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  1. I thought the oil filter would always be almost half full, with the port in the center the oil below the port would remain in the filter? (port may be the wrong word, i used drain originally but didn't think that was correct either)
  2. It's the reverse Tardis affect. I'm surprised the Johnson bar can handle the landing gear... Very impressive.
  3. These look like a great idea, i wonder how they would fare with 100LL spilled on them?
  4. OK, admittedly I'm not the brightest light on the tree when it comes to IT stuff, but ... how would you add this to your iPhone to work out in the air? Thank you and enjoy the fish.
  5. I used pillow foam from Walmart and cut to size... This plane is in a hangar most of the time, except when traveling, but it keeps the bugs and birds out.
  6. Granted, most of you Mooney drivers are IR but I'm not. One thing I've found is I can buy the insurance and then have a partner as an additional pilot as long as they have their IR and some additional time in type, I think its 100 hours in type.
  7. I watched a YouTube video over the weekend where an RV8 driver did the trifecta of NYC with a low pass ate each. Then last night watched Christopher do the 3 ship Mooney low approach. Lot's of low passes and t-n-g's at the big places right now. The only thing I've seen similar in the recent past was after the 911 shutdowns, where places like KMEM were asking schools for help in landing so they could improve their traffic counts.
  8. I like the sheet rock screw go-around button...
  9. My plane was probably in the factory at the same time yours was... N5807T 1985 J Congratulations on the purchase!
  10. There are currently reports of pilots being charged landing fees that have overflown airports. Evidently linking back to a 3rd party vendor using ADS-B to gather the information.
  11. My one and only insurance claim was for something that looked exactly like that. Hangar rash from an I-beam. I had a reputable company re-skin it and paint it. then made sure all the paperwork was added to the log. I felt sick...
  12. I had my Annual done at prebuy and it was only a couple of months early. It's all apart with inspection covers open, so it's a good time for it. But having a prebuy done in December, I'd think long and hard about every December for an annual. But, I've got 5 grand-kids.
  13. I have them in my 1985 J, it's Special Edition. I don't know if they would work on the rails of a K, but worth looking in to. Our seats also aren't the most comfortable seats around and need to be reupholstered, but until then we have a couple of seat cushions made by a company called "Purple". They are known for their mattresses but they got their start designing seat cushions for wheel chairs to relieve pressure point issue. We got the 1" seat cushions but they also make a 2" version as well. They have helped tremendously. https://purple.com/seatcushions
  14. Seems like mid September is a popular time to pick up you first Mooney. I got my 85J last mid September. I've just finished up my first annual and it was relatively painless. Still waiting on ADS-B buy my avionics guy says no problem getting it done in time. Updating my panel as well with an Avidyne 550 and an L3 transponder and an Avidyne audio panel. Keeping a 430w in the panel as com/nav 2.
  15. I solo'd when I was 18 or 19 with a special Piper had going in Winter Haven, in '78, then family came along and we were young and poor. Driving home from the birth of our first grand-child, an 11 hour drive I decided it was time to make that trip shorter. All of my training, except for spin, was in a 172 when I was doing my cross countries and finished the mandatory solo hours I bought in to a Cherokee 180. I flew that plane for about 10 years. A year ago this month I bought a J, I had about 350 hours at the time. I was also looking to spend about what you are looking to spend. I had to increase that but found a great 1985 model with low time on a reman'd engine. The ONLY thing you will regret if you buy the Mooney is; it's very hard to build time. These planes are quick when compared to most SEL planes. You simply get there sooner. The lesson of your Dad landing with no gear down will be one you can learn from and probably will always check, "just one more gumps..." before touch down.