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  1. Stuck on Sarasota, FL

    Was there any smoke coming from anywhere?
  2. TruTrak Autopilot STC

    Spoke to the TruTrak guy at the AOPA event here in Norman, OK earlier this month. When I asked him about when he thought they would have something for the Mooney he responded that he thought it would be next in line and gave the timeline as Oct/Nov of next year.
  3. New Panel

    Not sure if this was a question or a statement but just in case, I'm responding as if it was a question. The screws on my panel were powder coated the same color as the panel and countersunk. We did every screw in the panel this way (the instrument mount screws as well as the screws for the switches) and it resulted in a very clean look. The only hardware that remained raised on the panel were the acorn nuts and maybe 8 screws that attached the panel. They were also powdercoated with the panel to match the color of the panel.
  4. New Panel

    Another option would be countersunk screws. When I did my panel we used countersunk screws that were powder coated the same color as the panel. Probably not as clean as rivets but it turned out pretty good.
  5. Top End on Big Bore Continental (TSIO 550)

    I had the non turbo version of this engine in my Cirrus and started to burn a quart of oil every 1.5 hrs after the engine had reached approx 1800hrs TTSN. The diagnosis was "stuck" oil control rings. Some guys were doing what they called a "ring flush" to try to see if they could remove the carbon that was causing them to stick with mixed results. I was about to do the soak on the cylinders in my engine to see if it had any effect on oil consumption before pulling the cylinders but due to unexpected circumstances ended up not needing to. I had heard it worked for some and not for others. To me it seems like it's worth looking into before tearing into the engine.
  6. WTB: Fuel Flow Indicator

    I sent you a private message.
  7. WTB: Fuel Flow Indicator

    @Jayhawk_aviator, I have an electronics international for-5l fuel flow computer that I just took out of my airplane after a panel re-do. Let me know if you're interested in it.
  8. Stall warner inop

    I had this issue. I adjusted mine as far up as it would go by just loosening the screws and pushing up but wouldn't get a stall horn until the wing completely stalled and only when at near max weight. I finally removed the switch completely to examine it and found that I could bend the housing that held it in the leading edge and get it to be adjusted farther up. Now I get the stall horn at about 5-7 knots before stall at mid weight.
  9. Mooney Owners near Oklahoma City.

    Yes, I believe so. message me your contact info and I'll call you. We can figure out a time that will work then.
  10. Mooney Owners near Oklahoma City.

    @thoma015 I've got a K model hangared at Wiley Post you're more than welcome to come take a look at if you would like.
  11. Gear will not retract

    Took it to Longview this morning. They found that a wire was broken between the circuit breaker and the relay. A new wire was run and everything is working well. I guess the culprit was tired 37 year old wiring that decided taxiing on rough terrain was too much. I'm glad it was a fairly simple fix.
  12. Gear will not retract

    You're right.....I did think of it. Went through that process this morning. I'll be headed to Longview first thing in the morning since we couldn't get it fixed by phone.
  13. Gear will not retract

    I have still been unable to raise the gear. There is definitely no visible damage to the gear or any of it's visible parts. Anyone know of a knowledgable Mooney guy in close proximity to OKC? If not I'll be making a slow flight to Texas tomorrow.
  14. Gear will not retract

    I did cycle it but it's worth looking at more closely. It was a very quick unlatching and latching. I didn't look at it very closely. I'll let you guys know what I observe when I get out there tomorrow.
  15. Gear will not retract

    That's my plan for tomorrow. I will definitely post with the results.