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  1. The second landing light sounds like a win....although I hear LASAR is not offering that anymore. What oil cooling efficiencies do you gain with the relocation? Does the relocation also increase or enhance airflow/cooling in pre-J models resulting in lower CHTs during climb or more uniform CHTs? Just curious as to the benefits compared to the cost if the second landing light is out?
  2. Does LASAR sell the wedge on its own or only part of the kit? I have the wedge with the new dash, but I am missing the wedge.
  3. I have a 67 M20F and I'd love to have right side brakes. I have not full looked into the kit but I have heard they are very hard to find/expensive to install Slowly teaching both my kids with them flying in the right seat. Not optimal....but if they learn the basics in the right seat they'll do even better when they transition to a cessna to solo and finish their PPL Most of my time is in the right seat from civilian and military instructing so I actually enjoy flying from the right seat more anyways
  4. If you snooze you lose....I missed out on the last FS210 available. Does anyone else have a lead on a used FS210 for sale?
  5. Do we know the cost for a set? I'm interested in having one on standby for the future....right now mine just cleared annual and are fine.
  6. Planning to install a Flight Stream 210 and the shop will install a used one to help me save some money if I can find one. Does anyone have a certified Flight Stream 210 for sale before I pay full retail? Thanks!
  7. Seth, Glad to see the "Hank" is flying again and you're happy with the outcome! I haven't been to OshKosh yet....hopefully next year since it'll reopen because you have your plane back! Is all parking and most of the taxiing on the grass? Did insurance cover any portions of your replacement costs or was it all out of pocket? Congrats and looking forward to seeing how the aircraft performs for you!
  8. Awesome! I'll be checking the calendar and I hope to attend..this will be my first Mooney summit as well!
  9. I am interested in the JPI-900 as well if Charles passes on it.
  10. I agree....take it back to the MSC.....or take a trip to Texas....See Don Maxwell.
  11. Good to know.....upgrading to a 900 is on my wish list.
  12. Does JPI ever run a trade-in upgrade program similar to some of the trade in programs to upgrade from a GNS-430W to a IFD or a GTN? I haven't seen any trade-in/upgrade programs for the JPI yet.
  13. I have an EDM830 in my 67F....are the fuel level sensors typically updated when an EDM830 is installed? I've noticed my fuel burn is within .2 to.3 gallons after a long flight and a refuel so they're very accurate. I've considered upgrading to the EDM900 to gain the advantage of primary engine instruments and forego the old analog cluster....but curious about overall install and associated costs.
  14. I have the STEC 60-2 with electric trim.....no yaw dampener. Most of my flight hours are in heavies, with full fledged autopilots and pitch/yaw SAS dampeners, so I know what it does for large aircraft. What type autopilot do you have and what does the yaw dampener change in terms of performance for an aircraft with one versus without? Curious what performance I would gain by having one.
  15. I have a 67 M20F.....what are the details on the silicone door seal? Is it glue on or self adhesive? Cost? Curious how you install....and where to order!
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