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  1. Since some thought to turn this question into a geography lesson, I’ll answer it. Phil Jimenez Avon Park, Fl 863-873-9999 Highly experienced Mooney mechanic.
  2. She’s a beautiful girl Anthony.
  3. I think dogs are gods greatest creations. Nuff said? When I file IFR with pets I always add in the comment section what animals I have on board and write “save the animals first” Last flight while in cruise the controller asked “how are the animals doing?” I tell them “great, thanks for asking”. We both laughed.
  4. I regularly fly with my dog back and forth from Maine to Florida at 8-9000’ Can I fly higher? Sure. But why would I subject my beloved dog to altitudes that are sure to cause her stress, not to mention the physical problems associated with high altitude flying. To save some fuel? Get there a little quicker? To fly over weather? Those excuses are bull crap. No one is holding a gun to your head if it’s weather your trying to avoid. Wait for better weather before departure or land until the weather clears. If your doing it to save some fuel then maybe the cost of flying is more than you can afford. Adding a fuel stop is not the end of the world. You and your pet could probably use a bathroom stop anyway. To say pets don’t suffer from altitude sickness is baloney. Read articles published by WedMd and others. They clearly state what good rules to fly your pets by. I will never subject any animal to any altitude above 9000’. Even with pet O2 masks, I don’t believe is a safe thing to do. My dog won’t tolerate anything on her face for very long. To do otherwise shows me you have no love for your pet and shouldn’t have one. This means you GSXRPILOT. Sixteen thousand feet without pet O2 is the stupidest thing I’ve heard yet. I am always amazed at how some pilots flying unpressurized airplanes regularly fly into the flight levels. If you want to do it solo or with another human on oxygen, fine. Don’t subject your pet to it.
  5. I got prices for my damaged elevator and it would have cost more to repair than what I paid for a used half elevator. And the paint matched perfectly.
  6. Don’t feel bad Dominik, I did the same thing years ago to my J. Dodson International in Kansas has several J’s they are parting out. Address is on Controller.
  7. Matt, I don’t know if you have flown in an Ovation yet but I’m in Florida (KZPH) and would be happy to let you fly mine. Bill
  8. I have had weak brakes after sitting for a while. My IA said the fluid will gel over time. I have new pads so it wasn’t that. He was right. We flushed and replaced with fresh fluid. My brakes are now working perfectly.
  9. Having a hard time finding Phil Jimenezs’ phone number.

    Would you please share it with me?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BillC


      Thanks very much Hank.


    3. FLYFST


      My pleasure and good luck.  if you wish, feel free to tell PJ that Hank Hernandez sent you his way.

    4. BillC


      Will do Hank.

      Thanks again,


  10. Anyone know of a good A&P IA @ Zephyrhills for an annual on my Ovation? Thanks Bill
  11. Detailed Description 1990 Mooney M20K 252 TSE with a TT of 1583 hrs, only 93 hrs SMOH. Serial number 25-1229. This Mooney has a lot of nice add ons, many not listed. EXTENSIVE ANNUAL JUST COMPLETED June 2020. ALSO, PAINT HAS BEEN BUFFED AND POLISHED. LOOKS LIKE NEW! Avionics / Equipment Garmin GTN 750 GPS/ NAV/Com Autopilot Storm scope Stereo with remote WAAS ADSB Oxygen Certified to fl280 EDM engine management Dual alternators Airframe 1990 Mooney M20K 252 TSE Speed brakes Engines / Mods / Prop TS10 360 MB 1 turbocharged Interior / Exterior Exterior has just been buffed and polished. Looks like NEW! Interior is about a 6 out of 10. Remarks I’m selling this for a friend as her husband has died. I‘m a professional pilot but dont know alot about this plane. I run the engine and exercise the systems weekly. The wing tanks were just resealed. There is a lot of nice options on this plane. Many may not be listed. If you have questions, I have all the logbooks and will research them for you. Delivery is possible. Annual done June 2020! Located in Portland, Maine. Asking $165k US Thanks. Colin 207-939-6184
  12. No, it wasn’t that bad but certainly showing it’s age. It’s 23 years old. If one tank starts seeping from age the other is soon to follow. In my previous Mooney J model I kept chasing seeps by patching but ultimately it’s a losing battle.
  13. I’ve got an old ‘pay as you go’ flip phone. I have it for emergencies. So, no smart phone. I wouldn’t have needed one if Amtrak had WI-fi for my iPad like they promised.
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