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  1. There was a guy on the board a while ago asking a lot of questions about how a Mooney could have crashed if you all remember. I wonder if it is the same guy?
  2. I bought a battery operated skateboard for my nephew. He says it goes over 20mph and will go all day without a charge. The hills around his house are no problem. It’s pretty light weight and has a wireless remote that includes a brake. Of course he only weighs about 60 lbs. Your mileage may vary.
  3. Thanks for that Mark. I just signed up with Parker Woodruff. Considerable savings over Avemco’s quote.
  4. Thanks for all your input. Much appreciated. Bill
  5. I’m searching for insurance. I was quoted $4127.00 USD for 182k value including $453.00 bodily injury/ liability for my Ovation in Florida by Avemco. The rate would be $2689.00 USD per year while hangared in Maine. They would prorate the 6 months spent at each location. Would any owners be willing to tell me what insurance company you have? Does this quote seem right for an ATP with 16,432 hours mostly in heavy jets with 4000+ in complex propeller airplanes, 1267 hours in Mooney’s and 256 hrs in my Ovation? Finally, are you happy with your insurance company? Thanks, Bill
  6. George, Listen to GEE-BEE. I had the exact problem. It is caused by aluminum rubbing together producing the black dust. The silicone seal will fix your problem.
  7. As Awful Charlie pointed out, the baggage light may drain BOTH batteries. I’m here to say that this is what happened to me. As some of you may remember, I accidentally hit the switch on my baggage compartment (1997, serial # 29-0106) while off loading during the day. It killed both of my new Concorde batteries. This Ovation was manufactured before the timer switch were added to the newer Mooney’s. That was an expensive lesson. Now I know why the original owner had taken out the bulb. During annual, my IA reinstalled the bulb and didn’t mention it. Not his fault for being thorough.
  8. I need to speak to Don Maxwell. As I said in my previous post I replaced my mounts two years ago and although they were fine for a while I have the same sag as before. Lord mounts were the correct ones for my Ovation (also as specified by George). I did shim my 201 and it worked great. It seems there must be a similar fix for sagging Ovations. Any other Ovation drivers finding the same problem?
  9. Mine as well, although I have the original McCauley three blade. I replaced the mounts two years ago and it was fine for a while. Now the sag is back.
  10. Yeah, I'm pre 2005. Good to know. Thanks.
  11. I believe you need a new prop as well.
  12. I have a Castleberry standby AI in my Ovation. Had to send it to Castleberry for repair. (It was an internal power issue) I believe the cost was about 1200.00 USD. After getting it back It was still very slow to erect without caging it first. Now caging it is part of my after-start checklist. Also, my Ovation only has 970 hrs. tt. When you cage the AI, don’t pull it hard like we did in our training days. A slow steady pull will do.
  13. Thanks for the offer but I’m only a short ride to KFLL when I get back. I’ll let Edison do it.
  14. Hahaha.....that’s OK, I did get a laugh out of that one. I needed it.