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  1. Sent you a PM that may help
  2. I bought a set from Don last year for my 67 F. They are great quality. The shop is supposed to install them this week. I can let you know how they fit.
  3. Front is better because of visibility assuming the person isn't trying to read. If they are then the back is better because there's less motion for the eyes to detect.
  4. When I purchased my F model I think the bank used Vref and it fairly well aligned with what I was seeing in the market. As Marauder said, it's just a starting point. I suggest defining your mission and what you are willing to spend before and after purchase so that you are ready when the right plane becomes available. F Models are a good value for the money. If you are going to use it for lots of cross country traveling then factor in a good autopilot, engine analyzer and GPS as requirements or have the funds set aside for the upgrades. Take whatever you estimate for upgrades and repairs and multiply by a minimum of 1.5. My experience has been more like 2X. Granted I used the excuse of "while we have the panel/plane disassembled it will cost less to...." . My wife is a little tired of that one.
  5. I have hopes the process will speed up but seriously doubt it.
  6. Looks like Dynon finally got HDX approved for the Cessna 182. Probably two more years for the M20 at this pace
  7. Congrats on your new Mooney! I have a 67F also. They are great planes
  8. Thanks, My supplement is the same as one of these. The other doesn't cover the F model but still nice to have. I appreciate the help. The manual saved in the download section of Mooneyspace has a performance chart, parts list, drawings etc but it's for the 180 HP models with a carburetor. I assume something similar exist for the 200 HP fuel injected versions
  9. Does anyone have the manual for a Rajay Turbo system for an M20F? There's a complete Manual for the M20C in the download section. Looking for something similar. All I have in my POH is a 3 page supplement
  10. It was a K model I was looking at. The first person I talked to seemed to generally dislike Mooney's. The second person mentioned two issues. Difficult to work on because of how tight they were and the turbo's failed all the time. It was a disappointing call. I had already done my homework and decided to purchase a Mooney. I didn't finance or insure through AOPA. At about the same time I called a MSC for a quote on a Prebuy and was told by the owner that he would never buy a K-Model because of the added maintenance cost. Everyone has an opinion but I wasn't asking for them.
  11. I'm a member and try to support both EAA and AOPA but when I called AOPA in 2017 to ask about insurance and financing for a Mooney two of them told me I shouldn't buy a Mooney. Obviously I didn't take their advice
  12. Yep, just saying there is still a glitch
  13. Don't know what the deal is. If I search Sky0x STC then select the SkyOx website, it gives the error message below the search. If I search Skyox STC Mooney then select the SkyOx website it goes to the aerox website. Seems there is a glitch but I doubt anyone else is searching like I was
  14. I will see you at the summit. The Skyox website is not redirecting
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