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  1. I've been with Garmin Pilot for a couple years now..started with Foreflight but with the panel I have and the FS210 feature I can't see any need to switch at this point. Does all i need and probably more that I haven't figured out just yet.
  2. Is the KPIM meetup this Saturday still on?
  3. Follow these directions..take time in masking and your results will be nice. I removed about 4 old layers from mine and it made a world of difference in appearance using this method.
  4. I used the MSC in Daytona. Jake was cool, easy, and on time with the job--wasn't crazy expensive either. There is another MSC in Alabama if your Mooney is in the FLA(freaking lower Alabama) area otherwise known as the panhandle. Where in Ga are you? Augusta here.
  5. Bob, I just did the PayPal. Apparently didn't give the "boss" the address for the mailing. Ill also book the Crown hotel as listed. Frank
  6. Beautiful plane and congrats on the retirement. Some people get a watch but I'd say you've done it right!
  7. If you're coming down through Augusta Ga I can suggest a few places to stop for fuel or food. Congrats on your new ship! Post some pics when you get a chance.
  8. There's a 78 J on Controller that meets most of those reqs for $95k and a couple others at ~115k.. I would add a decent Autopilot to your list of things to consider and ADSB just to avoid the headache. Well under 100K??--if you find what you believe is a fantastic deal on a 70s model J with your reqs, I would venture to say there are some reasons why the deal is sweet. You can find a really nicely equipped C/E/F for under a 100k but the nicer the equipment and lower time the engine, the shinier the paint, and the cooler the seats...even those will creep up nearing "well under 100k". I set minimums for what i wanted...had to be an F or J--family trips and the little extra room would be nice--Engine time under 750-800 ideal / avionics IFR certified because I'm flying family and weather doesn't wait for vacation days to align (430w / adsb out / autopilot 2axis) / decent interior and paint(to me these are almost fixed cost, ie, I want new seats and things 10AMU, avionics and engines are always a variable in my head and my GTN750 sells for 15ish but installation well it could be, it may be, it should long will i be without a plane(being youre going to want it for training)..1 month-8 weeks--?? This is why I believe folks will say find one with what you want in it...saves you the headache, downtime, and unforeseen costs. I then priced out different configurations and decided on what i would and wouldn't budge on. Then wait to find the plane that matches your needs and wants. Hint--probably wont find it on normal sites but would definitely suggest emailing @jgarrison to get on his incoming list and network like crazy because someone somewhere has a gem sitting in a hangar they just haven't come to terms with selling yet...but they will and you want that deal.
  9. I just donated to the site--hoping ads dissappear
  10. YES! I should have threw that in there for sure.
  11. Simple way it seems to me would be to VREF it in it's current condition and post upgrades keeping in mind it's not accurate on either side but would provide a ballpark. Values for nicely equipped planes are on the rise from what I've watched over the past 24 months and the demand (lack of inventory) might just be a reason. It's your plane and your investment...with 20SMOH you have time to focus on the panel/paint/interior it seems to me while still putting away $16-17/flt hour for overhaul. Just the new guys opinion..
  12. Signed up. I'll be sending the payment via snail mail this week. Looking forward to meeting y'all.