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  1. Ukiah (KUKI) has authentic Mexican food across the street from the airport. You place your order (and pay for it) at the supermarket, then give the receipt to the woman next door, who makes your tortillas on a grill and has the kitchen do the rest. Outdoor dining on benches. Plus, you can get fresh Mexican baked goods at the supermarket.
  2. JR, from one M20J owner to another, welcome to an extraordinary airplane make and model. I can't answer your question, but I'm sure somebody on here can.
  3. KCGE, Cambridge, Md., has an on-field restaurant with crabcakes, and a $100 crabcake is better than a $100 hamburger any day of the week. There's a very good (well, it was very good when I went there) grass landing strip right next to a restaurant just outside the Paleo Gate. The airport is Kentmorr (3W3). Restaurant and airport. You should also visit the Massey Air Museum, which I'm embarrassed to admit I discovered only because of Maryland's Explore Maryland by Air aviation promotion contest where they give you prizes for landing at lots of Maryland airports. You should definitely
  4. Welcome to Mooneys, @FlyingCanuck. I used to be based at KCGS. Your Mooney will open the door to some great adventures. Once Canada will let us back in again, you should try out Toronto's downtown airport (maybe, based on your name, you can already fly there). For now, you can fly your Mooney up the Hudson past New York, or take a quick hop to Tangier Island, or explore Block Island and Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. And if you haven't done it already, consider going through the vetting process to fly into and out of the FRZ. I miss it all just typing this (although there are plenty of good
  5. Welcome. The Bay Area is a great place to fly and home to quite a few Mooneys. My M20J is based at San Carlos.
  6. I don't usually leave the strobes on, but I accidentally did one evening in Madison, Wisconsin. The next morning, I got a call from Larry "Joker" Brennan telling me my strobes were flashing. I hadn't left the master on; my master was malfunctioning. Sometime after I had left the airport, the strobes had started flashing. That's how I got the name "Flash." (Fortunately, the battery was OK.)
  7. I had a similar experience in rural Mississippi. What made it scary was that I wasn't expecting it. It's one thing to read about this kind of thing and another to live through it.
  8. Nope. You always have the option to cancel flight following. I have done this when given we-don't-want-you-anywhere-near-our-airspace vectors. What would that call say? If you're flying in Class E or G airspace (and not in a TFR or a Restricted Area or a Prohibited Area), you have a right to go where you want (assuming you're in compliance with VFR minima). No, I'm not advising you to take advantage of this to loiter in an approach corridor out of some misguided desire to assert your freedom, but I do think it's perfectly reasonable to cancel flight following and do what you want if yo
  9. Congratulations on the endorsement, Paul. Very cool.
  10. Too late to make a difference in terms of closing KSMO, which is closing in 2028, unfortunately. And it's not closing because pilots were making low passes over it. It's closing because people bought houses near an airport and then complained that there were low-flying airplanes overhead. The airport opened in 1923. I do the noise abatement departure over the golf course when I depart VFR, which is 95% of the time. I don't turn until reaching the shoreline. But I get angry every time I think of the impending closure of the airport. Rant over.
  11. Aaron, You can try waiting until you've captured the localizer to engage the approach mode as a commenter above suggested, but that makes you do the work of capturing the localizer, which would be a shame because the autopilot is fully capable of doing that, assuming you have entered an appropriate intercept heading so that it can reach the capture point. Your KFC-150 is supposed to maintain whatever attitude your plane is in when you engage the flight director, unless you have pushed the UP/DOWN rocker to change your pitch, or you have told it to maintain altitude, or it has capture
  12. Thomas, is it safe to assume you didn't make the trip because of the pandemic? If you did make the trip, how did it go? I've made the trip in both directions with my J, 64 gallon tanks, and no ferry tank. I think it's quite safe with that amount of fuel, if you follow the advice of G-SLOT and stay conservative about the weather.
  13. Close. They're currently in a Sikorsky H-34 at the Pacific Coast Air Museum. The helicopter was made in the 1950s and was flown into the 1960s and possibly the 70s.
  14. Flew to Santa Rosa yesterday to scout out some panel upgrades for my 1993 MSE. Photos attached. Does anybody have any experience with these radios? The state-of-the-art technology on these displays seems bulletproof; I could quit worrying about my gas discharge display making my KX 155 and KX 165 unreadable, and I would never get the big red Xs you see on the G1000s. The big crank should make tuning that ADF a breeze in turbulence. I'm not sure I have enough space in the panel, though, and weight and balance might be a concern. I eagerly await receiving the wisdom of t
  15. It would seem that insurance companies must think that on a claims-in-dollars-per-year basis, instrument-rated pilots have a lower rate than non-instrument-rated (normalized by make and model of airplane), or the insurance companies wouldn't give a discount for getting the rating.
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