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  1. Mooney M20C Ranger 68’ POH

    Got it. Thanks!
  2. Mooney M20C Ranger 68’ POH

    I just checked this site ( and am confused. While the url/domain name seems clearly enough to be about vintage Mooneys, when you get to the site, it seems to be all about "doing research papers quick" (aka buying research papers when you don't have the time to do them yourself). Maybe the domain expired, got snagged and re-purposed? Shame, since from the sound of the url, it seems like it might have some useful information on our old birds! -Sia
  3. Videoing Flights

    I also video and audio record all of my flights and for the same reasons.
  4. Get the rating.

    My PPL Checkride is scheduled for February 28th, so I don't even have my VFR rating yet. But we have started the "under the hood" training and I am really enjoying that. Either way, once I've finished my PPL and have enjoyed the freedom of being a full-fledged pilot for a few months, I'll be planning my IFR training timeline. I don't plan on looking for hard weather to fly in, or to push the envelope on risky situations, but having the experience and the ability to deal with unexpected weather when it arises is so worth it. Not to mention, I really enjoy learning about flying and continuously working on becoming a better pilot. -Sia
  5. 2018 Mooney Resolutions

    Complete my PPL Complete first annual Fly the Mooney at least 150 hours
  6. New Mooney Owner

    I second everything that @Hank just said. For what it's worth: I started my PPL training last November (2016) in my CFI's J3 Cub. After 9 hours in that I moved into the FBO's Cessna 172 rental and did 8 more hours there before I bought my Mooney M20E in May. I'm at about 56 hours in my Mooney now, and I have a few more solo maneuver solo practice flights between me and my PPL practical test. As others have suggested, my transition to the Mooney did take extra hours, but I wouldn't give any one of those hours back! I really love flying this plane :-) This approach worked really well for me, since I knew that it was going to take me a year or more to complete my training while I juggle a 60 hour work week with a lot of travel plus family responsibilities. Once I was soloing in my Mooney, I was able to make flights to other airports in a 150 mile radius of my location to enjoy flying, get familiar with the plane, the region, practice navigating, landings, etc. as often as I wanted on the weekends without having to spend the bucks to rent, not to mention coordinating access to the Cessna with other renters. I know this approach is not for everyone, but I planned things this way for specific reasons and it has been a really good fit for my purposes.
  7. Britain turn coordinator question

    Thanks takair. I guess I didn't read the site carefully enough. The phrase "if it'd been a snake..." comes to mind :-)
  8. Britain turn coordinator question

    @N201MKTurbo That is what I thought! But I can't find anything in the POH or on Brittain's website that explicitly states it that way. Is that referenced anywhere authoritatively, or is it just common knowledge?
  9. Britain turn coordinator question

    Thanks @N6758N and @Browncbr1. So in the event of an electric failure, the turn and bank indicator is inop.
  10. Is the turn coordinator from Britain on our positive control equipped Mooney’s primary electric with a vaccine backup, or vice versa? The poh says the turn coordinator is electro-vacuum, but doesn’t speak to failover specs or assumptions. Getting ready for practical test soon and want to make sure I have the real deal re: what fails/works when there is either a electrical or vacuum system failure. Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Best Headset?

    I haven't tried the Halos, so can't say 100%. But I would think that the Alofts' frequency response is flatter and I would guess that the low end probably extends out further than the Halos. Not a huge deal if you are just listening to spoken/ATC, but if you want hifi music, too, it might make a difference if you're an audiophile/pilot :-)
  12. Best Headset?

    I bought my first aviation headset a few months ago right after I bought our Mooney. I did a lot of reading on the forums and in the end I chose the Clarity Alofts. I've been wearing them ever since and really like them. At the end for me it was between the Halos and the Clarity Alofts. I ended up going with the latter because the speaker elements were in the ear, vs. remote as with the Halos (I was a music engineer in a previous life and I've stayed picky about audio frequency response in my listening devices). There are so many great choices out there these days!
  13. Dynon Certified thread

    Hi Eric, Good to hear! I'm in Waco, so only a 40 minute flight to Addison. I may stop over at US Sport to say hi and show my support!
  14. Dynon Certified thread

    My 1970 M20E will get a full panel re-do as soon as the Certified Dynon HDX is available for it. :-)
  15. Family pressures?

    Thanks @aggiepilot04! I see a trip to Ft. Worth in my future.