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Hi! Minivation here. I originally registered this account purely to gain access to some information while troubleshooting a bad trim switch while working on a 201 as an avionics tech, but life has brought me back around to the point where I'm regularly flying a highly modified 201 that a friend owns. This plane has me sold on Mooneys; hopefully sometime in the future I'll get my hands on one myself.

At the moment I am just another weekend warrior that drags the plane out of the hangar every Saturday, but occasionally I do hop onto some serious X/C flights between the central and eastern US. I am currently based out of an airport near Norfolk VA but used to live in the Charlotte NC area and in East Texas in the past.

I specialize in general aviation avionics, both old-school (Narco, BendixKing, etc.) and new-school (Garmin G3X, uAvionix, etc.). Feel free to drop me a note if you have a question about your panel.

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