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  1. Previous owner resealed both tanks at Wet Wingologist in FL just before I bought the aircraft.... They resealed both tanks and repaired/resealed around the sumps. High quality work and no issues. Highly recommend them, but I have heard great things about Weep No More as well. If travel is an issue, I'd choose whoever was closer/able to schedule you in.
  2. What is the "Pre-flown avionics shelf at Alan's house"? Website or Facebook? Haven't seen this site....
  3. Thinwing, I had a FAR interpretation question recently regarding regarding military medicals. I tried calling the Washington DC FSDO....No Joy, so..... I submitted the question via email to the Washington DC Main FSDO. I had a reply within an hour from an FAA Rep who was teleworking and he answered everything via email. I'd try that route. Here's the link: https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/fsdo/dca/contact/ There's a link to email a question. Sheriff
  4. I’ve been using BWI insurance and they’ve beat every other company I looked into. Some others didn’t want to count my military flight time even though I had all my civilian FAA ratings before joining the Air Force, but BWI did. Highly recommend them.
  5. Hi, I have a 67 M20F and I am considering the right side brakes...where did you purchase your retrofit kits? Curious how long the shop took to install?
  6. Morning KJC, I have a 67 M20F and we absolutely love it! My wife and I have a 14 year old and a 10 year old. They fit just fine and with the tanks topped off we even have room, and W&B, for a small suitcase. Once we climb in and slide the front seats forward the kids have more room than the front seat so legroom is not an issue for the kids. As the kids grow we'll dip into that reserve a bit and then fly with less gas. As it is my longest flight is a 5.5 and still had over an hour of range at touchdown, but we usually keep the flights shorter so the kids can hop out and get
  7. Awesome! Yeah, that is the windiest it’s been since we moved here this summer so I’m not sure if it’s the normal or not. I just make sure it’s tied down tight and a bungee cord on the yokes.
  8. FlyingCanuck Welcome! I have a 67 M20F based out of KHEF.....I'm also at a tie down with a Bruce's custom cover on N9516M...spot B-17! I have been on the waiting list for a hangar for 9 months....I signed dup before our PCS out here. They said it would be about a year, but the list doesn't seem to be moving along very fast. Flying out of KHEF is pretty easy....good transition out of the DC SFRA and IFR is pretty easy as well. Sheriff
  9. Barry, You’re right....N9516M is a great plane and I love it! The trim is working great....turned out to be a loose connection on the trim motor wiring harness. sheriff
  10. Is Tim Foltz out of AGL or is he somewhere else?
  11. Quick question....just moved outside of DC and I am based out of Manassas (KHEF). I am looking for a local shop for basic maintenance...oil changes and troubleshoooting any issues that pop up. Does anyone have recommendations for good Mooney shops in the local area? Has anyone worked with Freeway Aviation? I’ve heard they’re pretty good. Aircraft is a 67 Mooney M20F...N9516M Thanks!
  12. Sounds like I now have plans for Sunday! Trying to run the trim while wiggling wires....I’d like to avoid having the trim motor pulled if I can.
  13. That’s what it was thinking...based on some of the posts on here. Do you suspect the wiring issue is in the yoke at the switch or at the motor?
  14. So the MSC checked it...they said the chain is good and one side of the servo is running but it’s not turning the trim gear on the other side. They’re recommending pulling the motor to have the avionics shop bench test it. Has anyone ever heard of that before or are aware of the repair?
  15. Doesn’t the split rocker switch activate the trim and the clutch separately? I’ll check the chain....the MSC is going to look at it.
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