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  1. Does anyone know if there is a service bulletin that addresses gluing the actual stall strip back on, instead of the temporary one? Or is there information in the maintenance manual for this procedure? I am trying to confirm that the sealant to be used on the TKS strips is the same that is used on the temporary stall strips per the service bulletin - CS3204B2
  2. Hey Mitch- @williamrchilds is a friend of mine. I thought you might have a few ideas. Any other recommendations, perhaps closer to Southern California?
  3. I am curious about this- do you think any avionics shop can put one in? What was the approximate cost all in?
  4. Panthera stopped by PDK the other day - got some pics. It’s definitely sexy. But a lot of new expensive things are
  5. Hi all- I am very fortunate to be purchasing an Ovation, but I am eager to get some solid training. Does anyone have first hand flight training experience with a Mooney instructor based in the Atlanta area who could provide transition training? I would be seeking instruction out of LZU or PDK. Please ping me privately if you have a recommendation! Thanks!
  6. I agree with this assessment. I came to the same conclusions in my search. I found that most of the GX Ovations on the market either are the non-waas unit with Stec55x or have waas and GFC700 retrofit. The non-waas/stec55x are currently retailing in the low to mid 200's depending on time /HVAC/FIKI. Purchasing a plane with this setup makes sense if this capability fits your wallet or your mission and you absolutely want a G1000. Adding WAAS to this setup is doable for $28k with Maxwell as @MooneyMitch stated. However if you are hunting a GFC700 or think it is something you would want in the fu
  7. curious about this: Does the plane have a third set of audio jacks in the back for a third headset?
  8. Someone above mentioned TKS fluid goes bad- is this something you have to be mindful of? ie- in the summer, only put enough in the tanks each month to push through the following month and so on? Or not that sensitive?
  9. I have a heater on my diamond and I use it several of the winter months in Atlanta. It’s incredibly practical to enable swift early departures on cold mornings. Thanks for your input!
  10. Hi all - My name is Phil - new to the forum, have really enjoyed reading through threads so far, thank you all for making this place what it is. I am considering an Ovation purchase and looking for some opinions: Debating the value of having FIKI on a plane in the southeast - based in Atlanta, and the main reason to have it would be to bust through 1000 to 2000' cloud layers on winter mornings. As much as I would never intentionally fly into known ice, there were several mornings this past winter where I delayed or chose not to fly because below 10c and visible moisture and it burned
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