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  1. I will second Skydancer2992's recommendation. I know a couple of people that graduated from MTSU's program that speak highly of it.
  2. I was surprised to see Mooney with the highest fatal Accident rate in the AvWeb video .
  3. We have a 6.5 hour driving commute between where we live now and our family farm and my wife hates flying. We had a terrible experience in a Turbo Prop Commuter over Texas once where the turbulence was so bad that the flight attendant went airborne, landed on the seat back, breaking her ribs. Then the pilot made an emergency landing with an initial rapid decent. My wife flew home after that and didn't set foot on another plane for several years. I ended up getting my license without her even knowing. The one thing that peaked her interest was watching youtube videos about Angel Flights and va
  4. An F or a J would be good. It's very difficult to find a Mooney to train in or rent. I suggest you advertise whichever you decide on. People that are considering purchasing a Mooney have limited options for training or just finding something to try out.
  5. Thanks, I agree with Mike's opinion on low compression, TBO, etc. The first time compression's were 60, 60, 62. The second time #5 was replaced it was 35
  6. I finally have the logs for the 1985 231. Inter-cooler and Merlyn wastegate were installed not long after initial purchase. More recently #1,3, and 5 cylinders were replaced due to low compression in the first 600 hrs on a factory re-manufactured engine. #5 cylinder has been replaced twice. Ideas as to why this might happen?
  7. Thanks! I'm looking at a couple of different 231's. One is a 1985
  8. Did the 1985 231 have a factory installed inter-cooler or was the 252 the first?
  9. AGL in Morgantown, NC or ColeAviation, Dalton, GA
  10. Thanks for the information
  11. A pilot was killed in Cleveland TN doing this in July. It was a Cessna 182. Key was in his pocket
  12. I recently asked 5 companies for a quote. There was significant differences. Travers was the least expensive, Falcon was the highest. AOPA and Avemco were in the middle. Still waiting on USAIG to quote. I think it's worth your time to give John Travers a call.
  13. Thanks, They are busy, about a 6 week wait
  14. Thanks for the feedback. Scott was thorough in explaining what they do in the pre-buy process. We also discussed combining a pre-buy with the annual.
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