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  1. squeaky.stow

    N187CT - Building Our Dream 201

    Paul, what did you do for the rear white nav lights on the 252 wingtips? The tail light on the 252 is a strobe only.
  2. Had exactly the same problem. It was the regulator. Sent it to Don Maxwell for repair. They fix these all the time and it cost around $300 if memory serves. A new one from Lasar is $1800. Some older Ks had just a resistor instead of the regulator.
  3. squeaky.stow

    ADSB... uAvionix

    The GDL82 has about the same purchace price as the Skybeacon but I suspect that installation will double the cost. If I am going to go to all the trouble to install the box and run wiring for power, antenna, and gps source, I might as well do the full ADS-B transponder installation now and be done with it. My objective is to have a temporary ADS-B solution which I can remove and sell later when I make my final decisions on my panel upgrade. The only thing I would have to replace would be the plexiglass navlight cover. How expensive could that be? (He asked, naively.....) My question remains, is cutting an antenna slot in that plastic cover legal and safe? Also, why is nobody offering a 1090 solution like the UAT Skybeacon or GDL82? The only reason either of those would be a temporary solution for me vs. permanent is that I need 1090 to fly above FL180. I note that uAvionix has several 1090 devices for experimental or UK/EASA, but nothing for certified GA.
  4. squeaky.stow

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Would anyone with knowledge of maintenance and airworthiness care to speculate on the legality of installing a Skybeacon on the wingtip of a J/K with a slot cut into the clear plexiglass nav light cover to allow the antenna blade to stick out? I am looking for affordable interim ADSB solutions until I am ready for a full panel upgrade with a 1090 In & Out transponder. Tail Beacon won’t do the job for my 252 unless they come up with a version with a strobe instead of a white tail light. Regards, Mark
  5. squeaky.stow

    Runup on Snow

    I think the original question was how do you do a runup on slippery taxiways. As someone who flies regularly from snow covered airports, the answer is really just try it and see what happens. I will always look for some bare pavement, but sometimes there is nothing to be found. You will have a pretty good idea just how slippery it is long before you get to the runup area. Snow over pavement is usually not that bad. Snow over ice is much worse, and wet ice is bad enough that you will be sliding around at idle power, so do a braking check as soon as you start moving and be ready to go to cut-off on the mixture if you can’t stop. That being said, it is pretty rare that 1700 rpm will cause me to start sliding around unless the surface is ice covered. If I am sliding around so much that I can’t safely do a runup anywhere, I am not sure I want to go flying, especially if there are good crosswinds. That's the nice part about flying my Mooney. I don’t ever HAVE to go flying. Regards, Mark
  6. squeaky.stow

    PowerTow 35, "electric" Aircraft Tug

    I have this same model with a Mooney adapter. The company doesnt appear to make the AC motor version anymore but they do still sell the adapter kit and the frame appears identical to the gas powered versions.
  7. squeaky.stow

    Ownership costs

    I used to fly a gazillionair around in a Falcon 50. I once started talking about operating costs and he told me, “You never think about what it costs per hour or you will never do it.” If you want the plane and you can afford it, buy it. At the end of each year, add up the total cost to own it. If you can live with that, keep it. If you can’t live with that, sell it.” Works for my Mooney. (Which my wife has christened The Mooney Pit!)
  8. squeaky.stow

    KFC 200 Altitude Pre-Select

    The 297 is analog, so it won’t work with the Aspen. I assume the G5 is digital too. Mark
  9. squeaky.stow

    KFC 200 Altitude Pre-Select

    I have the KAS297 Alt Selector and a KFC200 in my 252. When my encoding altimeter failed the recertification test a couple of years ago I had to install a new altimeter and was limited to a pretty pricey BK encoding altimeter for compatibility with the KAS297. Or so I was told, by my avionics shop. The 297 works fine, but it is altitude capture only. No vertical speed. To be honest, I never completely rely on it to capture the altitude, but it is nice to be able to set your cleared altitude and get a “1000 to go” warning beeper and light. I am pretty sure that the only components you need are the KAS297, a compatible encoding altimeter, and appropriate harness. I am considering adding a second Aspen and upgrading to the Aspen Max to get rid of all of my steam gauges, so the KAS297 and altimeter may be for sale in a few months. Regards, Mark
  10. squeaky.stow

    M20K Boost Pump Regulator

    Sent it to Don Maxwell today. Estimate is under $400. Sounds like I am not the first. Low boost just uses the regulator to reduce voltage to the pump. Pump works fine, and there is power at the switch but it doesn't make it through the regulator.
  11. Anybody had to repair or replace the Fuel Boost Pump Regulator on a K? Mine has died. LASAR tells me to send it to Don Maxwell for repair, which sounds like good advice as a new one is over $1800. It’s an Electrodelta PN 880047-something. Last numbers are scratched off. Mooney PN is 800270-523A from the IPC. Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues or found a used parts source.
  12. squeaky.stow

    EDM 830 OAT error

    Forgive my clumsy uploading. Sideways and in reverse order!
  13. squeaky.stow

    EDM 830 OAT error

    Curiouser and curiouser! I sat in the hangar tonight and ran the EDM for an hour with the engine off. Starting OAT in my hangar was 27C/80F, as were the CHTs, EGTs, and OT By the end of the hour, OAT, CHTs, EGTs and OT had all risen to 40C/100F. I have emailed the attached photos to JPI tech support along with data from my last few flights. There is clearly something wrong with this monitor. The good news is that my engine is obviously running a lot cooler than I thought, but I need a monitor I can trust! Aerodon, what is the best way to send you my downloaded data? Mark
  14. squeaky.stow

    EDM 830 OAT error

    Thanks Aerodon, I will download some flights and email the data, but it might take a few days. I just did another 4.3 at 17000 today. This time the OAT stayed around 24C (still way too high, but not going crazy) for the first 2 hours and the CHTs stayed under 380 with cowl flaps closed. Then in the last 2 hours, OAT started climbing into the 30s and away go the CHTs and OT. The problem is that the graphs will not reflect the real CHT rise because I just can't stand to sit there and ignore it, so I start opening the cowl flaps to bring it back down. Until I know for sure that it is a false temperature reading I just don't want to risk my expensive engine. I guess what I need to do is fly an entire flight with cowl flaps full open so that the graph will show the actual change. More to follow. Mark
  15. squeaky.stow

    EDM 830 OAT error

    Thanks so much all for some great feedback. I will try them in order of easiest to hardest. 1) Check the ground 2) Disconnect OAT and see what happens. This one may cause issues with the %HP display, but I already know that is wrong due to the high OAT readout. Worth a try. Don't know why that one never occurred to me! 3) Check the wiring pins are not reversed. That one is high on the suspect list for me after hearing that Stephen had similar symptoms. 4) Move the probe to under the wing. 3&4 will have to wait until the annual. 5) Talk to JPI about logic board. On a more general "engine management" topic, what kind of variations in CHT should I normally expect to see if I am stabilized in level cruise with no changes in power settings or OAT? I am seeing CHT fluctuate between 340 and 380 over a period of 10-15 minutes, which seems like a lot to me if everything else is staying the same. Cheers, Mark