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  1. It seems like a ton of the early Mooney (and Piper for that matter) tail numbers follow the format N####U. Why is that? Is there any rhyme or reason to early tail numbers? Or am I just seeing trends that aren't there
  2. Do you have a link? Mechanic said it would also be a 7hr job to flush the whole system.
  3. Thanks all! I went ahead and had my A&P do the honors on it. He said it was a very simple task. The benefits of having her stuck at the mechanic for a few weeks
  4. Hi Mooneyspace, My M20E's flaps are taking about 8 pumps to get down instead of 4. My mechanic said fixing it would probably require replacing a seal on the flap actuator which would necessitate a full flush of the hydraulic system. I called a MSC and they said "I should just leave it because it's an expensive fix and more prone to breaking something else if I mess with it", but suggested that topping it off with hydraulic fluid might fix the issue Is it simple to just put fluid in the hydraulic fluid reservoir in front of the pilot side firewall, or is there a highly nuanced procedure needed to flush the system and ensure no air bubbles get in? Thanks!!
  5. Hi all! You have all been an amazing source of insight these past few weeks. Several knobs in my ‘64 M20E are sticky: + Ram air flap + Standby vacuum + Altimeter setting knob is it acceptable to spray WD40 on their shafts? Any other lubrication suggestions?
  6. Stratux was ordered yesterday! Good callout. Adding backup AI/HSI, weather, and traffic for just $300. Amazing The JPI900 is actually getting put in right now, so that's a check off the list!
  7. Wow-I realized I don’t have them… any recommendations on ones that install easily in an E model?
  8. Amazing insights! On the grips - I just love the feel of leather. I may do a bison leather one though so it's a bit thinner - and do a cork backing behind it Love the pen holder idea - ordered! Cup holder - where do you put it? LED lights -- ooh good point. Although the overhead lights are already really nice red LEDs so clearly they must work
  9. Having just bought a 'new' 1964 M20E, I'm looking for the little hacks I can invest in to upgrade the plane without having to shell out for massive expenses -- things I can do myself or with very light supervision to upgrade the look, feel, and flying experience. What are all of your favorite hacks / minor upgrades? I'll start with a list I'm considering: 1) Leather yoke upgrade with bike handlebar wraps ($150 per yoke - real leather, non-adhesive) 2) Airtex carpets (~$400 for new carpets) 3) Simple plug-and-play LED lighting ($120 per bulb) What else?
  10. Well.... I bit the bullet! The seller & I landed on a fair price given the discrepancies, and now I have a bit extra funding to put into the plane and fix things like leaky fuel tanks & "dated" interior. Excited to bring her to her new home! (after 4 weeks of maintenance installing new equipment...) huge thanks to all on this board who helped with the inspection from behind the computer! I’ll be swinging back in more often! Now for 2 more flattering pictures than the others I've put on this thread
  11. Yetti-thanks for the thorough review! why would the exhaust be too close yo the firewall? Is it because the exhaust was installed correctly, because the engine is pushed back too much, the exhaust is warped, or impossible to know?
  12. Thanks! What is the “scat” you’re referring to on 1, 2, and 3
  13. When you say "the good thing is it's below the floor and accessible by removing the exhaust faring" does that imply it should be removed? Or just that it needs to be monitored and if anything happens the firewall can be replaced? Good catch on the tailpipe support clamp / strap!!!
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