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  1. I was in Springdale 3 weeks ago and one of the TruTrac guys came out to look at my 1963 C mode and take pictures as they are still working on paperwork and want to make sure they have all bases covered before submitting. My buddy thought he was coming over to admire his Stearman and was deflated when the guy started asking about the Mooney.
  2. Have you considered the power cables? If they are the originals there can be unseen corrosion in the cable which impacts the power to the starter. I replaced mine this year with Bogert cables and couldn’t believe the difference in cranking. You need to know where your ground wire attaches and if it is zero or 180 degree fitting.
  3. I went to O’Reilly’s Auto and bought one inch white seal strip used between camper shells and truck bed. After laying it on I pierced where the screw holes are with a small sharp punch.
  4. The prop only needs to come off if the belt needs replaced. If belt is in good condition, you will need to take the lower cowl off for easy access and safety wiring after install.
  5. With the top loading baggage compartment, I can only fit this small amount of stuff in my baggage compartment and back seat of my C model for 10-days at Oshkosh with my wife! Of course I only have the smaller 48 gallon fuel tanks.
  6. Jezebel. My wife can smell the maintenance induced perfume from Jezebel on me when I enter the house. There is no question where I have been spending my time.
  7. Try Dawson Salvage in Clinton AR. They had a couple of Mooney’s they were parting out.
  8. I installed a Zeftronics a few years ago. Every once in a while the generator won’t generate. We found out if you throttle to 1500-1700 rpms then cycle the master it will come on line. Never had this problem before the Zeftronics VR was installed. We spent hours troubleshooting then found this on a fluke. Only happens infrequently. Doesnt cost anything to try!
  9. If you still live in Texas, a good low level run to Oshkosh and back home should do it!!
  10. I just did the #1 on my C model. It was probably broke in at 10 hours but I continued the break-in procedures until 18 hours. The most important thing stressed to me was stay at or below 5,000 and run the hell out of it until the oil consumption levels off and don’t use any additives while running mineral oil.
  11. Which Skytec starter do you have? I had one that looked similar to the old Delco Remy starter that did a similar thing. It only had 100 hours since install. When I called Skytec they said they no longer used that starter for the Mooney’s. They use the in-line starter now. Once I installed the in-line starter I have had zero issues. I also installed Bogert power cables this year. If you order any make sure of your ground cable. They sent a zero degree rotation and my C needed a 180 degree rotation for the ground wire.
  12. We went to Frankenmuth Michigan a couple of years ago. My wife wants to go back this year. The world’s largest Christmas store is there along with an aviation museum and a brewing museum. Had good German food and beer
  13. I use the Anker with a 30000mAh battery. The charger has a 1a and 2a USB port for direct charging of phones and iPads. The battery allows me the juice to charge 6 or 7 friends phones when the sun isn’t shining. You can even hang it on your backpack and charge as you are walking around.
  14. We have no problem taking a large cooler. The picture shows what I packed last year in our C model and still had room for me, my wife and my 9-yo grandson. We don’t use suitcases as they take up valuable space. We use the heavy duty vacuum bags for our clothes, bedding and towels. We got tired of buying ice and bought the biggest Yeti knockoff (Ozark Trails because I am a CB) that would fit through the door.