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  1. It's live and well! Looks like Ken beat me to it. Those are both active and current best prices. If you have a non waas 430, I'd consider ejecting NOW before Garmin cuts the WAAS upgrade potential.
  2. Final bump! A ton of units sold thanks to fellow MooneySpace members. Don't miss out on the last units if you need one!
  3. ALL SOLD! Avionics Source is pleased to offer the following used Garmin avionics on special for Mooneyspace members: 14/28V UNITS: Garmin GTN750: $11,500. Includes: Tray, Back plate, Connectors, SD card, Pilot guide, New antenna, yellow tag, 120 day warranty. (1 available) 14/28V Garmin 530: $3650. Includes: Tray, Back plate, Connectors, Datacards, GA56 antenna, yellow tag. (1 available) 14/28V Garmin 530W: $7495. Includes: Fresh Garmin repair, Tray, Back plate, Connectors, New GA35 antenna, Datacards, 8130, 180 day warranty. (1 available) 28V ONLY UNITS: 28V Garmin 530W: $5695. Includes: Tray, Back plate, Connectors, New GA35 antenna, Datacards, 8130, 90 day warranty. (2 available) Call or PM to purchase. Thank you!
  4. Was it the Sandisk or Samsung USB stick that was certified by the FAA to fly ILS approaches? I totally forgot.
  5. That's a pretty good thought in theory, but these units are so bullet proof we see less than a 4% failure rate averaged over 100 trade-ins requiring flat rate repair, and another 4-5% that need small updates we can do in the field (batteries, knobs, buttons, etc). Unless someone has different data, I just don't believe these are breaking or going back to the factory in droves. At this rate, I would bet it takes over 50 years (seriously) for every unit in the market to fail and need a factory repair (whether offered by Garmin or not). For what it's worth, Garmin charges a higher % of product value on a flat rate repair on a GTX345 (24%) vs a 430W (20%). My last argument would be what's to say Garmin doesn't like the GNS flat rate repairs and WAAS upgrades? I pose this as a thought outside of cannibalizing new sales...it has to be extremely lucrative, especially with the known market size as an opportunity for repair/WAAS upgrade revenue. Any business (and Garmin is no dummy) is not going to turn off that faucet when they're making mailbox money on units they last sold 5, 10, 15 years ago. My advice if you have a 430W/530W and are unsure if you need to upgrade or can't find affordability: Flat rate repair it the day Garmin announces and fly that thing for the rest of it's life. I'd happily take a fresh flat rate repaired 430W with no factory support. But that's me!
  6. All good thoughts, but we really haven't seen anything change early on in 2020. A couple thoughts in no particular order: 1) IMO, Garmin will continue to support the GNS market through 24' or 25' and I think that's even a few years shy. Granted this will be WAAS units only, but I'd bet good money on it. Note: This support and time frame estimate is not speaking to values, simply stating these units are not going away any time soon. One thing to keep in mind is that the GNS line ended in 11' and Garmin has documented history supporting not only their products, but Apollo/UPS AT for over 20 years past end of production. Major kudos to Garmin when they could cut at much shorter time frames. 2) The ADS-B "push" is alive and well on into January and beyond. We've actually sold more ADS-B out transponders in 20' YTD than the entire month of December and finishing out before the deadline was insanity and near capacity breaking. Simply put: more people waited till the last minute than you'd ever believe. Many customers' birds are down and there's either short product lead times or install slot delays pushing them into Feb which is unfortunate. 3) For everyone reiterating the install market evaporating, I couldn't be more clear: As long as the GNS is supported by Garmin, regardless of new product releases, WAAS 430W & 530W sales will continue to rise to a point that maybe I haven't personally seen. There has never been, nor ever will be, an avionics product that will sell to the tune of the GNS. It's iconic and a staple of the industry, probably fueling Garmin into what it is today. It's a trusted cockpit staple, and because of that, people will continue to buy them on the used aftermarket quite possibly forever regardless of price. Even the GNS480 (no factory support) are selling used for a price sure a hell of a lot higher than $0. If I get weekly calls today on KX155/165''s, rest assured we'll have GNS involvement in perpetuity. We rode the $6k+ retail 430W wave from 15' to nearly the end of 19' and just now in 2020 have only cracked into the high 5k price point. Do I care? No because we've bought them for less. So same deal value internally and volume leaving our door anyway. I'll certainly provide an update later this year, but for now I'm going to get back to selling our 10+ units in stock. 