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  1. If your company is not authorized (crew training is a requirement among other things) you are not supposed to log on and use it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the system won’t let you log on if you have the equipment and it is operational. When CPDLC was still very new, my company got a couple of new 767s with satcom, ADS-C and CPDLC. We were not authorized to use it because we had not been trained and very few fins were equipped at that time, but one day over the Atlantic a bright young FO who had flown for another carrier overseas says “Watch this” and logged on to Gander Oceanic. W
  2. Shout-out to @Jim F He did it first and showed me how the Wemac vents actually work. That gave me the courage to try the DIY repair while the headliner was out. Once you make the first cut it’s too late to turn back!
  3. Try logging on to KUSA next time you are flying one of the equipped fins. If it is not active you will get a rejection message.
  4. I don’t know much about the Ovation. Is it possible that you can remove the vent assembly from the center of the headliner without taking out the headliner itself? If so that labor estimate would make sense. For my plane you had to remove the entire headliner, which was a lot more than 2 hours. Once I had it out, the vents were pretty easy to fix and even if I had bought new ones, I would still have had to cut the old ones out and glue the new ones in. It struck me as a poor design that there was no way to remove and service them without cutting things apart. Maybe they improved on th
  5. Hi Freddy, Are these the overhead air vents you are talking about? If so, I went through this recently with my 252. Older but similar. Repairing them is fairly easy, but getting access to them is a huge PITA. Let’s talk about the easy part first. The butterfly valve is opened and closed by turning the outer ring of the nozzle which turns a ring clip that has a u-shaped tab with a slot in it. A little rod attached to the butterfly valve sits in this slot in the tab and as the ring clip turns in the housing, the changing geometry opens or closes the butterfly valve. See first picture. There are
  6. FWIW, I don’t see CPDLC coming to GA anytime soon in North America. Outside of Europe, CPDLC operates exclusively on the FANS (Future Air Navigation System) network which communicates via satellite. Since it is by definition, two way communication, and because the satellites are geostationary, you need expensive gear and a pretty big dish to be able to play. In Europe they can also provide CPDLC through the ground based ATN network which is VHF, so the cost of the equipment could theoretically be made affordable for GA. To my knowledge there are no plans to bring ATN to North America.
  7. Cobra is printing Klixon covers. They won’t fit on an ETA switch.
  8. It’s kind of ironic that the country that invented most of this technology is the last to adopt it. Frequency hand-offs via CPDLC are pretty standard in much of the world now for those with the equipment to use it, but if you fly from Toronto to London, you will get kicked off CPDLC as you enter Boston Center and have to log back on when you enter Moncton airspace. Other services like altitude and speed changes are also becoming more common in many parts of the world and are pretty much the standard in oceanic airspace. On the other hand, PDC clearances on the ground via CPDLC are so far
  9. Those are ETA switches. No longer made or supported and really hard to find. The switch cover can be distinguished from the older Klixon switches by the fact that they have lettering on the curved top face of the switch cover - the part which becomes hidden when the switch is turned on. The Klixon covers don’t have that lettering on the curved part and they are a semi-transparent plastic rather than the opaque white. LASAR still has these on their website, but are sold out of all of them. I think I bought the last one they had. (Sorry) There is a vendor offering a 3D printed version he
  10. @PeteMc This may be a stupid question so feel free to disregard it but how confident are you in your Ram supplier? The reason I ask is that I have bought Ram EZ Roller cradles in the past that turned out to be the incorrect part number. The AIR 3 and 4 are almost identical in size but with a slightly different corner shape, which makes me wonder if someone sent you the wrong cradle. I had one that I had to force the iPad into and found that it was the wrong part number even though I specified the correct model of iPad. I have an Air 3 and a Mini 4 and have used both with the EZ Roller. Af
  11. You realize that asking a bunch of Mooney fanatics if you should buy a Mooney is a pretty rhetorical question, right? Of course you should! But seriously, Mooneys excel at going a long way in a short time on relatively little fuel. If that is your priority, it is a great airplane. If you want a big spacious cabin and large payloads you should probably look elsewhere. At the very least, have your wife sit in one before you decide. The more you spend, the greater the weather dispatch reliability. My 252 can climb over most weather and has de-icing and XM weather but it is not “known ici
  12. My K’s Aspen is not centred and neither was the original ADI. I actually had to go and look at some pictures of the aircraft I have flown over the years to see how many had the ADI directly over the yoke or stick. A great many were offset to the right or left. The fact that I never noticed tells you how much it made a difference to me. Personal opinions may vary on this but I really don’t think you will notice any difference.
  13. Seamless? I though those baseball seams were part of the appeal!
  14. If you have a diversity ads-b antenna, the coverage is now worldwide. Full implementation is still in process but the satellite network is in place. Maybe @ohdubhas some more insight on the timing. https://www.navcanada.ca/EN/products-and-services/Pages/Space-based-ADS-B.aspx
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