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  1. I have a copy of the maintenance manual, flight manual supplement, and brochure, but not the install manual. Message me if you want a copy of anything I have. -Sia
  2. SkyTrekker


    Sorry Shadrach! Only saw your message just now. It was done by Gary at Great Planes. If you’d like, I’ll look up his info and send it to you.
  3. Parker was super helpful when it came time to renew this year. Switched to his agency and am happy with my choice.
  4. Had one installed during my Avidyne install last month. Bought for backup ai, as I’m doing my instrument rating currently and want a backup. Ai and timers work great.
  5. Ditto. Yaesu a couple of years ago and has held up very well. Solid, functional.
  6. 1) yes on the pictures. Bring it. 2) I have a similar slight hill and lip right at the threshold of my hangar. Tried to get it in on my own, but was unable. So bought a sidewinder and love it.
  7. I’m equipped. I had an ifd540 w/ axp322 installed a few weeks ago. Feels good to finally have IFR GPS in the cockpit and the benefit of ads-b out to boot.
  8. @Gary0747, there are a number of reports here and elsewhere of problems with the AoA function of the AV-20S. I've heard about a potential firmware/software upgrade that may address the issue, but nothing confirmed that I know of. That said, I still decided to include one along with my current ADS-B and GPS install, mainly as backup for the primary vacuum AI. I should have my plane back from the avionics shop in the next couple of weeks. Will be sharing my results. If the AoA works reliably, then I consider it bonus gravy on top of the AI, since so far, I haven't heard anyone reporting that the AoA is working as hoped/expected on these units.
  9. I’m 6’. My wife and I fly with our 16yo 6’ son in the back regularly, and space is not an issue, for any of us. We love our E. I can confirm the ‘fast off the runway’ comments. Great combination of airframe and power plant. Highly recommended!
  10. Thanks for the offer, Jesse. But the equipment has already been ordered. I’m curious, though, about what you said about the HSI and indicator. Will my Century NSD-360A not do the job?
  11. @EricJ, thanks for the input. I'd love to add a G5 to my setup, but glass is going to have to wait for round two, unless my HSI fails or needs an overhaul before then. I don't have an autopilot, either (other than the PC wing leveler, which works flawlessly). AP is going to have to be in round two as well.
  12. @McMooney. Dang, just when I thought it was unanimous to remove the DME. I do think I'll end up removing it. A few less instrument connections, shed a couple pounds of weight, simplify the panel. Vs probably using it a handful of times ever. Spoke to the shop today. Equipment is getting ordered over the next couple of days. Dropping her off for the upgrade at the end of July. I tell you, though, with an IFD540, G2, AV-20, and PMA450B going into my mostly original panel, it's probably going to take me a year to get proficient with everything!
  13. Thanks @Vno and @Ragsf15e. I'm getting the same guidance from other sources, too. I'm planning to retire the DME.
  14. Wasn't aware of that offer, thanks for pointing it out. Will have to consider that.