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  1. Folks, anybody is planning to travel from Grand Prairie (KGPM) to Houston? I need help with bringing an elevator and happy to pitch in for the fuel cost. Please let me know if you plan for it and have space. Thanks, - Dominik
  2. I would love that type of arrangement, how would I go about asking?
  3. @carusoam, thank you for checking on me! I found way forward after a few folks reached out to help. Mark Lenker had an elevator available and it is only 3 hour drive from me. I should be able to pick it up and install in the first week of December. Looking forward to flying again. A friend of mine suggested to straighten up the metal, put some rivets to keep it together and put speed tape on it... Need to read whether that’s acceptable temporary approach. I’m new to plane maintenance so only assume it needs to be signed off by AP.
  4. M20J, I do adjust RPM in flight but not in approach / landing when I set it to high.
  5. still learning, so perhaps a silly question... what does it mean to check balance? I saw comment about balancing after repainting...
  6. Thanks Jerry, will drop you a note. and good observation on RH.
  7. by stupid hangar mistake i found myself in need of either repair or a replacement elevator. I’m new to this so would appreciate suggestion where to look for something like this. attached picture to illustrate damage. Thanks, Dominik
  8. I should be clear, I never touch RPM lever - propeller is always at max. There are just times when I bring MP down to adjust for higher speed on final. It might be just lack of my experience that results in larger than needed MP adjustments that take MP below 15 and as a result RPM from above 1950 to below 1500.
  9. There is a placard in my plane that states ‘avoid cont. operations between 1500 & 1950 RPM w power settings below 15” hg manifold pressure”. I was told that a brief operation in this range on the final approach are acceptable. In my experience, it is impossible to avoid it as I adjust MP on approach. Do you guys have any hints/tips on how to avoid it or whether it is acceptable for brief period? As said, I was told not to worry about it but thought I would ask for another opinion(s).
  10. If you are interested in taking a look at M20J, happy to show it to you at 9X1. I’m still building enough hours before I can take passengers (insurance requirement) but I should have enough hours in December. Let me know if you are interested, also can share my experience of transition into flying mooney.
  11. I hope that I’m not going to misrepresent it. There is a ‘no back’ clutch spring that if it gives up, it will prevent gear from extending, either normal or manual. Did a bit more digging since then and discussed with AP who said it makes sense to replace with next manual but did not feel it was required to be done immediately.. So, will not practice emergency gear extensions til annual. here is the link - https://themooneyflyer.com/issues/2020-SepTMF.pdf, p12.
  12. same actually applies to search box - cannot see what I type... but overall, also like the dark theme... my environment - Safari on iPad
  13. reviving old topic, excellent information tho... Debating a cost effective mooney tug... any reason why a trailer dolly such as this one, https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/tow-tuff-electric-trailer-dolly-tmd-3500etd, would not work with a tow bar like the one above? the only reason I can think of is that the ball is too high... Am am I missing something? Seems to cut the cost by 50% comparing to commercial tugs...
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