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  1. My nephew lost his lunch after a solid 2 hours of formation flying on a bumpy Oklahoma summer afternoon. Fortunately, he kept everything in the Nalgene bottle he brought with him. After an hour or so on the ground, he skeptically climbed back in the plane. We climbed above the bumps and he did great on the 2 hour flight home.
  2. I have this exact same problem in my F model. I bought the balls only to have the mechanic tell me the ball’s still there. After tinkering with this during two annuals, the problem remains. The door just blows open anytime my IAS gets over about 140. It’s not really a problem on takeoff or climb, but opens in cruise and descent. If anyone gets this fixed, I’d like to know what finally solved the problem.
  3. I just now saw Cliffy's question. Yes, the lap belts come with the TSO tags sewn on.
  4. Or call Hooker Harness and get essentially the same thing for less. Instead of $455 for each seat, mine were $417 for both seats after shipping. Full disclosure, they did have a price increase this year, so I have no idea how much they are now, but they will be significantly less than the Alpha belts. None of the Mooney stuff is listed on their website, but they make it. You just have to call. https://www.hookerharness.com/contact.html A couple other things for when you call them: If you want the inertia reel, ask for it. I didn't know that was on option but they have them (was $175 adder). On the passenger side I think it would be a pain in the butt getting people in and out of the back, but it makes sense on the pilot side so you can reach your fuel selector without loosening your shoulder strap. If you go with the manual ones that you pull tight, ask for pull tabs. Their only $5 more and make adjusting much easier.
  5. Did you just replace the old torpedo bulbs with those? None of the one's I tried would push the light out sideways, but these look like just the right solution.
  6. I put it against the center console on the passenger side. It's easy to reach and out of the way. I only use it on solo flights, and I'm the oddball around here who has passengers on almost all my flights that aren't training in nature. I also did the window tint and seat belts and would highly recommend both.
  7. I think your yokes are the same as mine. When one of mine cracked, I looked at replacing them with newer yokes and found that the shaft is a different diameter. It's doable, but you have to replace both yoke and shaft, so the price is a bit more. As for the PTT switch, my A&P built a little bracket to go around the old clock hole that holds the PTT in a very convenient place for my left thumb. Another option, especially since you're upgrading to an autopilot, is to put the PTT in the hole where the PC disconnect valve was located. If you put the PTT in the old PC spot, perhaps a bracket like mentioned could hold the trim switch?
  8. @A64Pilot has given you some very good advice, but in the spirit of answering your question, I'll throw out a couple. First, get a good CO monitor. It may be the difference between life and death. I would recommend the basic sensorcon unit linked below. Use discount code: Aircraft2021 and get 20% off. No need to get anything higher than the basic model (I got the top end and the only features I use are the ones included with the basic model). https://www.sensorcon.com/products/av8-inspector-co-av8-co-01-carbon-monoxide-monitor-for-aviation?variant=39342748237894 As for your grips, just get regular bicycle grips. I have yet to touch any yoke that is more comfortable at any price. The black ones show less dirt over the years. Use Amazon smile and forward your donation to Mooney Summit Inc (or a charity of your choice). https://smile.amazon.com/BV-Handlebar-Bicycle-Cycling-Handle/dp/B06XCFGXHV/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=bike+handlebar+tape&qid=1634222518&sr=8-2 I know it's super cheap and seems silly, but you want a pen or pencil handy when flying. I found one of these works perfectly. https://smile.amazon.com/Pen-Pal-Holders-Adhesive-Removeable/dp/B01M046PID/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=rubber+pen+holder&qid=1634222749&sr=8-3 I also added cup holders which come in handy. But I just don't use them nearly as often as I thought I would. I typically only fly with drinks in plastic bottles with lids. YMMV. https://smile.amazon.com/Camco-44044-Adjustable-Drink-Holder/dp/B000EDQR4G/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=foldable+cup+holder&qid=1634223039&sr=8-3 Finally, just a note on the LED lights. They may not be as "plug and play" as you'd like. LED's are polarity sensitive and I found a few of my original lights were wired in with reverse polarity, so LED lights don't function in those. The good news is, after replacing the ones I could, I have plenty of spare incandescent bulbs to replace those as they burn out. Also, the overhead torpedo lights don't function well at all with LED lights.
  9. You're a pilot now... they're not plugs, they're PIREPS! (and we appreciate them very much)
  10. My plane can only hold seven hours of fuel, so this has never come up. Do you all have long range tanks or just really small bladders.
  11. As for the gear being difficult to stow, have you tried nudging the yoke forward a bit while putting up the gear. This takes some of the gravitational load off and makes it easier to move the gear at higher speeds. Not sure if it will help in your situation, as I don't have inner gear doors. You also might want to double check that it is rigged properly. BTW, it looks awesome.
  12. Every time I see one of these tax threads it makes me glad I live in Kansas. Aircraft are exempt from sales or use tax when bought from another individual. They're are also exempt from property tax if over 30 years old and recreational. There's no tax on maintenance, neither parts nor labor and no state registration. We're definitely one of, if not the most aviation friendly state.
  13. I'm not quite sure how you intended this, but just so you are aware, the 200 hp uses less fuel than the 180 hp because it can be leaned further. This tells me any of the models are suitable for your mission. You would do well to pay more attention to how each individual plane was maintained, flown regularly, and updated over the years than to worry about any minor differences between models.
  14. The short answer is that the turn is coordinated. In fact if you skid a turn, the fuel will flow uphill toward the end of the right tank in a left turn, though that is certainly not something I would recommend as it's lead to many fatal accidents in the traffic pattern. It's much better to have your remaining fuel in the uphill wing and plan to slip your turn if needed... or just fly coordinated, though slipping turns to lose altitude aren't unsafe when performed correctly.
  15. Nor do I, but I will fuel plan down to 10 gallons remaining. However, when I do, I want it all in one tank. Perhaps I wasn't clear when I said I use 32 gallons per side for fuel planning. I use that as my total, thus I plan for 54 gallons of useful fuel, even though in reality I have 56 gallons useful onboard. If my fuel is consumed perfectly as planned, I'll land with 12 gallons on board, which gives me some wiggle room for planned vs actual fuel consumption.
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