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  1. FWIW--I don't have a clock/timer except for the one on the G3x. I have that at the top of the screen, easy to tap, start, reset, and the elapsed time is right there centered above the ADI. I doubt I'd ever use one anywhere else even if I'd kept it....I wouldn't spend any money adding one for sure!
  2. I need this quick drain thing for my Rocket. Rocket is about to sell me one for $335...does anyone have a DIY solution???
  3. @gsxrpilot are those the new wingtips? Looks awesome. did you put them on or did it come that way? Get any speed with them?
  4. me, too! That's cool, where is it and how long is it?
  5. Well I jumped into this thing as a Rocket-Acclaim speed comparison, and I think the Rocket is very close--but probably only up to the low teens and probably even then only at reasonable cruise power settings. I gave it a shot yesterday at 21 gph, but only at about 8000 feet, and could only get 186 KTAS. I have also been at 15k, 20 gph, and 199 KTAS (but not this weekend), which would be sorta close to an Acclaim, but not as fast. I think the parasite drag of the better acclaim aero starts to tell above about 165 KIAS. Beyond that I can throw more gas at it but don't get much speed. Higher I'll be faster and more efficient, but I'll always be 5-10 knots slower than the Acclaim and heading toward 15-20 knots slower above about FL 180. They're all fast airplanes, no doubt. Some are the perfect balance of speed vs efficiency, and for that the Acclaim and the 252 or Encore will compete pretty closely. For those of us who are used to burning 1000 pph of JP8 and running at .95 mach in cruise...well, a Rocket is plenty good enough. All depends on what makes you feel good: elegant operational efficiency, or brute force and "capital efficiency", or no holds barred capital outlay and the latest, baddest mutha in the valley! whatevery puts the smile on your face when you see the numbers!
  6. New Android release includes the Emergency button for the first time.
  7. Thank you Xavier. On page 638 of the parts manual (Cowling section) "RTV102 ............AR" Bahahahahahahahaha
  8. All of that. Plus they're just plain sexy...nobody builds anything near as good looking
  9. That makes more sense. Your better aero should crush me at that altitude
  10. Huh. If I'm reading that right it's 180 KTAS at 7500 on 18gph? My Rocket will be very, very close to that...
  11. @aviatoreb let me know! If you get 5 more knots and .5 gph less t 65% I'm buying this gizmo!