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  1. Found the gear door sheered off. I think I remember people saying they just take them off? Anyone else have issues where it broke or operated with them off? Cheers
  2. Lycoming wants a tear down and inspection then overhaul if needed. Insurance is paying for the fuel testing and inspection/tear down. If it requires an overhaul they will also cover any work there as well--good thing I just got 4 new cylinders. Socal based: Between Corona, "Tim's in Long Beach" who would you prefer to do the work?
  3. Will fill in the rest of the story later, but it appears we have at least 1.86% Jet-A in our fuel after a lab report. Anyone know if that's enough to get a whole new engine for Christmas? We have an insurance claim open and FBOs where it has been fueled are involved, but not sure what they are going to say yet. Will call Lycoming in the morning.
  4. It has been starting like shit. That started happening today as well.
  5. It runs really rough and shuts off on left mag when you do a mag check @ 700 RPM. Right mag is fine at idle. At 1700 RPM, both end up with about 100 RPM drop. Left is initially rough but ends up at a 100 RPM drop and runs fine. Bad mag? We recently had a top overhaul and some spark spkugs replaced. Was hoping the spark plugs would fix the problem.
  6. Recently had a top overhaul. During the incident that led up to the overhaul, #4 stopped reading entirely on the JPI-700. Now after overhaul the #4 reads ~400 lower than all other cylinders for the EGT. Occasionally it will warn of 500 degree difference. CHTs for all cylinders are normal (310, 314, 330, 333) when in cruise enrichened higher than normal cruise with cowl flaps closed. Have 10 hours since top overhaul. Been very good about keeping CHT temps < 340. One theory is that the probe went bad during the low oil pressure issue. Anyone else have any other ideas?
  7. Don't remember the details and there were some other minor repairs. I think something about it required getting a whole new seat. The pitot-static check is required for install of G5. When they did that the VSI failed the check (leaking). Yeah both ended up being bad in different ways. The HSI was offset then after that was fixed, the VOR#2 was bad on the flight home. GDL88 was in the plane when I had it, it stopped reporting the N number, so we got a letter from the FAA saying we were not in compliance and it needed to be fixed. Oil ring was stuck, so oil was leaking out of the blow out valve and the exhaust (after inspection). It went from Green to edge of yellow on the oil pressure gauge, then by the time we started our approach it went rapidly from top of yellow to red. The bellow of the plane was COVERED in oil, like I've never seen. We had 2 quarts left after starting the flight with 6. The sensor for #4 stopped reading and the engine was very rough at power > 1800 rpm--luckily we were on the approach. After checking the spark plugs they were seriously fouled and the initial thought by the only mechanic on the field was that it was the mismatched spark plugs. The pencil whipped prebuy was in TX, and just from us picking it up. I live in California so expect 20% premium on everything.
  8. My buying experience was roughly looking obsessively for almost two years and even putting some offers in along the way, only to have the sell fall through for a variety of reasons--owner refused a prebuy even though a Mooney specialist was 2nm away at another airport, decided not to sell the plane, something wrong like missing logs, etc. I decided to pay a little more than I'd originally intended and use a broker. Also used a Mooney Specialist, the king allegedly, for the prebuy. Education is expensive
  9. You must be living on the street! Three! Almost as bad as three ex-wives
  10. Thanks for all the info! Seems like it's more common than I expected. Can't say I would have spent as much upfront had I known that going in. The rule of thumb I heard was 10% of the purchase price in the first year. Guess you can expect 50% The $8000 was for the install as well as this years annual, which had lots of things, like the brakes being hosed (pun intended), included in the work. Also, cylinder 2 was hosed even though it didn't completely stop, and the other two had noticeably varnish and wear comparable to the other two. The theory is that the engine was overheated and running off, so new spark plugs were put on to mask/fix the issues.
  11. Goals for this thread are two-fold: Cautionary tale for perspective buyers and wondering out loud how bad luck we've had. Picked up a 1986 M20J August 14th 2018 for $110K, 12 years and 1200 hours SMO. A couple of notes, the below is for two pilots getting their IFR ticket and about 140 hours total flight time on the plane. Maintenance Costs in first year: $45,000 AvGas: $8500 IFR Checkride/Prep (2 pilots) other flying related expenses (memberships etc): $7400 Total: ~$60,000 first year costs (not including the plane itself). Maintenance: $3800 Pre-buy/Annual at pickup $1100 Seat started to fail to lock -- Seat frame was broken. $6200 Backup attitude indicator (turn coordinator replacement) started to fail, replaced with a G5, which when the pitot-static was tested failed the VSI, requiring an overhaul of the VSI. $250 Battery died, stranding me (long distance uber required to get to where I was going not included) $7200 VOR started failing, couldn't track down the problem, sent 530W to Garmin to debug, not issue found, ended up needing to overhaul the HSI and VOR #2. GDL88 had a failure where N number wasn't present in the FAA reports when filing IFR. New tire (my fault). $9000 Stuck oil ring due to overheating issue, likely when we bought it appeared to have spark plugs that were not for the engine. #4 went offline in flight, EGT/CHTs were low, but quickly lost oil pressure. Landed without issue, but plane was not flyable, got 4 new cylinders from Lycoming and had the plugs replaced. $8000 Install of new cylinders, Annual: broken compass bracket requiring remount, brakes were stuck on 1 side and didn't work, 2 new tires. Gas cap seal hadn't been replaced at last annual, but stated in log book as replaced, I state this only because I feel a lot of stuff was probably missed, or not looked at on a typical annual. Other miscellaneous expenses not stated: Oil changes and minor issues TL;DR: Planes are expensive or maybe we just have bad luck or we have been taken for a ride, check the spark plugs on the engine to make sure they match in the prebuy, if they don't assume they are using them to cover up a problem--good compressions won't mean you're in the clear for engine work.
  12. Just had to get a top overhaul done on my M20J, so I am in possession of 4 cylinders in need of an overhaul that could use a new owner. Anyone have advice on how to price them, and where to sell them? Cheers
  13. About 2.5 months ago we got a G5 installed to replace a bad CastleBerry standby attitude indicator. About 2 months ago, while doing a practice approach, I noticed the CDI on the number 1 (King HSI) was centered, but was quite offset according to the GPS. ATC told me I was offset, which corroborated the what I was seeing. My wife also doing the same approach noticed the same thing. During RNAV and ILS/LOC approaches there is no offset. The 530W and CDI match. We decided to have the shop look at it that installed the G5. They couldn't really find the problem but concluded it must be the Nav board, so they sent the 530 to Garmin. It came back and they said it was good to go. On the flight home we were flying a known radial and noticed it was still bad. We switched to VOR2 and flew the known radial. It was sending us wrong as well. Now both VORs seem borked. We sent the plane back to the shop. Now they are saying the HSI is bad, which we've never seen a problem with the HSI--two IFR checkrides and lots of approaches ILS, RNAV and never had a problem. We are going to bring the plane home and send it elsewhere at this point. TL;DR: Borked VOR 1/2, CDI on KI525 HSI works with RNAV/ILS, Shop says it's HSI Two questions: Any ideas on what could cause the VORs to be borked but CDI still work for RNAV/ILS/LOC? Where would you recommend taking it in Southern California? Thanks! The joys of ownership