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  1. I don't really understand these comments. My kids started building and "programming" Raspberry Pi's in the second grade at school. They really are THAT simple. You don't need an "IT pro" in the house, you don't need to be "handy" and you certainly don't need to pay someone else $50 - $100 to do it for you. The extent of this "build project" is plugging in a few USB's and connectors. Then download the program to the SD card and put it in the slot. The only word of caution that is warranted... use only the parts specified. The Raspberry Pi is very sensitive to power input. I tried to use a power cord that we had laying around the house and it caused all kinds of weird stuff to happen. When I switched the power cord back, everything worked fine again.
  2. IMHO, the owner upgraded all the wrong stuff. Perhaps an owner who never flew, or maybe someone who hired pilots to fly him around. Why on earth would you put a beautiful paint job on it before closing up the cowl or the doing the 201 mod? One makes you go faster, the other makes you go "ooh, pretty!" Why would you spend all that money on a great interior and fly behind the mixed up instruments, a JPI 700, and the original fuel and temp gauges?
  3. There is a 67 F POH here that I reference all the time:
  4. Quick followup on what I found. It looks like the some insulation and fibers. It could have been a mouse nest, but there were no mouse droppings. I opened up all the inspection plates around this area and found nothing in any of the other compartments. The only way to access this area is through the nav light holes, so I made a make-shift vacuum cleaner hose by duct taping a section of garden hose onto the vacuum hose. I was able to get it all out except for a small amount on the back side of a 3/4" rib. I went to several stores around town, but couldn't find Corrosion-X, so once it was cleaned the best I could, I sprayed it with this stuff. If anyone takes off their nav light for any reason, inspect this area. It would NEVER be found through an annual inspection, PPI, etc.
  5. OK, I see your point and I'm man enough to admit I was wrong. I went to the plane today to see about pulling a wire to run my strobe. There were about a dozen zip ties in the tail before the wire entered the belly area. I knew if there was even one more zip tie after that point, pulling the wire would be more work than I wanted to get into, removing inspection plates, belly panels, etc. just to find all the zip ties. Taking even one inspection plate off and replacing it takes me more than 15 minutes. Since I already had a strobe wire bundle for the Whelen, I just used one of the existing wires to run the power to the strobe. In the end, I'll end up with the same result, both strobes come on with the strobe switch. One interesting side note, the SkyBeacon strobe will only work when the Nav light is powered. If I for some reason turn on the strobe without the Nav lights, only my right strobe will work (though I don't know when I'd ever do that intentionally). i still think it would be a royal pain to use the app to turn off/on the strobe light. But, if you're OK with the strobe being on all the time, powering it off the Nav light is a simple solution.
  6. It sounds like his skills are top notch. He proved that by flying and landing in a thunderstorm, something most pilots would not survive. But this reminds me of the quote hanging in the local FBO: "The superior pilot uses his superior judgement to avoid situations that require him to demonstrate his superior skill."
  7. That cartoon describes him pretty well. He wants to be a nuclear engineer, almost immediately understands mechanical, electrical, and computer stuff, and is completely inept in social situations. He might get a lot of that from his engineer father, especially the social aspect.
  8. You sound just like my teenage boy. I'm often amazed at the trouble he will go through to avoid a minor amount of work. Really, how hard is it to pull a wire? You tie a string on the wire that is there now, pull it back out of the wing, tie on the new wire, and pull them both back into the wing. Once you've figured out where the wire needs to go, your looking at a 15 minute job. Working with my dad, who was an electrician, I've pulled new wire through an entire house in less than 4 hours. I've got to hand it to him though, sometimes he comes up with some really elaborate and creative solutions to a simple problem. One Saturday, he spent the whole day designing and building an automatic chicken watering system, so he wouldn't have to carry a bucket of water out to the chicken house each day.
  9. Agreed, but don't forget, this area can not be viewed through any inspection panel. It is on the very tip of the wing and is only visible/accessible through the nav light hole. I took off the four outermost inspection panels and there was nothing like this in any of those compartments. Kind of makes me wonder how long it's been there. When I get it out, I'll report back on what it is (assuming I can figure that out once it's removed). I'll also spray some corrosion-X in there and try to get it covered well. My other wing had a bucking bar in it from the previous wing repair. I let the mechanic keep it for his tool set.
  10. It definitely won’t be easy to get to. There isn’t an inspection panel in that section. I’ll rig up a small hose duct taped to a vacuum cleaner and suck it out through the nav light hole.
  11. I was changing looking in the wingtip this evening through the nav light hole and found this. Sorry about the poor picture quality, I tried to clean it up, but this was the best I could do. There appears to be a pile of something in the inside corner near the back of this chamber. I opened a few other inspection panels and didn't see anything like it anywhere else.
  12. Found it! It was hiding in the battery compartment.
  13. There are no inspection panels with extra screws. Any other ideas?
  14. You mean like Pharmacists and Physicians?
  15. Yes, if you shut off the nav lights (or forget to turn them on) the ADS-B is also shut off. I specifically wanted this for formation flying, when only the lead plane should be squawking.