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  1. ziggysanchez

    Typical costs to install a JPI 830 or 900?

    Don Maxwell Aviation did an EDM 900 on a my 231 for approximately $5800 if I remember right. That was for the part and the install. So I definitely think they are charging too much.
  2. ziggysanchez

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    I've got a couple Bromptons that fold up smaller than most. Great bikes. They don't fit through the baggage door of the Mooney but I can definitely slip them over the top of the rear seat with the headrests removed.
  3. ziggysanchez

    Anyone from southeast Oklahoma area.

    That’s fine
  4. ziggysanchez

    Anyone from southeast Oklahoma area.

    I’ll be in Antlers tomorrow evening and all day Saturday. Just let me know what works best for you and I’ll try to work around it. My schedule is pretty flexible during the day. After 5pm I have meetings.
  5. ziggysanchez

    Anyone from southeast Oklahoma area.

    I’m in SE Oklahoma every week at the Antlers airport (80F). You are more than welcome to check out my Mooney. Message me if you want to meet up. I’m 6’2” and 280lbs and I’m pretty comfortable in my plane. I’d be willing to meet you at the Idabel airport. I was flying into 4O4 every week up until about a month ago.
  6. ziggysanchez

    Puff of smoke, electrical smell

    I had this happen shortly after taking delivery of mine. Puff of smoke behind the circuit breaker panel and electric burning smell, the whole nine yards. What it ended up being was the battery cable had been rubbing on the air box and exposed some wires. It was intermittently arcing on the firewall and would produce the smoke in the cockpit and smell. It may be worth it to take a look and see if there is any evidence of arcing on the firewall in that area.
  7. ziggysanchez

    Fingerprint damaged anti glare on my 530

    I removed the coating on mine with one of those armorall wipes and then installed a screen protector. It made the screen look a whole lot nicer.The armorall wipes will remove all the coating without damaging the screen.
  8. ziggysanchez

    MooneyMax Conference and Clinics

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this Paul. I'm going to do my best to clear my schedule so I can be there. @Pmaxwell, Should I start calling you PMax???.......lol.
  9. ziggysanchez

    Seat rails

    I have a 1980 K model and know exactly what you're talking about. I'm 6'3" and need just a little more room when locked in the last holes. My right knee digs into the cabin air vent knob. I usually takeoff, fly and land with the seat in the full back position when by myself. When I have a passenger behind me it can be rather uncomfortable for my knee if I have to stay in that forward position for a long period of time.
  10. ziggysanchez

    Flying around OKC on a beautiful morning

    With the GoPro helmet mount.
  11. ziggysanchez

    231 airspeed

    I've got one if you need it. Message me.
  12. ziggysanchez

    Likelihood of engine failure

    About 350 hours SMOH.
  13. ziggysanchez

    Likelihood of engine failure

    Got my private pilot certificate back in 2009. I have accumulated approximately 2300 hours total time since then and have had 2 engine failures. I had a complete failure as a result of a dual magneto failure during my initial PP training while practicing forced landings with my instructor. Also had a partial failure in my Mooney last month on takeoff at night due to losing 2 cylinders. One cylinder was cracked at the top spark plug and the other had a valve seat come loose.
  14. ziggysanchez

    Loss Of Engine Power Thursday Night

    I'll be downloading the data tomorrow and will try to post it when I have some time. I'll probably spend most of the day cleaning the remaining oil off of the airplane, engine and inner cowling. All that oil made a huge mess. If I can I will post it tomorrow evening.
  15. ziggysanchez

    Loss Of Engine Power Thursday Night

    Well, Paul and Tom showed up this morning from Maxwell aviation and installed the new cylinders. I’m back in the air and the plane ran like a champ.