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  1. We will probably get an EDM900. Found a bent steering horn.looks like it was that way for a long time. Mechanic said it looked like it can be fixed. Put new placards on aircraft.
  2. Hi, we bought a 78 M20J with lots of buggggs too. Working through them though. Discouraging however.
  3. Hope you had fun in Canada! We are getting an EDM900 installed to replace failing primary gauges. Can’t wait to take trips like you!

  4. Bet 100 LL is at least a dollar two fifty! LOL
  5. Have fun up there. We are still getting things taken care of on our 78 Mooney. Then we can take fun excursions like you. Jealous.
  6. Thanks. maybe we will check it out further. Brian and Ruth
  7. Hello, does anyone know if someone has a functioning Dual manifold pressure/ fuel flow gauge for a 78 M20J? We will do upgrades later, it need one now. Just bought this aircraft, but the fuel flow gauge is jumping all over. Ruth and Brian
  8. We are having our 1978 M20j delivered to Sidney, Ohio from Spruce Creek Fla on Monday. So exciting! We saw the video you have on tube of you getting your new Mooney and are thinking of how you must have felt at the time.


  9. Ruth and Brian


    Very nice. Just joined the forum. In the process of buying a M20J . Ruth and Brian
  10. Yes they are! Make sure Ken does the work, though there are probably other good techs there.
  11. We had Muncie Aviation do some panel work. They did a great job, but insist that Ken Talhelm to do the work. He’s a genius! Bill Roundtree is the guy to ask for doing an estimate. ruth and Brian
  12. Thank you. We also saw an 83 with a gear up that has a new prop, but it’s the 3 blade McCauley scimitar. Hear negatives about that though.