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  1. Updated both cards today with no problem. I selected only the IFR DB and updated, then closed the app, selected only the TAWS DB and updated it. Maybe overly cautious but everything worked.
  2. I don’t know how to link to other threads here, but @PMcClure posted in December that the stock Mooney fuel senders are not compatible with the G3X. Google mooneyspace fuel quantity indication g3x and you will find the post.
  3. Similar discussions going on at Beechtalk. According to the poster over there, Garmin knows about this and the way to avoid it is to download IFR, then exit and re-enter FlyGarmin and download terrain. “Don’t tick both IFR and Terrain updates in the same batch”. I have been avoiding updating my terrain card since I read this thread, hoping to hear more info. I think I am brave enough to try the terrain card separately now. Update to follow....
  4. I will probably get roasted by all of the Mooneyspacers that have AOA systems and love them, but here is my 2 cents anyway. I have flown several aircraft with really good AOA displays, from fighters to transport category aircraft. If you are operating close to the stall side of the performance envelope, it is a really good tool for helping you to know just how close you are to that edge regardless of your weight or the weather conditions. For a fighter, AOA is really important because it can lift almost its own weight in fuel and ordnance. That makes for a big range of potential approach sp
  5. Here is a great picture that illustrates why SVT is IMHO a nice shiny toy but of limited value. I hope @Ulysse doesn’t mind me sharing this picture of his beautiful Encore panel. Take a look at the terrain display on the GTN750. If you were flying in marginal VFR and decided that things were getting a little too marginal, which direction do you definitely NOT want to turn? Now look at the SVT display on the G3X and ask the same question. Now shrink that display to the area between the speed an altitude tapes, as in an Aspen, or a circle the diameter of the bank indicators, as in GI275. Ev
  6. Another thing that makes owning more appealing than renting is hard to put into a spreadsheet but very real. Your own airplane is always available exactly when you want it, and if you decide that you want to stay at destination X for an extra week, nobody is phoning you up and telling you that they need the airplane back home for another renter, or charging you daily minimum rent for sitting idle.
  7. Hi Appalachia, Welcome to Mooneyspace and congratulations on joining a very small elite group! Very few people in the world do activities that rely entirely on their own skills to keep them alive. You are now a trapeze artist working without a net and that is an achievement to be proud of. Of course you are. We all are. You can never really justify owning an airplane unless you are one of those rare people that own a business that actually makes money by flying airplanes. (I have heard that such enterprises exist, but I am skeptical) We do it anyway because we love it and we woul
  8. True. I sent my monitor data to GAMI when I first bought my 252 and asked them if I could order a set of GAMI injectors. They told me my spread was .3 and I would be wasting my money trying to improve it. That convinced me of their integrity. Not to derail the thread with something totally off topic but what’s with the difference between the angle of bank on the main AI and the GI275?
  9. If running a tank dry makes you uncomfortable, (me too) there is another option. Before I could have full confidence in my fuel system I had to know three things: the accuracy of my low fuel light, the accuracy of my external wing gauges, the accuracy of my FF indicator. It was a multi-step process. 1) Calibrate the low fuel light. During annual, show up with one tank fairly low, drain the rest of it manually and run the Maintenance Manual calibration procedure for your LOW FUEL annunciator light. It’s pretty simple and it gives you a benchmark that doesn’t require worrying about whe
  10. That, more than any other testimonial, should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of their work. I waited 6 months and flew 680nm. No regrets 4 years later.
  11. @gsxrpilot Hi Paul, any news to report on getting new mid gear doors fabricated by Mooney? I am hoping to complete my Encore upgrade during my annual in Jan 2022 and I am wondering how much lead time I need to plan for to get these parts made. I have pretty much given up hope of finding inner and mid doors on the used market.
  12. So is this a different headset than the one you posted as sold on April 19th?
  13. https://www.jpinstruments.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/INST-103-RevE-10-09-RPM-modified-.pdf
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