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  1. Power is ON! Checks and calibrations begin tomorrow. Pick up next week. #RocketLife !
  2. Which is a good point. I'm a noob at airplane mods. Paint job 5 weeks turned into 3 months (it is gorgeous though) and now avionics shop's 5 weeks is just past 6 and headed for 8 or 9 weeks. Thus: is the thing that simply NOBODY in general aviation maintenance does anything on time? I'll adjust my expectations if I should, guess I'm 2/3 there already
  3. Slow and steady...I guess. Wiring allegedly done, JPI back from factory programming and ready to install next week. Perhaps it may be done before the next ice age makes it too hard to start?
  4. Good God, no! I'm not doing it! Fact is I asked for a progress update an we've been trading CAD layouts. So I got a pic and got what I deserved :-) next update should show stuff starting to go back together which will be a little less traumatic!
  5. That's a cardboard cutout for now. They'll test fit everything and adjust as needed before they cut the aluminum panel. Good call though!
  6. Well this is a little frightening. It's gonna be fiiiiine...
  7. Hey all, Rocket Drivers especially: my 86 Rocket fresh out of paint and interior today. Good as new, faster than new (almost) but 1/4 the price! What a machine!
  8. Good question. I'm picking up my 86 Rocket from the paint shop a week from tomorrow and I've been wondering the same thing. Funny no replies to this! But: I'm going to fly with either Bob Cabe or David McGee for a couple of days of training. I'll surely do some of this and there'll be a conversation about wear and tear beforehand. So I'll post the answer I get in case you're still wondering and if I get a helpful answer!
  9. Fantastic, thanks. Guess I'll have to just wait and see what it is. I'll be back to ask more questions or say "thanks", maybe a pic or two. cheers
  10. OH. is that a hard surface up there that a sticky will stick to? I figured it was something soft/fuzzy. Would a suction cup work (hard to remove that sticky stuff?)?
  11. hey jackn: if you're still on the forum, any chance you could PM me or describe here how you mounte the camera that gives this view? I have an 86 Rocket coming out of paint in 2 weeks and this is exactly one of the POVs I want...but I have no idea how I'd go about mounting it to get this shot! thanks in advance!
  12. ummm... "vanity". "While we're in there?" you're probably right there are no really good reasons! sorry I apparently haven't figured out how to use this "quote" feature. Reply to Eb's question about the EIS...
  13. Hmmm...well that certainly makes a heckofalot more sense to me. IF they delete the G5 backup requirement before I get to the avionics shop in early Aug I'm gonna switch to the 2-screen G3x installation and delete the G5! Yipee!