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  1. I just published a realtime video of a short flight in the Mooney M20F from the Spruce Creek Fly-In Community private airport to New Smyrna Beach in Florida. With ATC audio. The flight was recorded by 4 cameras. One of the cameras was installed under the left wing. Recording starts prior starting the engine and stops at engine shutdown.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I used a DJI Osmo Action camera, removed the tie down ring and installed the camera instead. I publish the videos on youtube and mark them as copyright protected. In addition, it shows a small copyright mark and copyright information at the end. Even without the copyright notes it would be protected by law unless you mark it at youtube or somewhere else that everybody can copy and steal it. If you upload photos or videos somewhere, it is always good to check the terms before. Sometimes you give away your copyright to the owner of the website or so. You have the
  3. I just produced and published a 4k real time video of our low altitude flight from Key West runway 9 along the keys to the Key Largo area. For the video, we mounted the camera under the wing and kept it running until the battery was empty. We enjoyed the flight with the great views very much. You can best view it on a 4k TV or similar computer screen. The video does not show any cockpit or cockpit instrument views.
  4. I have the GTN750 and use the Ipad for charts, weather ... If my Ipad fails, I have always a backup Ipad with Garmin Pilot and updated charts in the seat pocket. When I fly with my wife, she has also Garmin Pilot installed on her IPAD and is always connected to the 750 and the 345 via Flightstream.
  5. Some years ago, I wanted to replace the door seal on my F. I went to a Mooney Service Center in Florida, bought the original Mooney seal and got it installed by my mechanic. Result was that it was almost impossible to close the door afterwards. So the mechanic had to remove the seal and bought a universal seal from Homedepot. This is not the optimum solution but it was much better than the part we got from the MSC. Maybe we got a wrong part which was made for a J instead of the part required for the F. Gee-Bee, do you have one for the M20F from 1967 available and what would be the
  6. I just learned about a case of a twin airplane which lost parts of an EGT sensor during flight. This was (as far as I remember) not a JPI-system or sensor. For a non turbo airplane this would be no problem: Buy a new sensor and fly again. But for this turbo airplane it was very different: The broken EGT sensor moved through the exhaust into the turbo and destroyed parts of the turbo system. The owner first saw on the display that the probe was going bad. Then he checked the probe and found out that most of it was missing. He was worried about possible damage to the turbo. So he g
  7. These overhauls may be partly paid by the insurance. Hopefully our insurance rates are not climbing even higher this year because of all the gear up landings. Greetings from your neighbors hangar.
  8. I also highly recommend Aeromotors LLC. http://www.aeromotorsllc.com/aeromotorsllc/default.aspx They overhaul your pump or - if they have one ready on their shelf and you are in a hurry - they send you an overhauled pump right away when your pump arrives at their office. Last summer they did the fuel pump of my Mooney M20F. I am very happy with the result. I used them because of the good reports here at Mooneyspace!
  9. I flew my Mooney from Florida to Don Maxwell for the rigging. It was a very good experience. He first flew the plane himself, adjusted with his team everything with the Mooney travel boards ... and then flew it again. He was very fast on that because he must have done it thousand times or so. Sure, your local mechanic would be able to do it too. But first he has to borrow the travel boards somewhere and if he had not done it before, it make take 3 times longer and not get you any improvement.
  10. Drew at Absolute Aviation in Edgwater is a real good choice. I had him doing some work and was very satisfied. My panel upgrade with the Garmin 750, 345 ... install was done by Tomlinson Avionics at Page Field. https://www.tavionics.com/. They did a good job, on time and in accordance to the estimate. No surprises. Nice and friendly people. Originally, I wanted Drew to do the work but at that time he was no Garmin dealer. In between he is a Garmin dealer. To be a Garmin dealer, you have to install and buy a certain amount of units from Garmin. Garmin dealers also handle warranty clai
  11. Here are some Airline insights: As a pilot and instructor on the Airbus A320 series, I can confirm that we do have a 1000 feet gate. That means, everything has to be set and stabilized for landing: Gear, flaps, approach speed and the required power setting. The SOP from the Airbus company requires that in 500 feet in VMC and in 1000 feet in IMC conditions. A lot of airlines want you to be stabilized in 1000 feet also in VMC. With the Airbus, we have 2 landing flap options: Flaps full and flaps 3. This are the notches on the handle. Depending if you are flying an Airbus A319, A320 or
  12. I think, I would further investigate the source of all the flakes before flying again.
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