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  1. Most of the portable GPS receivers use both GPS and GLONASS, only the very bottom entry level ones don't. Even the home built Stratux units pick up GLONASS.
  2. Just an FYI. I have the Pro model and if I could do it over again I would get the basic model. The preset alarm setting is 50 ppm, which seems perfect. High enough that it will alarm if something is wrong, but only if something is wrong. The only time that I’ve ever seen it alarm is when I forget to lean for taxi and the wind is just right. Don’t get me wrong, I love my industrial pro model, but I’ve never changed the alarm setting and since it’s mounted on the panel the vibrating alarm is unnecessary. The basic model has everything I’ve ever used, whereas the Pro model is meant to be worn all day to monitor CO levels in an industrial setting.
  3. I used to use the seatbelt method until my IA pointed out that keeps the elevator in the full up position. If the plane were to come untied, that’s exactly where you don’t want it in high winds. A strong wind from either the front or the rear could flip the plane. His recommendation was to simply run the trim full nose down and let the bungees do the rest.
  4. There is a shop in Topeka, KS with a good reputation. R&B Aircraft Painting at Phillip Billard (KTOP). I haven't used them, but I know people come from a lot further than Texas to have their planes painted there.
  5. I'm kind of partial to a small table and a couple chairs. It gives you a place for CFI discussions, logbook entries, maintenance manuals, etc.
  6. Not sure how Mike did his, but mine is attached to the panel with industrial hook and loop (Velcro). I prefer that so I can remove it and take it with me if I'm flying in someone else's plane.
  7. This is exactly why the Sensorcon is so valuable. It tells you something is wrong... long before you have a problem!
  8. @Robert Hicks If you end up needing to go new, the belts from Hooker Harness are much cheaper. They have a price list buried on their website, but it's best to just call them and tell them what you are looking for. Mine cost around $400 for both front seats, but if I had it to do over again, I would have added the inertia reel to the pilot side (+$175) and a pull tab on the passenger side (+$3).
  9. What about a great paint shop that was honest enough to tell me my plane didn't need painted? I went to R&B Aircraft Painting in Topeka, KS thinking that the worn paint and bare spots would/could cause corrosion that may damage the plane. The owner told me that touching up the paint would be a total waste of money and only to repaint it if I wanted to change the looks. They could have easily sold me on touch up painting the bad spots and cost me a few AMU's, but didn't.
  10. On my last flight, I only talked to tower, so he wasn't working multiple sectors or anything like that. However, returning an hour and a half later, he welcomed me back saying it was nice to finally have someone to talk to again. I tinkered around the hangar for another hour and no one else came or left the airport while I was there. I'm sure some are overworked, but some are just plain bored right now.
  11. Yes, that is one blessing. Everyone is OK. This is where I get my annual and maintenance done and the whole crew was there when it hit. Their hangar was the only one that didn't get any damage to it. A few other hangars sustained damage but completely protected the aircraft inside.
  12. Definitely a wood wing, and I think it is the A model. Sadly, it wasn't insured and the guy just spent 5 years getting all back in shape. The wings were just reinstalled last month.
  13. Dammit Bob, you weren't supposed to sell this until my kids moved out! Seriously though, that is one fine plane, a true reflection of its owner.
  14. A small rope tornado hit the Abilene Kansas airport this morning. Totally destroyed the row of T hangars. Unfortunately, there is now one less Mooney, the only Mooney on the field. It doesn't show up well in the picture, but this is the remnants of the hangars spread in a line for over a mile.
  15. Let's try this again. MAC1700Radio.pdf