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  1. My sincerest condolences. I want to thank Mike Elliot and the Mooney Summit for respectfully relaying the support of the Mooney community to the family and keeping the community up to date.
  2. Well apparently there were some 737 crashes that cost a lot of money so we gotta pay higher premiums.
  3. Day of the originally planned Mooney Caravan, TAF was anticipating CBs everywhere all day.
  4. Citizens Band radio. Also for the cheapos who can’t afford a proper ham rig.
  5. I’ve flown J3 cubs older than that B17. Should they be grounded too?
  6. If he’s bunking with the reaper then he can’t be ok!!!
  7. I better call and check if Anthony @carusoam is ok.
  8. Good and extensive transition, cross country, and instrument training. Otherwise just a fuel cup, chocks, tow bar, and box of gallon hefty zip lock bags.
  9. But if you want them to keep coming back, don’t be cheap and serve dog food like this guy ^
  10. And you still don’t. Then again neither do I. What comes with experience isn’t just having less not knowing but also growing an awareness and caution of the things you do not know.
  11. If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing. If you use the airplane the next day, it's an outstanding landing. Chuck Yeager
  12. At least there’s a good service center on the field. But how did it get all that way sideways from the runway to the pumps? That’s a good distance.
  13. Shoulda got the halos. Would have saved enough $$ for a set of tires. The good ones. And you would have gotten to listen to the dying breath of these tires while you were at it.
  14. I think that once the airplane is on the ground, off airport, it's for the fire department and insurance company to deal with and not a fire extinguisher.
  15. They didn’t convince me to go for it. Basically it has antiscuff but doesn’t have corrosion inhibitor while camgaurd has both. So it’s the good old fashioned 20W50 and Camguard for me as I’ve done since factory reman.
  16. Oh that's a good point. One time I had a lot of trouble on starts and even cold starts. Starter was cranking. So it was an impulse coupling problem and it needed replacement to solve the issue.
  17. Hi Simon, I'm glad I could help. Honestly, by the time you were on your second time around cranking I already noticed. Made a comment like "there goes the starter" to my wife and she told me to go over and help you. However, I didn't want to be "that guy" and embarrass you in front of your passengers with unsolicited advice. But after I saw you continue to struggle, I realized that getting your engine started without frying the starter was imperative. By the time I got to you, the problem was that it was impossible to tell if it was starved or flooded because I could not know what you were doing with fuel beforehand. However, one thing I could tell (between the hour or two you spent on the ground and difficulty starting) was that you were getting vapor lock. One trick to turning the vapor gas back into liquid gas is to cool down the fuel lines with fuel. What you do is with the mixture at cutoff, run the boost pump on for about a minute to circulate liquid fuel through the fuel lines as coolant. Because the mixture is cut off, it will circulate but not flood your cylinders. Then, once done, do a normal prime and start. Since it was difficult to tell if it was previously flooded or not, a bit of extra prime to guarantee it is flooded and a flooded start at full throttle was the way to go. Also, that was a lot of cranking. It would have probably been better to go away for 10 minutes before trying again. In the future, if you can't get it started after a few tries, it really needs a cool down. Starters are pretty expensive to replace. Anyway, hope that helps. Just my four half pennies.
  18. Labor Day weekend trip to Canada with my wife and her mother. We departed Linden (notice the deer by the runway at high noon) and flew directly to Gatineau CYND just outside Ottawa in my Mooney M20J 201. We were met by Yves and his wife. Remember my return from my previous Canada trip where Yves invited me to fly his wing at Oshkosh while I coincidentally was flying over his house? Well, at Oshkosh, Yves and his friend Patrick invited me to their Casey camping fly in trip Labor Day weekend so I decided to go. We got dinner with Yves and Ned in a fantastic restaurant and were served by Yves lovely daughter. In the morning the weather wasn't too great so we delayed a bit. But early in the afternoon we set off to Casey in formation down low to stay below the cloud deck. It was a pretty turbulent day and combined with the low altitude, it just was not practical to maintain tight formation so we kept it loose. Casey is an abandoned Military airport in the middle of the Canadian wilderness northeast of Ottawa, northwest of Montreal. Once a year, the Canadians have a big get together by flying into this well-paved runway in the middle of nowhere. A few spend the night camping but most arrive as a day trip on the Saturday or Sunday for the barbecue event. We found wild blueberries and my mother in-law especially enjoyed collecting them. We watched the airplanes arrive by both land and water. Several seaplanes landed on the river beside the airport. There is no cell signal, phone service, electrical power, or anything out there. Only what you bring. So we enjoyed a night of camping and the barbecue and headed out the next day. The return flight required us to get above the cloud deck so I climbed IFR in uncontrolled airspace on my own until I got high enough to be able to reach flight service and file a return flight plan in the air. I couldn't file on the ground due to the lack of communications. Luckily I had already made my US customs arrangements in advance and stuck to my time slot so those remained active. A quick flight back to Albany and we cleared customs and then onward to Linden to conclude the exciting 3 day trip.
  19. Dinner with Yves and Ned, the royal Canadian Mooneyforce. Flying out formation aerocamping in the deep Canadian wilderness with Yves when the weather improves.
  20. Wow, aerobatics on the first day! That’s some transition training.
  21. What a waste of time and resources. Had they put that engine on the Mooney, they'd be selling more than 10 planes a year right now!
  22. Looks like what would happen if Mooney + Bonanza had a bastard love child.
  23. How do you manage reduced power element takeoffs with normally aspirated Mooneys at such altitude?