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  1. Related question on this topic. Two fully rated, capable, current pilots decide to go for a flight. What, if anything, prevents one from saying I’ll act as PIC, you operate the controls, then we can both log the time?
  2. I know others may gasp at this solution, but I had the same problem and it’s fixed now. I went to Walmart and found the thickest, squishiest, foam weatherstripping they had. Ironically, this was also the cheapest they had, less than $5. I replaced my door seal with that and it seals up perfectly. Much better than the factory seal I had before. Someone said that’s great, but how long will it last? It’s been in about a year with no signs of wear, so for $5, I’m happy!
  3. Glenwood Springs was fun and I was glad I had an instructor aboard given the blind approach. Landing wasn't too bad but the downwind departure to rising terrain had me puckered for a little while. It wasn't until I could slip over next to the cliff to catch the updraft that I really felt comfortable. My home base for a short while was also a challenge if the winds were wrong. When you crossed the power lines on short final you had 1700' to make the turnoff or you were going to get out and push the plane back to turn it around on the 25' wide runway. I never had to push, but it sure wa
  4. "Is this a doable flight in a M20F?" Yes, the 960 nm flight is doable with the 64 gallon tanks of the M20F and you would still have legal reserves. For bladder comfort, you may want to make a stop somewhere along the way though! You've got to love the range of the Mooney. Seriously though, as other's have already said the weather will be your biggest obstacle. Be wary of winds aloft, they can make flight in the mountains extremely uncomfortable. Also, if you get a chance, some mountain flying training would be helpful. Not everything is intuitive in the mountains.
  5. @Oldguy's method works well too, but you have to be patient to let the fuel flow through all the little holes and equalize before you mark your stick. I did it that way first and wasn't patient enough which caused me to have more fuel than the stick would show.
  6. Aside from installing CiES fuel senders and connecting it to new fuel gauges, I think the best solution is to make your own fuel sticks. The process is very simple and yields accurate results to within a gallon. Step 1: Fly one tank empty. Step 2: Fill tank and record how many gallons go in. Step 3: Repeat steps one and two for the other side. Now you know your exact fuel capacity for each tank. (if they are different mark one side of your fuel stick for each tank) Step 4: Go fly and before refueling make a mark on your fuel stick of how much fuel is in each tank.
  7. If the leather wraps don't make sense financially, bicycle grip tape makes an amazingly comfortable wrap for $15. I wouldn't paint or powder coat them simply due to the high thermal mass. As mentioned earlier, they will burn your hands in the summer and freeze them in the winter. The bike grip tape is comfortable year round. As for cleaning, I used black, haven't cleaned them in over a year , and they still look brand new.
  8. At least it was a C-17. Anytime the military is in the neighborhood, we have these tiny little F-16's zipping around. Given their size and speed, it's a bit harder to spot them and keep track of where they are!
  9. This is a lot like asking how fast you should drive down the highway. There are some limits, but as long as you're within those, do whatever you want. Are some speeds more efficient than others? Yep. Are some speeds faster than others? Yep. Does it make you wrong if you don't drive the fastest or most efficient speed? Nope. That said, unless you have high CHT's, full throttle and max RPM gives you the most power and will get you to your cruise altitude the fastest. Some say that is also the most efficient since you can reduce power for cruise sooner. I believe the current school of
  10. I’m going to contradict the other advice you have been given. There just isn’t enough difference between the C, E, or F model to worry about for your mission. In fact, the only time I would worry about which model is if you are going to regularly fly with 3 or 4 seats filled. Then you’d need the F (or the G). I think you will be much better off focusing on how well the plane was maintained, how often it was (is) flown, and how it is equipped. For solo flight or with a single passenger, there just isn’t much difference between the three. However, there are huge differences between the
  11. Must be regional. Here in small town middle America, most planes live in unlocked hangars with the keys hanging on one of the instrument knobs, and unrestricted access onto the airports. I'm a little more cautious than that, but depending on my perception of the risk, I've left the keys in the plane, unlocked, on the ramp for short periods of time.
  12. Thanks for the heads up Ned. I'll check this out and add the second nut at my next annual.
  13. I am/was already considering the G5 before the AV-30 became available. Based on reading other's experiences, I've always thought Garmin didn't play well with others. Is that not the case for the G5. Could it, for instance, integrate with the TruTrack should it ever be certified? I definitely want to give myself the most integration options down the road for both an autopilot and a navigational GPS.
  14. How so? Is a backup not needed or can the primary and backup not be two of the same device?
  15. So my attitude indicator is starting to fail intermittently and today I see that uAvionix has released their AV-30 as an STC'd primary attitude indicator. Any reason why I shouldn't spring for this instead of finding a used or rebuilt AI? Currently I fly VFR only, but would like to proceed with my instrument rating. If I understand the regs right, I will need a backup AI to legally fly IFR. Could a second AV-30 replace the turn coordinator as the backup AI? Would this be a good idea? Also, I don't have an autopilot to interface with, so that won't be a concern, but I would like
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