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  1. I'm in Seattle. Growing up on the east coast (the other side of the Delaware river from you), I'm very fond of DnD but they are not out here. Top Pot is the local equivalent. Bringing goodies always helps with response time from the techs There's a French bakery on the way to the airport so I got an assortment of croissants (plain, chocolate, ham & cheese). They were gone by the time I returned the GPU. So this fix cost me 2 SD cards and 2 sets of pastries. About $80 all in.
  2. It worked. After I failed on the first try using 1612revE last week, I got a new SD card and used the file in revF. I followed the steps exactly and pulled the GPS2/NAV2 and COM2 CBs to kill GIA#2. Total power on time was about 7-8 minutes. As it happened, I borrowed a GPU from my local Garmin service shop (they appreciated the pastries ) and learned the following: They told me the recent magvar data file that was embedded with the last NavData update was flawed causing the problem. Compounding the issue is that the revE file was corrupted and that has caused a lot of hea
  3. Thanks Jeff I'm assuming the 2 GB SD card I tried the other day was bad and I have a new one coming from Amazon, so I will give the update another try on Monday. You have been way more helpful the Garmin support. Good news on the update time. It was a hassle trying to borrow a GPU. Thanks! Bob
  4. Jeff Great news! Just to be clear- you did not pull the AHRS or MFD CBs? Just GPS2/NAV2 and COM2? Also, did you use FAT32 formatting on the SD card? Bob
  5. I have an Ovation3 and I tried the SD card option. I was able to load it onto a 2GB SD card no problem (I have Windows), but when I put the card into the top slot of the PFD and power up the system proceeds as if the SD card isn't there. Any ideas?
  6. I would agree we don't want "our friends" being too helpful. Having flown a lot of IFR, I always like to have choices because mother nature is a real practical joker.
  7. I would also add that I do not blame the people named above. They are good technical folks and do not necessarily make resource allocation decisions within Mooney. We need to get the attention of their management!
  8. They includes: Stacey Ellis, Paul Kehner, Frank Crawford, Betsy Strosser
  9. If any of you would like to be part of an action group to push Mooney, please contact me at: robert.e.fishman@gmail.com Some of you already have and I'm compiling a list. Thanks
  10. Bob They is the people at Mooney. I have had numerous emails with them (mostly the same people) before and after the new ownership structure. No one at Mooney is try to dodge their obligation to solve this. They just won't get it done.
  11. It is a safety issue because WAAS allows precision approaches with lower minimums. Having flown a lot of IFR and living in the Pacific NW, there are a lot of airports where having lower minimums would allow more options especially in case of a problem.
  12. Bob, with respect, they have been saying for years they are working on it and their website says "we haven't forgotten about you". The are admitting responsibility by that statement. The current owners own the type certificate. Only they can authorize a fix. I think that using a legal dodge to evade responsibility is one of the things that is wrong with our society. At the very least, they have a moral obligation to us and it's not like we are asking to get something for free. We all know this will cost us and are prepared to pay. I love my Mooney (this is my second one) and have nearly 3
  13. I have talked to Garmin. It's a Mooney issue because of the type certificate. The write up on the website has said that since 2015. It says second quarter not 2Q 2016. The question is second quarter of what year -2030?
  14. Here is the ad I would run: ATTENTION OWNERS OF 2005-2007 MOONEY OVATIONS & BRAVOS WITH STEC AUTOPILOTS As all of you know, despite promises by Mooney that our aircraft were upgradable to incorporate WAAS when we purchased our aircraft, Mooney has left us stranded. For nearly 10 years now, we have tried to get Mooney to deliver on the promise, to no avail. It is clear from their ever changing responses, that there is a lack of commitment to solving this safety of flight issue for over 100 aircraft. Despite having owned two Mooney’s over the past 26 year
  15. I was told when I bought my STEC equipped 2006 Ovation (new from the factory), that it was WAAS upgradable. that was 10 years ago. I agree the legal road has a lot of potholes. I'm thinking of taking out some ads (MAPA Log, Flying, AOPA Pilot)to advertise our plight. They might just do something to shut us up and avoid the negative publicity that would impact future sales. Anyone have an opinion about that?
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