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  1. skydvrboy

    Mooney search starting...

    You have a great resource there in Paul. I wish I'd talked with him before buying my plane instead of after. I'm sure he talked to you a bit about the value of an engine monitor as well, since I didn't see that in your initial search criteria or in any of the planes you were looking at.
  2. skydvrboy

    Flap Extension Speeds

    For another data point, when I bought my '67 F, it had the '68 F owners manual in it. The '68 owners manual lists Vfe as 120 mph, whereas the '67 is 105 mph. Previous owner had placarded the ASI as such and flown it that way every time. I have no idea if this started with him or some previous owner before that, but suffice it to say, it had a lot of operations above published Vfe. The pre-buy and subsequent 2 annuals have not turned up any damage FWIW.
  3. I think the idea is sound, but like Paul said, I think you will have difficulty reaching a critical mass needed to make it effective. I'm going to disagree about knowing the local hangar situation though. I'm still searching for a hangar and had no idea one of the guys on the field had his plane in for maintenance and his hangar was temporarily available. The maintenance took nearly 4 months and I would have gladly rented that space from him during that time. I only found out about it a week before the maintenance was completed. I know this would be targeted to transient pilots, but like me, they would have no way of knowing that hangar was available without some sharing service like Airbnb.
  4. skydvrboy

    Muffler crack

    First and foremost... glad to hear you are safely on the ground. I needed everything from the exhaust mainfold back and got it from Knisley Exhaust. I wasn't in a hurry, but I do recall it taking a while. If I knew then what I know now, I might have sprung for the power flow exhaust and picked up a few HP's. I have the Sensorcon Industrial Pro CO detector and can't say enough good things about it. I now have it "panel mounted" with 3M sticky velcro.
  5. Not always true. When I bought my plane, the tiedown rings were bolts with chain links poorly welded to the end. During a windy day, one of them snapped off. Fortunately, my local IA looked out and noticed my tiedown strap whipping in the wind. He proceeded to secure the plane by tying down the same side landing gear. No damage was done, but new tiedown rings were ordered the same day!
  6. skydvrboy

    Wintertime and CO levels

    In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is KING!
  7. skydvrboy

    Retractable step maintenance

    I worked my way through high school and college at tire repair shops. I've repaired many tubes (and ruined a few). The tear in my boot is about 3" long, but it's worth a shot if I can't get a replacement. My IA/A&P lets me do about anything as long as it won't have any impact on flight safety. I'm pretty sure he'd let the step retract mechanism fall into that category.
  8. skydvrboy

    Retractable step maintenance

    Mine has a torn boot. Any idea where a fellow could get a replacement boot for it? If not, is there a way to repair a torn boot, even temporarily? Maybe electrical tape inside and out?
  9. skydvrboy

    Wintertime and CO levels

    Like @Skates97, I see around 10-15 on the ground... unless I forget to lean and then I can get up to 50 - 60. If you're reading 50+ during taxi, check your mix. I also have readings all over the place during climb, anything from 5-50. I also always see 0 in cruise. I don't worry about small leaks that can let some CO get in through the body of the plane, it's leaks in the exhaust or heater that will get you in trouble in a hurry. If there is any question, to where the CO is coming from, turn on the heat and move your detector to the heater vent. If your levels go up, you have a problem, if they go down, you're getting it from somewhere else. Anything in the 50 ppm isn't going to hurt you unless you are on a LONG flight, but it is enough to monitor and see if it keeps going up (Yikes) or starts going down (Whew). Calling @DanM20C for further comment, as he's our resident CO expert.
  10. skydvrboy

    Plane Wash Salina Kansas 11/10-11/11

    I've been thinking about going, but my plane may not be done with the annual by then.
  11. skydvrboy

    Panel/aircraft pics requested

    I know it's not exactly what you are looking for, but I currently don't have an engine monitor and am looking to get one installed (due in part to gsxrpilot's berating). I'm currently leaning toward JPI's EDM-900, but for the right discount could be persuaded to get the CGR-30C. My plane just went in for annual, so I need to make a decision on which one right away. I certainly have an good (ugly) panel for the before picture, so the before/after would be quite striking. I also have some pretty nice pictures in-flight and could get more. PM me if you are interested.
  12. skydvrboy

    Dual Yokes

    Is there any regulatory compliance issues with taking them out? Not that I would, I like being able to have my "co-pilot" take the controls to make other tasks easier.
  13. No, in an engine out energy is your friend. And just like friends, it's easy to lose and hard to get back quickly if you need it.
  14. I remember an older 170 pilot chastising me for not taking off with full tanks every time for added safety. I got a pen and paper out and we started comparing performance of the two airplanes. His max range with full tanks and an hour reserve was 380 miles. We calculated that I had the same range and reserve with 28 gallons on board. You could actually see the look on his face change when he realized why I didn't need to fill my tanks to 64 gallons for every flight.
  15. skydvrboy

    Partial Paint (Wings)

    I just completed my first year of ownership... and these guys are spot on! My first annual was $9k and that didn't include many of the other expenses. I took my plane to a painter to get a quote because there are completely unpainted panels and lots of paint chips. Fortunately, he was a very honest guy and told me I didn't need to paint it to protect it, just if I wanted it to look better. What you are describing is not going to hurt the plane at all, use the money to keep it flying. Instead of spending money on anything cosmetic, I flew it... a lot! I put more hours on it in my one year than I had total before I bought it.