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  1. My insurance company paid me $600 to move my plane when Irma came thru. Im on the SW side of Florida, thankfully our prices are not that high yet. I’ve been pondering buying a lot at an air park, but don’t want the hassle of moving and building a new house.
  2. If the plugs being replaced had say 500 hrs on them they may not have been performing as new. Did he replace new massives with new fine wires? If he did then there was definatly an improvement for him. Or were the plugs he replaced just worn? I called Tempest and asked what the difference was in their plugs. They only said that the fine wires lasted longer, that iridium was expensive, and they didn’t sell as many, thus the higher cost. They did not claim that they performed better.
  3. I wonder if new massive might give you the same results. I assume you were replacing older plugs.
  4. I probably should have mine weighed. No idea if it’s ever actually been on a scale. My CG is 78.8 and useful load is 1086. And I’ve flown it at gross many times with no problems. I do have to watch the weight in the baggage area. of coarse I live at sea level. I could gain 300# of usful by adding tip tanks, but it’s not worth the expense for me. I believe they just Change the category , utility to normal.
  5. Reading this thread made me get out my notebook. I’ve had my Debonair for 7 years now and have many notes on airspeed and fuel flow. I also have done a 3 way gps true airspeed calc and compared it to my airspeed indicator. The gps calculated out to 156knts true, the airspeed came out at 154 knots true. I’d call that a wash as I was flying, and writing at the same time. I have the lower compression 225hp engine that is not as efficient as the higher hp v tails. i generally cruise at 150 knots at slightly under 12gph. That’s just slightly lop. I can do 160, but that’s pretty much
  6. I have not been in the market, but when I was I didn’t see many for sale only 25% higher than The upgrades. I agree that if you can buy a plane that someone has installed say an aspen, stec, and 650 or 750, and only expects .25cents on the dollar it would be foolish not to buy. My problem I guess is I’m to impatient, I decided what I wanted and had a budget. Then I looked for a few weeks and bought the one my wife liked the looks of the best.
  7. It still depends on cost and mission. It’s great if you can find a plane with all those, but they will cost more. I’ve owned my plane for 6 years with no panel mount gps, and I added a brittain wing leveler and acutrak later for not much money. I was more interested in engine times and cosmetics. Everything cost and you just need to decide what is important to you. And most important is your budget. i have about 60k in my plane. I paid 50k and added shoulder harness, engine monitor, and the brittain. It will probably also be my last plane, I’m 61 now, so I have no plans on selling.
  8. I know this is a Mooney board and they are fine planes, but I wouldn’t limit myself only to a Mooney. I narrowed my search down to either a Mooney or Beechcraft. Then I found one I liked and bought it. Being able to run Mogas has definatly been a plus for me. I burn more fuel than a Mooney, but my cost is about the same, and I don’t have to worry about 100ll going away. But if I had your mission I would seriously look at the RVs as well. They are fast and very efficient, and being experimental will make upgrades much less expensive.
  9. Hopefully you now have your plane in the shape it should be in and will only have the routine stuff in your future.
  10. Wow, I did everything wrong. I bought the plane sight unseen after looking at adds. I was a student pilot at the time and figured I wouldn’t know what I was looking at anyway. I did hire a buyers agent to help. And did have a pre buy. I bought a plane that had 50 hrs SMOH, 12 years prior. I bought it because the wife liked the color of the plane and the cosmetics were good. This after looking for a couple of weeks. I still had to take my check ride in a 172 and then get 25 hours of dual, along with the high performance and complex endorsements. I knew there were some upgrades
  11. Have you called your insurance agent yet? As I said earlier, my repair only cost me $50 out of pocket. And it didn’t affect my rates. And there is no question it was done correctly. It was reskined, painted and balanced. I didn’t have to do anything but open my hangar door.
  12. I never said it was a Mooney. Just trying to show similar damage and what it cost to repair.
  13. I’ve paid over $6000 in insurance premiums over the last 6 years of owning the plane so they are still ahead of the game.
  14. It did look a little worse on the bottom. And my cost was only $50, my insurance paid the rest. And if I went to sell I’m sure the buyer would expect something from it.
  15. Thankfully insurance covered it. No need to cut corners and they were actually great to deal with. I was debating even getting it fixed, but if I ever went to sell the plane it would be a problem. I did pay $500 for a used powertow to help keep it from happening again.
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