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  1. SkyTrekker


    I bought a subscription to cloud ahoy when I was working on my PPL. Like @elimansour, I would overlay actual over planned routes to gauge accuracy as well as analyze how consistent I was in terms of speed and altitude changes during multiple passes in the pattern. I didn’t have as much a need for it once I completed my private, but I’m about to start working on my instrument rating, and plan to renew my subscription again when I start IR flight training, for the same use case. The YouTube video integration/sync is a cool feature, and I’ve used that a number of times, together with the glass cockpit features to do deep post flight analysis for insights and continued learning. Here is a video i made during soon after my first solo that shows a few of the features:
  2. SkyTrekker

    TailBeacon ADS-B vs. Anticollision Light

    Makes sense. However I'm not aware of any specific ADs or service manual specs that that speak to it. In fact, that's the sort of information I posted here to learn. Are you aware of any?
  3. SkyTrekker

    TailBeacon ADS-B vs. Anticollision Light

    Good points, @bradp . I just read the TCDS doc, and we are good there. And leaving the strobes off during ground ops is permitted. The system redundancy point might need addressing, though, as you suggest.
  4. SkyTrekker

    TailBeacon ADS-B vs. Anticollision Light

    Slightly off-topic, but if I understand @bradp , given my 1970 E with protruding (not enclosed) wingtip nav/strobes and rear nav, I could remove my coffee grinder rotating red beacon on the belly and still be compliant, given the rest of my setup? Seems like removing that large protrusion would improve airflow/speed a bit.
  5. SkyTrekker

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hi Paul. Just discovered this. Good idea. Updated my sig to show home field. Pls add me when it’s convenient. -Sia
  6. SkyTrekker

    Transitioning to Mooney

    I'm 6' and my wife is not skinny. We fit in our E with our 16 year old son in the back and no one has ever complained about space or comfort. I'm partial to Es, so take it with a grain of salt, but unless you are flying with all four seats filled, you can't beat an E for the price/performance/comfort ratio. We bought ours a year and a half ago and I would do it all over again.
  7. I purchased Sporty's IFR course a few months ago and have been working my way through it, a few videos at a time. I think it is a pretty good value. Would buy it again and would recommend it to others. Have not tried any other providers' courses, so not sure how well it compares. After I start IFR flight instruction and when I'm closer to the written test date, I may buy a different course, perhaps King, to augment my training.
  8. SkyTrekker

    Interior Before 1

  9. SkyTrekker

    A couple of questions from a newbie

    I took my first lesson at 49. 10 hours in my instructor's Cub, 10 hours in the C-172 rental, and then bought my Mooney and completed my training in that. Finished up my PPL a few months ago. This approach has worked really well for me.
  10. SkyTrekker

    Thank you

    I'm sorry for your loss, Don. -Sia
  11. Is there a sign-up list??? :-)
  12. Thanks everyone for the input! I'll check in with a shop to see about adding a doubler under the cracked areas. The hinge is not sloppy, so I think we are good there.
  13. Thanks for the thoughts, @carusoam I was planning on having the prop dynamically balanced, but am moving that up to asap due to the impact of vibrations to this issue. I always avoid my red arc on my tach (I don't have any yellow on mine :-) Been considering installing GAMI injectors at some point. Rubber engine mounts sound like a good idea. That said, and either way, I'll need to repair this. Trying to understand what my options are, and what the implications of the current condition of the cowl are. Here is a pic. This frame looks like it captured the fluttering when the door was at its highest point of cycle, furthest way from the rest of the cowl surface. I circled the drill points and the arrow points to the missing rivet and missing small section of cowl surface that I mentioned in opening post.