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  1. Looks like you may need an IA to help with this but here is someone with experience in Baltimore who may be able to help @Jerry 5TJ
  2. Starting to see folks looking for transition training or buyer assist for test flights etc. I have sent them a couple of your names. So hopefully they’ll reach out.
  3. Thanks @carusoamfor leading them to the growing list. @KLudwickowns an E and is willing to travel if @mike_elliottcant make it up. I’m close but have very limited E time, let us know @Hakarhow the search goes. Maybe reach out to the guys in Dalton Georgia or Daytona MSC to see if they know of someone who could help.
  4. Cyber security sucks—:) sorry to hear the family units weren’t enjoying the flight. Suggest keep them going often though because the summer can be a rough go with the Florida summer build up for turbulence.
  5. Welcome Stig(s). A Mooney Facebook page has been created too hoping to get Florida folks joined up for some flying adventures.
  6. I’m not sure; something to think about though. if we are just going to list by forum names so they can find and contact the CFI meeting their needs, I hope they swap real names I surely don’t want someone calling me poor for 5hrs
  7. Next weeks weather looks pretty nice, I’m definitely going down the coast for lunch somewhere south of New Smyrna.
  8. Ok, once I get a good listing together I’ll shoot you the listing as well. If you send me any specifics you need for the map I’ll be sure to include that for you too. Thank you!
  9. Nice Mooney! Look forward to seeing what you do for upgrades!
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