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  1. An overhaul of those components does not guarantee that they were repaired properly. I had a problem with my 231 where the MP would drift. It would increase slowly at first and then pretty quickly as MP increased. My wastegate was sent off for overhaul and came back with the same issue. When I spoke to Merlyn they acknowledged that when they bench tested it there was a pin hole leak in the bellows but it was within spec so they didn't replace it during the overhaul. I sent it back again for repair and the second time it came back fixed. I would question what was replaced at overhaul.
  2. Well, poop...

    I've got a DG for sale if you need it. Overhauled in Oct. 2016 and removed from my plane for panel upgrade in Feb. 2017. I could ship it to you tomorrow. $300 plus shipping
  3. M20K 231 service/maintenance manuals

    Thank you.
  4. Does anyone have these in a digital format that is willing to share them with me? It would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Fuel Sending Units

    Sent one of mine to Air Parts of Lockhaven a few days ago and they rebuilt it for $166.50. Should have it back on Friday.
  6. You can barely see my ride(s) in the background but they are there. Took this photo the other day to show my wife the new hangar. The firebird is about to undergo a major refurbishment. Getting it ready for my son to drive.
  7. Max fuel differential

    I did the same today. 20 gallons in the left and empty on the right. No problem.
  8. Fuel Indication Issue

    Yeah...that was the first thing I did. I was hoping that’s all it was. No cigar. Next step I guess is sending this fuel sender out for repair. I’m not yet ready to invest the time for replacing all of them. Maybe when I have the tanks resealed I’ll upgrade.
  9. Fuel Indication Issue

    The EDM 900 has a totalizer but also serves as a replacement for my old analog primary gauges including my fuel gauges. The JPI displays fuel remaining in both tanks in gallons (see pic below).
  10. Fuel Indication Issue

    Recently my right fuel quantity gauge will show accurately until I'm below 25 gallons. Any amount of fuel below 25 gallons shows as 25 gallons. I had the JPI 900 installed in my 231 last October. The fuel senders were sent out for overhaul at that time and have given me fairly accurate readings til now. The JPI was a replacement for all my primary gauges. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  11. M20E Fuel caps

  12. Fluorosilicone Fuel Cap O-ring Kits

    I need the 431's. I'm planning on using paypal.
  13. Mooney 231 intercoolers

    I'm interested
  14. Nose gear shimmy

    Mine happens while taxiing and sometimes as I'm slowing down after landing. I'm always over the numbers at 70 and usually touch down at pretty slow speeds. I always taxi a little fast but nothing that I would consider excessive. They pulled the tire at Maxwell, checked and repacked the bearings, made sure the tire was on the wheel properly and that it was inflated as it should be. It's a newish tire and has lots of tread. They did say that there was a little slop in the gear but nothing that should cause this issue.
  15. Nose gear shimmy

    I'm replying to this thread because I'm interested in everyone's thoughts as I have also developed a shimmy in my nosewheel recently. Took it out to Maxwell and they found nothing out of the ordinary. My problem seems intermittent.