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  1. 15,000 feet plus an additional 1,000 feet at both ends as stopway.
  2. On the right side at about middle of the runway, you see a parked Shuttle. It looks real but I believe it is a mockup and not a real Space Shuttle.
  3. I just uploaded a video of a low approach of the Space Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida. I flew a few times over this remarkable airport and enjoyed it very much. This time I mounted an action camera at the tiedown-mount of my Mooney M20F and filmed the approach. Groundspeed was about 140 knots during the overflight.
  4. Can somebody send me the contact data of Karl Stepka? I ned my prop balanced.
  5. You are right! The landing was not exactly on the centerline. Next time, I will do better!!!
  6. No, the camera was mounted with a suction mount on the left side window. Above my head is not enough room.
  7. If somebody wants to get a well equipped plane, he or she has to pay for it. Everybody knows in between that it is very expensive to buy and install good avionics. In a sellers market, the discount, you get for work and installations which have been done by the previous owner will be reduced. I agree that you cannot get back the whole labor and equipment cost, if you sell your airplane after a few years. But after a few years of use, the equipment is not new anymore and out of warranty. A new GTN750 or Aspen with full warranty has a bigger value than a unit out of warranty or with only a short remaining warranty. In addition, a seller may take into account that over the years installation-rates got more expensive. If you got an EDM930 installed 5 years ago for 40 hours by 60 dollars. You may now pay 40 hours by 85 dollars or even more. And even the EDM930 itself got more expensive over the years. So if the seller is giving the buyer a too large discount on what he paid, may be not the best idea for the seller. Stefan
  8. If the new owner of this beautiful Mooney adds a nice GTN750, a 345 transponder and 2 G5 or an Aspen PFD plus some small mods like the oil cooler relocation and the nose cowl enclosure, he easily is adding another 35k to 40k to the airplane. And if the engine needs work, the bill will even be higher. And - I assume - if he has to sell the plane after the modifications, he would not do it below 110k or 120k. And this is completely ok. A big part of the value of the plane is represented by the avionics equipment, engine monitor, autopilot and even the engine health status. All this is independent from the model of the plane. In my opinion, a good equipped M20F with updated interior, some mods and nice paint must always sell for way more than a crappy M20J. Sure, the M20F will always be older than the M20J and the M20J has more standard modifications. On the other hand, I believe it is way more important that the airplane had been always hangared and good maintained.
  9. No, we do not have a raft in our Mooney. We always carry life-vests. On flights over water, I try to stay in gliding distance from the shoreline Here is our tracklog (green line) from the flight to Marathon. Due to some clouds, we did not fly very high. So we followed the shoreline.
  10. Thank you! The beaches in Marathon are not that easy to find. But there are private beaches at several hotels and even a nice public beach. We had been to Sombrero-beach. The people at visitflorida call this beach: one of the best kept beach secrects in the Florida Keys. We had a good time at the beach and it was very quite! https://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/cities/marathon/sombrero-beach-in-marathon-florida-key-west.html
  11. During our last visit to Marathon, I filmed the approach from the cockpit of the Mooney M20F. Most of the instruments, including my Aspen PFD and the Garmin GTN 750 are visible. Due to the later evening, and the low sun, the outside view is ok, but could be better. To make the visual approach against the sun easy, I selected the visual approach to runway 25 in my Garmin GTN750. With this setup, I got an ILS-like vertical and lateral deviation indication on my Aspen PFD. Also you can see on the Aspen the AOA function and the synthetic vision.
  12. Gami Injectors make most sense, if you have engine fuel flow and EGT-data from every cylinder. The company is great. They will send you finetuned injectors for every cylinder to make them peak at the same time, when you lean. The difference between the first and the last peak is called the "Gami-spread". But without an engine monitor, you are not able to find out about the Gami-spread and you will be unable telling Gami which injectors you need. For my Mooney, I first bought an engine monitor. After that, I recorded the different peak values of the cylinders and sent the data to Gami. With this information they were able to produce the right set of injectors for my engine. If - after installing the new injecors - the cylinders are not peaking at almost the same fuel flow, they will exchange one or more injectors until everything works perfect. I suggest, that you start with installing an engine monitor. I consider the engine monitor as one of the most important pieces of equipment in my Mooney. It tells me what is going on in my engine. There are lots of possible engine problems which you will not see without an engine monitor. For example, I had an intake leak on one cylinder. The monitor showed an alarm and I reduced power, landed and got it fixed immediately. Without the monitor, I would not have seen it and I may have destroyed the cylinder.
  13. Here in Spruce Creek (7FL6) in Florida you can fly all day and night. The runway has lights and a PAPI for both directions. Our GPS approach was restircted to daytime only for a while because of too many trees near the approach sector. Now the trees have been cut or removed and the FAA will give us the night GPS approval for runway 24 back during the next weeks. If you want to depart IFR and you are unable to stay in VMC after takeoff, you can call Daytona Approach via phone and get an IFR clearance before takeoff on the ground.
  14. You are correct, right now it is the same. Over the year, we see often a few degrees more in the south. And my impression was very often after I landed my Mooney in Fort Myers, Punta Gorda or in the Miami area that the air felt less comfortable than in our area. But everybody feels different.
  15. I also suggest to consider Spruce Creek. We even have a German language website for your wife and her German family. Also you find tons of photos on the website. Checkout: https://spruce-creek.de If she wants to fly to Germany, she can fly direct from Orlando (one hour driving) or from Daytona with a stop in Atlanta or so (KDAB is 20 minutes driving or 7 minutes flying from 7FL6). In Spruce Creek, there are about 1500 buildings and approx. 500 airplanes. Due to the size, even non flying people find a lot of things to do. You can walk/bicycle in the secured community for miles and if you like to kayak, there is a dock in the community. From that dock, you can paddle to the Intracoastal Waterway. And from there into the ocean. In our area you still find lots of wooded areas, where you can walk or bike. In Spruce Creek everybody is very frinedly and helpful because everybody believes that he or she lives in paradise. We like the weather very much because in summer it is not that hot and humid as at the Golf Coast or in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. In winter the temperatures are still ok. Even after a cold night, the days are usually warming up. Spruce Creek has a paved runway and a private GPS-approach. The new version of the approach will also be available at night. So you can leave and come back any time you want, even on a day with IFR weather. This photo had been taken during the yearly toyparade in December. The golf cart was built from an original Boeing 747 engine. The builder / owner is a Boeing 747 captain. Aerial view of Spruce Creek. In the background you see the Atlantic Ocean.