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  1. From what I understand the Chinese no longer own Mooney. A group of American investors has acquired Mooney and is on their way to making the changes stated in the announcement that was released today. Don Maxwell posted a message today on this forum titled "New Mooney Ownership Today." I've spoken with Don and with others and like I said the way I understand it is that Mooney has once again completely changed hands and is under completely new ownership.
  2. I came up with the layout and Omega Aircraft in Weatherford, Ok did the avionics work. They do great work.
  3. For the trip to Maine we did 40 gallons and just stopped as necessary for fuel. We carried 50 lbs of bags in the plane and sent the rest with family that were meeting us there.
  4. I have loved owning and flying my 231. I've flown it close to 900 hours in the last 3.5 years. Useful load in mine is somewhere around 930 lbs which is not too bad and has the Merlyn wastegate but no intercooler. I loaded my family in it right after my panel upgrade and flew them to Maine from Oklahoma. It was a little tight width wise but that might be more from me being 6'3" and 280 lbs than the Mooney being too small...lol. Maintenance costs on mine have been extremely low. The 231 is a great airplane. I'm about to trade it to move into an Eagle that has TKS. If you wanna pull the trigger t
  5. @lvpazik If you have some discoloration around the inspection door it's probably not from the heat. K models (231's) are notorious for having exhaust leaks at the slip joints (especially the one in the very front). My 231 has leaky slip joints and develops discoloration around the turbo inspection door after a short time of flying. I have found this stuff to be the best solution for removing the soot and discoloration left by exhaust gasses. I use it around the turbo inspection door and on the belly to remove soot. Great stuff. There is no turbo blanket or insulation installed in the 231as far
  6. You cannot get an automatic wastegate in a 231. You have to manage your MP with the throttle so you don't over boost the engine.The merlyn wastegate that is installed in many 231's from what I understand helps to keep the engine from bootstrapping but I have found that at some power settings it doesn't always do that very well. However the 252's and Encores do have an automatic wastegate.
  7. It is definitely a nice F but unfortunately for the seller no where close to a 100K airplane. It would certainly be good for F model values if this one sold for that but I don't see that happening. It is the nicest F model I've ever looked at but it's still a 67 F model with a high time engine.
  8. Sorry guys I meant to respond to this yesterday. @Paulyslug, I'd be happy to look at it for you. Did the last one you looked at fall through? I'd just need to know exactly what you'd want me to inspect.
  9. I'm doing the swap so I'm actually just waiting for the replacements to arrive. I'm going to go ahead and reach out to Aspen today. I appreciate the advice.
  10. This is what Aspen is telling my avionics shop. My guy calls or texts the rep every time I inquire about the status of the upgrade (about every 3 weeks). He and I both got the email from Aspen saying they were caught up and to call them for scheduling. This has been my result. I'm not sure what's going on and neither does my avionics guy.
  11. My Aspen upgrade was supposed to happen in November. It got pushed to end of December. Then to January. Now it's mid February and still nothing. I don't think they've caught up at all unless they are just neglecting me.
  12. Maybe that's a typo and you meant 2013. If I remember right fiki wasn't an option on Cirrus aircraft until around 2013/2014. It definitely was not an option in 2003. TKS inadvertent ice protection may have been introduced in late 2003.
  13. @NicoN I can usually do an oil change on my K model without a drop of oil hitting the floor or getting all over the nose gear. Haven't found a way to keep my hands clean yet though. I use the box my oil comes in to make this trough. Works extremely well and I just throw it away afterwards. The picture is after I drilled a hole in the filter to let it drain and just prior to removing the filter.
  14. I've never experienced the TIT rising as I run deeper into LOP. I've only experienced the TIT rising as a result of running closer to peak EGT. The leaner I run LOP, the cooler the TIT. I do not have an intercooler but do have a Merlyn. I have found the higher my manifold pressure is, the easier it is for me to manage turbine inlet temps. Mine without the intercooler runs best at between 34 and 35 inches of MP @2500 rpm's with a FF of 10.5 gph, TIT is 1610-1620. My FF will start to drift upward while running LOP so I have to keep an eye on it and seem to always have to keep adjusting while in
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