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  1. I spoke with Paul about this last month while they were still planning the event. Mooney owners are always talking about the speed they get out of their birds. He thought it would be fun to categorize Mooney's by model and have a point A to point B speed trial to see whose was the fastest. I agreed that it would be fun to have a little friendly competition amongst other Mooney drivers. Plus, it gives us another excuse to fly...lol.
  2. Did mine in 2017. Took 4 months. Lost 29lbs. Before and after pictures below.
  3. @Ah-1 Cobra Pilot, I need a red boost pump cover and an AV Master that has the plastic pin on the top instead of the bottom of the switch (in other words printed upside down from normal).
  4. Just a little over 300 hrs this year all in Mooney aircraft. 240 hours in my 231 and 61 hours in a Missile.
  5. Beautiful sunset over Oklahoma last night.
  6. My K does something similar on every flight but it only happens while I'm in cruise and OAT doesn't seem to be a contributing factor. While in cruise (running LOP) my MAP will "runaway" and I have to make adjustments usually to keep TIT out of the red. It's not as abrupt as what happens to yours. My MAP seems to drift slowly at first but once it gets started it begins to move up fairly quickly. I have the Merlyn waste gate but no intercooler. We sent the waste gate for overhaul and it seemed to improve but I still have the issue. No induction leaks were found. I'm interested to find out what is causing your issue. Maybe it will give me an idea of where I should look next.
  7. @MBDiagMan, Here is a picture of the airspeed switch.
  8. @JRam, I was a Savvy maintenance management customer for a couple years on a Cirrus that I previously owned. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.
  9. Exactly why I put mine where I did. I use the EDM or refer to it more than any other instrument on my panel as well.
  10. I removed the vacuum system from my K model and went all glass. The main thing I wanted to accomplish was to have a capable IFR platform with minimal clutter. If the new Garmin system had been available when I updated I would have seriously considered it over the Aspens. Not because I think the Garmin is more capable (I think they are both very capable systems) but because the Garmin would have reduced the number of components installed in my panel and further reduced the clutter. I’ve been very happy with my panel upgrade.
  11. I've got an old iPad that I'd be willing to sell. My wife just upgraded. I don't remember which model it is but I'll find out. Let me know if you're interested.
  12. It is mounted on top. I think that is my favorite angle to record from because it always gives me the feeling of flying while watching. Glad you enjoyed the video.
  13. I'm thinking it really may depend on the insurance company. I'm not sure what the differences are between the insurance a shop would carry and the insurance we carry on our aircraft but I'm sure there is some difference. I once slid on the ice in my car and ran into the prop of my Cirrus SR22 (the prop wasn't spinning). I ended up with a bent blade. The engine and prop both had 1900 hours on them since new. Without going into a whole lot of detail, I ended up claiming it on my car insurance and decided on an engine overhaul from Western Skyways and new prop in lieu of a teardown and inspection and prop repair because of the high time on the engine and prop. The insurance company paid all but approx. $10,000.00 of the entire bill (which was in excess of $69k). I'm sure I wouldn't have been paid that much had I claimed it on my aircraft insurance but the car insurance handled it much differently than the aircraft insurance would have and it benefited me. I'm guessing Don may do a little better based on the fact he's not claiming this through "aircraft insurance". I could be wrong though.