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  1. Matt, I don’t know if you have flown in an Ovation yet but I’m in Florida (KZPH) and would be happy to let you fly mine. Bill
  2. I have had weak brakes after sitting for a while. My IA said the fluid will gel over time. I have new pads so it wasn’t that. He was right. We flushed and replaced with fresh fluid. My brakes are now working perfectly.
  3. Having a hard time finding Phil Jimenezs’ phone number.

    Would you please share it with me?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BillC


      Thanks very much Hank.


    3. FLYFST


      My pleasure and good luck.  if you wish, feel free to tell PJ that Hank Hernandez sent you his way.

    4. BillC


      Will do Hank.

      Thanks again,


  4. Anyone know of a good A&P IA @ Zephyrhills for an annual on my Ovation? Thanks Bill
  5. Detailed Description 1990 Mooney M20K 252 TSE with a TT of 1583 hrs, only 93 hrs SMOH. Serial number 25-1229. This Mooney has a lot of nice add ons, many not listed. EXTENSIVE ANNUAL JUST COMPLETED June 2020. ALSO, PAINT HAS BEEN BUFFED AND POLISHED. LOOKS LIKE NEW! Avionics / Equipment Garmin GTN 750 GPS/ NAV/Com Autopilot Storm scope Stereo with remote WAAS ADSB Oxygen Certified to fl280 EDM engine management Dual alternators Airframe 1990 Mooney M20K 252 TSE Speed brakes Engines / Mods / Prop TS10 360 MB
  6. No, it wasn’t that bad but certainly showing it’s age. It’s 23 years old. If one tank starts seeping from age the other is soon to follow. In my previous Mooney J model I kept chasing seeps by patching but ultimately it’s a losing battle.
  7. With Uber or Lyft prices are much more friendly.
  8. I’ve got an old ‘pay as you go’ flip phone. I have it for emergencies. So, no smart phone. I wouldn’t have needed one if Amtrak had WI-fi for my iPad like they promised.
  9. I hadn’t heard. I can see why. Hardly anyone on the train. I thought it might be enjoyable to see the countryside out the big windows....NOT. The train stops quite often and continually blows the horn at crossings every few minutes. Not very restful. 70 years old and still learning..lol At least I can say it’s one more adventure I’ve done.
  10. Hi Mitch, I decided to strip and reseal both tanks because there was a seep in the right wing. Just started a few days ago. Edison gives a 7 year warranty on all strip and reseals. And it’s transferable to a new owner. My Ovation is a 97. At that age it’s only a matter of time before it would develop a seep or worse in the left tank.
  11. Thank you David. The return trip should be easy.. Fingers crossed. There is an early morning flight from Tampa to FLL. for about $38.00 US. Then a quick taxi to FXE. but thanks for the offer.
  12. Well it seemed like a simple choice to let Amtrak do the driving and Uber home from Tampa but it didn’t work out that way. No Wi-fi on the train although they advertise they have it. It made the trip much more difficult to take with no entertainment on my iPad. I also had to walk to a Publix supermarket to use their Wi-fi to order a Uber ride because Amtrak has no Wi-fi even in the terminal. Next purchase is a smart phone and get rid of the old ‘ pay as you go’ flip phone I use for emergencies. Also, Amtrak requires all riders on Amtrak property to wear face masks. The seating is spread
  13. Flew my Ovation to KFXE for a wing seep in right wing. Spoke with Edison. Nice guy. Made the trip from KBKV (Brooksville, Fl) to KFXE (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) in 1:11 at 9000’! ATC moved a twin Cessna out of my way...lol. It took 11 hours to get home by train and taxi. No flights to Tampa until late night. Man, I love my Ovation.
  14. This reminds me of a time several annuals ago. With all the seats removed I decided to see if I could egress my Ovation through the baggage door. I’m 6’2” and 215lbs. I could do it with quite a bit of difficulty. I can’t imagine being able to do it with the seats back in. Especially if you or your rear seat passengers are hurt. My good friend, who is a fireman at KBOS (Boston,MA) told me that no fireman would try to open a small baggage door (17” or 43.2cm X 20.5” or 52.1cm) to access passengers. They go through the windows or cut open the airframe. I lock mine.
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