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  1. Just dropped my J off Thursday for G3x, gtn 750; new AP a single g5 i will post progress
  2. IMHO 1,000 was well spent if you avoided big problems ,
  3. Trouble finding this maybe someone knows - what should be the movement on this chain? Is their adjustment , can’t find in manuals and tech support hasn’t called back in several days J model 79
  4. 13.5 Hrs on the new motor and it seems to be going well, I changed oil at 6 hrs and it really didnt seem to be using any oil. I put another 7.5 on this week and filled with 8 and I was still at 7.5 after 4.5 hrs. seems stable, though i will continue to run it hard and go with mineral oil through 50 hrs
  5. About 6 hours in to the break in process I’ve followed the procedures closely, Lycoming also has a very helpful Tech support line for new engines. They do recommend changing the oil at 5 hours, so I did that, and did see traces of metal, very very fine, once I rinsed the filter with gas, they said this is normal as those are the ridges on the walls , I’m to run the mineral for another 25 hrs then go ahead. one interesting thing, I’m not really seeing oil use, I sat prety much at 7 qts from 0hrs to 6, so we will see, but I’ve seen some posts lately about much more. The motor is strong and so far I’m really happy, thanks for all the help
  6. thank you I did read that, but this is just s standard 201
  7. Picking up plane Friday with new Lycoming motor , would love to hear feedback on best and worst break in schedules and fluids, Lasar said mineral oil MP 2600 30 min 2550 30 min then 26 again and 2550 again. First two hours , what have others done ?
  8. I'm sure this topic has been discussed, but I need input 79 J model The 360 I have has the single dual mag so changing to the dual mag set up is one question The second is, I can get a factory OH with the roller tappets for just a couple grand more, is it worth it ? Ive also spoke with couple reputable rebuild shops, not field overhaul. Pricing about the same 30 ish what have others done? Thanks
  9. Hello, did you end up doing the conversion on your engine swap? I’m at that point looking for feedback

    1. rrbeck11


      Hello.  Sorry, haven't got that far yet.  Just had my annual yesterday and all cylinders are at 75 or 76.  I'm probably several years from an engine swap, but I can tell you, from what I've read so far about the pain of going to an IO-390, I will likely go with a rebuilt IO-360. Good luck!



  10. chan65


    thanks for responses, the engine is at 4044 last oh 1864, 2180 SMOH, in September 1992. Oil tests are good still, flying it weekly. I know its up there, but Im training in this plane amd it runs good. Have been advised to let it go, till using more than a qt/ for 4 hrs flying.
  11. I’m pulling engine on 79 201 at the same time I’m going to seats recovered by local upholstery shop, and replace interior panels, I’ve found plastic, but interested what seat material might be suggested, I could do about anything but unsure vinyl/ vs leather /vs cloth, any input is appreciated. also my option are rebuild from Phil’s in Ohio, reputable shop Signature uses them, 20k+\- or fact remain for 30? Resale and longevity are main concerns , both come with new cylinder and mags etc
  12. For those that haven't dealt with this yet 430 Garmin- GDL 39 what recommendations for compliance? Its a 79 J good shape, but IO don't want to go Avionics poor with it, any help would be great