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  1. Anyone have a center armrest on their K? I asked my mechanic and he said he wasn't able to install one due to STC... Is that true?
  2. Haha that's great! Ill check him out, and I'm going to FRG (Farmingdale).
  3. I am planning my first transatlantic crossing with my CFI from Geneva, Switzerland (homebase) to New York. My instructor really recommends visiting Kulusuk (BGKK) in Greenland. The only downside is that it is a Gravel runway. Can my M20K handle it? Would you guys recommend it? Thanks! -Thomas
  4. Hi guys! Before I get into it, it was great to meet many great Mooney owners and pilots at Oshkosh! My question is, do any of you guys know of a club or school in the New York or New Jersey area that rents Mooney's? Preferably the more modern j's, or k's. Thanks ! -Thomas
  5. Beautiful! How much weight did you lose? And how long did it take in the shop?
  6. I'd like to get a new panel installed on my M20K here in Switzerland. Right now it has two 430W's, a EDM700, GMX200, and Sandel EHSI. I'd like to install a G5, an EDM930 (instead of the 700) and a GTN750. Has anybody done this? Or has better ideas to clean up the panel? Pictures of the panel are below.
  7. Aerotec in Grenchen, Switzerland Great shop! Looking to get a new panel with them too.
  8. Yes it's rigged properly and it's centered.
  9. I've owned my 1980 M20K for a couple of months now and when she stalls, she has a tendency to bank very hard on one wing. Not always the same. As it will approach the stall it's stable, but as the stall comes in, it will usually want to bank pretty hard. On the approach to stall if I feel it banking left or right I'll compensate with rudder (not ailerons so I won't induce a spin) and then as it stalls I'll follow it in the bank and recover. Is this just my airplane? Or something with Mooney airplanes in general? Thank you!
  10. I'm planning to purchase an M20K, is it too soon for someone with 130TT? Thanks for your help!