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  1. I did a quick search on MS and I'm familiar with POH which states 6 qts minimum for flight... however, this is what previous owner shared with me with handover and recently tried it and it actually makes sense. If I keep oil between 6 and 5.5 qts, it actually does not fluctuate much. above 6qts and I have to keep adding. Here are his notes, any thoughts whether it is a valid approach? The only challenge is that keeping track of oil dropping from 6 to 5.5 on longer flights is PITA. handover notes: “if you fill with over 6 qts of oil, the engine will blow it out of the breather over ti
  2. Good evening, wanted to check whether our email and support are able to move the dial/gain traction with Dynon. Thanks, - Dominik
  3. Folks, I would really appreciate help with this one. I cannot figure out the name of this part and best way to go about fixing it/replacing. The holes have been getting bigger. I’ve tried reviewing mooney part catalog but I cannot find it there.
  4. Looks like Toyota decided that three tanks are the best way to take care of all passengers... so there is one between you and your wife, one under your baby and one under your shoppings... https://www.thedrive.com/news/37872/now-with-three-hydrogen-tanks-the-2021-toyota-mirai-gets-a-400-mile-range I’m not sold on hydrogen, it is expensive energy source, unless you factor in electricity at negative prices. I personally drive EV and love it. For longer trips, there is mooney
  5. Hmm, I didn’t include sources, I guessed I deserved that Here is an article to support my statement, https://reneweconomy.com.au/rapid-fall-to-parity-predicted-for-australian-renewable-hydrogen-costs-11266/. With increase in renewables, Australia has challenge with negative electricity prices during overproduction and this is a valid usage of excess electricity. Please note that this does not account for electrolysis technology improvements which will happen as we see more investments in H2. I’m not a proponent of hydrogen but it is going to become increasingly relevant with policies
  6. with renewable generation, you get oversupply of electricity and hydrogen allows you to level peaks and valleys... depending on the location, green hydrogen can be cost competitive with natural gas based hydrogen. I believe they come at the same price point right now in Australia...
  7. It is my first plane after completing PPL. Find it much more stable than previous planes I flew. And it is fun to travel at 160 kts - things get much closer. It is a bit tight inside but I’m happy to trade it for opportunity to travel to places...
  8. My thoughts exactly... moving all the breakers, switches, rewiring in case existing wires are too short. I can definitely see it becoming a few days of work...
  9. Thank you, that’s a useful data point. How much was the labor increase due to the new panel? I was quoted $4K - $6K with panel installation as delta from keeping existing panel. With lower panel cost, 3 x GI275s (with EIS) or G3X would be pretty much the same.
  10. Lance, very good questions... I decided to build a spreadsheet with similar options - also realized that a single large screen might provide similar capability at the same price... especially when you factor in the cost of engine monitor...
  11. No, we haven’t. But taking a note of this. And I will definitely have to make friends with mechanic on the field. I think I can some basic work myself, but will need somebody to look over my shoulder. Fortunately their shop is a quick golf cart ride from my hangar.
  12. So far, the discussion was a big learning for me... The importance of backup AI is something that I didn’t appreciate and helped me to prioritize my thinking... I think redundancy in general I have to confess that it hits close to home for me. My VFR instructor was killed in IMC conditions when flying IFR flight plan. Some of the points brought in the discussion point to what might have happen - failure of the vacuum pump system is a possibility although no official explanation has been published yet. I’m still not clear why I see people having two GPS units in the panel and whether iPad
  13. For some reason mine only tracks HSI bug but not GPS. Not sure if that’s fixable given its age.
  14. I should also mention that I have Century IIB (wing level & heading only). I can drive it from HSI but not GPS. But it does come handy - flight paths are darn straight on flight tracker.
  15. apologies, they were not available on my ipad, had to move to Mac, there are attached now
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