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  1. Please, I would love having a blueprint and summary details/facts.
  2. @Stephen Likewise! Enjoyed meeting and the opportunity to talk to another Mooney fanatic. I only wish the Dallas weather would have been better this weekend. Unfortunately, Mother Nature often has a mind of her own. I look forward to a trip up to your neck of the woods.....hopefully sometime later this Fall. Safe travels back home Monday!! Jeff
  3. @M20Doc Thank you. I had no idea it was related to repairing fatigue cracking, Great info, thanks again for sharing.
  4. I have searched for the referenced SB without success. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Jeff
  5. Interested in buying. How old is the unit? Any damage and everything works fine?
  6. @Bob R Yes, that would be fantastic if you would share that information. Thanks for reaching out and for offering!! Jeff
  7. @MyNameIsNobody which year 201 shafts do you have and did you change the bellcranks?
  8. Having the previous owner do it is absolutely the way to go, they do look good!
  9. Thanks @carusoam , I think the “more than it should...” goes with just about every upgrade/mod that I’ll consider! Thanks also to @Marauder for info and pic and @Andy95W regarding the dye-pen note, was not aware of that added benefit.
  10. I like the looks of the more moderns yokes and am curious about the logistics of a retrofit. Does anyone know whether the control wheel shafts on stock M20C, M20E and M20F will accept accept the more more yokes of the 201, Ovaitions, Acclaim’s (without changing out the shafts)?
  11. Excellent, thanks for the quick response. Ive been looking for some like this and had no idea it existed. I just scanned their site and it looks like a relatively small investment for some valuable “informed buyer” information!! Btw, I love this forum...I learn something new everyday.
  12. @LANCECASPER I’m not familiar with this price history resource. What product/service is it and is it subscription based?
  13. John, congratulations! I’ve seen the pictures of the before and after. The rebirth of your airplane from the ‘09 re-first flight is absolutely phenomenal and you clearly have a head turner. The transformation was no doubt a labor of love. Very well deserved!!
  14. Thanks for the inputs. @carusoam Fair point, at nearly 50yrs old, there are probably more important things to worry about. I appreciate the input and will search for the timeline. I had to to chuckle at the dishrag comment!! @bluehighwayflyer thanks, I didn’t think about comparison to the J’s so that’s a great point of reference. @takair I had a similar thought in that flight in actual IFR/IMC may actual benefit from heavier controls. @jetdriven thanks for the context. My Tiger is nearly not even finger tip pressure to move the ailerons, so that may take some getting use to.
  15. Several weeks ago, I was Googling M20 reports/evaluation etc and found a series of reviews ( C, E and F) and associated performance comparisons. Linked is the E model evaluation. Towards the end of the report, I noted the excerpt below: “Another negative to mention on the E model we flew for this report are the poor handling qualities in roll, but this complaint is for airplanes built prior to 1965 only. Specifically, pre'65 Mooneys all had ailerons that were "curved" on the bottom surface. These curved ailerons resulted in very high roll forces. The test pilot term for this is "high breakout forces". Roll rates with these curved ailerons are good---once the ailerons are displaced, the airplane rolls crisply and quickly. However, the forces required on the control wheel to get these roll rates are extremely high.” There’s a lot of really good info in this series of evaluations, for some one like me researching their buying options, but I keep reminding myself of this noted issue. I’m curious from those of you that have significant time in and/or owned both pre and post 1965 M20’s how significant the “poor handling qualities” referenced above really are. Jeff