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  1. You have to purchase the STC for the upgrade from Mooney through a MSC. At least $5000. You must have a prop approved for 2700 RPM (Three blade from Hartzell or a 4 Blade from MT Prop). Tach has to be replaced or serviced or upgrade to JPI 900 with instruments and tach. If you have Moritz gauges might be time to move to the JPI.
  2. That looks like someone has updated the wingtips to later model. I think the later wingtip lens will fit.
  3. That little diode or rectifier is there to ground over voltage when you turn off power. It comes from back EMF created by spinning alternator. If it were not there your circuit breaker would pop.
  4. My motor failed in my 93 201. The problem was oil contamination. The motor was lined up with the oil filter and got a dose of oil with each filter change. Suggestion: cover the motor before removing the filter in 201.
  5. That's helpful but I am still not sure where to put the jumper.
  6. That's what I thought, but I don't have any data sheets and I and not sure which pins to jump on the board. Maybe I can check the old relay with an omn meter and figure it out.
  7. I had a problem with flaps stuck in the up position on 2004 Ovation. I removed belly pan and tapped on relay and the flaps immediately began working. I purchased a replacement relay as described by "Yetti" a Omron G8P-1C4P 24VDC which looks just like the relay I was trying to replace but I found that the Omron relay has five pins and the original relay had 6 pins. Alfter spending hours looking for an exact replacement for the original, I could not find any. How does the five pin relay replace the six pin relay? Is there a pin that is not needed?
  8. With the MT 4 Blade cruise LOP at 9000 full throttle and 2550 RPM get ff at 13.1 and 180k.
  9. I did my 2004 Ovation last year. $5,000 to MSC Daytona for the STC and had prop Gov OH. Replaced prop with 4 blade. Replaced Moritz gauges with JPI 900. I know the RPM gauge only goes to 2500 on the analog dial but I was told the digital part of the gauge is not limited to 2500. Plane takes off like a rocket ship and reduced nose weight about 30 lbs from 3 blade Mccauley. Lands much better with much less nose up trim.
  10. The vinyl tubing from the pump collapsed in my 2003 Ovation. Replaced it with upgraded tubing.
  11. Mine doesn't work and the shop said they didn't know where it was and what it would cost so, decided to do without since pitot heat and stall heat both work. The light doesn't come on.
  12. You can repair the Moritz gauges yourself if you have some small tools and small soldering iron and some 680 bulbs from CEC lighting. You need to open gauge and remove board with the lights. Desolder old bulbs with minimal heat from the soldering iron and a small pick to lift pressure on the old bulbs wires so they will pop out. Replace bulbs after trimming length of wire to match old bulbs. Add a little flux to old solder, hold down pressure on new bulb to make sure it is in hole as far as possible, add a little solder and heat as little as possible to avoid damage to circuit board. This is for the clear 5 volt daytime bulbs. I am not sure where you get blue nighttime bulbs. They come in a pack of 6 for about $10.00
  13. I had the same exact thing happen in my old M20J. I got underneath the plane in the hangar and used the wooden handle of a hammer to exercise the limit switch about 25 times. It's hard to push! Problem never came back.
  14. Moritz gauges removed for JPI 900. In perfect working condition. rgpilot@hotmail.com
  15. I just upgraded to JPI 900 and have JPI 700 and all the attachments. rgpilot@hotmail.com