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  1. I'm in for this KBAK thing when weather supports it
  2. IDK about this one, but if it helps you AGL is an MSC at KMRN in North Carolina, and they're excellent
  3. @Igor_U So that the elevator makes a full stop-to-stop motion, briskly, to start the tail moving upward when the stick goes "abruptly full forward..." It has an immediate and dramatic effect.
  4. Still remember. I wasn't even a tweet FAIP. My memory is sometimes a curse though. 43 words ...
  5. 1. Throttles-idle 2. Rudder and ailerons-neutral. 3. Stick- abruptly full aft and hold. 3. Rudder-abruptly apply full rudder opposite spin direction (opposite turn needle) and hold. 4. Stick: abruptly full forward one turn after applying rudder 5. Controls -neutral after spinning stops and recover from dive.
  6. Merry Christmas! (Hot spiced cider and Fireball)
  7. @Skates97. Was the one you removed the 3.75" Whelen? Did this Aveo mount to the same holes/opening with no modificatins to sheet metal?
  8. Anyone installed one of these? https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/aveoredbaronmaxired3.php
  9. Hi all, I have the original coffee grinder. Feeling very clever, back in March I replaced the incandescent bulb with an LED. Worked great. Then a couple/few/I lost track months ago I noticed the grinder is grinding, but no light. I took it apart once to "fix it". No luck, but I did notice with the unit hanging down by the wires it didn't turn, but when I held it up to contact the fuselage to reattach, it did turn. But no light. R2 the led to make sure of that connection, still no light. Scoured the MX manual today and there seems to be nothing in there. Is the unit grounded
  10. I have a 1986 252/Rocket. 2 lights in the cowl, get the PAR 36 Sunsetter G2s from Aero Lites. 1 Landing, 1 taxi, both On. Total draw about 1 amp
  11. Ah. I was pretty sure that was no kind of Mooney, or at best, an Acclaim at 100% power and headed for new cylinders! That IS phenomenal. But what a demo of the power of parasite drag. 200 hp gets us 180 KTAS. The next 100 hp gets us another measly 20 KTAS. Those are 20 awesome, beautiful KTAS, but still,you gotta hate the physics!
  12. What is that? Acclaim? Or not a Mooney? 184 indicated in level flight is incredible
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