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  1. Hello everyone and best wishes for this new year. I'm going to NYC from March 2nd to 6th and would like to fly over NYC in VFR with a single engine piston from the Teterboro Airport. I am looking for a flight instructor and an ATO to be able to perform a dual flight. Do you have someone to recommend to me? thank you in advance, Cyrille
  2. Hi, I'm in marathon for 3 days. I would be terribly happy if a mooney pilot could take me along with my two children to take a ride over the Keys; Naturally I will pay the fuel. If you had even the address of an instructor so that I could fly a little, that would be great, I made a night flight to Miami two days ago and it was fabulous.
  3. I'm Looking for locking gas gap for my m20J, does it exist ? Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. and the winner is..... fuel injector #4, probably paint stripping residue of my new paint ....
  5. This is the savvy analyze Cyrille de Crépy Hi Cyrille Sorry to hear about your emergency event and very lad you were able ti get back down safely. Cyl #4 flamed out on you for almost a couple minutes. It did come back online, We can see the issue is Cyl #4 and this began on your Jan 20th flight. Without diagnostic Savvy Test profile flight data we can be sure what the issue is. I tried to use what appeared to be your ground run-up before takeoff but there was no time between the two mags to see any thing there either. What we really suspect is that you are firing a single plug in #4 and then on your recent flight the other plug temporarily fowled so that the cylinder flamed out for a couple minutes. If its not ignition we could have a mixture issue but right now the ignition issue looks most likely. So I suggest we first try to verify by doing another ground run up. But this time lets have you lean it out when you do the run up. Advance the throttle to your normal runup rpm, then lean it out but not so lean it causes any missing roughness. Thus you might lean to missing roughness and then enrich just enough back to be smooth. Then very importantly after a couple seconds of allowing temps to stabilize leaned at runup rpm, place the analyzer in Normalize mode. (see your documentation if that is unfamiliar to you) Now go to each mag position for 30 secs including Both in the middle for 30 sec to allow all EGTs to comeback down before switching to the other single mag. I suspect you will see #4 not rise from the Both baseline temp on one of the single mag positions, and while on the other single mag you will see it drop in temp and feel roughness. If so, that shows us which plug is dead. Hopefully that's all it is. Its possible we could have a weak plug that only acts up under higher power which begs for an inflight LOP magneto test. But what we're seeing in #4 is that EGT went elevated back in Jan 20 which is most likely due to a failed plug. But a overly lean mixture could cause that as well, such as partially plugged injector or an induction leak at #4. But let's start with the more likely plug issue. Let us know what you find, Paul Kortopates Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. I don't Know [emoji848] Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. Just an electrical interference With co-pilot Push-to-talk switch Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Hie, Yesterday, I was proceeding some traffic circuit, During the last one, when I reduced the power, My instructor heard a little "Pop", but nothing happened, after a touch and go,during the initial climb at 250ft AGL My plane began to vibrate dangerously and run out to power. We heard a metallic click, maybe inside the engine, maybe it could be the cold flaps with vibrate against the exhaust . the performed a emergency landing and shut dois the engine, few minutes aft, we performed a fix point and nothing seemed unusual. the plane is grounded this is the link for flight data Does someone have an idea ? Thanks
  9. Xmas gift

    Hie Oscar, It seems to me that you use another brand? Has The battery more autonomy ? Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. Xmas gift

    Hie, I'm looking for the best action cam for my mooney, I wish a camera that can be controlled from the inside, and I want a remote wich can control two camerams simultaneously, Should I choose a Go-pro, A garmin, or an other brand ? tanks,
  11. Another video... why I fly...

    thanks you, what's the camera's mount brand ? Did you use the same under the plane ?
  12. Another video... why I fly...

    Hello Oscar, Your video été really amazing, thank you Did you take a pic of your tail mounting ? Can you tell us how you attach your cam under your plane ? Maybe you have some pics ? Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. I want to replace the ashtrays of the armrests because I do not use them. Do you have any idea what I can do without changing the upholstery?
  14. Hie Mike, AP follows the bug in heading mode, turn off heading to engage approach mode (wich was blinking) AP follow first the selected radial (as a Vor) and only when the plane is very close from the point, AP follows localizer and glidepath.
  15. Hie, I made recently an avionics retrofit ; Now my Mooney M20J is equipped with a Garmin GTN 750, an ASPEN EFP 1000 (P/N 910-00001-001 with synthetic vision & AOA), an ACU2 and a secondary com/nav Garmin, a GNC255A. I experience a problem using autopilot ( Bendik KFC 150) on ILS approach First, I Flight with the following mode engaged : - FD (flight Director) - ALT (maintain altitude) - HDG (heading) with an ILS intercept heading - ARP engaged (blinking) And the Nav source tuned on ILS frequency and I can read on the aspen the word also, my plane follows the heading until crossing the ILS axis, then heading mode turns off and approach mode turns on, but the AP follows the CRS arrow and not the ILS, like the ILS was a VOR. If I turn the CRS in the ILS axis, then the AP follows first the CRS arrow and after follows the glidescope and the localizer. Can you tell me if I have to compulsory set the CRS on ILS heading on an ILS approach, or if I make a mistake in my procedure ?