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  1. I just learned about a case of a twin airplane which lost parts of an EGT sensor during flight. This was (as far as I remember) not a JPI-system or sensor. For a non turbo airplane this would be no problem: Buy a new sensor and fly again. But for this turbo airplane it was very different: The broken EGT sensor moved through the exhaust into the turbo and destroyed parts of the turbo system. The owner first saw on the display that the probe was going bad. Then he checked the probe and found out that most of it was missing. He was worried about possible damage to the turbo. So he g
  2. These overhauls may be partly paid by the insurance. Hopefully our insurance rates are not climbing even higher this year because of all the gear up landings. Greetings from your neighbors hangar.
  3. I also highly recommend Aeromotors LLC. http://www.aeromotorsllc.com/aeromotorsllc/default.aspx They overhaul your pump or - if they have one ready on their shelf and you are in a hurry - they send you an overhauled pump right away when your pump arrives at their office. Last summer they did the fuel pump of my Mooney M20F. I am very happy with the result. I used them because of the good reports here at Mooneyspace!
  4. I flew my Mooney from Florida to Don Maxwell for the rigging. It was a very good experience. He first flew the plane himself, adjusted with his team everything with the Mooney travel boards ... and then flew it again. He was very fast on that because he must have done it thousand times or so. Sure, your local mechanic would be able to do it too. But first he has to borrow the travel boards somewhere and if he had not done it before, it make take 3 times longer and not get you any improvement.
  5. Drew at Absolute Aviation in Edgwater is a real good choice. I had him doing some work and was very satisfied. My panel upgrade with the Garmin 750, 345 ... install was done by Tomlinson Avionics at Page Field. https://www.tavionics.com/. They did a good job, on time and in accordance to the estimate. No surprises. Nice and friendly people. Originally, I wanted Drew to do the work but at that time he was no Garmin dealer. In between he is a Garmin dealer. To be a Garmin dealer, you have to install and buy a certain amount of units from Garmin. Garmin dealers also handle warranty clai
  6. Here are some Airline insights: As a pilot and instructor on the Airbus A320 series, I can confirm that we do have a 1000 feet gate. That means, everything has to be set and stabilized for landing: Gear, flaps, approach speed and the required power setting. The SOP from the Airbus company requires that in 500 feet in VMC and in 1000 feet in IMC conditions. A lot of airlines want you to be stabilized in 1000 feet also in VMC. With the Airbus, we have 2 landing flap options: Flaps full and flaps 3. This are the notches on the handle. Depending if you are flying an Airbus A319, A320 or
  7. I think, I would further investigate the source of all the flakes before flying again.
  8. You are allowed to use wide deck or narrow deck engines. It is your choice. Parts are available for both. Lycoming today sells only wide deck engines but delivers all the parts you need for a field overhaul of a narrow deck engine. A lot of the parts are the same. New narrow deck cylinders are available from Lycoming and Continental for our Lycoming engines. The Continentals are cheaper and need some lead time. In general, new wide deck cylinders are cheaper than narrow deck cylinders. My IO360 changed from a wide deck to a narrow deck during overhaul after an engine failure. The baffl
  9. Looks great! I promise (from my own experience) that you will be very happy about your decision for the next years!
  10. Here in Spruce Creek, hangar space for rent is usually only advertised by private owners in an internal video/internet channel or by word of mouth. If you live here, you can also put a free ad on the channel and ask for hangar space for rent. It may take some time, but most of the people who are looking for a space also find one after a while. We have +/- 500 planes at the airfield. Most are in hangars. There are always people selling airplanes, losing medicals or even making room in their hangar ... This makes space available. Demand for buying hangars is still high. But almost n
  11. I got my yokes powder coated by a professional powdercoating company several years ago. It was not expensive and they are still in good shape.
  12. Be careful. All Mooneys with the IO360 A1A engine are approved for wide and narrow deck versions of the engine. The 67F should have come with a wide deck engine. But if you have to replace the engine with another overhauled one, you can end up with a narrow deck on the same airplane. And to make it even more complicated: If you keep your wide deck sump with the data plate and take most of the rest of the parts from a narrow deck engine, you have still the serial number which represents a wide deck engine on a narrow deck engine. Before ordering new cylinders, it is a good idea to vi
  13. Hi, 200 degrees is not bad for the oil temp. I have the Lasar relocation kit installed in my M20F. It did not change the temperature a lot. My impression is that due to the new location behind cylinder 4, the airflow to the cooler is after the relocation more depended on the pitch of the airplane. Especially during the climb on hot Florida days, I have to lower the nose very soon and increase the speed to somewhere at about 115 to 125 KIAS to reduce the rising rate of the oil temp. Even with 120 KIAS, I sometimes end up with 215 F at the top of climb. Then the oil temp usually drops
  14. I change the oil and the filter approx. every 25 to 30 hours but never later than every 6 months.
  15. My shunt broke a while ago into two pieces. This gave me on one of the break in flights for my overhauled engine all kinds of error messages on my EDM930. Including EGT and CHT signal failures and for sure a very high amps reading which finally changed to a red X. I did not continue this flight to the destination and did a precautionary landing. Reason for the problem was that the shunt screws had been improper installed. I bought a new shunt. It was installed properly and all readings are back in the green.
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