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  1. BrianNC

    GoPro Mounting

    I assume it's plastic. It's a Warrior. If it's something else I guess I'll just mount it upright on the glare shield. And I'll take some floss with me just in case.
  2. BrianNC

    GoPro Mounting

    I was actually wondering about this. I'm getting my GoPro this week and doing a thorough IPC next weekend and I wanted to record it, but it's in somebody else's plane. I wanted to mount it upside down from the ceiling from behind to get the panel and out the front view, but was wondering how difficult it is to get off. I can't mount it with screws. Maybe just not press it on too hard?
  3. BrianNC

    GoPro Mounting

    Ah...ok. So that was really camera positioning as opposed to the view chosen. Good to know then. I may still try the linear view then with the less wide angle.
  4. BrianNC

    GoPro Mounting

    @Marauder Did you see my post above yours? We posted at the same time just now.
  5. BrianNC

    GoPro Mounting

    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of using the linear setting which doesn't have as much wide angle. But I see with your wide angle there is more straight ahead view out the window than your top video with a medium setting. So it's looking like I should use it on the widest angle. The 7 has 3 views, linear, wide, and superview. So I assume superview is going to give me the more straight ahead view out the window.
  6. BrianNC

    GoPro Mounting

    I just ordered a 7 black. Does the 'sticky' mount that comes with it work good enough to mount on the overhead panel? Also, does that mounting show the panel and a good outside shot without outside being washed out because of too much light?
  7. Which do you find you use the most? I can buy an 8, 16, or 32 individually for about $27. The one you use in the video looks pretty good. Really smooths it out.
  8. @Rmag I noticed when taking the pics with your iPhone you held up a filter in front of the lens that looks like it's made for the GoPro to 'hide' the propellor blade. What filter is that, i'e., model or name and where do you get it? Thanks!
  9. I was about to make this same post. Dad died a couple of years ago at 94 and I really regret never having him fly with me. As a matter of fact I just wish I had done more with him period now that he's gone.
  10. Speaking of N1173G, here is the video of him picking up the plane with Josh Flowers (Aviation101) to get it back home.
  11. So you have these people close by in Dalton:
  12. Hey, Jesse, just saw this thread. I actually follow you already on Instagram even though I just saw this. The thread is a little long and I don't want to read the whole thing. lol. So a question that might be answered in the thread: How do you monetize the website or the business? Are you charging for listings? Through advertising on your site? Just curious.
  13. 6 Hours? Dang. Mine was an hour and a half in a 182RG. lol.
  14. Sorry if this has already been posted but I didn't see it. Anyone know the details of this? Should two of these be selling that low everything else being equal?