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  1. I would give Coke aviation a call , good folks and not far from you
  2. Thanks for the quick reply
  3. I am the owner of a 2009 and can’t seem to find out what the most current software available? This picture is of the software in the plane
  4. There was some chatter over the past year that Mooney (along with other things) was looking at a path to upgrade to NXI … this this every get to the next level ? I understand the last ones build over the last two years before closing are NXI G1000 but I thought Mooney had to sign off with Garmin for the older models ? Is that a true statement?
  5. The best product out there for the belly (and I’ve used them all) is a product called Buddha Belly made by a aircraft cleaning products company ….
  6. I was watching you tube channel yesterday and ran across some interviews about new products during Oshkosh . One of these was a new turbine from Rolls Royce.during the interview he mentioned working with Mooney but development had been slower than expected. One thing that caught my attention was the engine weights also half of the piston ! Has anyone heard anything dealing with this ?
  7. Thanks for the tip , how do I accomplish doing that ?
  8. Do you think there’s some possibility?
  9. I heard thru a Mooney service center a couple of weeks ago that Mooney has started the weight increase discussion . Apparently the talk is a small shock replacement for the current system . Has anyone else heard this being discussed?
  10. http://txtopaviation.com/events/2021-texas-top-aviation-fly-in-at-lajitas-golf-resort/ second time great event with several new aircraft in attendance ... please contact Hank Gibson for information... Beautiful new runway open and amazing beautiful area .
  11. Aero led are the way to go , added one for landing and a wigwag for taxi which I run all the time
  12. You can also get the lights from Areo led which has the wig wag built into the actual bulb . I have them on my 2009 acclaim but both lights are in the wing not the wing tip .
  13. So with mooney down what happens to mooney prices over the next 5 years ?
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