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  1. Everything here served me well for the last 3 years until removed for a panel upgrade in August. No known issues other than those mentioned in the in the notes below. Prefer to sell as a package, but will consider individual items. Make offer. King KX 155 TSO Nav/Comm; P/N 069-1024-30; S/N 35273; 14V - SOLD with tray and connector, with 4-way antenna splitter; Not sure why the left display looks darker in the photo...not noticeable during operation. No Glideslope. King KN 64 DME; P/N 066-1088-00R2; S/N 8446-00; 14V with tray and connector King KA 134 TSO Audio Panel; P/N 071-2009-02; S/N 7068; 14V with tray and connector King KT 76A Transponder; P/N 066-1062-00; S/N44146; 14V with tray and connector King KN 72 VOR / LOC Converter; P/N 066-4009-00; S/N 8141; 14V with connector Brittain TC-100-EVT; P/N 607-211-700; S/N 743126; 14V - SOLD Includes BI805 control valve as pictured; with remote inverter, purchased used but never tested or installed; as-is David Clark ISOCOM Intercom; P/N 18486 G-01; 0984094; 14V with connector, faceplates and complete set of headphone/mic jacks Ack Technologies A-30 Encoder; P/N A-30; S/N 81799; with Option/Mod #3; 14V - SOLD with connector Narco MBT-12 Marker Beacon system; P/N MBT-12, 14V with connectors, switches, volume knob and indicator lights
  2. For others who may run into this issue, in my case it was a bad diode. It was replaced with a 1N4001 and all is working perfectly now. Thanks for all the help!
  3. @DanM20C, Using the schematic you provided (thanks!) and a multimeter, it looks like my D14 diode is shot (not passing voltage in either direction). The other diodes I tested are passing voltage in one direction. Does anyone know if this diode can be replaced with a standard 1N4001? -Sia
  4. Thanks much, @carusoam and @DanM20C! As was said, Mooneyspace is full of amazing people! -Sia
  5. Hi Folks, running into a related issue and wondering if I can get hands on the schematic. -1970 M20E -All lights operating normally -But push to test does not illuminate any of them -Rheostat operates all of the regular panel lights normally Hoping for a schematic to troubleshoot the board and switch. Also open to any other suggestions. Image below. Many Thanks!
  6. Great video showing the use of a Dynon HDX from pre-flight to landing! Thanks for sharing!
  7. This one is a beaut! Is the seller on Mooneyspace? This is what my E wants to look like when she grows up :-)
  8. I just discovered this discontinuance a few days ago, too. I used the graphical ceiling imagery all the time...sorry to see it go. As was mentioned above, (and especially, their ios app) seem to work as a decent replacement for several days-out ceiling forecasts. It did take me a few minutes to figure out how the app works. But seems to work pretty well.
  9. I use a a usb adapter exactly like that to access sd cards on my windows computer. Works perfectly.
  10. I have a copy of the maintenance manual, flight manual supplement, and brochure, but not the install manual. Message me if you want a copy of anything I have. -Sia
  11. SkyTrekker


    Sorry Shadrach! Only saw your message just now. It was done by Gary at Great Planes. If you’d like, I’ll look up his info and send it to you.
  12. Parker was super helpful when it came time to renew this year. Switched to his agency and am happy with my choice.
  13. Had one installed during my Avidyne install last month. Bought for backup ai, as I’m doing my instrument rating currently and want a backup. Ai and timers work great.
  14. Ditto. Yaesu a couple of years ago and has held up very well. Solid, functional.
  15. 1) yes on the pictures. Bring it. 2) I have a similar slight hill and lip right at the threshold of my hangar. Tried to get it in on my own, but was unable. So bought a sidewinder and love it.