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  1. Do you have any idea if there will be landing fee's? I can't imagine how grueling that flight must have been... Good job with the Parrots and kid!
  2. 175 Miles to go 18 miles... I wonder if he actually got to land at the others or just low pass...
  3. I'm not intending to steal this thread but I've thought about this numerous times. My main goal was to mount on the rear tie down to help me better understand my flare and landing. But, I have a rear tie-down unlike any I've seen it's like a 3/8 rebar almost. Do any of you have this type and what do you you use on it if anything?
  4. So... I guess my question would be, how much would it cost to upgrade my KAP150 to a KFC150 and enable me to upgrade to this touchscreen... (which kind of bothers me, i want buttons and knobs on an AP for turbulence purposessss)
  5. Ryan, I haven't read through the entire thread but what I did read was great information. I was in your price range two years ago when I bought my J. If no one else has mentioned it, Jimmy Garrison is your friend contact him and he will put you on an email list with what he's got coming in. This is how I found my J. https://www.gmaxamericanaircraft.com/
  6. Ha! My Dad flew 141As and I have gray hair... I have kids and grandkids in Greensboro, I've been known to fly over there from time to time. I have a "J".
  7. Aircraft Heaters has a device specifically for the cabin (costs less than the Hornet). I just purchased a small ceramic heater (Vornado) for under 20 bucks. It has a high/low/fan option, physical on/off switch and a safety switch on the bottom that turns the unit off if it gets knocked over. I got it today and I've been running it on low all morning. It is not hot to the touch and I think it will do fine. I'm going to plug it in to an extension chord that will be plugged in to a low temperature sensing outlet (Thermo Cube) I've also got a Twin Hornet II coming, hopefully tomorrow for the engin
  8. It just looks like pure fun! A lot like a motorcycle... they could share the same hangar! I like this a lot better than strapping an engine to your back. I'm too old for that these day's anyway. This I could do.
  9. Serious question... Don't your arms get tired? I've never been in one of these but it looks like you would always be applying some sort of pressure on the bar. Looks like a dune buggy of my generation.
  10. Some of you will have seen this on FaceBook, but I picked up the plane from the Avionics shop and took it immediately to annual 16 miles down the crows path. Got everything paid for so it's real now. I have a BFR scheduled with one of our MS CFI's in Muscle Shoals on Saturday. I hope I have enough bank left to fill the tanks and pay Rick to teach me how to fly again...
  11. You're Cirrus definitely has better seats than my Mooney! I couldn't possibly do a 12 hour flight with my seats. (well in my defense my seats are probably much older than yours are in the Cirrus)
  12. I bet they got sued by the homebuilder and the Lawyers for Gates said, "no more".
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