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  1. 1981 M20J Restored by Daytona Aircraft Services

    I fly that much in a year and will admit that you have to be in the airplane a bunch to do it. I think probably the only way to fly an airplane that much in a year would be if you are using it a lot for business travel and much of the traveling that you are doing are long cross country flights. I purchased my K model at the end of October last year. It was in the shop getting a new panel for five months (Feb-July) so my flying was limited, but I've still managed to put 150 hours on it in the time that it was available to me. i may be wrong about this but I've made an observation since joining this community. Mooney pilots seem eager to pick apart every aircraft that everyone is trying sell on this forum. Seems to me most people here would want you to sell your J for a higher price to improve the value of their own. The more these aircraft sell for the better off we are when we go to sell ours. I didn't think your initial price was out of line. If I had been a buyer and looked at your plane last October before I purchased the K, I would have scooped it up in a heart beat. I looked at lots of crap before finding my K. I hope you sell this aircraft for what you were asking for initially. I hate to see that you have dropped the price by so much. I think we as a community are shooting ourselves in the foot when we pick these aircraft that come up for sale apart. This is the first place most people will look when purchasing and some of the things posted here create an unrealistic expectation in buyers about the value of these aircraft that ends up hurting all of us in the long run. Just my two pennies.
  2. I would be careful with the people at the FBO in Brunswick. They didn't seem very small GA aircraft friendly while I was there several weeks ago. I was quoted $50 per night for hangar space for my stay and was told if I stayed for the entire week I was scheduled to stay for they would discount that rate substantially. A week later when I departed I was told I was being charged $60 per night. When I asked for an explanation I was told that $60 is what they normally charge for Mooneys and other aircraft in that class and they didn't know why I had been told $50. I just happened to look over and laying on the counter I see the check in card for another aircraft. It had the hangar box checked and showed a rate of $50 per night. When I inquired about what type of aircraft it was that had been given that $50 rate I was told it was a Saratoga. When I told the girl at the counter that a Saratoga was larger than my aircraft and asked why it was cheaper to hangar than mine things just started getting stupid. I asked to talk to the manager about it (who was nowhere to be found) but the girl at the counter got kinda ugly and I was basically told, "oh well, it is what it is". Someone did finally get the manager on the phone for me (although I never spoke with him directly) and he ended up giving me $50 off my total bill but I wasn't exactly made to feel good about it. No apology, no explanation, just that "get your cheap plane out of here" attitude that I've gotten at a couple "if you're not a jet, we don't want you here" FBO's.
  3. New panel in my 231

    Yes. I made it into Brunswick last night. The avionics worked flawlessly. The new ADSB weather helped us around a band of heavy storms that were along our route. It was a great flight.
  4. New panel in my 231

    First flight after completion went well. Everything worked as expected except the autopilot. We need to do some tweaking there. I came out of a 2005 Cirrus into this Mooney so it didn't take long for me to get used to the glass displays and how all the information is laid out. I'm going to be flying from Oklahoma to Maine on Thursday and taking it on it's first loooong x country flight.
  5. New panel in my 231

    Yup. We removed the vacuum system. Everything was completed today. I fly it home tomorrow. I'll get some pictures then with the glare shield on.
  6. New panel in my 231

    I'm going to mount my iPad in that area but nothing permanent as I upgrade often. It will be very clean though and sit very close to the panel. I'll post a picture when I get it mounted.
  7. New panel in my 231

    Wanted to post an update on my new panel. Did part of the final installation today. The rest of the installation and configuration begin tomorrow. So far it's looking great!
  8. New interior in my 231

    I've been very pleased with the results. My panel will be done next week. I'm looking forward to taking it up.
  9. New interior in my 231

    Legacy Aviation in Yukon, OK. (KRCE)
  10. New interior in my 231

    While my aircraft was down for a new panel I decided to have part of the interior redone. It was a less than 2 year old interior but it was done in white and was already showing a lot of wear. I think I was able to improve the look while using colors that will wear much better than the white did. Before: After:
  11. New panel in my 231

    I got great deals on my equipment with the exception of the Garmin. Found most of it online and was able to trade some of my old stuff for credit. I got everything new except for one of the Aspens. I got a refurbished unit. I spent more than 25K but less than 30K. Dennis Falasco at Omega Aircraft in Weatherford, OK. He does excellent work. The best work is definitely behind the panel. I don't know why more people don't show that part of it. That's part of the reason I shared it.
  12. New panel in my 231

    Just the equipment was north of 25k. Not sure what the labor will be since my avionics guy has been letting me help do some of the work.
  13. New panel in my 231

    I purchased a 231 (N231JY) from Don Maxwell in October of last year and decided on a panel redo a couple months ago. I came out of an Avidyne equipped Cirrus and really enjoyed and became accustomed to the all glass panel. So I went with all glass in the new panel. We are in the final stages of completion now and thought I would post a few pics of the process. This is what we started with... First day of tear down.... Second day of teardown.... New circuit breaker panel..... Very clean work.... Back of main panel cleaned up... Fitting instruments. Everything is flush mounted. Radio stack.... Checking for fitment... First power up...
  14. Interior Shop in the North Texas Area

    Had mine done by a place at Page airport in Yukon, OK. They did an excellent job. I only have pictures of a front seat right now but will be installing the interior next week and will take lots of pictures of the full interior then.
  15. New Klixon switch covers

    I've been trying to reach him for weeks with no luck. Phone goes straight to voice mail. Left a message and no joy......