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  1. The keys to my J came with this logo. Would be nice to have the matching dealer sign. Someone must need this to decorate their hangar.
  2. Who knew! Anyone know how many are still left running with the Porsche engine? BTW: If you want to re-engine with a Porsche, there's a guy in Moscow who can hook you up!
  3. Possibly N602TF? Arrived earlier in the day:
  4. While they might have reconsidered the headline with 30 years of hindsight, the marketing team back in '77 definitely used their imagination for this campaign. Not all the issues manifested as envisioned... (DABS == ADS-B??), but RNAV was certainly spot-on. And for us CBs, saving "energy" will never go out of style. My J is not quite there yet, but I'm pretty confident that she'll still be going strong 10 years from now. All in all, I think they did a pretty fine job of keeping this marketing promise. Now if they can just rekindle some of that late 70's gumption for the decade ahead...
  5. Not my video or plane. In the shots right before engine start, you can see the camera mounted on a pole attached below the leading edge.
  6. This video came up in my YouTube feed and I thought it was good enough to share here. It has some pretty views of Denmark from well appointed M20E. Anyone have thoughts on what looks like 3 bulb LED "landing lights" mounted on the upper gear door?
  7. For exterior, he uses Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine mixed in various concentrations with water. And, Gtechniq W5 Biodegradable Citrus All Purpose Cleaner, again mixed in various concentrations. Both have worked well in my experience. For leather and interiors, again Optimum No Rinse diluted, and Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean for heavier stains. Finally, it's Gtechniq ceramic coatings for the final step.
  8. I had been having a similar issue with my KFC 200. It had been happening ever more frequently over the past three years. Sometimes it would fail (flashing trim failure annunciation) immediately after disconnecting the AP, sometimes it would immediately fail immediately after startup, but then work later in the flight if I recycled the AP breaker + trim rocker switch. It was very frustrating as there wasn't a clear pattern of failure. Over this period we pulled the trim servo, which tested fine, cleaned connections, switches etc., but the problem would continue. After again bringing it up with my avionics shop a month ago, they suggested that we try replacing the trim interrupt switch (the big red one). When they pulled it, they found it failed intermittently when bench tested. Since replacement I have had no issues. FWIW the trim interrupt switch turned out to be a bit more sophisticated than I thought. As I understand it, in the normal (not pressed) state, trim current is directly routed via this switch to the trim motor. When depressed it opens the circuit to the trim motor to stop motor operation, and simultaneously closes a circuit to the KFC 200 signaling it to disconnect the AP+FD. When released the reverse happens, so in either state the switch must be functioning properly to avoid a trim failure.
  9. Been considering using him, but haven't got an estimate yet. Believe price varies considerably on what you want and the condition of your paint. He is based in IA, and has said that folks are welcome to bring the plane to him. IA is beautiful... in the summer.
  10. @Gagarin ??
  11. Mehrdad from Aviana Detailing does travel to customer locations to do paint correction and ceramic coatings. He's got a great YouTube channel showing his work, including one correcting and coating an Ovation.
  12. Interesting discussion thus far... couple of quick observations / questions. 1. Cirrus is very much focused on marketing their product as a "lifestyle" tool. This is very attractive for the up-and-comer type. It may not be as attractive to the analytical, engineering, pilot-purest type. Selling top speed is a narrow, abstract idea, that appeals to some, but clearly isn't drawing in folks who have other valid concerns. Airplanes are tools that allow people to accomplish things, things that are often impossible without the tool itself. Speed is one dimension of a tool's value, but often not the most important. I would suggest that speed in context with its result might be something to share. 2. Mooney, to my knowledge, does not sell direct to their customers, which puzzles me. I am too new to the business end of aircraft sales to understand if this is a common practice or not, but it may enable them to have a certain "arms-length" mentality regarding their customers. In my business of software engineering for our product development teams want nothing more than direct, unmediated access to their existing and potential customer base in order to understand exactly what their problems are and what they want so they can figure out how to deliver something a customer is will to pay for. This is exactly what Bob Kromer did personally when he developed the venerated 252. You can hear him say it here himself: The pilot-side door in the latest models was a positive step in the right direction, which I hope was inspired by good dialogue with their customer base. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this, and, as I have elected to earn more, hope to one day have the ear of their product folks myself! Good discussion, all.
  13. Worked perfectly when it was removed for an upgrade to a GTX345. Comes with tray and pilot's guide. Phil 612 229 3838
  14. 2018 - got my CFI - Flying Monkey’s Caravan formation training (element landings, what a fun rush!) - Caravan into OSH - started ME - made a bunch of new friends! 2019 - finish ME - CFII - finally attend Mooney Summit (3rd attempt, so it should finally happen, right?) - Sun-n-fun - Northern Plains Mooney Caravan Clinic - +150 hrs on the tach - meet more new friends Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I would like the the link too, please. Nothing came through yesterday. Thanks.