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  1. You can repair the Moritz gauges yourself if you have some small tools and small soldering iron and some 680 bulbs from CEC lighting. You need to open gauge and remove board with the lights. Desolder old bulbs with minimal heat from the soldering iron and a small pick to lift pressure on the old bulbs wires so they will pop out. Replace bulbs after trimming length of wire to match old bulbs. Add a little flux to old solder, hold down pressure on new bulb to make sure it is in hole as far as possible, add a little solder and heat as little as possible to avoid damage to circuit board. This is for the clear 5 volt daytime bulbs. I am not sure where you get blue nighttime bulbs. They come in a pack of 6 for about $10.00
  2. I had the same exact thing happen in my old M20J. I got underneath the plane in the hangar and used the wooden handle of a hammer to exercise the limit switch about 25 times. It's hard to push! Problem never came back.
  3. Moritz gauges removed for JPI 900. In perfect working condition. rgpilot@hotmail.com
  4. I just upgraded to JPI 900 and have JPI 700 and all the attachments. rgpilot@hotmail.com
  5. I'll try that when I can. I am away and plane is in shop.
  6. The 225 captures the glideslope on GPS approaches perfectly. I never got the message that I expected but as long as I press the Approach button after passing the IAP it works. At that point the button will flash to alert me to push it. ILS approaches work normally. I can fly a full GPS approach with the plane doing the proceedure turn on its own and wait to repass the IAP than hit the Approach button on the 225 and capture the glideslope.
  7. I was describing a GPS approach. I never get the message to enable outputs and there is nothing to enable on the Garmin. The approach button on the 225 starts to flash and I just have to push Approach on 225.
  8. My king 225 coupled to Garmin 530 wass doesn't work as described in the Garmin manual. I have the autopilot on Nav as I shoot the approach with the Garmin Approach Activated and as I pass the FAF the Approach mode button on the 225 will begin to flash and I push it to capture the glideslope. If I push it to soon (before passing FAF) nothing happens. I never get the message to activate autopilot APR outputs.
  9. I use the AOPA insurance and they are very reasonable and easy to deal with.
  10. There is a fuse near the battery for power to overhead lights, front and rear. They can always be on without turning on the master.
  11. It's best to bleed Mooney brakes from the bottom by pumping fluid into the caliper and opening the reservoir at the top. First drain some fluid out of the bottom to purge calipers of old fluid.
  12. I got a reply from Mooney Engineering. They said you shouldn't use the 28 volt version of recognition lights because they would get too hot! I know that's just flat out wrong. I not sure where he got his engineering degree but they must not have taught ohm's law. They do have a resister in the line to drop the voltage to the 14 volt lights. Maybe they didn't have a 28 volt light available at the time they introduced recognition lights. In my old J Mooney I switch to 28 volt lights and stopped the meltdown. I just put a voltmeter on the recognition lights that Mooney installed (14 volt lights) with the resister to reduce voltage. They are getting 23 volts with battery only power. I will replace them with 28 volt lamps.
  13. I had three come loose on my old J. The mechanic just tighten them and they stayed leak free for about 2 years. I just retightend them and never had another problem.