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  1. Max fuel differential

    I did the same today. 20 gallons in the left and empty on the right. No problem.
  2. Fuel Indication Issue

    Yeah...that was the first thing I did. I was hoping that’s all it was. No cigar. Next step I guess is sending this fuel sender out for repair. I’m not yet ready to invest the time for replacing all of them. Maybe when I have the tanks resealed I’ll upgrade.
  3. Fuel Indication Issue

    The EDM 900 has a totalizer but also serves as a replacement for my old analog primary gauges including my fuel gauges. The JPI displays fuel remaining in both tanks in gallons (see pic below).
  4. Fuel Indication Issue

    Recently my right fuel quantity gauge will show accurately until I'm below 25 gallons. Any amount of fuel below 25 gallons shows as 25 gallons. I had the JPI 900 installed in my 231 last October. The fuel senders were sent out for overhaul at that time and have given me fairly accurate readings til now. The JPI was a replacement for all my primary gauges. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  5. M20E Fuel caps

  6. Fluorosilicone Fuel Cap O-ring Kits

    I need the 431's. I'm planning on using paypal.
  7. Mooney 231 intercoolers

    I'm interested
  8. Nose gear shimmy

    Mine happens while taxiing and sometimes as I'm slowing down after landing. I'm always over the numbers at 70 and usually touch down at pretty slow speeds. I always taxi a little fast but nothing that I would consider excessive. They pulled the tire at Maxwell, checked and repacked the bearings, made sure the tire was on the wheel properly and that it was inflated as it should be. It's a newish tire and has lots of tread. They did say that there was a little slop in the gear but nothing that should cause this issue.
  9. Nose gear shimmy

    I'm replying to this thread because I'm interested in everyone's thoughts as I have also developed a shimmy in my nosewheel recently. Took it out to Maxwell and they found nothing out of the ordinary. My problem seems intermittent.
  10. I have nothing but great things to say about Don and his family. They have always gone out of their way to help me resolve any issues I've had with my aircraft. I did purchase this aircraft directly from Maxwell. So far it's been a pretty awesome airplane.
  11. Stuck on Sarasota, FL

    Was there any smoke coming from anywhere?
  12. TruTrak Autopilot STC

    Spoke to the TruTrak guy at the AOPA event here in Norman, OK earlier this month. When I asked him about when he thought they would have something for the Mooney he responded that he thought it would be next in line and gave the timeline as Oct/Nov of next year.
  13. New Panel

    Not sure if this was a question or a statement but just in case, I'm responding as if it was a question. The screws on my panel were powder coated the same color as the panel and countersunk. We did every screw in the panel this way (the instrument mount screws as well as the screws for the switches) and it resulted in a very clean look. The only hardware that remained raised on the panel were the acorn nuts and maybe 8 screws that attached the panel. They were also powdercoated with the panel to match the color of the panel.
  14. New Panel

    Another option would be countersunk screws. When I did my panel we used countersunk screws that were powder coated the same color as the panel. Probably not as clean as rivets but it turned out pretty good.
  15. Top End on Big Bore Continental (TSIO 550)

    I had the non turbo version of this engine in my Cirrus and started to burn a quart of oil every 1.5 hrs after the engine had reached approx 1800hrs TTSN. The diagnosis was "stuck" oil control rings. Some guys were doing what they called a "ring flush" to try to see if they could remove the carbon that was causing them to stick with mixed results. I was about to do the soak on the cylinders in my engine to see if it had any effect on oil consumption before pulling the cylinders but due to unexpected circumstances ended up not needing to. I had heard it worked for some and not for others. To me it seems like it's worth looking into before tearing into the engine.