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  1. I didn’t know Nancy was part of the arrangement!?
  2. I can think of many reasons to bust bravo and tell ATC unable: Traffic conflict VFR weather conflict Fuel or engine trouble Navigation issues Medical issue However, given his snarky/argumentative responses, I doubt that was the case. Reminds me of the nutjob who wanted to land in JFK so he landed on rockaway beach instead:
  3. Depends on if you need the airplane or want the airplane. If you need it to get around right now while avoiding covid, makes sense. If it’s a hobby/leisure plane, then you might be missing out on the buying process and there’s no place to go right now cause of Covid. Except maybe doing touch and goes at Newark or Kennedy
  4. The risk of taking on more airplane than the insurance carrier thinks you’re qualified to take (or qualified to take at a moderate cost). It doesn’t change with or without insurance. I’m just saying it’s a warning sign rather than just a financial matter.
  5. Just food for thought. If the insurance company doesn’t really want to take on your risk or needs to charge an over the top amount, you should contemplate that risk further. It’s not just forgetting to put the wheels down, although it’s a big part. There’s no substitute for experience. A bit of a catch-22. How do you get experience to lower your risk without taking on a lot of risk by flying to get experience? Training! Lots of it. In addition to instructors, make friends with people who can fly with you. Please remember while self insuring that you are taking on risk beyond just money when you and your loved ones are in that plane.
  6. "The plane came to rest at the end of the runway and the pilot was able to escape the wreckage by himself. The pilot was originally taken to a nearby hospital and then airlifted to a regional burn center. The pilot has not been publicly identified." "BUENA VISTA, Colo. — A small plane crashed on take off at the Central Colorado Regional Airport in Buena Vista located in Chaffee County, according to the airport's manager Jack Wyles. Wyles said the pilot was flying a small, single-engine Mooney plane, when he tried to take off around 2 p.m. on Tuesday. " Mike, you might be able to coax that info out of Jack Wyles, the airport manager: Manager: JACK WYLES 27960 COUNTY ROAD 319 BUENA VISTA, CO 81211 Phone 719-395-3496 ALTERNATE PHONE 719-966-9098
  7. Mine is a Safeflight that was installed in the 80s and came with my plane. I love that it is analog with a needle so you can see rate of change in addition to an indication. I'm not as good at math and spreadsheets like you so I just fly with the ball on the inclinometer and the needle on the AOA centered for consistent approaches.
  8. I just use an AOA indicator to nail the optimal approach "speed" every time without doing any math or charts.
  9. Why am I not surprised you're from Germany?
  10. I have never once flown it 1300. They've always assigned either 1500 or 2000. Just cause it's where the bravo starts, doesn't mean it's the altitude ATC works with. Often times southbound they assign 2000 and 1500 northbound but it's not written in stone. Coming from CT they usually have me maintain 3500 crossing HPN and then drop to 2000 by Alpine Tower. Usually don't get down to 1500 until with Newark Tower and south of the statue.
  11. Congratulations, that's awesome! I didn't even let my DPE touch my door, did it myself. The two times I've had a door pop were when someone "knew what they were doing." Not gonna make that mistake again.
  12. Aha. NY approach usually only provides service above 2k and LGA tower doesn’t handle north of GW Bridge. So, he’d have to terminate you and tell you to maintain VFR if you wanted lower than the bottom of his sector.
  13. Exactly which controller said this? NY approach, LGA tower, or EWR tower and where were you?
  14. There is not a single section of NY Bravo where the floor is 2000ft. So either you misunderstood or he misspoke or what I originally said. Sometimes they have LGA arrivals flying the Hudson at 3-4000. Sometimes helicopters or opposing traffic at 1500. It’s a crap shoot if you get assigned 1500 or 2000. Sometimes they jerk you around up and down and up.