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  1. I saw a pretty cool setup where battery minder port was large audio jack. made connecting very simple. I keep looking for a certified version of something like that. This was the least painful option I came across so far. Anybody else saw similar setup?
  2. Problem solved, there was a wire that slipped out from its crimp - see area circled in red on the first picture. second shows test run, battery charging and the amps started to drop as the battery charged. And my face grinning in reflection. big thanks to everyone who pitched in, it was great to have the moral support from you guys as I worked through the issue.
  3. I didn’t. Looking back, it was a miss on my part. But I was close to Baton Rouge so it was an easy call to land. Also wife would freak out if I started to look through emergency procedures. Nevertheless, miss on my end as I should have thought of this first.
  4. this is completely random sample, April 30th. Typical current, 13.5V, 4A.
  5. you guys are my go to for brainstorming options… here is a real-time ask for feedback. On a flight back home from the bahamas (1000 NM so far), 200 miles from home, the alternator/battery or electrical started to act up. I took decision to land in Baton Rouge. The question is what to do next. Here is what happened, after 8+ hours of flying in a pretty warm weather (last leg at 3,500 VFR to avoid IFR headaches), the EMS started to show negative current - picture 1. The battery voltage started to drop off (got down from usual 13.6 to 12.2). Made decision to cut this leg short and land in Baton Rouge. Weekend, so no mechanic on the field to be found). For a peace of mind, went back to start engine and things looked actually normal, okay 2nd picture shows Amps going way high but then back lower, potentially explained by battery needing charging. Here are my options, I think there are two: wait for A&P to show up on the field on Monday do some more troubleshooting tomorrow morning - make sure that run another test tomorrow morning hoping that the primary issue was with overheated engine compartment (low altitude flight in last leg). If looks good, do a flight in a pattern. If looks good, go home, be conservative on electronics. turn off 2nd nav/com, AP, etc. Skyview has hour+ battery so its backup. What would really suck is to do manual gear extension and no flap landing. What do you guys think? Family is heading home on a commercial flight mid day, so, the pressure (and stress in cockpit) is going down. Thanks, Dominik
  6. That’s definitely a next level. I like the concept of rear bucket seats!
  7. nice job with the window trim! it’s one of the areas falling apart on mine. is your headrest standard for your model/year or upgrade?
  8. would an overhead from a newer J model (let’s say late 80s or 90s) fit in ‘78?
  9. thanks! I actually will be at that airport in a week on the way back from bahamas…
  10. who did you use? the interior looks awesome
  11. this is to start developing options for my M20J interior upgrade… please for now disregard costs (I try to) but focus on pros / cons and any pointers to digest. My current interior is the original one, the plastics are cracked and missing pieces. Seats are mix of fabric and vinyl. I listed all options that I could come up with. The primary challenge is that plastics are cracking and look awful. Also, I’m missing headrests and vents don’t work well - need patching, fixing, etc. Options try to patch what I currently have - the challenge is that plastic is quite brittle, screws missing and I don’t think it is a lasting solution if this is way forward, there are a few other options forward: use Airtex for seats and carpets or some local shop for seats. The challenge is that I would rather have better seats and vents fixed have aerocomfort fix and cover existing plastics. they are still brittle but perhaps the leather covering fixes some of the issues? cons is the cost but end result looks awesome change plastics there is vantage, not perfect pieces, but more robust in long term. not preferred option but an easy one get a newer interior from salvage. is that the best option? new plastics, hardware (screws), allow to change to newer vent system. Will 90s M20J interior fit? It looks it might be the most cost optimal route forward, just requires finding a salvage plane in good shape. I looked through the posts on MS and looks like all options are a decent way forward. the most intriguing option is to lift interior from a newer mooney but I don’t understand the process required. I would love to have a more modern interior with split rear seats like in this post. https://mooneyspace.com/topic/42732-fs-1977-m20j-with-modern-interior-lopresti-mods-750aspenstec-55x/#comment-740666
  12. This was one of those edge cases. Two weeks in Bahamas, scuba diving gear, 3 people and dilemma whether I should take 40g or 42g at the next stop Most of my flights, I’m a few hundred lbs under with full tanks…
  13. I did use FF, I wish their app allowed to have multiple items per location. It’s just the weighting of luggage and optimizing weight distribution takes longer time.
  14. I had mine done by Carl in December last year. It did take longer than expected but also it was winter, so they go through extra steps to heat up sealant. So far so good. I would have an honest chat with him about capacity and ability to stick to dates.
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