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  1. Jpflysdfw

    Moving to Fort Worth area - Fall 2018

    Welcome. I lived in Colleyville for several years (west of Keller a few miles)and hangered out of Grand Prarie (it was about a 25 min drive). Towered and seldom so busy that you’re more than 1 deep waiting for takeoff. Only down side is really close to DFW so about a mile north is a 2000 MSL Bravo shelf TPA 800AGL. Price wise, you’d be hard pressed to find cheaper hanger costs. (Full enclosed T @$215 gated access). About 18 months ago, moved between Roanoke and Denton. (52F and KDTO). Both locations you’re gonna pay around $350/mo for a single T. enclosed. Denton is towered and has a nice long/wide runway. There are a mix of city owned and privately owned hangers and all are controlled gated access. There is a lot of training out of Denton as it is home to US Aviation. I hear folks complain that it’s a zoo but personally have not experienced any real issue. Denton also has a good FBO (recently taken over by US Aviation) as well as a nice public facility for wi-fi, rest rooms, place sit/rest and watch TV etc. Both FBO and public are adjacent to the tower and have a common parking lot. Roanoke, 52F is non-towered, much shorter and narrower than KDTO but plenty big enough for GA aircraft. They have self serve gas and they’ve recently completed a runway refurb project which significantly improved the surface. Lots of open t-hangers and a considerable number of enclosed hangers (all privately owned). Also they are a number of large community hangers ( hold 3 or 4 airplanes) I have no idea on the cost of the open T’s, but several of them are empty. All hangers are public access, meaning anyone can drive right up to them. Truthfully, finding an available hanger will likely be your biggest challenge. It took me a few months to find one. I was searching Hicks, 52F and Denton and finally got a call back from a man that owns about 20 enclosed T hangers at Denton. My advice would be to start your search as soon as you can. A friend of mine owns hangers at 52F. I don’t think he has anything open but he likely knows others there and I can get you my guys name at Denton. Again, I’m not aware that he has anything open but that’s I finally found one. At Denton, you can also rent through the city of Denton( on site at the airport building mentioned above) or Nebrig and Assoc and US Aviation. Again, welcome to DFW and I hope this is somewhat helpful. Jeff
  2. As usual, you guys are a wealth of information. (Wiki-Mooniac’s) Seeing these all in one place is hugely helpful for comparing so, thanks to all for contributing pic’s and facts. I have to admit, given the pics above, I do like the looks of the Sabre. @Bob_Belville that cowl with dual lights and that paint scheme just look awesome!
  3. Alright, I’m going to play my Mooney newbie card again.... As I’m trying to learn “all things Mooney” the cowl mod options have me a bit perplexed or maybe just overwhelmed. I see references to Laser 201 cowl, Laser cowl enclosures, LoPresti Super, ARI, and Sabre Cowl. I am assuming the Laser 201 is essentially a replica of the J cowl (based off Roy LoPresti aero improvements) and am somewhat familiar with LoPresti Super as they also make cowls for Tigers. LoPresti, from memory, were quite expensive though touted extremely high performance improvement numbers. From Laser pics, I get the general idea of what the “enclosure” but don’t have a sense of how or if it’s effective and if so whether it’s worth the upgrade and.... I have limited knowledge on the others. With so many different options, I’m curious if there is an technical based “best answer” or if this is one of those personal preference topics. I would be curious if real data/info exists on benefits of one Vs the other in terms of: cost, speed and cooling performance, improved cowl removal time (for maintenance) and if not what experiences any of you have had on whatever cowl upgrade choice you made.
  4. Jpflysdfw

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    @Bob_Belville Bob, thanks. I had seen that video on YouTube sometime back and even rewatching it where she called out xponder off and gear down, the gear lowering was imperceptible (at least to me). Years of practice, I’m sure, but still very reassuring. @gsxrpilot Thanks Paul, ideally Im with you in option 1. While with a run out, I could ensure it got it rebuilt and broke in the way I wanted, it also means down time. Everything is a trade off. I went to see an E here locally a couple of weeks, with only a couple hundred hours SMOH. The problem was between the 2006 annual and June 2018, it had 78hrs on the engine and some years with no hours. While it’s always hangered, I wasn’t willing to roll the dice on something with that little use. To your point, higher hours, consistent use and purposeful maintenance offer a much lower risk profile.
  5. Jpflysdfw

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Bob, thanks for the testimony, comforting to know. @chrixxer, two fingers.... wow, much less force than I would have ever imagined!! It’s not intuitive that it would swing that easy. Yours and Bob’s input allay some unfounded concerns. Jeff
  6. Jpflysdfw

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    @McMooney Interesting. Per FF, yours is few miles longer than my direct route KDTO KMQJ. That is notwithstanding whatever ATC might or might not do routing wise on an IFR flight. Was yours on VFR flights(IE GPS direct) or IFR with reserves?
  7. Jpflysdfw

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    @kellym Thanks and I know your logic is absolutely sound. For most of what I’ll do, 52gal would be perfectly fine. One of my “missions” is a North Dallas (Denton) to North side of Indianapolis (about 700nm). In a perfect world, I’d like the option to go straight through (presuming my bladder cooperates). While it’s not a deal breaker, it is an objective, though one I may have to yield on. Curious, I’ve heard pros/cons on manual Vs electric gear. You seem to be decidedly manual, can you share your thoughts? Jeff
  8. Jpflysdfw

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Thanks to all for the feedback. In general, all inputs appear highly consistent. Overall, I’d say I’m still slightly biased towards the F, if nothing else for the fuel margin. However, not biased so much that if a really nice E came along I’d pass on it. In the end, the sound advice from several was that both are great airplanes and if I can find one that’s been well maintained and with modern avionics, I likely can’t go wrong. Now, if I can just find one that fits that will be good!! Jeff
  9. @chrixxer Thanks for the clarification. I recently posted a question asking about the differences, pros/cons etc between an E and an F. I received some fantastic feedback from several knowledgeable folks willing to share heir thoughts. Given that you have owned and flown both, I’m curious about your perspective. Other than 12 gals and 10”, in your mind is there any significant benefits from one over the other? (Flying/handling characteristics, in flight stability, etc) Of the two, which is your favorite and why? Jeff
  10. Ahh, did not know that, makes sense and helpful to know. Thanks Don.
  11. @chrixxer Thanks. I’m confused about the shoulder width reference. Are you saying that the E was/is wider than an F? If so, how does Spatual Interiors help with that? (Sorry for a newbie question)
  12. I can’t tell from the pooch it removed or just folded down? I’m in the Mooney search and want to be able to do the same, so looking for similar. Also, is they standard or an option? I will potentially Need to be able to transport a crate. Curious how much of a pita it is??
  13. Jpflysdfw

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Some of us refer to that as vertical challenged! The E is sounding better and better....
  14. Jpflysdfw

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Thanks @Stephen. Very generous offer, not sure at this point. I was about to go fly earlier this AM and during preflight found the image attached. Air induction into filter. So much for ram air! Not sure how long I flew that way yesterday. Flying with that way unknowingly Vs knowingly are two different things. Not a huge deal, but... Intended to replace it at annual in May and couldn’t source a replacement. Time search harder. That is one of the great things about this plane...takes 5 secs to open her up and preflight the engine compartment. Repair will be complicated by me getting ready to go out of town for several days starting tomorrow.