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  1. Really? I guess if you're upholstering all the plastic and also doing carpet?
  2. AeroComfort Seats all new from frames up, comfort foam in front seats,leather seats, side panel trim in matching leather, contrast stitching, embroidery, and rebuilt and recovered dash. $6,800 in 2019
  3. Heads up: F-15 QAs (Qatar) are doing aircrew training on the civilian side of KBLV. I'd definitely call ahead to see if they even have ramp space available.
  4. Amen! not to say money was NO object, but this is precisely what I did. I have a $225k airplane but it's a 2019 Mooney 252/305 Rocket. I'll be 62 this year, I have 3000 hours in "fast iron" in the Air Force, about 150 in Mooneys, and I and my Rocket are insured for $2,100/year. I saw about a $30 increase last July for my second year of ownership. It's a ton of bang for the buck, and it's outright, outrageous FUN!
  5. I don't think so. The G3X has a standalone GPS that's good for only VFR navigation. I'm certain it's using that antenna. You can choose the internal GPS for use as the Nav source, but of course 99% of the time or more everyone is gonna just use the certified GPS(s) in the panel
  6. My G3X antenna sits in the pilot's side corner between the dash and the windscreen, attached to nothing at all. Just sits there. And works just dandy.
  7. Not at all. To clarify though: I didn't do the complete cabin. I had the seats rebuilt from the frames up, covered in leather, and identical side trim panels done in the same leather. I also had the dash board recovered in UltraLeather, all by Aero Comfort. their 2019 price list is attached here, If you send a note to Hector at Aero Comfort and ask for the 2021 equivalent he'll probably send it to you. For what I did you can find the prices on the file here: $6800 total. my front seats have the comfort foam option and I did headrest embroidery so pick that from the list. I did not do carpet, all the interior panels, or headliner. let me know if that doesn't answer the whole question. PJ
  8. Did you buy flush mounts for G5 and JPI or did shop fabricate it? If latter, why not flush mount the GFC 507 controller? No I bought nothing, shop did it all.
  9. That's plain nuts. My G3X installed was $13,500. G5 backup installed $3500. EIS installed should not exceed $6000. New panel $2800. $25k maximum!
  10. Not sure...but I thinkmI saw a pic late last year od a DMax panel with 2 10.6 G3x's and no G5. You'd have to confirm somehow
  11. I guess I forgot the punch line in the "why" post. If you still have to have a G5 backup, EIS plus the added 7" G3X was going to be about $3500 more than the EDM 900.
  12. Sure. Before I bought the airplane in May 2019 I'd gotten checked out in the SR22 with the Avidyne system (hoping renting would scratch the itch...didn't). On that system if I wanted to see all the engine info it was a knob twist a few clicks on the MFD to get the Engine Page. there was no way to see all the engine info at once AND have the Map displayed. I think EIS is still that way, which may be illustrated by @Davidv's panel pic above. He put in a 7" G3x to the right and he has it on the Engine page. If he did NOT have the 7", he's have to use the PFD side of his 10.6", and a twist of the large right knob, to display that page instead of the map. Now, here's the rub: At the TIME in 2019, a 7" G3X could not be used as the backup for a 10.6" G3X. IF it had been able to, and if I had thus NOT needed a G5 backup, the price would have been about even and I'd have gone with a 10.6/7" dual screen with G3x's instead of the EDM900. But at the time it could not. I think it now CAN be, and it would be a push in cost. Bottom line: I want to always have the engine data present in all its glory, best route there for me at the time was EDM 900.
  13. Yes everything was done in a single go. Everything old/original is gone and the only thing still powered by vacuum are the speed brakes.
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