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  1. To be clear, I’m not at all concerned by the engine, it’s been a while since the switch so if it something catastrophic was gonna happen it would’ve already happened. Was just curious about the history, thanks for addressing that! Looked up the other plane too and it’s still flying, and apparently still has the Rajay Turbocharger that I have the logbook entry for!
  2. I was looking over my engine logs and a few decades ago there's a line that runs something like: - "The engine removed from Mooney M20F N<lists reg numbers> for overhaul" Which is interesting because my plane is an M20E. It's somewhat explained by the following line: - "Installed this engine in M20E N<my reg numbers>. Motor overhauled ... <goes on to describe the overhaul" I was curious if anyone had an possible reasoning as to what would cause an engine to be removed from one plane for an overhaul, overhauled, and then inserted into another plane?
  3. Not sure if this has been shared, but I was listening to AOPA's "There I was..." podcast and heard a story about M20J gear up. Thought it was interesting hearing the things that contribute (unusual situation, long day of flying, broken gear horn) as well as the final moments of the touchdown and slide out. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/263-there-i-was-28854884/episode/episode-27-todd-clark-73298893/#
  4. Been lurking here for a while as I navigated the buying process, figured out what I needed, tried to learn what mods I should be looking for (there are a lot!), tried to figure out if I should be looking for a plane with bladders or wet wing, etc etc. Happy to say that I've found the perfect (for me) M20E! I'm based in Brooklyn but the plane will be based in North Jersey. Right now I'm VFR only, but I plan to pursue my IFR ticket next year, so I'll be on the lookout for the elusive safety pilot. It has it's quirks, but after one flight I'm hooked and excited for my adventure as a Mooney pilot and owner! And of course, wanted to say thanks for all the helpful information that has been provided on this site.
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