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  1. Thanks for the trip report. Glad you were able to get fuel at CYFB and that you were able to find a workaround for the closed FSS at Dorset. What was Puvimituq like?
  2. I third the recommendation for Angel Flight West. Angel Flight is a well-run organization that offers pilots outstanding opportunities to combine the hobby we love with the chance to do a good deed for someone who really needs it. I've flown for AngelFlight Soars (Atlanta), AngelFlight Northeast (when I lived in New Haven), and AngelFlight Mid-Atlantic (DC), and now I'm with AngelFlight West. They're different organizations, but they're much more similar than different. You fly as much or as little as you want, and it couldn't be simpler.
  3. I liked George Town in Exuma, and there appear to be some airbnbs there. The "out islands" seem more interesting than the big ones.
  4. It's a shame not to fly it across yourself. Coming back from Europe was the second-best trip I ever made in N315L. Going to Europe was the best. I realize you'd need a lot of hours to feel comfortable taking such a trip, but . . .
  5. I second the recommendation for Cole Aviation. Joey was my mechanic when I was based at Fulton County from 2002-2009. He knows Mooneys, and you can trust him.
  6. Welcome aboard, Jim. Bought my Mooney on August 4, 1999, also from Ohio, and have been enjoying it ever since. You have joined an incredible community of pilots and acquired a plane that can take you just about anywhere. I wish you many happy adventures.
  7. Congratulations! Mooneys are terrific, and the M20E is a wonderful Mooney. Get ready to have a whole lot of fun.
  8. That was a wise move, Richard. I got my instrument rating in a 172 many years ago, so I knew what to expect, but I must say that after all my years in a Mooney (1) it felt strange the way you sit in a 172 but (2) I found a 172 very easy to land. By the way, you should update the map on your signature to show your latest accomplishment.
  9. Thanks, Paul. Bryce Canyon is a fun place to fly in Utah. The airport is very near the park, and the park is gorgeous.
  10. Rich, I highly recommend Alaska. It's the best flying state in the country, IMHO.
  11. Thanks, Marauder. I do have a few stories, some of which are true. I've been flying for more than 25 years, bought my Mooney in 1999, flew it to Europe in 2003, have also flown it to Belize, multiple hops in the Caribbean, French Guyana and Suriname, multiple adventures in Canada, a couple of journeys to Mexico. I'd love to be an earthrounder someday.
  12. I have now taken off and landed an airplane in all 50 states (and Puerto Rico). I'm sure I'm not the first on Mooneyspace to do that, but it was a goal and it was fun to accomplish. Number 50, Hawaii, was the only one where I wasn't flying N315L, my 1993 MSE. It felt odd flying a Cessna 172 again, but for now it was my best option. Kahului (PHOG)-Kalaupapa (PHLU)-Kahului (PHOG), after a checkout flight from PHOG. Ovick from MauiSkyHi Aviation rents his 172 with a mini iPad with Foreflight, for $160/hour wet, which is the best rate going on Maui, where nothing is cheap but everything is beautiful. Ovick is a great guy, too, and will share all the advice you could ask for. (I chose the checkout and the rental, but I probably would have saved a bit having him take the whole trip with me.) Kalaupapa is on Molokai, on a peninsula blocked off from the rest of the island by some sheer cliffs. That geographic isolation was combined with social isolation; Hawaii established a leper colony there. It is now a national historical park, but it's an unusual one, in that you can't visit it (other than walking around the airport), without a visitor permit, which is an invitation from a resident, or you're subject to arrest under Hawaii law. You can buy such an invitation from a tour company. Lest it trouble you that you have to pay to visit a national historical park, remember how the people who got to Kalaupapa got there, and that although they can leave nowadays (a treatment for leprosy was developed in the mid-20th century) and only a small number remain, they were exiled to this place from their homes merely because they had the misfortune to have a disease. From Kalaupapa, I flew across Molokai over to Lanai, where I viewed the remains of a couple of sailing vessels that met their fate on the northern shore. There were a bunch of clouds shrouding the top of Haleakala, the 10,000-foot dormant volcano on Maui, so though I climbed up to take a look there wasn't much to see. My focus on my iPhone 5s while flying also is not very good, partly because I am busy flying, partly because it's an iPhone 5s, but there were some terrific views beneath the 2,500-foot scattered layer along the Maui shoreline. Some of the best views were of the coast near the Hana airport, where I had hiked the day before.
  13. Paul, I'd love to be included on your map. Thanks.

    Mike "Flash" Knobler

  14. I was about to suggest Cornelia Fort Airpark, but I see it closed seven years ago. What a shame.