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  1. Thanks for the information
  2. A pilot was killed in Cleveland TN doing this in July. It was a Cessna 182. Key was in his pocket
  3. I recently asked 5 companies for a quote. There was significant differences. Travers was the least expensive, Falcon was the highest. AOPA and Avemco were in the middle. Still waiting on USAIG to quote. I think it's worth your time to give John Travers a call.
  4. Thanks, They are busy, about a 6 week wait
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Scott was thorough in explaining what they do in the pre-buy process. We also discussed combining a pre-buy with the annual.
  6. I am considering having a prebuy inspection done at Arapahoe Aero in Englewood Colorado. Has anyone had any experience working with them?
  7. It sounds like the numbers below that came from rocket engineering marketing materials are far from real world numbers Economy cruise speed (55% power, 26” MAP, 2200 RPM, 13.9 GPH) – 200 knots
  8. Peevee, Thanks for the fuel consumption numbers. Real world examples at 65% vs 75% help draw comparisons
  9. I looked up the actual flight on flightaware. It shows the flight took one hour and 52 minutes
  10. It looks like the flight was 392 miles. Based on that you got 8.7 miles per gallon assuming all 45 gallons of fuel was consumed. That sounds low?
  11. Has anyone written a review on a 305 Rocket? Pro's and cons?
  12. Thanks! The picture helps me understand the wing design. Mooney's appear to have an overall better structural design than many other manufacturers. It's odd that every time I talk about buying a Mooney with the shop at the local airport he tries talking me out of it.
  13. carusoam, I appreciate your thoughts. Where can I see the info regarding the Bravo. If nothing else I will get some education through the process of considering this plane.
  14. cujet, I spoke to the local MSC today and he agreed that this type of damage is difficult to see. Basically plan to replace the wing. RobertGary1, No, the owner is selling.