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  1. skydvrboy

    Considering Mooney purchase NE Oklahoma

    If I were in your shoes, I'd treat this as a temporary plane since your family will soon outgrow it. Your kids are small enough that they will fit in the back of any of the Mooney models, so I wouldn't go with the J, it's overkill. I think a C or E would be best, but I wouldn't rule out a G or F if it is priced right and has the panel you want for your instrument training. When taking the whole family, have the two younger kids share a seatbelt, that is still allowed. When that is no longer feasible, sell this plane and move up to something with 5+ actual seats.
  2. skydvrboy

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    Just renewed: $1M/$100K, $40K hull. Upon notification of renewal, Falcon sent me a quote with an assumed 35 hrs flown since last year, which was $2200. At that time they told me if I provided my actual hours they may be able to get a better rate (I have no idea why they didn't just ask for updated hours first). With 200 total hours, 90 in type, VFR only, my rate was $1200 (down from $1500 with 0 time in retracts). I was hoping to get 100 hrs in type my first year, but being just shy didn't seem to hurt me too bad.
  3. skydvrboy


    You mean like this?
  4. skydvrboy

    Rest stop NC to WI

    I assume you are aware that there are locations that offer fuel discounts, food, or other stuff to pilots on their way to Oshkosh. EAA's listing is here: Global Air's listing is here:
  5. skydvrboy

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    I didn’t even notice you’re from Oshkosh. I may take you up on that, we’ll see how he enjoys it and whether the bike is worthy of storing over the winter.
  6. skydvrboy

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    I heard about that and plan to send him to get one as soon as we land. I hear the good ones go fast.
  7. Wondering if anyone else is taking their teenage kids to Oshkosh this year, especially if they've been before? I'm taking my son (15) for his first trip to Oshkosh and he's not too thrilled about going. It's not that he doesn't want to go, he's just not as excited about aviation as his dad. I was thinking he might enjoy it more if he had someone his own age to hang out with who could show him around. I assume it is OK to give him a time and place to meet and let him run around with other kids to explore on their own. He's very responsible, so I'm more worried about him getting lost or not having fun than I am about him getting into any trouble. We'll be traveling and camping with the Caravan, so that will give him an opportunity to meet any other Caravan teens and hang out with them a couple days before the real show starts. Advice from veteran attendees who survived taking their teens to Oshkosh is also welcome!
  8. skydvrboy

    Sea level WOT/2700 RPM

    My cruise setting for anything under 2500' MSL is 2350 RPM, 18" MAP, and leaned as far as possible without running rough. That nets me about 110 mph and some really low fuel flows. The only reason I'm flying that low is because there's something I want to look at and if there's something I want to look at, I don't want to blow past it.
  9. skydvrboy

    Wow that Mooney zoom!

    I agree. If they get too pushy, just reply "Dallas Approach, cancel flight following."
  10. skydvrboy

    Planning for en-route ATC frequencies?

    I understand what you are asking for and I don't think there is anything that will be correct every time. I have had very good luck with the enroute charts, but they don't include any of the military GCA's that may be working an area at the time and they don't include approach frequencies you will be handed off to as you pass B or C airspace. Most of the time you can get the GCA and approach frequencies by checking the AFD for various airports along your route. A program or app that would provide a list would be great, or even a map that shows ALL the frequencies you will be handed off to, and their boundaries, as you go would be nice. I have a radio that allows me to program in 8 frequencies and scroll through them one after another. A great feature... until you are handed off to an unexpected frequency,
  11. skydvrboy

    Request Coaching on Mooney Dip

    Granted, I am a very new Mooney pilot and I've only flown my Mooney, but I've never understood all the fuss about moving the gear. Maybe my springs are adjusted "just right" but I can easily operate it at any speed at or below Vge. I could see how you might have a problem if you had a shoulder injury, but I'd think range of motion would be a bigger problem than amount of force. I also thought the "Mooney dip" was just from people moving the yoke without their elbow firmly planted in the armrest. I learn something everyday on MS, now I have to go flying to try it. The only time I've had trouble with the gear was when my copilot thought the space between the seats was meant for her purse.
  12. I think it depends entirely on the pilot. If you are one of those students who studied before you started taking lessons and was ready to solo in 6 hours, you are going to have no problem. If you were one who constantly showed up unprepared for lessons, flew occasionally, and took 40+ hours to get your LSA, then I'd advise against it. How comfortable are you in the LSA? Do you FLY the plane or do you ride along and sort of make it go where you want? Can you put it on the numbers, on speed, and stop in 1000' consistently? If so, you are definitely ready to transition to a Mooney. Your transition will be minimal and you will be able to focus on the additional requirements for the PPL. By being proactive and posting your question on here, I'd guess you are the type of pilot who is ready to transition.
  13. skydvrboy

    Backfire on short final

    If I remember right, don't you do a GEEAR check instead of a GUMPS check? Gear... Everything Else As Required.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. I learned in a Piper Warrior and was taught to always flip the boost pump on, then change tanks. That was the same procedure for switching tanks or engine problem. That habit carried over to my Mooney, flip the switch, change the tank. I've always wondered if it was necessary as the engine comes back to life immediately upon switching tanks. On the other hand, it only takes about a second to flip the switch first, so I can't see any concern with doing it that way unless there is a problem with running the boost pump dry?
  15. skydvrboy

    Braking After Landing

    Brakes? Brakes for stop. Plane not for stop, plane for GO! Why you need brakes? On a more serious note, though mine is an F model, I can lock up the brakes at just about any speed if I want to. Typically though, I don't use the brakes until I am ready to stop at my parking spot. Just slow down before you land. I often find I need to add power just to make the 3000' turn off with nothing more than aerodynamic braking.