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  1. BQ1 was my go-to place whenever I could round up a couple of my friends to do a group-fly. Quite honestly I've never really been too fanatic about their food (one does not out-BBQ the Texas Mesquite brisket) but the camaraderie and atmosphere will be greatly missed.
  2. Wow, cool! JGG is just up across the bay from where I fly out of. Lovely airport. While I don't have nearly the years under my belt as you do, I worked most of my career so far in Charlotte, where I know the inspectors there are more allowing of these matters (or at least so when I was there ... this actually isn't the first time this particular type of work was done). That said, I do know different FSDO's have different temperaments, so I wouldn't be surprised if the local guys have a different take.
  3. You're entitled to your thoughts, and that's fine by me. The FAR's can be very elaborate in some aspects, but also quite ambiguous in others. What constitutes the "basic design of the electrical system" in the context of major/minor alterations in 14 CFR 43 Appendix A? What does "other methods/techniques/practices acceptable to the Administrator" consist of in 14 CFR 43.13? ...... What exactly comprises an "instrument"? I firmly believe this is what A&P training is for. If the regulations specified every. single. policy, allowance, definition, exception, restriction, prohibition, e
  4. In terms of Garmin units that use SD / microSD cards - firmware for those products that are not part of Garmin's dealer-only install policy can be (sometimes) found under the product page's "Software" section found on the RH side of the webpage: However, for other units that are still covered under the dealer policy, they can only be accessed by dealers through the dealer portal at dealers.garmin.com. The products I mentioned that are "under the dealer policy" are as below: The weird part is (and I asked Garmin about this) - the work in of itself may legally be
  5. Key word is "inherently." The stall switch contributes to an aural alert but does not in of itself show (visually nor aurally) any indication whatsoever.
  6. 1. Important terminology difference between "overhaul" and "repair." The term "overhaul" refers to disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair, reassembly, and testing, whereas "repair" can mean just about anything to bring back a certain component to working status. What was done here was a repair, specifically, a minor repair. In absence of a manufacturer-issued manual, AC43.13-1B Chapter 11 (and common sense) was used, under the same legal framework where a rusty nav light receptacle or leaky shimmy damper can be brought back to condition. 2. 14 CFR 65.81(a) specifies: A certificat
  7. Sorry for getting back to you late! Just came back from an extended trip out to Texas. Yes, I've since slapped the switch assembly back on, and I'm glad to report it works well. It did take 2-3 flights to get the position adjusted to exactly where I want it, but after that it chirps a few degrees above critical AoA, exactly where it was before the switch broke.
  8. I've taken a look at the G3X Part 23 STC IM as well as the Avidyne IFD440/540 IM and as with most things in aviation, there's a technical answer and a legal answer to the question of whether a Garmin PFD and Avidyne GPS can be interfaced to each other, and the two answers are a bit conflicted. The interface between any modern EFIS with various functionalities and a GPS navigator will be manifold. A series of ARINC429 channels transfers most of the flight instrumentation data while RS232 takes care of most of the auxiliary functions like drawing the "magenta line". In the case of the
  9. Ditto... It's one thing to get an AML STC that shotguns across 600+ aircraft types for an EFIS or GPS navigator, but my experiences with ACO's and FSDO's is that they become much much more conservative once the subject matter pertains to something that interfaces with the aircraft flight controls. This is ESPECIALLY true in light of the 737MAX debacle that put the FAA under a microscope ever since. That said, this is incredibly frustrating for the short-body Mooney gang. At least some sort of follow-up or one-paragraph explanation on a blog post would have been appreciated.
  10. Yes, replacing nav light bulbs are most certainly something the owner pilot can carry out provided that the task doesn't involve any crazy tooling or procedures (it doesn't). Most M20J nav lights use a half-dome type bulb (usually Type 7512-12) that you can easily purchase online (namely Aircraft Spruce). An easy method of identifying the bulb you have is to remove the bulb and look if there's any markings on it that may give you a hint of what it exactly is. As for determining if the bulb failed vs. something else ... one easy way is to look at the bulb's insides to see if the filam
  11. I installed an AV-20 in a friend's M20C back in 2019 and ... it didn't turn out well. I felt really bad for him but after days of frantic searching I found that my Mooney install wasn't the only one having issues. Judging by their theory of operation (AOA = AHRS pitch angle - FPA [tan(VS/IAS)] things should have worked out OK, but using the aforementioned equation, I can only surmise that either the AHRS got messed up (despite my best efforts to "zero" the pitch out at level flight attitude) or the IAS is far off from CAS (I know dropping the gear messes with the static system considerably, bu
  12. I've had the opportunity to fly both the 150 and 152 in their respective "nice" and "shitbox" states. The nice 152 was actually the AOPA 152 sweepstakes bird. The difference is phenomenal, although even the new ones have their limitations once you stuff 2 people inside. The thing is most 150/152 operators don't bother to take care of the smaller squawks (e.g. door catch, crazed windshield, mis-rigged throttle cable, etc.) and these all add up to a terrible flying experience. I'm checked out in the local FBO's 152 but I refuse to fly it because how badly looked-after it is.
  13. Well done and thanks for sharing @201er! After about 60 hours flying the 201 I'm starting to feel comfortable really honing the landing technique in the Mooney, especially in terms of getting the touchdown point spot-on. A while ago I used to compete as a spot lander with NIFA and I learned a ton from that experience ... plus, it was a great feeling being able to consistently hit +/- 10ft as long as the weather wasn't ridiculously crazy. Albeit, this was in the Cessna 150 and 172 of course. After college, I started fly the PA-28 too, so after I got comfortable in that plane, I starte
  14. Thanks for the Pirep on this, @Jakes Simmons. The hypothesis about the magnetized tubing is interesting - I'm curious how much of an effect that would play. I haven't installed an AV-30 myself, but I've heard plenty of reports from operations of just about every type (Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Beech, Vans, etc.) about the precession issue. My local FBO has them installed in their 172s and they've been battling the same issue themselves. None of the AV-30 manuals seem to reference any detailed operational theory so it really bugs me not knowing exactly what the source of this issue is.
  15. At least this much is true. Operationally speaking, most people just say [City name] [facility] in their radio calls so for most pilots, I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal. However, the stupid part about this whole thing is that it's going to cost millions of taxpayer dollars to rebrand everything related to the airport and to re-mark all the signage on the road, just to name two of what's gonna need to happen. Of course, "millions of dollars" is pocket change in terms of government spending, but even then, why choose a name that is so polarizing? Regardless of political af
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