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  1. Thanks , previously owned an ovation 3 and put about 350 hrs on it and just finished two hard days of transition training with a great mooney guy in south Florida
  2. I base out of Kerrville
  3. Just picked up a 2009 Acclaim S and brought it back to Texas yesterday and have previously owned an Ovation 3 . Since I am coming out of an Piper Matrix (which don't run lean of peak)i am wondering what cruise settings (MP , RPM, fuel flow ) you acclaim owners are running for Climb out and cruise around 12 - 14000 feet> where do you like to see your TIT and EGT and CHT? coming back from florida yesterday around 12,000 27 MP 2400 and 19.5 GPH seem to be a sweet spot .
  4. I did speak with mooney at their booth at Oshkosh , they said we are behind but plan on the solution coming in the future . Time frame was uncertain , the bad news is fully coupled approach along with WASS , ADSB we could be looking at 40 grand or more and I think that included the gfc 700... Needless to say I was very shocked
  5. I will be there starting today and will give a new post if I get to discuss the topic
  6. Anyone going to Oshkosh next week that has an affected model? If so dr Chen was there all week last year . I have talked with him a couple of times at restaurants here in KERRVILLE . I hope to see him this year if so I suggest if your there please do the same .
  7. thanks for your posting , will be removing the top cowling this weekend for a look around per dugosh recommendation and having them check it out next week.
  8. my 07 ovation 3 is just 35 hours out of its annual and has 1005 hrs on the engine. flying to longview texas and back this week (about 2 hrs) i have noticed a slight oil film on the windshield. its alos been 3 hrs since my last oil change. Any ideas of the cause before i call Dugosh?