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  1. I'm doing the swap so I'm actually just waiting for the replacements to arrive. I'm going to go ahead and reach out to Aspen today. I appreciate the advice.
  2. This is what Aspen is telling my avionics shop. My guy calls or texts the rep every time I inquire about the status of the upgrade (about every 3 weeks). He and I both got the email from Aspen saying they were caught up and to call them for scheduling. This has been my result. I'm not sure what's going on and neither does my avionics guy.
  3. My Aspen upgrade was supposed to happen in November. It got pushed to end of December. Then to January. Now it's mid February and still nothing. I don't think they've caught up at all unless they are just neglecting me.
  4. Maybe that's a typo and you meant 2013. If I remember right fiki wasn't an option on Cirrus aircraft until around 2013/2014. It definitely was not an option in 2003. TKS inadvertent ice protection may have been introduced in late 2003.
  5. @NicoN I can usually do an oil change on my K model without a drop of oil hitting the floor or getting all over the nose gear. Haven't found a way to keep my hands clean yet though. I use the box my oil comes in to make this trough. Works extremely well and I just throw it away afterwards. The picture is after I drilled a hole in the filter to let it drain and just prior to removing the filter.
  6. I've never experienced the TIT rising as I run deeper into LOP. I've only experienced the TIT rising as a result of running closer to peak EGT. The leaner I run LOP, the cooler the TIT. I do not have an intercooler but do have a Merlyn. I have found the higher my manifold pressure is, the easier it is for me to manage turbine inlet temps. Mine without the intercooler runs best at between 34 and 35 inches of MP @2500 rpm's with a FF of 10.5 gph, TIT is 1610-1620. My FF will start to drift upward while running LOP so I have to keep an eye on it and seem to always have to keep adjusting while in cruise. My engine has never seemed very happy running LOP.
  7. I think that's the right panel. You'll just need to cut the openings for your gauge and your on/off lever.
  8. Once again you're wrong. I'm pretty sure as the one who authored the post you were referring to I know my intent and later when I stated clearly in my post that I would neither condone or condemn the Cirrus pilot seems pretty clear to me. Again, you have missed the whole point of my post which doesn't surprise me much.
  9. I didn't miss that. As a matter of fact I stated that his intervention was unnecessary and also turned out not to be harmful. Everything you've addressed in your post with the exception of what I bolded and underlined has nothing to do with the point of my post or what I was communicating. As far as justifying I did nothing of the sort. Just because I haven't joined the lynch mob doesn't mean I'm justifying anything or anyone.
  10. I agree. In this situation no help was needed. I thought I said that.
  11. I've been reading the comments about this video on several different sites and based on some of the comments I've read it's no wonder that so many of us pilots end up as large smoking craters in the ground. One of the most prevalent comments I've read is, "The Arrow pilot never asked for help or declared an emergency so the Cirrus pilot shouldn't have engaged him." Have we so quickly forgotten about the countless GA accidents we've read about that involve pilots being in trouble and not declaring an emergency or asking for help? After fatal crashes we've all listened to those radio exchanges between ATC and pilots where the pilots didn't declare an emergency much less ask for help in a bad situation that eventually costs the pilot his life. It's a big reason why so many pilots die in their airplanes. WE DON'T TYPICALLY ASK FOR HELP EVEN WHEN WE NEED IT. Another prevalent comment has been, "The Arrow pilot seemed calm and seemed to have everything under control." Yes he did sound calm and in control....just like most of the pilots who die because they fail to declare and ask for help. Based on a lot of the comments I've been reading it seems that many pilots are still exhibiting attitudes that in an emergency may kill them. The pilots saying they would have told this "tool" of a Cirrus pilot to buzz off must be much better in stressful situations than most. A second set of eyes from another pilot not under stress seems like it may be a good thing to have available in a situation like this. After watching the video the Arrow pilot clearly seemed to have things under control so I think the Cirrus pilots actions were probably unnecessary, but there was no way for the tower or the Cirrus driver to know for sure by just listening on the radio. In my opinion the Cirrus pilot put himself in a good position far enough behind and to the right of the Arrow to not be a distraction. The advice he gave was minimal, brief and good advice for energy management. Most of all the outcome was positive and we're not reading about an Arrow pilot that came up short of the runway that failed to declare an emergency and died or was injured in a crash. When I first saw this video my feelings were that if I had been the Arrow pilot in this situation I would have been offended at the Cirrus pilots attempt to help me. It would have definitely challenged my ego. After marinating on it for a couple days I've come to the conclusion that I can neither condemn or endorse the actions or attitude of the Cirrus pilot because I'm not him and I don't know what motivated his actions. I can say that the fact that I would have shunned and been offended by another pilots attempt to help me in a bad situation shows I needed an attitude adjustment.
  12. Yank the old cable and send it to these guys. They will make you a new one for a reasonable price. That's what I did when my cowl flap cable did the same thing yours did.
  13. I think my favorite view so far is the horizontal stab.