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  1. Sorry, for slow response , no it’s a J , servo replaced but issues still exists , Garmin has had file for over a week, I think the servos are under powered I hope I’m wrong. 2 months with this issue
  2. Update , before this AP problem , I had about 200 hrs on the system prior to this issue. Garmin did replace the servo. I flew it less than an hour without issue , plane went into annual , first flight after annual the issues reappeared, Garmin requested a second data card reading , I sent it in last week and am waiting to here. It’s a bummer
  3. Ran about 3 hours with SD card and sent in for data, it seems to be pointing to the pitch trim servo, the whole system is less than 2 years old , so it will be interesting to see what they come up with
  4. Joined, Ive heard Beech Talk is a great forum
  5. thank you , i wasn't aware of the option for the mini SD, it may in fact have on in it, will verify soon , if not have ordered one, I bet your diagnoses is correct on 1-4 thank you for taking the time to respond!!
  6. Med body J- here is what the Avionics shop suggested today Good Morning Chan, I have had some issues where the ap will disconnect now and then. I have replaced a yaw servo that was doing that. What I found when flying was that I would get a yaw light on my G5 and G3 on the V35 which then the ap would disconnect. I watched it happen a few times and that was my only light before disconnect. That being said I suspect maybe the pitch trim servo is seeing a fault or has one. What we can do is download data off the G5. If you have a small sd card that you can put in the G5 and just fly it some with it in then I can download that file n send to Garmin. If you don’t have a micro sd card let me know I can ship you one. Its like a 16g micro card. Thank you Bill Ive ordered the mini SD- Ill fly this week and send the card in for evaluation
  7. Yes that was the parts the fairing, thank you for your help, i sourced them from Lasar for about 500
  8. apologizes for linking the manual, Lasar had the parts in stock, apparently my spam filer was blocking Mooney Space notifications
  9. I will be working through this with Garmin and avionics shop but wanted to post here to get and give info. Normal IFR refresher training and AP kept disconnecting in level flight, as much as 10x on a 2 hr flight. I did receive the red PIT error on G5 and G3. To be fair we were working through lots of VNAV scenarios, so I wanted to contribute it to not clearing flight plans or having incorrect one loaded , I don’t think that was it though. Though CFII confirmed several disconnections were just smooth and level. Though it was disconcerting it was a reminder to keep hand skills fresh not IMC approaches in this event. I’ll post updates but any feed back or experience with other GFC owners would be great. Thanks
  10. over a belly wash from a long cross country and a bunch of landings, i noticed landing fairings, the stationary pieces #30 on the illustration i attached , is this an easy to source replacement item? Not listed on Lasar, and I dont see any used ones, is it time to start mastering fiberglass repair? One screw hole is starting to show some weakness on the cowling. Looking for any experience with this , plane is 42 years old thanks MAN226 Illustrated Parts Manual landing fairings.pdf MAN226 llustrated Parts Manual.pdf
  11. I built a house in Venice last year , still live in Indiana most of the time , I love Venice Airport , long wait for hangar though . Venice is really cool def not a dump , not gonna get much for 300 k there though . message me if you want more info, I dive too but it’s sucks all along there , Venice is only a 45 -50 min flight to Key West I hear good diving
  12. Update - g3x will not display Sirius weather and durability no setup, decision has t he made to display ADSB on 750 or G3 , mine wade set up for GTN, only way yo access weather and music through Sirius is additional receiver and antenna
  13. Found out today from my avionics guy, who isn’t always honest, that the 345 remote transponder does not have a patch from Garmin. He said I should expect it in September, has anyone else heard this?
  14. Good advice though I may have misspoken, ADSB works great on the 750 and I am using it, the issue was no equipment installed will allow me to connect to Sirius and I’m not willing to invest anymore to try it, I’ll look for a cheaper plug in later. i did find that had I ordered the 465 rather than the 460 version of the G3X it would have had the link without requiring additional equipment ..
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