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  1. Back to NY for a sec... In decades of transiting the bravo (and formerly the TCA) I've never been denied services. Yes, they might have you fly direct JFK or some other fix or change altitudes but no reason to avoid or overfly. Westbound you should easily be able to pick up flight following - those sectors aren't overly busy on weekdays and they're really good at coordinating. I'll second Mike's point on Cherry Ridge. It's narrow, relatively short and doesn't have many bail out options. Be on speed and aware of density altitude / performance. If it's breezy when you arrive, expect some light turbulence on the approach end of 36. Wilkes Barre are very helpful and accommodating once you're airborne.
  2. +1 for the M20 separator.
  3. much older model with Mooney adapter available in NJ.
  4. Appears absolutely identical. IIRC there is a line of screws inboard of the inspection panel that run front to back. I might be seeing things in your pic but it looks like there is a Phillips head screw at the center of your stain. You might take a fine point sharp object (think ice pick-ish) and gently pick away the wingwalk material over the screw to expose it. At the early stages of my leak, I did that then very gently retightened the screw. It definitely slowed the leak but my shop ultimately backed the screw out, applied sealant to the underside of the head then replaced. Zero leak since that repair.
  5. +1 for the fuel weep. That specific stain appears identical to one that appeared on my J a few years ago. The fix was rather simple. Removed the wing walk material from around that specific screw. Backed out the screw and placed a small amount of sealant on the threads then retightened. Repaint the wing walk material and voila. Do make sure fuel level in the right tank is reduced as fuel will escape when that screw is loosened.
  6. +1 for Smyrna. Dropped in there this summer and it was a very pleasant experience. Rental car was there waiting for me, no other fees, very reasonable fuel price and close to the interstate.
  7. One more data point - Air Tex is based at Trenton (KTTN). I've used their upholstery kits in other planes with satisfaction. Have never had them perform the work but since they're on field it might be worth a call.
  8. +1 for tweaking the K factor. Rather than making many adjustments over time, I've found that averaging over the course of 4-5 fill ups works very well. I'll fill up at the same location (important because of levelness of ramp and ability to fill tank), record fuel taken then compare to what totalizer says I should have used. After repeating several times I'll recalculate K factor and reprogram. Has worked like a charm with both JPI units I've owned. That said, I'm sure to set the K factor to a rate that is very slightly ahead of actual burn. I prefer the JPI to indicate a slight overconsumption than the opposite.
  9. Successfully completed my ADSB upgrade in time to receive the rebate. Sadly, that means my 6 month old Stratus 2S needs a new home. Practically new (purchased August 2017) and still under warranty. At $800, save $99 from the factory controlled new price of $899. Stratus gives pilots easy situational awareness for an unbelievable price. It’s the simple-to-use, pocket-sized, portable wireless receiver that transforms your iPad into the ultimate flight tool. The newest model offers improved performance across the board, including better ADS-B reception, enhanced thermal capabilities, and a next generation power connector. Setup is located at KTTN. http://www.appareo.com/stratus-adsb-in/
  10. +1 for exploring options at Caldwell, Lincoln Park or Linden in NJ; FRG out on Long Island. Instructors and schools at each. Once you're over the bridge or through the tunnel, the extra 10 minutes or so of drive time will be made up for with additional flying (not taxiing). TEB is just miserable for single pistons, even on VFR days. Expensive, congested...
  11. To those using isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle, are you using it straight or diluting? If the latter, what ratio are you mixing to? Now that Signature has taken over my FBO, the days of a quick defrost in the heated communal hangar are gone. >$100 for 20 minutes seems a little rich... Need to find a safe, effective alternative.
  12. +1 for Wendy Wenk. I moved from the AOPA Agency to Wenk back in 2013 and haven't looked back. Extraordinary service and advocacy.
  13. +1 for waiting for the engine to break in. You'll be running at various power settings as well as waiting for rings to seat. I waited about 100 hours post overhaul and couldn't be happier.