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  1. RIch, I hate to tell you this, but you have an ATP, an AMEL, a Commercial ASEL, an A&P and an IA. You are definitely in a number of databases, already. It's too late. The end must certainly be near.
  2. Jon, good luck on your check ride! My M20J is my first plane, and I’ve owned it for more than 21 years. I had an instrument rating and 500 hours in rented Cessnas first, though. You will get mixed advice here about whether to get the instrument rating before the Mooney or the Mooney before the instrument rating. I think if you’re sure you want to buy a plane, you should buy the plane now and get your instrument training in it. Biggest issue is whether you have flown enough to know what you want or need. Buying a plane isn’t many people’s idea of fun (and I imagine selling one isn’t, eith
  3. Thanks. I've noticed the same thing. I should be more attentive when I'm taking the key out of the lock. The good news everything is working and there was a gap in the weather and I made it home, so this is one of the cheapest things I've ever had go wrong in an airplane.
  4. Baggage door issue resolved! After many unsuccessful attempts to get the latches to engage correctly, I removed the panel on the inside of the door, which allowed me to solve the problem in five seconds. Passenger door is working fine today. Not sure what happened last night with it. Now, I just need a break in the weather so I can get home. Thanks for the support!
  5. Thanks for the diagram. I read the placard on my door, which says the same as the language you quoted. I'll go back out and take a look in the daylight.
  6. Flew into ACV tonight (Friday) on an AngelFlight. Passenger couldn't get the door open. I reached over him and tried, and for some reason the handle wouldn't budge. So I went out the baggage door instead, and opened the passenger door, and everything was good. Until I tried to relatch the baggage door, that is. Couldn't get the latch to re-engage to keep the door shut. The handle will go down, but it won't engage the pin. My guess is this will be an easier fix in the light of day, but at night, with the drizzle starting, I decided to throw in the towel and get a room. Hoping to wake up to a gr
  7. The portion of your BFR that occurs at an airport would be covered; an airport is included in the definition of "transportation hub." People at a flight school operating at an airport would be covered. If you're inside the flight school building, I don't know whether you're technically at the airport. I believe it would not apply during the BFR or check ride if that occurs on your private plane, as that would be a "private conveyance[] operated solely for personal, non-commercial use." This order is clearly aimed at encouraging compliance out of respect for the law rather than encou
  8. The document you linked to is non-regulatory and specifically says that it does not have the force of law. I don't think the FAA has issued a rule requiring mask use on GA flights. The CDC (not the FAA) has issued an order requiring the use of masks on public conveyances (including aircraft) traveling into, within, or out of the United States, and in U.S. transportation hubs including airports. The CDC order specifically exempts "private conveyances operated solely for personal, non-commercial use" and persons on board such conveyances. I would think that covers most but not all of our Mooney
  9. Not trying to be cute here, but the most dangerous part of GA is that our planes move fast enough that they can kill humans that are inside of them and, less often, humans that are not inside of them.
  10. I have only one word to say after reading this: WOW!
  11. Flying the Hudson River exclusion is one of the things I miss most since moving from DC to California five years ago. That and the Ethiopian food in DC, and running in Rock Creek Park or along the Mall. For those of you who haven't done it, I urge you to give it a try. It's every bit as beautiful as the videos and photos above make it look.
  12. This has been an interesting thread for me to read. I have flown 3000 hours (and 400 instrument approaches) in an M20J with a KLN90B (formerly, Don Kaye's favorite GPS, IIRC, but that was in the dark ages before he went full Garmin), a KFC150, a KCS55a, dual glideslopes, an ADF, a DME, and a basic engine monitor. I finally gave in and did an upgrade to satisfy ADSB requirements; I got an L3. I've got an iPad running WIngX with georeferenced plates. That gives me a color moving map and terrain, and I've got a backup iPad for redundancy. In all those hours I have never not been able to
  13. Two things to test: --Is your trim wheel easy or difficult to turn? Many years ago, I used to have similar symptoms to yours in very cold weather; if I worked the trim wheel back and forth I could get the autopilot test to succeed. (You should hope this is your problem, as it is a relatively cheap fix.) --Is your split trim switch on your yoke out of line (one half pushed in, the other half not)?
  14. +1 for Joey Cole. If I lived anywhere near Georgia, he'd still have my business. I'm in California now, though.
  15. +1 for SJN. Friendly fuel stop. +1 to the advice to head to Las Vegas, New Mexico, turn just south of there to pass between Albuquerque and Santa Fe and then go direct over St. John's and Show Low. I used to do that route a lot heading from the east coast to LA (although I would pass north of Phoenix).
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