require a setup / calibration and also requires a special jig from King. Sending them for repair together is usually needed unless you have the 225 test set.
  5. I heard that he passed out shortly after take off and the autopilot took over, the plane ran out of fuel and landed itself. Thats what I heard on the local news at 5:00 today. I am thinking it is PC equipped and the system worked....
  6. http://www.kaaltv.com/news/ellendale-plane-crash-investigation/4390785/
  7. 63-C-

    Radio noise

    Hey Tom, I have seen the factory CD player make noise and if I can remember correctly... you have that in your panel. Try turning that on and off also to see if it makes any difference. The music inputs are also one of the main pickups for static noise, especially with PS brand of IC the barrel of the music jack must be isolated from ground.
  8. All of the Mooneys I see have been converted to -3 size
  9. Spruce sells Aeroquip 303 Hose that is Mil Spec & Fittings, or Sky-geek has Stratoflex 111-3 Hose...
  10. Been there done that Thanks anyway
  11. Yes, 24 amu is the number from straight from Steve at Mooney... We cannot change over to a manual gear as there are things called parts manuals and you cannot install parts that are not listed in the manuals...They stopped using J-bars in 69' & Mooney does offer the retro-kit so you cannot start making parts in your garage because you do not like the price. I wish that was the case but I still would not manufacture my own gear actuator due to that liability thing. I own a J-bar C model and you couldn't give me electric gear for free!!! J-bar for life (: Thanks, Brent
  12. I have sent emails to all of the Mooney parts suppliers with no luck so far. I was hoping someone had one with bad gears. Mooney makes a retro-fit kit to install a new style Eaton gear actuator for the low price of $23995 with a 10 week lead time. The customer will not spend the money on the retro-kit, the plane geared up and the cost of repairing will exceed the value if we cannot find another option. The ball bearings in the block are no longer round and were falling out literally. Anyone need parts for a M20F Mooney?
  13. Anyone else??? Please...
  14. Hello everyone, I am working on a 75 M20F with the ITT Gear Actuator LA11C2114. The bearings on the actuator failed and damaged the jack screw. Please tell me someone has an actuator with a good jack screw, I can reuse the gears from this one. Please help get this bird flying again instead of sending her for scrap. Thank you, Brent 63-C- Lapeer Aviation Inc. 810-664-6966