4) The Garmin GTNxi release (being a slide-in replacement) created a can of worms for Garmin. It creates new GTN sales while flooding the market with used 750's...which as you guessed...takes a future new sale away from Garmin. Will used GNS values decease? Absolutely..but by hundreds. However someone who can only spend $6k on a GPS/NAV/Comm will never make the leap to $12k+. The GTNxi release has been my favorite part of the year already! Our partner shops are booming with interest while we're getting just off warranty GTN's ready to bring back to the market at great pricing (I have 5 in stock call me!). If the GNS market is going to shrink...guess what just filled the void :). 5) Outside of the GNS specifically, one thing I always like to think about, and might provide insight to how I provide the above feedback is what I'd refer to an an "avionics tree". Specifically, this tree contains branches "GNS, GTN, GNX375, etc" that has seen growth and decay over the last 30+ years in this industry. The reason why I highlight it in this analogy is so that people can better understand: "one new avionics product branch does not kill off another branch, the tree simply grows." Here's a four pilot sales string example: Pilot 1 has a GTN750 and upgrades to a GTN750xi. Pilot 2 has a 530W and upgrades to a used GTN750. Pilot 3 has a KX155 and upgrades to a 530W. Pilot 4 owns a flight school and needs a replacement KX155, and so on and so fourth. New avionics life does not equal avionics death, it in fact spins the industry carosel faster and faster. That's just my take anyway. Sorry for the rant. If you didn't like the advice, remember what you paid for it, if you did like the advice, call Avionics Source. Back to playoff football. Enjoy the weekend everyone!
  7. David, With all due respect, this statement couldn't be further from the truth, in fact, 2019 set a record for used sales for us with more CDI's, Transponders, and GPS/NAV/Comms going out the door than ever. I won't confirm used avionics revenue, but it would exceed a flight line worth of Mooney's. What many people forget is the Garmin's of the world created this market...not just for the US but for the world. Specifically, there isn't a Russian or Brazilian based avionics OEM pumping out GPS's etc...they're using all the same products we do here, hence the 130k+ GNS market. That said, demand domestically is good, while international is very strong. One thing to keep in mind is not all of the world has an ADS-B mandate or meet or the economy to support a $16+ new GTN. I talk to aircraft owners every day who are finally getting out of Gold/Silver Crown Bendix stacks and getting their first panel mounted GPS ever! It's shocking, but for aircraft with low hull values it's a smart play to go used. When a 430W, IFD440, GTN650, IFD540, GTN750 etc are all WAAS GPS/NAV/Comms providing the same exact utility to the end user outside of price and user interface, many opt for the cheapest solution to check the boxes. Lastly, we're hearing from our flight school customers who for the most part can't keep up with demand and are scouring the market for clean 172's to add to their fleet. When they do, they call us to equip back to their fleet commonality which I'm sure as you can guess is used (GMA340, 430W, 330ES, etc). I think our business has proved that as new avionics sales continue to rise (up 10+ % last year), the used market will continue to flourish even if the values and price band gets followed all the way to the bottom. Happy to answer additional questions! Chase.
  8. This thread is over two years old. To see current trade-in pricing on the PMA450B, please see the following link: https://avionicssource.com/product/ps-pma450b-upgrade/
  9. Hi Kevin, I really appreciate your feedback. Our $10 flat rate shipping option exists on orders under $200 to help cover our costs when customers often place orders containing oil, etc. Majority of our orders exceed the minimum for $0 shipping, but for the customers who do pay, I assure you our costs exceed $10 8/10 times. That said, I realize a blanketed policy doesn't work for every order or product on our website especially in a case like this. Regardless, we do not view shipping as a profit center. Your screen protector order had an actual shipping cost of just under $5, so I've gone ahead and issued a $5 refund to your credit card. Going forward, customers who want to order just a screen protector (they are awesome btw!) can use coupon code "G5" for $5 off our $10 flat rate if that's the only thing you need to buy. Thanks for your continued business!
  10. @Drumstick Shoot me a PM or give me a call at 206-427-7088 to discuss upgrading to the IFD. I'll take good care of you.
  11. Sorry about that! Can you please shoot me a PM or call me on my work cell at 206-427-7088?. I'd be happy to get you taken care of. Chase.
  12. iCloth wipes have begun to go out on a first in first out basis. Haven't had a chance to check current status, but I assume you'll be receiving yours soon. Just a slight delay as we're opening up a new office and just finished relocating. But more on that later!