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  1. That's plain nuts. My G3X installed was $13,500. G5 backup installed $3500. EIS installed should not exceed $6000. New panel $2800. $25k maximum!
  2. Not sure...but I thinkmI saw a pic late last year od a DMax panel with 2 10.6 G3x's and no G5. You'd have to confirm somehow
  3. I guess I forgot the punch line in the "why" post. If you still have to have a G5 backup, EIS plus the added 7" G3X was going to be about $3500 more than the EDM 900.
  4. Sure. Before I bought the airplane in May 2019 I'd gotten checked out in the SR22 with the Avidyne system (hoping renting would scratch the itch...didn't). On that system if I wanted to see all the engine info it was a knob twist a few clicks on the MFD to get the Engine Page. there was no way to see all the engine info at once AND have the Map displayed. I think EIS is still that way, which may be illustrated by @Davidv's panel pic above. He put in a 7" G3x to the right and he has it on the Engine page. If he did NOT have the 7", he's have to use the PFD side of his 10.6", and a twist
  5. Yes everything was done in a single go. Everything old/original is gone and the only thing still powered by vacuum are the speed brakes.
  6. Mine does the same. Can't be right, hoping to discover that AGL can fix it at annual
  7. Brilliant. Post a pic of your G3X panel and sensor when you've got it done!
  8. NOT. My panel was $2810 including the blank on copilot side, my choice of powdercoat color and texture
  9. My actual cost at AATG, parts, installed, flown away complete: G3X touch 10.6" $13,500 GFC500 2 axis $10,742 Pitch trim installed: $3011 G5 backup installed: $3253 Total $30,496 Reading it right off the quote and I paid not a dime more. Not shown above was a GTN750, GTX345R, EDM900 Primary, all installed at the same time. Paid exactly the quoted price for all.
  10. Very nice. If you're not wedded to those bullet leds these are BRIGHT
  11. I can read my EDM 900 just fine
  12. Totally off topic...but my Rocket runs about 36
  13. Aero Lites PAR 36 landing and taxi.
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